💸 Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2019 – How To Create A Shopify Store From Scratch

💸 Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2019 – How To Create A Shopify Store From Scratch

63 thoughts on “💸 Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2019 – How To Create A Shopify Store From Scratch”

  1. Notification squad! Loving the constant content David, all this info will help me a lot. Quick question, will you be covering Facebook ads/Retargeting ads?

  2. Thank you all for 500 subscribers!

    If you have any questions at all, leave them as a comment and I will reply asap!

    Don't forget to subscribe and turn notifications on to join the success crew/notification squad!

    You guys have been absolutely amazing towards me, and the motivation is unreal! Thank you 🔥🔥🙏

  3. How do you connec to paypal account that is not business? when ever I try to activate it asks to make my paypal account as buisness

  4. Create and start selling on a store when you hit 1k subs 😍
    Thanks a lot for the video su much value there 🙂 i hope you will not become one of those people that sell useless courses bro 🤣🤣, thanks you a lot!!!

  5. Can you select more than one language available? For instance, I live in Italy and would like to sell to Italian speaking customers also.

  6. Found a lot of value in your videos, this is my second attempt at having a store and I want to focus mostly on micro influencer marketing at the start 🙂 Used your link to open the store

  7. Hi David, I love your content, it's a goldmine! I have a question, can I use videos of one product to make my own? Is some kind of copyright issue? And about the aliexpress dropshipper center, it doesn't appear in my acount. Maybe I need to buy a number of things for it to appear? I'm sorry if my english sucks, cheers from Argentina!

  8. Man !!! you could sell this formation for some real dollars and you didn't !!! God will reward you one hundred times !!! You're great Bro !!! Thanks a lot !

  9. Hey David,
    at the very end of the video you tried to verify the ownership after you added the HTML tag to your theme.liquid, but it still fails to verify.
    Isn't that a problem?
    Great video overall, much appriciated

  10. I dont usually commenting on youtube videos, but this video has gave me so much value I can learn as a new dropshipper. Very practical and transparent. It's a goldmine. Thankyou so much for your dedication to make this David. You got one more subscriber 😉

  11. Grymt innehåll i dina videos, har nog plöjt igenom 90% av alla Dropship videos på Youtube vid det här laget, men dina håller en betydligt högre klass än dom andra!
    Gillar att du tipsat om appar som alla andra "gurus" totalt missat, känns som jag kommer spara många $$$ när jag väl börjar, tack som fan !

  12. Hello, im from Ukraine. I have a problem, I wanted to make money on dropshipping, but the free version does not allow to do this, and even in my country, the payment system does not work PayPal what to do help

  13. Was directed here from Ecomhunt, this information is so valuable. Thank you for being honest and kind to aspiring dropshippers! It further pushes my motivation to try and succeed 🙂

  14. Hey, Which app do you recommend to use if you want to send offers to the custmers via email? Instead to send one by one, is there an app that takes in all peoples email and send it directly to them? Thanks for the vid and help!

  15. This is a really great video you really know what you are doing one question do you need to buy a domain name for every product you set up the store for how does it work?

  16. I almost skip your video! Thank goddess! I didn’t. In this video it helps a lot, what a future! Thank you so much for all your time! You’re so awesome David! Just sub to your channel and definitely will used your link for Shopify! I’m so new, so hopefully I can create my own store by watching your videos. Again thank you David!

  17. Really good stuff man, I found this very helpful.

    It'd be cool if you did a challenge video, going through a journey of trying to get a brand new store to $__ in # days with your current expeirence. There isn't a lot of this kind of drop shipping content.

  18. @David Stone Fantastic video man! Even though I have set up a store before I found some things in this video that I hadn't done. Conversion rate up! You have a new subscriber.

  19. Nice video. Pls do not use tags in description. It's not allowed as per YouTube guideline. They will not monetize channel.

  20. My nigga you going to fast slow down on the next video it is a setup store, you'are not supposed to go fast like that! smh Jeeeeezzz

  21. I assume either your mic is fucked or you're not dead center while talking to it.
    Audio is off to the left, if you don't wanna bother with any of it, listen to the two tracks independently, chose one, and make the whole thing mono and be done.
    It's not the worse, but if you have remotely decent headphones/speakers, they'll be in stereo and it's just a bit off-putting.
    Otherwise, fantastic video. Much love.
    Edit: It's definitely you moving around, the mic is probably fine.

  22. quick question, every time i make a store, i have to pay for shopify again? like i’m already paying monthly for shopify. can i make 2 stores within that shopify or do i gotta pay monthly for a every new store??

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