$0 – $1,000 PER DAY STEP BY STEP SHOPIFY STORE STRATEGY: Rafael Cintron Dropshipping Success Story

$0 – $1,000 PER DAY STEP BY STEP SHOPIFY STORE STRATEGY: Rafael Cintron Dropshipping Success Story

(Facebook Ads Shopify) In this video I’m going to show you how my student Esther was able to crush a thousand dollars per day with profit and consistent five million dollar days $10,000 months and just absolutely Crushing it on Facebook. She got burned so many times before lost more than ten Thousand dollars on mentorships ads and products and finally was able to get results for her Shopify missus I’m going to show you exactly how she did it the steps I need to follow to do it and how to replicate the results to yourself. Let’s find out Hey there, Matt Raphael Cintron here by the end of this video You’re gonna know how to scale your Shopify store to more than a thousand dollars per day This year and beyond with a clever strategy yet. Absolutely. Nobody Talks about and I’m gonna give it to you all for free here and how much sooner Esther was able to pass Funding the dollars per day a thousand dollars per month and just absolutely crushing it one of our fastest Success stories show you exactly how you can do the same process with your store. But before we start if you’re interested in a free step-by-step course that teaches you how to go from 0 all the way up to 10,000 per day with your Shopify store Make sure to comment automate automate come in automate below subscribe in that notification. Oh, I’m not like button I’ll pick one Winner from this video to get that course and if you want to become like Esther and actually work with me and my team to help you scale your Store this year and beyond I sure to click that first link in the description to apply for a free Strategy call directly with me or my team and we’ll help you get started the details will be at the end of the video now to Esther and how she was able to crush a thousand dollars a day and obviously be profitable with her store Here is a screenshot of her story. She told it to our private group on Facebook I’m just gonna summarize it for you. She went from the losing money to profiting from her Shopify story Just ten days with one simple change and we’re gonna cover that right now so what did Esther did to actually get better results the first thing that she did was run a Niche store a niche store that focuses on one particular category of product Let’s just put here niche Store or need Shopify store and that niche store instead of being a general store selling kind of whatever she could find She focused on a very specific audience or part of the market now what that means essentially this is something that I teach my students a lot and it’s focusing on an Audience that you’re going to sell to if you are a beginner It doesn’t necessarily have to mean they’re going to make all I’m only going to sell kitchen products I’m only going to sell sleeping products travel products and so on it can mean and we’re only going to sell products for men 25 to 45. Let’s say there are busy professionals. They travel they have a nice job. They have a life They have a house and so on so that particular audience for example is more affluent has more money to buy more expensive products So that gives you an idea of selling ok? Let me try and sell high ticket products or products for travel that could help these people. Maybe sell bags for them But they have to do this business trips Maybe sell products for the home that are more expensive home decor Canvases and so on so it doesn’t have to be that you just pick a niche store in a very particular category or products it’s more than you pick in audience that are going to sell – why do we actually pick that audience because when we focus on That type of people and we find out how what H are they? What do they do on a daily basis? What problems do they have I talked about this in my last video how to make 2 grand a day with Facebook Ads what? Problems and what dreams? Those people have that we are marketing towards because we need to know what do these people want out of our product learn these people struggling with on a daily basis so we can sell the product much better than anybody else by Understanding our audience first. Now, what does it actually take to sell those products to that particular audience? And what’s the best strategy to go about it? Should you learn this particular type of Facebook at this particular Facebook at strategies? there’s tons of Videos out there teaching you different types of Facebook ads and how to do this and how to do that when the actual best thing You need to do is look for a Facebook ads manager or Facebook at Runner or expert or so on? So in this case, I’m just gonna call it manager to scale your campaigns and shortcut the process Massively this one Esther did and I’m gonna flash her story right here. You can see in the middle She hired somebody to do her ads and then that didn’t really work out. So she went and hired somebody else To run her ads and then that guy worked out and it doesn’t have to be super expensive Doesn’t mean you’re gonna have to pay these people two thousand five thousand dollars a month. It can be very very affordable You can pay let’s say four hundred five hundred dollars for a person to actively run your Facebook ads We particularly have somebody that has spent one half a million dollars on Facebook ads running some students basic ads and he only charges about a thousand dollars a month to Run your Facebook ads get your profitable get you scaling and get you everything done So you can shortcut your success and actually get results faster. And the thing with this is a lot of people think Okay, let me just hire one person and if it doesn’t work out I’m gonna give up and I’m just gonna do it myself Esther had to go through two people and then the second one was the one that actually cared about her business was able to build their Profitable ads go deep on our audience deep on her products and actively get result It wasn’t just you know, just the first person that she found that’s the one that got her results There was the second one that she found that actively made her very very profitable And that’s the thing when you find the right person you can go on upwork.com Gonna show you right now. You can go on upward calm and just type in Facebook Ads Shopify Facebook Ads Ecommerce basic edits drop shipping and you can find multiple People and what you can do is make a list of around ten of these people Contact them all or make a post on upwork and then you can ask them. Hey, how many campaigns have you around before? What are your case studies for clients and if you can see that they’ve been able to replicate the results again and again? Again, they’ve been able to get success for multiple people and multiple accounts then you know, okay This might be my guy get them on a Skype call. See what they’ve been doing make sure they show you proof that they actually camera on face That’s not just screenshots or telling you this and that they can actually do it Through your life proof on there and if they actually care about the results of their clients and then you can go and hire them Some of them will do it at a percentage of the profit and some of them will do it at a percentage of the ad Spend that you put into your Facebook Ads So some of them don’t even charge you an upfront fee to actually run your ads and it can be extremely Profitable. I have one of my students makes more than a hundred thousand dollars per month. He pays this guy 1500 to run his Facebook ads and that’s it He can focus on branding and focus on proving his products and proving his customer service and the ads it’s somebody else is running him For him put the third point here extremely important. Is that profit on your Shopify store is not made in the front end or the front and It says formed but front end of your store It’s about the whole process and the business Coming together and making Results with everything so in particular Esther, for example, she was kind of breaking even on the facebook ads in the first sale But then she was profiting around twenty to thirty dollars per sale with upsells with email marketing with just a business in completion Coming together and that’s something that really nobody talks about Everybody talks about all how to be profitable in the front end if they’re not profitable when I get a sale What do I do and the reality is most most very successful companies? They are profitable on the back end when they get a repeat purchases when they get up subs when they get email marketing people to Go through the website. So yes, you can definitely be profitable in the first sale And that’s really the goal is to actually have some profit in the first sale and then in the back end when the whole business comes together This is not just creating some random store putting some products up and getting profit when getting this is really about building a successful profitable long-term business that you can have multiple products and know your audience very very very deep so you can serve them as best as Possible have great customer service So people buy again and again and again from you also one very important advice that I do want to give you Is that Esther for example? She tried about four different mentors for different people that helped her and it didn’t work out She hired different people that didn’t work out and she just never gave up She just always 100% believed in her business, but it’s going to work I’m gonna do it just kept trying kept trying keep trying until it works So if you’re going through some hardships if it’s just not working out, you’re not profitable. Just keep going keep learning It’s possible to make it work. Just don’t treat it as a quick money thing treat it as a real business Look at what real business are doing big business how they’re treating the whole process and go forward like that if you want to learn more about hiring people and actively Shortcutting your process to success and getting your Shopify store running faster and become one of our success stories just like Esther make sure to schedule a Strategy called with the first link in the description wheeler me or somebody in my team You can schedule a call directly with us and see if we can help your business grow and scale This year and beyond and how we can actually work together to get your business profitable long term sustainable and scalable, so make sure to click that first thing in the description apply for a strategy call and if you’re interested in learning my other basic a strategy of $2,000 per day how my student detian was able to hit two thousand dollars four hundred two thousand four hundred dollars Per day and the exact face got strategy and how I create my finger Guess that make that amount of money make sure to click the video. That’s gonna pop up right here Click the video that pops up right here There’s going to be a video howdy shen made one in two thousand four hundred dollars per day and how to create the face against That he makes and how I make my facebook ad So make sure to subscribe hit that notification about that like button if you enjoyed the video and comment automate down below for the free Shopify course I will see you in the next video

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