10+ Best Free One Page WordPress Themes

10+ Best Free One Page WordPress Themes

Single page themes are made for smaller sites
that don’t actually provide a very large quantity of information, or just don’t need
to weight the user with unneeded content. The single page themes are easy to handle,
simple, easier to organize, mobile-friendly and can be better for SEO at times. And all you have to do is… scroll. Hi! My name is Robert Peter from ThemeIsle.com and in this video, you will see ten of the most interesting free one-page WordPress themes. Simple or more complicated, modern or retro,
minimalist or advanced, these themes are unique in their own way and you should take a look
and test them. And most importantly, they are free! Hestia is a clean and creative WordPress theme
for your business, built on a single page. It has smooth scrolling, parallax sections,
and a great Pinterest-like shop. Hestia is always an elegant choice, no matter
if you want it for artistic or corporate purposes. It has a beautiful Material Design, created
to give your visitors a smooth visual experience no matter what screen size they’ll use. Here is how the content will adapt to smartphones…
or tablets… This theme is 100% compatible with WooCommerce
and you can start your e-commerce business right after installing the plugin. This is how the Online Shop will look like
after adding some products… The theme is also compatible with page builders
like Elementor and Beaver Builder… Using this theme you can also create unique
landing pages in just a few clicks with the Blank and Full-Width page templates. Email marketing option? Sure, you have the Sendinblue integration
to do that in just a few clicks. The header area is ready for a second menu
and you can align everything to the center of the screen for a better visual experience. Also, the Widgetized Footer allows you to
create more visual elements in the footer area of any pages or blog posts… The theme is SEO friendly and it has the Live
Customizer ready for you to start building an online presence on WordPress for free,
no coding experience required. This is an interactive one-page WordPress
theme, with a full-width image and a simple white menu bar. The main colors are black and white, but some
sections skip from classic to a more vivid light green, yellow or red. Zerif Lite has seven menu categories which
are shown directly – without sliding – when clicking on them. The design overall is an elegant and classic
one. With a clean and validated code, the theme
is 100% responsive. You have the user-friendly theme options panel
to customize it as needed and localization with complete translation ready. The easy to use contact section is one more reason for you to choose this free WordPress theme. Flash is a minimalist and clean theme for
business and corporate sites, with a simple and elegant one-page layout, a full-width
slider, a nice portfolio, and a ribbon bar with animated stats. Overall, a neat design that will make your
business stand out. One of the best features this theme has is
the responsive design which means the structure of the website will adapt to any size of a
screen your website content will be displayed. There are 6+ widget areas & 11+ custom widgets
you can use. The drag and drop page builder will make your
content creation life easier, and you can choose a lot of color options. Last but not least I want to mention the boxed
& wide layout, the great product filters, the Flash Toolkit
plugin, and the fact that the theme is optimized for speed and SEO. Parallax One is a simple and elegant one-page
WordPress theme that can be used for any purpose. It comes with a clean and beautiful design,
created to put content first. The theme’s classy look is enforced by a trendy
parallax effect, hence the name of the theme. Parallax One comes with a shop section, a smooth scrolling, and a modern appearance. Overall, a highly customizable, responsive
and free WordPress theme. You can upload your own custom logo and icon. Using the multiple color schemes you can match
it with your brand color. Lorix One is an elegant and friendly free
theme for small businesses and startups. It has a professional yet catchy and happy
design. Parallax scrolling makes it even more elegant
and smooth. The theme offers colorful fonts and buttons
that make it look even fresher. With a responsive one-page design,
parallax scrolling, social links,
and customizable ribbon… this theme can be your best translation ready
choice. A nice simple theme for small businesses and
agencies, with a beautiful and colorful design and an elegant interface. It looks modern and provides a quick parallax
scrolling. Ember has good-looking icons and ribbons,
and a clean appearance. The design is responsive with a nice parallax
effect and a good looking blog layout. Is built with a minimalist look and one-page
template in mind… Sidney is a clean full-screen theme for businesses
with a full-screen slider, a smooth scrolling, and beautiful animations. The theme has a professional look, a widgetized
footer, and a simple design. You can use it for any kind of purpose because
it is responsive, translation ready with parallax backgrounds and you can set a slider or a
static image header as well. Google fonts for extended typography and social icons are two more reasons for you to choose it. This beautiful multi-purpose WordPress theme
is built for business and corporate websites, with a clean and minimalist design. The theme is elegant, provides smooth scrolling,
a full-width slider, a nice portfolio, and a good-looking layout. The responsive design comes with options like
unlimited colors, complete layout control, custom shortcodes, custom typography, and
parallax scrolling. The theme is ready for your online store using
the WooCommerce WordPress plugin. This is a free multipurpose theme with a great,
modern design and full-screen layout. It has a full-width slider, a clean look,
and a smooth parallax scrolling. Besides, Himalayas provides a portfolio and
colorful sections. Overall, the theme looks friendly and professional. Responsive design? Sure! Including social icons, custom menus, four
custom widgets, and Awesome Slider integration. It has a nice parallax scrolling and the color
options will allow you to match it with your band. Having a full-width image background with
a parallax effect and an interactive design, Moesia is a great free one-page WordPress
theme. It’s meant for business websites, so you can
build an effective online presence. The clients have an important place on the
page too, their testimonials have a visible spot on the page’s design. Also, there’s a portfolio area so you can
share your projects with the others and show them your work. Responsive is mandatory and this theme is
another one that is fully adaptive to any screen sizes. It is translation ready and you can use custom
widgets as well. Parallax background, the custom header, front
page blocks and social integration are more reasons for you to choose this theme. For more One Page WordPress themes available
for free I invite you to read the article on our blog by accessing the link in the description
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  4. These 1 pg Theme – How limiting are they??
    Are you forever limited to the one page?
    Can they grow to more than one page? If yes, is it done simply?? – as in Not having to start over??
    Paralax is nice, but what if you'd like to ALSO use another Plugin, like RevSlider. Can this be done and simply?
    And really – how "free" are they? What about the upgrade function? Will it upgrade?? And if not, will browser display and function vanish??
    As you know, there are browser functions that are now extinct and do not display on browsers anymore. They won't work at all.
    Adobe FLASH is one. Sites built with that function just do not display the flash content on browsers anymore – no matter what. There is no code to make them function. It means an entire rebuild of a site.

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