$2,400+ PER DAY FACEBOOK ADS FOR SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING: How to Make Facebook Ad Copy and Videos 2020

$2,400+ PER DAY FACEBOOK ADS FOR SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING: How to Make Facebook Ad Copy and Videos 2020

(Facebook Ads Shopify) In this video I’m gonna teach you the Facebook ad strategy that allowed one of my students to make more than 2,400 dollars per day and creates success stories again and again and again creating Facebook outs and Profitable Facebook ads is one of the hardest things in e-commerce and in drop shipping and Shopify So by the end of this video you’re gonna know exactly how to make your ads where to get your videos how to write your ad copies Profitably so you can scale your Shopify store this year and beyond let’s find out. Hey, what is up? It’s Raphael Cintron here by the end of this video You’re gonna know how to create your Facebook ads how I create my ad copies and I’m actually going to take subscriber stores two of them and I’m gonna make ad Copies for their products as well as show you where I get my video ads and a special discount to get your video ads Later on, if you want to make really really good converting ads I also want to let you know that by the next video that I release on my channel I will be giving away the Shopify store to one lucky winner That subscribes and comments to my channel if you want to be that winner and actually compete in that giveaway Make sure to comment automate automate We teach people how to automate their Shopify business subscribe hit that Notification about and that like button down below and by the next video I’m picking somebody for a full Shopify store completely optimized to get sales and I’m happy to announce that the free one-on-one strategy calls for my automated ecommerce program are Open if you want to work directly with me and my team to build up your store in 2020 and beyond make sure to stay Until the end of the video to find the details of that call The first thing we’re gonna do on Facebook ads today that I’m gonna show you right here is show you one one of our best Converting ads that got us a lot of sales in the past two to three months But it’s this one right here. And this is the video that we ran on this ad It’s for this little strap that’s called a snore stopper strap basically helps you stop snoring if you wear it at night It’s pretty cheap and people see a lot of value in it. So first of all, let’s go through the ad copy itself So here on the top It’s obviously a video ad this is just a video and the thumb here better sleep with just one Click in the top line of your ad copy You always want to state either the dream or the desire that your person that is watching your ad What do they want out of your product or out of life in general that your product can provide? Second of all, you also want to highlight a problem. So for example people here are struggling with snoring at night They can’t sleep properly therefore in the ad copy. We say better sleep with just one click You also want to make it easy quick and fast So right now what I’m doing there is saying the dream that these people have a better sleep They want to sleep better. They want to not annoy their partner when they’re sleeping and snoring really loud So nobody can sleep So better sleep and also pretty easy with just one. Click that makes you go into the actual ad into the video and actually find out more about What is this ad talking about better sleep and just one click? How can that be? So one you stake the dream the desire of the person or you stayed a problem So for example, stop snoring We just want to click although I wouldn’t say stop snoring because that that can get a little bit disapproved from Facebook or say Goodbye to snoring. We just want to click something like that. Where you highlight the problem that the person has and you highlight How can how they can get rid of it or you just highlight the dream that that person has? second of all I want to say our signature snore stopper is changing sleep around the world by controlling snoring before it starts You always want to say our signature our exclusive our new something like that even if it’s not really Signature or new it’s just an a word that you use to make the product seem bigger or more valuable or higher price than it Actually is so what we say here is our signature and then we give our product a custom name I see a lot of people for example promoting health products like posture characters or cleaning products like vacuum cleaners and just calling it the name of the product our vacuum cleaner can Help you clean better when instead you should actually give the product a custom name. It really really helps out It’s not just a branding aspect. It’s not just you know, lying to the customer It’s actually creating the real name of the product a new name a customer So that it sounds bigger or it looks higher value than it actually is So what I’m doing here, our signature small stopper is changing sleep around the world You also want to be bigger Than you are and you want to have a bigger vision or your ad has to have a bigger mission? Then just helping somebody stop snoring. So you want to change sleep around the world? So it’s not just I help you clean or I help you. For example Decorate the house or I help you cook, whatever it is. No, we’re changing the world by changing Sleep and then by controlling snoring before it starts This is just something that people are struggling with so whatever the person is struggling with You can just say before it even starts or very quickly quicker than anything else Something like that were to built bold claim about the actual Problem that these people have and the last thing is a social proof line, see how more than 1,000 people are sleeping better here So what do these people want to do sleep better? Like I highlighted on the top better sleep, see how more than a thousand people just like you are sleeping better Here and then we put our link right there and in the bottom, it’s just the same thing better sleep We just want to click the snore stopper is changing sleep for good again We want to be bigger than we actually are We want to change sleep and we want to provide better sleep with just one click again Bringing the person in and they’re like better sleep. We just won’t click. How is that possible? They’ll watch add watch the video and so on. So this is how I create my ad copies first of all highlight the dream or the problem then sound bigger than you actually are and Have a bigger abyssion then just a product that you’re selling because they have to see value in the ad in order to exchange it For money and the last thing is just a social proof, see how more than a thousand people 10,000 people if you don’t have any sales, then you can say here see how many people just like you are Sleeping better or cleaning better or whatever it is here So you don’t have to actually put a name because you know how many sales yet? But see how people just like you are doing this. So now let’s go into the video itself I’m gonna play it here And you can see how the video starts to intro is. Basically it draws you in into the actual video So it’s just two people sleeping and this woman Starts hitting the guy and it’s like wait. Why is she hitting him? So that intro really captures you and brings you in into actually watching the rest of the video the rest it says So, let me just take the and it’s an upbeat music I Always suggest having upbeat music like this. That is like Joyful, not somber and sad like always upbeat good happy vibes and so on So I’m going to just put it just to run it All right, so you saw the video and now it’s basically like I said the introduction is very very capturing So you’d see this and you want to actually watch the rest of the video then it says make you and your family sleep better Again, highlighting the dream or the desire of the person then it goes into actually somebody using it So what you want to do is one show off your product or the problem or the dream that people have then it’s show off How people use the particular product so here it’s just saying what it’s assigned to do what it does improving features Stop snoring right away and then it shows a problem again. But this time with no more the problem So now it’s saying like we stop this problem for happening And This part which I’m going to show you how to actually get a video ad just like this one for pretty affordable price This particular clip here that they added the person that actually made this video for me. It’s amazing They actually went into my website and scroll down on the page which Resembles what somebody would do when they click on your ad? so that’s something that I had never seen before or I’ve had seen it but not on a dropshipping ad and I think this is a great addition of actually somebody going through the page and Relating to the person that’s actually watching that what they are gonna do on your website. So that’s just a little nugget there The product get yours now and then obviously the logo and you start buying it So how do you actually get a video ad just like this one? You’re gonna use bands of ads.com bands of ads is basically a drop shipping video service for Specifically facebook video ads or just videos in general for products. So there’s something that is pretty lacking in the market It’s pretty hard to find a reliable video editor or somebody that actually creates your videos and I rely on them I’ve ordered more than 20 videos from bands of ads and I still order them on a big basis so again in time and in time and again so they actually create the videos for you and Then they create the all the graphics everything for you And all you have to do is basically provide them the Aliexpress link provide them the actual product link any details that you want ad Into the video and they’ll do all the research for you. So I’ll go and find the videos that they need to clip together They’ll clip them together put all the texts all the CTA buttons everything that’s needed and then just give you the end result the actual end result of the Video here. You have a split test Order that I did. So if you go to the website, you can click get started today and they have multiple packages They have the three delivery for just one $57 they have one day delivery seven seven and then they have the split test pack, which is just two videos at $77 for both of them. I’ve partner up with bands of bats. I’m not receiving a commission on this There’s not an affiliate link but if you go to the link in the description and you actually go and let’s say I want to buy the One day delivery one for $77 and you just type in RAF RAF? Ten or you can say I’ve typed it in but RAF ten You’ll get ten percent off of every video that you get from bands events I’m not getting a commission on this not a single penny, but I think it’s a very helpful Service that I recommend to my private students in my private program and I want to recommend it on YouTube as well with a little Discount with my link down below or actually just go to link It’s not my link just type in RAF ten and it’s a discount code. You can go through the order here And once you order in about two to three days, you’ll receive the two videos to your email So lets you see this automatic peeler video and then the split test pack they’ll actually give you different intros so the first five four seconds of the video just like this one right here and You have the first video here it’s for this peeler and then you have the second video and has a different intro Basically a different intro to the video so you can just send them the actual product send them the links send them the Benefits of the product so what is it essentially does or all the features of the product don’t create a video like that for you? so if you want a video just like that one just go to bands of ads put in my discount code and Start rolling get your video right now. Now the last thing that we’re gonna do is actually create ads for subscriber stores So yesterday I went on my channel and I said hey I’m giving away my 2k per day face it got strategy or how to create Facebook ads that make more than $2,000 per And I will make ad copies from my subscribers you guys Commend commented to your stores and a lot of comments and the two stores that I pick out of the ones that people Commented like I said to both one product stores are this one the magic broom X is basically put a product to clean over the house clean pet hair spill overs and so on as well as a Fireworks diffuser this particular product. It wasn’t my winnings product winning products list, which you’ll see right here It’s gonna pop up somewhere over here, but the student actually created a one product store for it looks pretty good So I actually created ad copies for both of them and like I said in my structure is Highlight dream fixed problem bigger vision the actual pradhan the actual products are not just selling a piece of plastic actually Selling a vision or a dream and then the last thing is social proof So for the magic room I said say goodbye to dirty inefficient brooms for good highlighting the problem inefficient brooms, hype Basically telling them to dream which is get rid of those brooms. Second thing is bigger mission so our exclusive magic broom X is changing how homeowners take care of spill overs and pet hair and the social proof see how Thousands of busy moms and pops are cutting their cleaning time in half And then the link and when it comes to the fireworks diffuser how they’re doing fix problems with like section time is just one button Away, like I said in the sleeping snore video one click away one button away There’s a great great line to use bigger vision than the product The fireworks diffuser is taking the aromatherapy industry by storm Not just a product is taking a whole Industry by storm or taking over the industry and the lasting social proof see how thousands of stress professionals are Finally finally relaxing here And those are the two ad copies if you want to get one and you are the owner of this shop you’re selling a product Just like that go to the description. I posted both of the ad copies there That’s how you create two thousand per day Facebook ads if you want to learn my entire strategy and want to work directly with me and my team to take your Shopify store to the next level this year and beyond make sure to schedule a Strategy call with the second link down in the description schedule a call directly with me We’ll get on a call see what are your goals with your Shopify store? See we can to get you there and see if we can get you working Directly with us so we can actually help you and grow your business together I know your call right now. And if you want to learn the top 20 products to sell right now in 2020 and beyond so you can absolutely crush your competition and build profitable stores with these space cats Make sure to check the video right here check that video right here It’s gonna say top 20 products for 2020 go click it now Make sure to comment automate automate down below for exclusive giveaway Subscribe to that notification that like button and I will see you on the next video

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