25 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes | Free WordPress Themes [2018]

25 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes | Free WordPress Themes [2018]

In this video, we’ll feature the 25 best
free WordPress blog themes for 2017 & 2018. When deciding on a WordPress theme, we believe
the attributes you should consider are speed, design, ease of use, mobile responsiveness,
and functionality. We’ve reviewed each of the themes on this
list based on these categories to bring you only the best free WordPress themes for blogs
in 2017 & 2018. We’ve broken this list down into five primary
groups, which are: Free general blog themes
Free travel blog themes Free fashion blog themes
Free food and cooking blog themes And, free fitness and lifestyle blog themes A few themes that made their way onto these
lists include olsen light, Hestia, Simple, Oblique, and Wisteria, just to name a few. We’ve created a blog post that accompanies
this video that you can follow along with on the OHKLYN blog, at OHKLYN o-h-k-l-y-n.com/blog
(there will be a link to the article in the description below). All the links to the themes covered in this
video will also be in the description box below, and available on the OHKLYN blog post
for your reference. We’ll also include a link to our ‘How
to Set Up a WordPress Blog’ video for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your blog with
one of the top featured themes. As well as a link to discount hosting and
a free domain with our affiliate partner bluehost. So, let’s take a look at the best free WordPress
blog themes for 2017 & 2018. Up first we’ll take a look at the 5 best
free general WordPress blog themes. To kick it off we have Nitro
This theme is miles above most free themes by the number of features it offers. It has Woocommerce support and really cool
image sliders. These features are usually only included once
you upgrade to the pro version or with a premium theme. Granted, the default design isn’t great,
but that can be fixed with a little work. Up next is Amadeus
This theme’s design might leave you wondering if it is really free. The good news is that it is!. It has a really classy feel to it, and just
like the demo would be perfect for a music, fashion or art blog. It also features some nice parallax effects
and looks pretty great on any device. We then have Tesla TeslaThemes always seem to pull off very striking
and modern designs. Tesla is no different and only falls a little
short of their premium offerings. It has more than enough animations and hover
states to feel alive and keep the viewers interest. It also feels fantastic on mobile, while there
are just a few, very minute, spacing issues on tablet. The next free WordPress blog is Hestia Like it’s sister theme, Amadeus, Hestia
has an attractive design for a free theme.This theme also comes with WooCommerce support,
which is rare in free themes. Its look is also more contemporary. Expect more engaging use of parallax effects
and hover states, and excellent mobile responsiveness. We then have SociallyViral MyThemeShop themes are mostly built on the
same base architecture and then modified to fit different niches. SociallyViral does pretty much what the name
suggest and is a nifty theme to use if you want to incorporate a lot of social media. This theme also looks great on mobile, making
it a solid option Our next sub category is the 5 Best free WordPress
travel blog themes Up first is Poseidon Poseidon is one of the best themes for a balance
between ease of use and attractiveness. The design may be simplistic but that doesn’t
mean it doesn’t have any character. Padding, space, and placement of elements
is perfected to a tee. The toned down, yet fun design seems to support
colorful travel photos very well. It also features a nice choice of fonts. Up next is Unwind Unwind is not really a travel theme, but its
design suits the travel topic so perfectly that we just had to include it here! Honestly, it could have gotten the top 5 spot
in almost any category. The number of features and its quality, make
it comparable to some premium themes. It features a shop and a clean design with
plenty of hover states. We then have Writee Writee has something different about its design,
and we mean that in a good way. It makes use of clean, sans-serif fonts, separation
lines, and a dash of color to bring some contrast to the mostly black and white layout. On top of that, it has one of the better alternative
layout offerings of all the themes in this list. Mobile responsiveness is also handled in an
interesting way. The next free WordPress travel blog theme
is Capri Capri uses a nice combination of black and
white with colourful images to create nice contrasts. It is a minimalistic theme and extremely easy
to use, without being boring. Like other Themeisle themes it supports an
online shop and provides a solid mobile experience. Lastly we have Nisarg
Nisarg is easily one of the best-looking themes on this list. It also looks great on mobile and is one of
those themes that pull off the minimal look on the smaller screen. The general design and use of turquoise suit
the travel blog genre well. Up next is the 5 Best free WordPress fashion
blog themes The first theme on the list is Simple
Simple would be the one-page blog fashion store! Just be prepared to make extensive use of
images as the theme’s layout is largely based on the use of images. It also contains large, readable, sans-serif
fonts which makes for an easy and enjoyable browsing experience. You can switch between a dark and intense
layout, or one that is light and dreamy. We then have Olsen If you follow our theme analysis articles
you should be familiar with Olsen’s pro version. It should come as no surprise then that the
Lite version makes it in our top 25 list of free themes. It is just as stylish and beautiful as the
premium offering and only comes with fewer features, layout options, and some of the
nice to haves. Check out our free tutorial using this theme
on our YouTube channel (which is our How to Setup a WordPress Blog video) or on the OHKLYN
blog. Up next is Silvia Silvia is one of the most minimalistic themes
in the fashion section, but pulls it off incredibly well. Yes, the demo does use some impressive photo’s
to achieve this effect, but if you can do the same, your site will be just as dramatic
and elegant. The hover state that colorizes black and white
images looks fantastic. The next free WordPress fashion blog theme
is Catwalk With a name like that, it just had to be on
this list. It’s a shame it doesn’t come with built-in
WooCommerce support as a store would be the perfect fit. This theme strikes the perfect balance between
modern design and chic. And does a good job of showcasing models and
clothing. We then have Oblique Oblique is a theme with a twist, literally! Oblique has a unique, skewed design that is
sure to capture viewers attention and presents an interesting way to display your content. In line with that trend, its navigation menu
is a sidebar as opposed to a horizontal bar and makes use of an accordion style expanding
structure. Our next category is the 5 Best free WordPress
food blog themes First on the list is Wisteria Wisteria works perfectly with healthy foods
and/or breakfasts. The lavender colors invoke thoughts of berries
and herbs and the use of a lot of white space makes it feel light and refreshing. The design is really elegant and classy and
it’s one of the themes with the most readable fonts. Up next is Mia Ittalonni The name shouldn’t leave you guessing as
to what cuisine this theme is geared towards. The warm colors go flawlessly with the delicious
and wholesome feel of Italian cooking. It’s not hard to imagine this theme as a
pizza delivery service, restaurant, or Italian food inspired blog. The next free WordPress food blog theme is
Belise Lite Belise also has a pro version, but for those
of us on a budget the lite version comes with enough punchy features to do the job. It has some nice graphical elements to use
as operating hours or a menu for a commercial application, and has similarly effective features
for use as a food blog. Up next is Foodhunt You get hungry just looking at this theme! The design is modern, fancy and fun all at
once, and is perfect for anything from a hobby food blog, to a fine dining restaurant. It uses deep and strong colors for a sultry
experience. The typing highlight reel at the top is a
cool idea for promotions. And it also has a paid pro version if you
want to up your game. The last entry on this list is SweeTella After all that savory food, it’s finally
time for dessert! SweeTella is definitely made for a sweet tooth
community. The design fits the topic perfectly with fun,
friendly colors and cute iconography. The mobile version doesn’t just realign
but has made some sensible alterations that make the experience more tailored. Our last category is the 5 Best free WordPress
fitness or lifestyle blog themes First on this list is Pilates Center You really don’t need to add or tamper with
this theme at all. As it stands, it has all the necessary design
elements for a yoga or pilates blog and could cater for many other niches! The elements cover testimonials, cards for
exercise steps and so on. The default color scheme is pinkish which
suits yoga or pilates but a switch to blue or red can dramatically change the effect. We then have Drug Store This theme is also from Template Monster but
has a slightly different focus. Supplements have become synonymous with the
sports industry and it’s hard to imagine one without the other. Drug Store has a slightly more masculine feel. It makes use of some neat animations and loading
icons and also features big, easy to read fonts for an effortless experience. Up next is Music Time for something completely different. Music is a great option for any of the music
lovers out there and its design makes it perfect to present many album covers or posters with
which to categorize music. It also comes with some nice layout variations
and a shop. And feels perfect on mobile! Next on our list of the best free wordpress
fitness and lifestyle blog themes is Admiral Sports fans unite! Admiral is perfect for a blog dedicated to
sports of any kind. It replicates the sports news feel very well. The theme features some neat image/article
sliders and makes good use of tabbed design to simplify the navigation between all the
posts. Lastly we have Powerclub The ultimate gym theme! This theme has a highly professional design
and is very dynamic through its use of animations and hover states, befitting of an exercise
blog. The fading image slider on the main page is
also something unique. And the theme also comes with some really
nice icons, something that is crucial for this kind of theme. Well that wraps up our feature on the 25 best
free WordPress blog themes for 2017 & 2018. If you liked this video hit the like button,
and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos related to blogging, digital
marketing and how to run a successful website. All the links to the themes covered in this
video will be in the description box below, and on the OHKLYN post at OHKLYN o-h-k-l-y-n.com. We’ll also include a list of our preferred
WordPress theme providers and marketplaces for you to explore, in case you didn’t find
the right theme for you on this list To get access to exclusive discounts and to
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and until next time, happy blogging.

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  2. I'm currently using Lingonberry. It looks great on my mobile device. The design is simple and easy to use. I love to write and I find this theme to be perfect for it.

  3. Thanks for the video man…Hey which one would you prefer amongst the travel ones…? I am a new wordpress user and a bit confused between writee, Capri and the last one.

  4. If I just want to create a blog without a shop is it okay to use a theme with a shop? Can it be deleted or something?

  5. I’m starting an RV Full-Timer blog and have 4 main topics that we want to blog around. What would you recommend for a free theme for me?

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