3 Basic Types of Logos – Tips from PrintPlace.com

Hey, this is Chambley again, from PrintPlace.com, and this week I’m here to talk to you about three types of logos. First up is the typographic logo These logos are text only. They’re sometimes called “logotypes” or “word marks”. Typographic logos can use a handwritten style, or customize existing fonts with color variations and size. FedEx is a great example of this type of logo. Second is the symbolic logo. The symbolic logo is just a symbol with no text. These type of logos usually start out as a combination logo of a symbol and text. The more popular or recognizable the logo becomes the text is dropped, creating a symbolic logo. Popular car brands are known for doing this, like Toyota and Volkswagen. The Nike swoosh is also a perfect example of the Logo. Third is combination logos. This is a logo design with both the text and symbol. The majority of logos around the world fall into this logo type. As mentioned before, some logos may start out as combination, and then transition to symbolic logos as they become more popular. Starbucks is an awesome example of a logo that balances between text and symbol. Remember, it’s important for any logo to be memorable and recognizable, compare your own logo and see what category it falls under. To enhance your business or personal logo ask yourself these three questions: Is my logo easily recognizable? Does my logo carry visual meaning? Is my logo memorable?That’s it for this week. Make sure you come back next week, where I’ll go more into depth with the process of creating logos. Click here to subscribe, and come back every Friday for more tips from Place.com.

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