3 LOGO DESIGNER ESSENTIALS – Graphic Design As A Career

3 LOGO DESIGNER ESSENTIALS – Graphic Design As A Career

today I’ll be showing you three logo designer essentials that I use every single day for my logo design projects what is up people welcome back Satori graphics home of graphic design content reminder that you enjoy my content subscribe to stay updated to my 5 graphic design uploads per week at the turn on notification so you never miss a video today a quick video on logo designer essentials aside from the obvious such as a computer an Adobe software I’m a professional graphic designer with over nine years of hands-on experience under my belt you can check how my portfolio of work and see some of my recent projects in the description below it is an absolute master my opinion to have at least one external hard drive to back up all of your work I use a 1 terabyte external drive which is a thousand gigabytes a few years ago I had my Max Olin and that’s all of my work but missing back then I did not use an external hard drive and I think it the consequences lesson learned you can pick them up fairly inexpensive and I’ve a link in the description for a similar external hard drive which is the same brand as the one I use the second addition to my list of three Luca design essentials in a Wacom tumbler these things save you a lot of time and hassle and getting your ideas down digitally from paper when it comes to local designing this can be very helpful indeed I do in fact use my Wacom every single project that I’m designing a logo on I have a very basic inexpensive model it does a job last item my list of local designer essentials is a good old fashioned Network this is where my idea is travel from my mind to a physical form I think some designers overlook the importance of brainstorming and developing ideas on paper before heading to Adobe Illustrator I never even looked American design process so there was my show of a sweet video on three local designer essentials subscribe if you enjoyed the video I hope you have a great weekend until Monday design your future today you

7 thoughts on “3 LOGO DESIGNER ESSENTIALS – Graphic Design As A Career”

  1. Another great video! Especially the last point about sketching before illustrator ! I've seen the difference in my work! 🙂

  2. Great video! I really appreciate your short yet information-packed videos; however, I'd really like to see a longer video…. Perhaps walk us through your design process step-by-step. I hope you'll consider. Thanks!

  3. At the beginning I thought drawing was not useful because I do not know how to draw and finally even with this inconvenient I can pose all my ideas and orient myself on a more precise subject, thank you Satori for all your sharing and help

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