follow along in Adobe Illustrator and
create three minimal logo designs in just under 10 minutes with Satori
graphics making today’s video possible is Monday comm which is an awesome team
management tool the platform itself is suitable for any size team from two
freelancers working together up to thousands collaborating across the globe
money comm is a major asset to managers and learn more about it later in today’s
video to be productivity and collaboration within your business so
for the first minimal logo design you need to locate the polygon tool and then
click the artboard and hold down the click and then drag at the same time use
the up and down arrows on your keyboard until you have six sides on your shape
and then hold down shift to fix that shape in position and then let go we can then rotate the hexagon by 30
degrees for the start of our logo design now press P for the pen tool and draw a
vertical line from the very bottom to the very top of the shape and then hold
down the alt/option key and then click interact to duplicate that line to the
exact edge like so you do need to be precise about this here so make sure to
pay attention to your line then duplicate two more lines anywhere in the
middle click all of the four lines by holding down shift and then put an equal
distance between the lines for heading into the align window select all of the
four lines an impress command or ctrl C to copy them and then command or ctrl F
to place them in place now we take the selection by 60 degrees a position the
lines perfectly as you can see that I’m doing here so finally let’s go back to
the original lines select them all and then create another duplication but this
time were taken by 300 degrees you now need to press a for the direct
selection tool and then make sure all of the lines near the edge of the hexagon
and make sure they do follow the same path as they originally did so now it’s
just the case of pressing C for the scissors tool and then clicking on the
lines where we want to make a cut and then remove this specific areas now this
can be a little confusing at first we’ll follow what I’m doing where I’m
cutting to finish up with a really neat and a minimal local design I remember
there are two more ladies in today’s video after this one I’m actually
curious to know which of the logo designs you think are most attractive in
today’s tutorial so just use a scissors tool to click the lines and to make a
cut out and then remove the parts that we don’t need and finally use a direct
selection tool to click and drag the excess lines the hang over the edge of
the hexagons this is gonna finish the first neat and minimal logo design for the second Lego design in today’s
video press M for the rectangle tool and then hold down shift to create a perfect
square use the alt/option key to duplicate this
square into the top left corner and having the smart guides activated is
really going to help let you know when you actually meet this position and you
can press command or control you to toggle between the smart guides being on
or off now press R for the rotate tool and bring the icon down into the exact
center of your design in the original square click once hold down the option
key and click again we want to copy this shape where 90 degrees then press
command or control D to repeat the process two more times now copy the
original square with command or ctrl C and then paste a duplication the command
ctrl F hold down both shift amniote option key at the same time to precise
the square upwards like so we’re now going to make use of the shape builder
tool which you can find here but first you need to select all of the shapes on
your design and then select the shape builder tool if you hold down the
alt/option key you will notice the minus icon appear and this is what we want to
use to click and remove the exterior of the minimal Lego itself so finally copy and duplicate the
original square block you done previously but imitated by 45 degrees duplicate the new square and scale it
down by holding shift and the adoption key at the same time so that’s the
second the geometric minimal Lego design and we’re going to review them all
they’re very in the video but first let’s complete the third design the
third design is going to utilize color and gradients so it’s a little less mini
more in nature but it’s still somewhat so press L for the ellipse tour and then
hold down shift to create a perfect circle copy the circle and then paste a
duplication with command or control F now resize the circle down somewhere as
you can see on my screen here and then copy the innermost circle and paste
another duplication then resize it by holding down just shift so it’s exactly
to the right edge of the original circle and the smart guides would inform you
when you reach that position select all of the circles and then align them
horizontally grab the shape builder tool and use the
– function to remove the innermost section and then just simply click the
other two shapes with a plus icon you should be left with just two shapes now
to which we can press shift an X to toggle The Strokes on the fill now I’m
using illustrator CC so I’m going to apply and make use of the new freeform
gradient tool but if you don’t have CC you can use a stand-in gradient or you
can make use of masks I actually have a tutorial link to Sicard in the top right
corner showing you how to use masks in such a design but a trick is to create
shadow in your design adding to the final logo design effect so as I finish
up my gradient I want to quickly let you know that I’m making a second YouTube
channel just as I kind of back up in case this one disappears or we get
stricken down by YouTube you can never be too safe these days and crazier
things have happened I’m also going to upload new content
over there sometimes which you won’t see on this channel so make sure to head
over to the link in description box below and subscribe to my second channel
so we’ve finished the three logo designs and I’ve added some text and three
circles below in each design though which one do you prefer and which one
did you have most fun working with if you are part of a business or a team or
a company you should take a look at a team management tool Monday comm Mundi
comm is a centralized platform for teams to manage every detail of their work
from high-level roadmap planning to the specifics of day-to-day tasks whilst
building a cultural transparency it’s simple and flexible enough to eat the
needs of just two people working together as well as a vastly complex
workplace operation involving thousands of people spanning different departments
in different time zones it really is beneficial for the inner workings of a
business to run a much smoother and more quickly with an easy-to-use and
attractive interface it’s available in both desktop and mobile devices so check
it out for yourself down the description box below and of course guys until next
time there’s a new future today peace you


  1. My fav is the first one, and I like how you made it, it looks so easy but you really have to know where to place everyhing and cut. I think the second one looks like Doctor Strange magic if he was minimalistic very fun 😂

  2. Once again you nailed it dude. I wish u could make a video about managing color profile for device like Android or iphone from Ps or Ai, sometime it seems Way too saturated than the original. And no good solution out there. Keep it up, it help a lot
    P.s: sorry for my bad english

  3. alright the first one is really amazing … amazing idea and technique to make it ….lol i had to re watch to understand it well thanks man but i used shape builder tool lol it was much easier for me to cut

  4. I like the different techniques you used to create each logo. The very logo is my top favorite and the last logo is my next favorite. Great work sir. As always have a great day. I hope your Christmas Day was great and fun.

  5. Very useful video, especially at this time when design tends to be more and more minimal these design ideas definitely match this purpose and will help many designers. Great job man. 🤙

  6. These are very good techniques in making a logo. But I think it is very difficult to do it in Illustrator without having some sketch first?

  7. You are wonderful and creative I learn from you a lot ,
    You're inspired. We want a lot of these videos to learn from you

  8. in my illustrator horizontal distribution is not working as same as yours why??
    if i m trying to distribute the objects it distributes in all the artwork not on the first object

  9. Thanks very much! I'm a fan of your work. I like the first one the most. well done on your growing numbers too!

  10. hey boss. i think it would be good to clarify at 1:40 to make sure align to selected is on instead of align to artboard. i was freaking out for a second before I looked it up haha but yeah you usually simple it up and im still learning small things like that. Great as usual!

  11. Thanks Tom. Liked #1 best, but 3 makes me lean toward liking gradients. You found me on Instagram 😉 Lol. Will be posting some new stuff this weekend. Getting my portfolio together. (There are people making hundreds of thousands teaching their skills online. Would love to see you go that route. Check out Surface Pattern Design Immersion Course. That lady is getting paid.)

  12. As usual… Great video 👌. Minimal is just awesome but unfortunately in my country ppl prefer 3d looking logos.

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