5 Best WordPress Business Directory Plugins

5 Best WordPress Business Directory Plugins

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In this video we’ll look at the top WordPress business directory plugins. Web directory sites are great for specific
businesses or for cities to showcase local businesses. And here are the top 5 plugins that make it easy to create a directory website. The first one is Gravity Forms Directory Addon, Gravity Forms is one of the most versatile premium plugin to add things like contact forms and with the
directory add on you can turn your site into a directory site quickly. #2 is Business directory plugin it’s a free plugin
that lets you create a business directory quickly. And if you want to add functionality they have paid addons to extend the functionality for your site. The next one is Connections Business Directory and it’s another great free plugin with paid addons to extend its functionality. It has privacy settings
for fields like phone numbers or IMs as well. #4 is GeoDirectory and it’s great for creating a location
based directories like yelp or TripAdvisor. With an easy to use front end interface and paid
extensions. #5 is Simple Directory it’s another great directory
plugin which is free. You’ll need to install the Piklist plugin and it recommends the category
images plugin to get started. There is also a premium version for extended features. If you like this video click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment there, we’d love to hear from you. And subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos.

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  1. Thanks for including Simple Directory!  We're always looking for ways to improve, so any feedback is welcome.  Also, Simple Directory Pro adds more features and customizations to your directory site.  Check it out http://lautman.ca/simple-directory-pro

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