Ascension Update: The Paradise Matrix = Earth’s Original Blueprint

Ascension Update: The Paradise Matrix = Earth’s Original Blueprint

remembering the matrix of paradise that
is Ascension! Activating the original blueprint of Mother Earth and how
souls are supposed to live, within you like this that is Ascension! So what I
mean exactly by this and how you can do it I’m gonna tell you in this video I’m
gonna break it down into a really simple concept and you’ll see it is so so
simple and it is so true, in this Ascension Update! For those who are new welcome beautiful souls why
don’t you subscribe and join me on this channel for those who’ve been with me
for a while again where beautiful divine seekers I love you guys okay so what do
I mean why am i holding up this card this is one of the most favorite cards
of the whole tarot deck when I read cards and the lovers comes up this one
everyone who gets googly eyed and everyone feels good when this card up
it’s just not no matter what the question is it’s really really good and
I’m gonna tell you why this represents the Garden of Eden this represents
paradise this represents the Utopia and this is a memory that’s deep within us
this is actually a matrix a code a blueprint that exists deep within us
because this is truly how the earth is supposed to be and this is truly how
human life on earth was meant to be from the beginning okay what the Bible said
was actually true Adam and Eve in paradise that is how we humans were
coded to live the human existence the blueprint of the human existence is
coded in light and love and bliss and the polarity and the negativity and all
that’s going on right now on this earth with war and manipulation and torture
and abuse this is not meant to be like this
okay we were not supposed to live like this and all of us deep in our hearts we
remember this and we know this and that’s why when we see this we are
reminded of how things are supposed to be so I’m gonna give you a little bit of
a cosmic story time history lesson of the earth so what happened when the
earth was formed after its divine blueprint and the blue printers you’ve
heard this term the blue printers are actually a soul group I would say there
may be the hands of God if you want to call it like that the blue printers
depicted here as the angel right they are the ones who actually designed
life designed the earth designed the human experience another part of this
blueprint a group are the ones who actually built it and engineered it the
other part of this blueprint a group are the ones who came who came and
incarnated in physical form and who worked together with the Angels when
human beings and their evolution gained consciousness came into the third
density in which we are now right when they gained consciousness of a higher
kind the blueprint rest came and the angels came to deliver the original
message of how life is supposed to be lived in bliss and peace and harmony and
happiness okay and one other really interesting thing the Earth’s blueprint
code which was actually designed from the world of Mintaka that’s why we are
so fascinated by this world of men taka because Mintaka is one of the very few
planets in this galaxy that maintained the divinity of its blueprint of light
and love that was not corrupted the menachem Souls rejected negativity they
lived after the design of perfection and so that truly was a utopian society that
planet and because it worked so well and this planet is older than Earth the blue
printers took the blueprints of Mitaka and fashioned the earth after this
blueprint so the earth is meant to be lived in pure light and love with no
negativity no war no corruption none of that bad stuff and this blueprint is
encoded in us and that’s why we are we love this when we see this we say yes
yes this is how it’s supposed to be this is how it’s supposed to be so what
happened after human beings gained consciousness
and it was delivered to them how life can be on earth
it’s kind of like your child growing up and you as a parent you you go and you
start teaching the child don’t eat this well this will be bad for you don’t hit
your brother he will be hurt right delivering the codes of life in an adult
society so the blueprint deliverers and the angels and other spiritual beings
came to teach fresh new humanity how to live but what did the humans do because
we all have free will and choice right the human started living like this but
after a while they decided to do their own thing
and to reject that blueprint code and they did start they started making bad
decisions negative decisions doing things their own way they started going
towards the dark side of things they started living more in the negative
polarity and the thing is today but he says oh you need the darkness to see the
light oh it’s all a balance it’s not it is not because we are not meant to live
like this we are not meant to live in the negative polarity it is inherently
wrong and I know this in the depths of my heart because in my visions I have
seen Mitaka and has felt it how beautiful life can
be so people are just making excuses for the wrong decisions that human beings
are making saying oh there needs to be dark to be light that does not there
does not need to be dark to be light that doesn’t it’s just not true so what
happened was humans decided to do their own thing and then came the fall that
was the fall the great fall that we hear about is Paul right the bliss was broken
utopia was destroyed and human beings fell they fell from grace they fell from
innocence they fell from bliss because they decided to do bad things and again
if we all know the Bible a little bit I know all other stories and religions and
philosophies talk in a similar way that people started to go against the
will of God so to say or against the matrix of love and light in its purity
so there was the fall and what happened then that the blue printers the blue
printers who created the earth and life and all these cycles and how the soul
lives in the human the blueprint printers who created it and who tried to
deliver it they said okay alright okay okay we’re
gonna kind of pull back because we can’t really do anything okay
and they stopped upholding the divinity of love and light as a collective so
they kind of retreated and let the do humans do their own thing and so what
happened is it humanity really declined and things started going downhill and
then what happened then what happened because human beings were open to
negative things at some point yes this happened and these are star seeds of
negative soul origin who saw this planet and thought it would be a good place to
start putting in their influence because humans were corrupted anyways right they
were not living in divine light and love so they saw the polarity there so they
said okay let’s go and infiltrate and see if we can get our benefit there and
who am I talking about specifically the draconians of course the draconians
right the reptilians that soul group that is still amongst us that are still
incarnated today so that’s where things really started to go crazy and that’s
when other star beings from the galaxy tried to come and help right the star
seats and there are more star seats incarnated today than earthlings
the Earthlings of course were Adam and Eve the Earthlings were the ones who
were there originally to carry out the divine soul blueprint of
mother earth and they’re the ones who decided to go against it
okay so the starseeds mostly most likely you and to me as well
we started to come in to help the earth remember its divinity to try to bring
peace and happiness and bliss back and especially if you’re a man talkin you
hold the codes of the divine blueprint was in you very strongly because you’ve
lived it so if you’re a man talkin part of your mission and purpose here is to
bring that blueprint back to light and to help us remember what it’s like to
live in bliss and paradise the soul group of the blue printers incarnated
here in cycles after retreating first of all and seeing how things developed they
incarnated in cycles and some of the great people in history the most
uplifting beautiful transformative people in history are the blue printers
who did their best to bring humanity back up into a more positive state of
being to raise a vibration of the planet and that’s what it’s all about
we’re trying to remember the light codes of the original blueprint of how we’re
supposed to live and now there are a lot of star seeds here who are bringing
forth that message there are a lot of negative ones but there are more
positive ones and the earth seeds are here to actually embody and live out and
bring to light the perfect the perfect the uncorrupted soul blueprint and there
are a lot of beautiful earth or souls who are doing that as well so it’s very
interesting to see things this way so what does it have to do with ascension
the essential process is basically the remembering of our divinity the
remembering of the beauty and perfection of a world
that is supposed to live within light and love why is light and love such a
phrase that we all talk about because that’s actually the soul blueprint of
how we are supposed to live as souls in human body bodies and that’s how mother
earth works from from her core and mother earth has all the codes she
remembers them the whales the Dolphins remember the codes the trees if you see
a big beautiful old tree that tree has the cold the code of the perfect
uncorrupted divine blueprint today remember only we don’t we don’t remember
and part of our awakening process is remembering it’s like yes yes we don’t
need the dark we don’t have to make negative choices we have freewill
we can choose the light we can choose love and by doing that that’s why we’re
doing so much purging that’s why it’s why it’s so important to purge all the
Karma that you’ve accumulated that’s why it’s so important to open up and start
living from a base of love and light because that’s how we can bring the code
from heaven back down to earth and how we can ascend and that’s truly how it is
and I know you will resonate because deep in your heart you have this you
have this vision we all do we have this vision of a beautiful utopian society
how life on earth is so amazing we have such a diverse planet there is there’s
so much going on on this planet there’s so much beauty so much variety and life
here really could be amazing and blissful and I know that deep in your
heart you are remembering you are remembering and a lot of us star seeds
are here to help you remember so when you hear people on YouTube when you hear
when things resonate when you feel uplifted when you feel your heart
opening those other codes coming in those are the light coats
streaming back into you of the original blueprint of how life is supposed to be
when you hear light language you’ve probably heard that people speaking I’ve
heard it recently and I realized these are codes of divine light coming in to
activate your memory of our divine soul blueprint how it was supposed to be and
how it can be again and how we are getting there and it will be like that
again so we we truly will have we will reach heaven on earth again right here
this is the last card in the Major Arcana we’ve gone through all these
cycles right and this is where we want to get to and we can write heaven on
earth and that’s what the Ascension process is about is going back to that
pure beautiful bliss and that’s why we have to purge our karma that’s why we
have to say no to the negative we have to make positive choices and when we
have that then all the negative soul groups will leave I mean they’re not
going to have a base of living they’re not going to be able to survive they’re
not gonna like it here they’re gonna be expelled right these guys these guys are
just not gonna be able to incarnate again in a in a human body other souls
that have decided to be negative they will not be able to incarnate again
because it’s just not going to be a match if let’s say if a negative soul
passes and goes up right goes up and wants to incarnate again and the
vibration of the earth has changed into such a high level
they cannot match and they cannot reincarnate again so that is what we are
trying to do as well by activating our light codes from
within and raising the vibration of our planet slowly slowly the negative beings
the ones who have perpetuated our first negative choices here on earth the ones
who are perpetuating all all the war and all the darkness the extreme darkness
and suffering they’ll be weeded out and then we truly will have paradise on
earth and that is the concept and all you have
to do like you don’t have to have this great knowledge or like these understand
these codes all you have to do is make choices every day from a point of love
that’s all you have to do if you’re doing something ask yourself and I’m
making this choice from love am I talking to this person out of a vision
of love and the other thing is light bring the light and do your light
meditation emanate your light believe in the light bring light into the darkness
if you’re feeling like I’ve made these videos about purging all the negative
stuff that has been infiltrated into me and all the negative choices I’ve made
bringing light into it purging it so with light and love bringing that into
every situation here in your life you’re already doing it you are doing it and
the codes and knowledge that memory is being activated in us in every moment
right now and it’s an automatic process so all you have to do is just make
frickin positive choices and operate out of love and light of all you have to do
and then you will get those codes and then you will be part of the Ascension
process and we will have paradise and heaven on earth again okay okay and
that’s what I wanted to share with you so I’m gonna make a few more videos
about the blue printers because it’s very interesting that soul group it’s so
important to understand this again because they carry and activate these
codes the blueprint and they can help us understand what it is and what we’re
aiming for so I’m gonna make a video on that soon so let me know what you think
doesn’t make sense to you do you believe do you believe that this is possible do
you feel it do you see it are you striving for
I hope you are because we’re going there and I want you to come along okay
okay wonderful so very simple message for today thank you so much love you all
and I’ll see you next time it’s beautiful paradise that we call
earth bye for now

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  6. Yes! As someone blessed with the name "Adam" ive always felt linked to the eden story, and the fall. I feel part of my mission here is to 'un-fall' or ascend! So the question really is "what did we do to fall? What did we do that no other animal dared to do, causing us to fall? How did we go against our divine blueprint?" A few years ago i ran across a fellow here on YouTube named "John Rose" he had done allot of thinking about this question as well, and i was really convince by the answer he came up with. He said we took a fruit from the tree of knowledge "ability to create fire" and we applied it to the tree of life "or natural raw diet". By cooking our food we destroyed and altered our food, thereby destroying and altering ourselves. Makes sense to me! We are the only ones on the planet who cook our food. Loved the video! Looking forward to this new eden!

  7. Love u extremely nd love ur topics, i think that each one has to start by himself, love urself enough in the right devine positive way, and u will see light goes inside it, then u will treat people as u treat urself๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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  12. X Love your sharing. Blueprint designer here and Iโ€™ve been guided to connect to other blueprint messengers for the soul Mission. Mintakan was soul underlay but also later on polaris nihal etc. While we should embrace our own darkness narrative, slowly recondition it to having no narrative and balance it with light.. its the transcendence and integration of duality within us to experience higher and higher level of consciousness. Darkness isnโ€™t required or a necessary narrative for light and love to prevail. The collective gradually learning to hold space for those who are ignorant, lost and in denial or so called (ppl perpetuating negative choices) will gradually shed more light into people. Always sharing with my own circle and ppl Iโ€™m working with in Asia… When faced with decisions be it at work/personal where people are purging.. its wise to ask โ€œIs my decision in alignment with light or am i pushing them to the darkness/their shadowsโ€. Xoxooo

  13. wow. you're onto something and many people don't know how accurate you are. i've learned a lot through these terms and metaphysical concepts, like the idea that i am a starseed… even though i am a human at the end of the day. more importantly, i want to mention how there is a synchronicity within something huge in which i want to create. it keeps coming to me. i hear from my guides that i am one of the humans that can bring along this manifestation we do want. i'm 17, yet far into the future i can see this lifelong mission of designing, constructing, and being a part of this new city on Earth. the way i visualize it is with highly implemented technology, fluid architecture, allowing for a fresh look to our imaginations. a lot of sections around the city is serene landscapes, not to be touched by humans. it should have a somewhat organized, minimalistic appearance. transportation is completely sanitized, convenient, eco-friendly, and reliable as bullet trains stretch across land. the way these beings get around would be without cost, not even for their own vehicles, and there would be no such thing as paying for taxes, education, electricity, or water. simply because we share it. all kinds of innovative technology can be implemented in schools, hospitals, homes, and every single other place we would go, even the cars. with currency, things could definitely all be taken care of digitally. and the way each of us would make money would be with our free will, as we do today. but. there of course is a difference because of the way AI would look out for us. with AI, there could be some major progress with the safety of humans everywhere and at the same time, we need to not fear our own creations. we are the living being, not the machines. i can see negative people not liking certain aspects about it, but it's for the betterment of our shared society.. and if its platforms are constructed safely, it could be absolutely amazing to live with artificial beings. i know that idea still will freak humans out. but it will happen lol. no more guns and food that makes us ILL and gives us constipation. no. fruits and vegetables are to be cycled and eaten up! it's what Earth wants us to eat, as our bodies calmy digest natural foods that come from the dirt. my idea of hospitals would be completely renewed with the warm welcome of PLANTS and the study of botany within how we can heal directly from nature itself. these would be care centers, where the best kind of treatment and nurturing can be found. especially because there would be humans that love where they work and are inspired by everything that the city provides. it would be like no other. there could be some amazing progress we never thought we could achieve, here.
    i don't exactly know how it could exist of its own country… but i do know that its government would need to be modernly brand new, with many up-to-date adjustments.
    the ideas of this can influence and inspire the rest of the planet with the way that we work. certain toxic substances like plastic or oil are pushed to not be touched. the city would advocate for global renewable energy and new biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials as much as possible.
    we inevitably transform as one of the many alien species ๐Ÿ™‚

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