BEST Way To Find TOP Selling Products For Shopify 2018 (Aliexpress Dropshipping)

BEST Way To Find TOP Selling Products For Shopify 2018 (Aliexpress Dropshipping)

Whats up YouTube, my name is Omid this is a channel where
you learn bad a$$ internet marketing tips and and strategies okay so normally on this
channel what I talk about is affiliate marketing how to make money online with
it and essentially how to run paid advertising and free traffic and all
that kind of jazz you can browse my channel if you’re new
here go ahead and subscribe hit the bell icon because I will be uploading videos
consistently starting in about two to three weeks so it’s coming up but as you
can see I haven’t uploaded a video in a while this is actually my first video in
about two weeks which is is I think the longest I’ve gone without uploading
since like October of 2017 so definitely I’m gonna hop back on in making more
videos and I’m just more motivated to just keep making these videos and now I
kind of want to talk about a really cool subject and you can tell from the title
already it’s basically drop shipping and
essentially more so product research so in this video I’m not really gonna go
over how to set up like a store or anything like that there’s tons of
videos already on YouTube I can make a series about that if anyone wants just
leave a comment below let me know but in this video I’m gonna show you the most
important part of drop shipping which is the product research and in the
marketing end of things I have a few videos on my channel already on this but
this is a different approach because I always when it comes to marketing and
you know different strategies to either do affiliate marketing or do you know
ecommerce and all that kind of stuff I don’t always just have one specific
way of doing things I have multiple ways and I think if you want to be a better
overall all-around and I would say like a good marketer then you definitely want
to have a bunch of different you know marketing tricks in your arsenal and so
this is just another one of them I have a couple of them more like I said for
e-commerce so you can check out my channel there’ll be a little I card here
thing you can press it and it’ll give you a list of the videos that I’m
talking about that are related to e-commerce into this video and their
different strategies but this is just another one of those strategies that I
haven’t shown you so I’m gonna show it in this video but yeah and for those of
you if you don’t know what dropshipping is with e-commerce first of all
ecommerce is just selling things online drop shipping basically what we’re
talking about here is we’re taking products that are being
sold in China for like let’s say there’s like a coffee mug in China that’s being
sold for $2 and you can go ahead and create a store online and sell it for
let’s say $10 first it was as I say it was $2 yeah let’s say we found in China
for $2 and we put on our website and we sell it for $10 we run paid advertising
I’m gonna try to get people to our website to buy the mug for $10 and we
profit that $8 that and essentially what happens is when somebody buys from our
store the we don’t actually hold inventory all the inventory is held at
the wholesaler at their warehouse in China and we just give them our orders
or our customer orders information to them and they ship out the product to
our customers so we never have to deal with any inventory and I’m sure many of
you watch this video already knew that but that’s just for those that if they
didn’t know what drop shipping with your e-commerce and drop shipping with
Shopify is and this is kind of what it is but essentially product research so
anybody can make a store you’ll hear people and other Shopify you know
gurus and stuff on YouTube what they’ll talk about some you’ll see a mix of
people either saying start a niche store or start a like a abroad store so like
either go into something like survival or camping and sell like camping
hammocks and tents and knives and that’s a very saturated market so that’s gonna
be very competitive don’t do that but the other end is to just just have a
huge store that sells everything from computer Mouse’s to or mice whatever to
coffee mugs – I don’t know screwdrivers like you can have a store that just
sells a broad range of things and that way you can go ahead and constantly test
products and to see which products work and you can make a killing with because
a lot of times with a lot how you’re gonna make your money and e-commerce
specifically if you’re gonna go drop shipping with Shopify is you’re gonna
make a lot of money on product trends and that’s what this video is I’m gonna
show you how to find you know these winning products because there are
people that do this every day that make tons of money researching product trends
now here we’re gonna be a little smart or we can say we’re gonna be a little
lazy and we’re gonna go out and instead of us testing products we’re gonna
figure out what stores are testing which products so we’re gonna make go and make
this another store or another person a successful one has put all the work in
to be successful with this product we’re just gonna go see what they did and just
pretty much replicate it and so I’m gonna show you how to actually do that
how to see which products are making a killing already through drop shipping
with you know Shopify so you can go and you know sell those same products as
well and through your own marketing methods I’m gonna show you all of that
in this video so stay tuned keep watching I hope this video doesn’t
go long because I do ramble quite a bit if you haven’t been subscribed already
or you haven’t noticed I do ramble but it’s the only way I can get everything
out in the proper manner because this channel I do really like to express a
lot of my videos not just talk fluff and just talk theory of stuff I want to
actually show you guys you know real actionable things you could do a lot of
times this is like content that a lot of people would charge for and I do charge
for some of my content here and there if you want to know about that email me
emails in the description below but a lot of times I just give away the stuff
that I would charge normally for free a little freebies here and there so this
is just one of those videos but anyways this is a site I’ll leave in the
description of the video it’ll give you essentially it’s already pre whatever
made I’ll give you the link in the description you can check it out but
it’s essentially finding websites with the web website IP address this right
here which is Shopify’s website IP address so Shopify is a Canadian company
that’s what they’re all gonna say Canada here regardless of where the company is
Gym shark I know is in the UK still says Canada cause it’s just Shopify but so
that’s just I’m just sayin so you don’t get confused but basically what you’re
gonna see here is that you’re gonna see all the sites that are built on Shopify
so they’re using the website IP address so they’re all built on the Shopify
platform so that means you know all these sites by ranking so colourpop’s a
huge site fashion nova is a really big site Gym shark huge huge company you
know movement watches these are all companies that a lot of us already know
so these these aren’t drop shipping I mean maybe that some of them could be
drop shipping their stuff but they’re mainly brands but we want to go after is
more like seasoned Shopify drop shipping stores you know that just like just
drops for a living those are the stores you
want to go after so we have to look for a couple keywords so this comes with a
lot of just research in general with what you see it if you see a trend and
different dropshipping stores and how they structure their urls and whenever
what I’ve noticed a lot is that a lot of these stores that dropship products from
China have like the word deal or trends in their URLs so I’m just gonna go with
like deal okay so like if I do deal we could see a handful here so let’s just
see like this one so fire deal space let’s check this out
so I’m just gonna copy that open a new tab make this bigger fire deal space and
we could see that from the looks of it right off the bat because I have kind of
a trained eye for looking at drop shipping stores this is a drop shipping
store and it’s actually the one where it’s not a niche store it’s a broad
store which is what I recommend for people to just start off with with
beginners if you just want to learn how to sell individual products this is the
best way to just make a broad store so you can see they sell anywhere from
these masked which these have been blowing up all the way from dog collars
to salad maker so a bunch of random products but how do we know you know
first of all if these websites are any good so there’s a Chrome extension you
can get called similar web right here but as you can see what happens
sometimes is the website might be too new where there’s not enough traffic and
so this chrome extension won’t work so what I recommend is that you go to
similar web comm you log in get the free sign up for free it’s completely free
what am i doing what am i doing okay let it load and I’ll type it up here
fire deals space so we could see it’s it’s growing so it’s it’s one of its a
smaller site as you can see but it is definitely slowly on the rise we could
see that it’s using mainly desktop traffic so if we run ads maybe we want
to just target desktop traffic now this is just an example of one of one of the
stores we could check out another one let’s do like this way let’s see buy
shop deals sounds super generic might be in the generic drop shipping store let’s
see yeah this looks like a drop shipping store so track my order happy customers
perfect let’s see let’s go to shop yeah so this is like accessories so you can
see they sell everything from like this is all stuff that you’d find on
Aliexpress super cheap like this this beard trimming groom shaping tool I’m
sure this thing cost like 2 bucks but I’ll show you also how to provide the
products oops so let me show you if I go to like one of these sites there’s a lot
of stuff going on here I go to this site I could see with the similar web
extension that this site just shot up so it’s brand new drop shipping site or not
brand new since December but you can see that it shot up they’re probably making
a good amount of money because they are getting tons of traffic now if you
wanted to even dive deeper into it I would go to the similar web Pro
extension and you could see ton more visitors coming in flowin about 100,000 monthly visits on this site so pretty big site we could see the
demographics of the site so mainly male 25 34 so this is also if you can use
when you want to go in to advertise for your ads to know like
kind of adds to run so now when you find these these drop shipping stores that
are this is like the strategy is that you find drop shipping stores and you
see what good selling products they run and you go find those products and then
you also go and find how to you know advertising material for those products
so it’s the whole shebang in this video kind of I’m going to show you after you
find the store what do you do next okay so now I’m going to show you how to find
actually the best selling product on each site so what you do is you do a
slash and then you paste this I’ll also have this in the description of the
video you can find it but it basically does the collections and it sorts by
best selling so we could see the best selling products on this site just let
it load and we can see the number one best selling product here is anti
barking device so let’s just click on that mmm it’s the anti barking device so
this is something that could be easily drop shipped online see already five
reviews a lot of people have viewed this item 245 people purchase this item
already so this is a good selling item already on here we could see and this
site was getting a good steady increase in traffic is when we look at similar
web so now how do we go out and actually you know get this product from a China
supplier and how do we even advertise it so this right here is an anti barking
device so what we want to do is go to a site like Aliexpress and in Aliexpress
we can just look up anti barking ain’t a parking device boom then what we
can do is just sort it by orders because we want to show pride never versus like
12,000 orders on this as you can see excuse me let’s just click on this yeah
this is literally the exact same thing the literally the exact same images this
one exact same images taken from here so this product with e packet to the US
comes out to a total of about two dollars three dollars so let’s say we’ll
just do the black one and wide the case two it will say about five bucks shipped
to our customer and they’re selling it for $20 so that’s a fifteen dollar
profit margin on this right here when somebody buys this now how do we go out
and actually get people to our store once it’s made and we’ve imported this
product from Aliexpress well we Facebook guys so what we can do is go into an
incognito window straight up go to Google type in site Facebook just how
I’m writing it site cool on Facebook space and then in quotes I’ll put
something like anti barking end quote press Enter and boom there you go
found an ad right away anti barking this is huge 6.6 million views 2.2k likes
2k comments and if you’ve watched my Facebook ad let me make this bigger if
you’ve watched my Facebook ad strategy video which will also be routed up above
in the i you will know this strategy on what I just did and if you watch that
video you’ll see how I can take this same ad and extract how they’re
targeting so I can see what interests they’re targeting through my method it’s
in that video it’s my most popular video on this channel I go highly recommend
you check that out because that is gonna that’s the secret sauce on all this but
um let’s see proud pets good oh that’s really loud actually yeah
in my headphones no more stop barking so this is just a simple video all you
really do is right click show video URL take this URL copy it and type in
something like facebook video downloader or something like that and there’s
something here boom paste that download the video by – bing bada boom just like
that you could do that I’m not gonna download that but that’s how you can
just grab this video – if you wanted it and yeah this is all educational
purposes only not responsible for anything that you do but that’s just
kind of what you can do there now how do you know if people even clicked on this
or who the hell clicked on this thing it’s a Google short link so we can do is
copy it paste it but before you press enter put a plus at the end hit enter
and boom holy mother 3.3 million 3.3 million clicks that’s
actually crazy it’s half the people that clicked on
this they’re half the people that saw this click on it that is absolutely
insane most of it was on Chrome or on Android 2.6 million came from Android so
you can tell they were probably targeting Android phones or something
and the regions they target a lot of Australia came a lot of US Canada Mexico
South Africa the UK so all of this I just revealed so much information in
this video for free but that’s it I know there was really no structure to it
I know there was really no structure to this video but I just showed you product
research hi oh you I just show you how you can really go out and how easy it
really actually is if you kind of think smart about things and you can go out
and find a winning website you can find a winning product you can figure out
exactly how to target how to find and source products through
China through out Express and if you want to know how to set up your Shopify
store let me know I’ll make a whole series on that and I will I can do a
whole series where I’ll walk through make a whole store and then actually
start running paid advertising and start making sales
and try to make a store that maybe makes $100 a day
to $1,000 a day that’s what I want to do I’m probably gonna make a store that
goes to $1,000 a day and then show you guys how I did it so let me know if you
want to see that smash that like button let’s get this video to 100 likes and I
will start you know doing that series once this way to get 100 likes
so go ahead smash that like button and share it with your friends and let’s get
that those likes up because it really helps grow the channel and that really
encourages me to just keep helping you guys and keep making awesome videos like
this and high content hi rich value content cuz you know education needs to
be cheap for people I don’t like how gurus charge a thousand dollars for a
course and teach wanted to be accessible for everyone
much love guys thanks for all the support hope this you found this video
well and you learn something let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you
and that’s it guys much love, peace

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