Best WordPress Themes for Blogs & Small Businesses in 2020 😍

I think that the best WordPress themes should
come with a well-designed collection of pre-built websites that you can easily import and customize
to create a blog as well as full websites for e-commerce, affiliate marketing, small
businesses, photography portfolio and so on. Hey WordPress enthusiasts, and welcome to
another episode here on Themeisle: WordPress Tutorials & Reviews. My name is Robert, and in this video, I will
show some full website demos and outstanding features you can find in the most popular
WordPress themes out there. I’ll be listing all of these themes in the
description box so you can check them out whenever you want. Let’s check out Neve, first. Well, this is a speedy WordPress theme that
looks simple, out of the box after installing it. As you can see, there is nothing but the Hello
post on the homepage when using it on a fresh installation of WordPress. One of the best things about Neve is that
I don’t need an additional plugin to import a demo. Simply navigate to Appearance, Neve Options,
and go to the Sites Library. On the next screen, you will find these ready
to use pre-built websites that you can preview, install, and edit with Elementor, for example. Let me show you the Restaurant demo, which
shows up this beautiful image in the background of the first section with a title, subtitle,
and a button. Scrolling down, we can see the location on
the map as well as the address of the restaurant. Today’s Menu, some pictures with the food
and the website visitors can read what other customers think about your service. You can easily edit everything with Elementor
and make the website look as unique as you are. Here is a photo gallery where you can insert
pictures from your restaurant. Then you can use these social icons and the
links in the footer area to inform people about your business and communicate with them. You also get pre-built websites for Charity,
Vet Center, Doctors, Architecture, Fitness, Wedding, Photography, Tattoo, Portfolio, and
so on. Besides the content on these pages, you can
access a bunch of useful settings in the customizer of the theme, and you can see how it works
step by step in the video recommended above. For unique options and features, try the Neve
Pro plugin, which is really easy to install and activate, and it will boost your header
with sticky, show on scroll and transparent menus, as well as your entire blogging experience. Your Elementor content creation process will
improve too. If you want something simple and ready to
use out of the box, get Hestia, and edit its content on the front page through the customizer. It’s effortless and intuitive. But, you can also import a unique demo as
well as its original design. If you like simple but powerful things, make
sure you check out the pro version and take your content creation to the next level with
Pricing Plans section, Slider, and Video in the background of your Big Title section,
full Elementor and Divi Builder compatibility and much more. Let me install Astra and check out its homepage. Clean and straightforward, which means that
this is a fast WordPress theme too. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you
need to install a plugin called Astra Starter Sites. Then you should navigate to Appearance, Astra
Starter Sites, and select your preferred Page Builder. Let’s see the demos of Elementor. As a free user, you can only get pre-built
content for these demos and start building websites for a Nutritionist, Dentist, Organic
Store, Pet Services, and so on. They are quite well designed, and if you want
to change things like header and footer settings or other global settings of your theme, you
need to go to the customizer. OceanWP is also a simple and fast WordPress
theme. For ready to import demo content featured
on their website, you need to install the Ocean Extra plugin and click on Install Demos
under the Theme Panel menu. My favorite demo is the Coach design, which
I can easily import like so. All themes in this video are beginner-friendly,
and you don’t need design or coding skills to transform them into a unique website or
personal blog. You are free to use the official WordPress
theme, which is Twenty Twenty starting with WordPress 5.3, and just write your thoughts
on your blog. But for more features and control over your
content, you should definitely try one of the themes mentioned in this video. Feel free to share your favorite theme in
the comments section below. Let’s start a discussion and tell me what
themes I should mention in future videos? Keep up the excellent work, and see you in
the next one. Cheers.

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