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  1. Jews always think they are the best and most important. Nobody gives a shit. If you didn't have American backing the Arabs would roll over you. just sayin

  2. people who were kicked all around the world.and now got there world back,and fight for it?how can that be bad…

  3. Jesus never existed and ALL religions are in the business of exploiting the ignorant because they are liars. Religion is portrayed as a good thing but the underlining agenda is a mask of evil and falsification of the truth, by which religions use an imaginary god to command, suppress and exploit the ignorant. Religions spiritually enslave people through worship of an imaginary god used as a tool to command, suppress and exploit along with damaging ones consciousness, which is the ultimate evil.

  4. You've got to love it how people get trapped into a one-sided way of thinking without seeing the other side 🙂

    The religions of today and the past gave shape to our great cultures, our present morals and way of living even. Whether God exists is a long debate, but many who believe in him are inspired to do great things. For many people in our world it brings hope and joy in their lives.

    Religous or not, it impacted your life in many ways. Not bad for "ultimate evil" isn't it 🙂

  5. Religion is only a primitive machination by Man to command, suppress and exploit others, to which only life forms that are weak in their consciousness succumb.
    When Man indulges in his religions, i.e. malevolent, erroneous doctrines, his consciousness wastes away more and more and ultimately leads to a bottomless abyss.

  6. Earth is the only planet within the Milky Way galaxy that has religions of our form. Our religions control people’s lives and the welfare of the whole planet retarding our world by thousands of years in spiritual development.
    Every aspect of spiritual evolution is blocked by these religions, making any genuine progress impossible.
    Our religions still contain some real worth, but this becomes so overshadowed that only a few people are able to see any effective truth in them.

  7. Religion as the Earth human knows and pursues it, in the form of the adoration of a god, adoration of saints, and as faith in a god, is a horror to the Pleiadians. They consider this form of religion a blind faith based on cult activities, false teachings, lies, and other falsehoods. It is faith that can never be proven as true, and one which contradicts all the truthful and logical foundations of the Creative laws and commandments, and also defies intelligence.

  8. Religion embodies a deprivation of the spiritual freedom of the human being. Religion is also a brutal, criminal and exploitative enslavement of the human consciousness, reaching from total dependence, serfdom, and a lack of willpower all the way to uncontrolled fanaticism, mental illness, demonic obsession and utter idiocy.

  9. Western Europe functions quite well without being very religious, but still our values sprout from the Catholic faith even our justice is influenced by it 🙂

    I'm not a religious person myself yet I wouldn't call others mentally ill or idiotic as you describe them. If my grandmother wants to believe that Jezus is her saviour, that lighting a candle gives hope and that she one day can be reunited with my grandfather… why would that be uncontrolled fanaticism 🙂

    You fail to see the other side.

  10. Even the Devil cannot fake or hide that he is not
    a Christian. The Devil will always lead you to HELL.

    Most all on Earth, know that there is but one GOD.
    The Prophets of Our Lord and GOD would not tell others to
    hurt or harm others or to sin. But the wicked will.

    So how can so many be blind to think a Christian, a Prophet
    or anyone that wants to go to Heaven would tell others to do harm to one or
    anyone. Or to sin or to keep THREATENING OTHERS Making many live in Terror.

  11. Wolf In Sheep Skin.
    The LORD's Word in the Bible tells all to beware of many
    that will be False Prophets.

    Read the Bible
    do good and Help others
    and Listen to are Lord not Wolfs in sheep skin. Or the
    If someone really cares for them, give them a Bible with red letter print. That is a red letter edition words that were spoken by are Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With a Pray for them the LOST maybe they will be saved, and not go to hell.

  12. I guess they are right to some extent

    All the prophets of Israel cursed the Jews so as did God each time

    And then god sent them to exile for what they did

    Guess what! Apparently they are doing the exact thing and the bible said it will punish them gain in the return of Jesus that they tried to kill.

  13. "So we built the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half: for the people had a mind to work" NEH 5:8 God's chosen people are victorious!

  14. There are Jews living in Iran. Iran does not want to kill Jews.

    Watch these videos:




  15. Jewish zealots invented terrorism (Sicarrii)
    Fact is Israel was founded on terrorism by terrorists, haganah, Irgun, stern gang, murder inc.. etc etc. Demonize Arafat for using the same Irgun tactic as they used themselves SUCESSFULLY.
    So, how can an Israeli not expect the same results.

  16. /watch?v=eP2ivF9fXIU
    it seems my truth and yours are slightly different. cant beleive everything you see/hear in the media

  17. Iran doesn't want to kill everyone. Iran hasn't gone to war with any country for a very long time. There should be no invasion of Iran. We cannot wage a war on Islam.

  18. Ariel is totally out of it. He is not suffering.

    But YOU have been driven insane with your hatred; I hear you choking on it. It echoes through hyperspace.

  19. PS I see you "claim" to be Canadian. LOL, must drive you even MORE insane to know that our country is 100% in support of Israel. In fact the leftist arselicks like you wanted to oust Harper, and called a non confidence election. LOL, LOL, it backfired dismally on you [email protected]; Canadians RE-ELECTED Harper's government, and with a HUGE majority 🙂 That provides an indication of how most Canadians feel about Israel, because we are all acutely aware of his stand on Israel.

  20. you think I'm liberal?…pfft. I was against liberals my whole life. Then Harpr stole Israel from carolyn Bennet and st pauls.
    Has Harper sent any money to help? or just cheap talk…lol. You dont know much do you. Stop dancing with chickens and read some mark steyn.

  21. Actually, Israel is hardly in a position to need aid from Canada or in fact anyone else. There is an exchange of funding and expertise between ALL western allies. Look at the Dolphins that Germany gave to Israel for a song. Germany gets expertise back from Israel. It's all give & take.

    Only 3rd world shit holes get aid & trust me, Israel gives plenty of that and is most often the 1rst responder when disasters strike ie Japan, Haiti, Kenya just a few examples of Israel helping others in need.

  22. "mark steyn"

    … is a huge supporter of Israel you moron. He is anti muslim, anti arab and anti anyone that is not pro Israel and IDF 🙂

    I DO read Mark Steyn.

    Carolyn Bennet

  23. AIPAC lol.. 5 billion a year from the USA. but Poof ! they are broke now… too bad for Israel.
    Go Madoff your evil ideas somewherre else! 😉

  24. @thelandofisrael You are a deluded moron. Trying to push some fairytale book you scum made up as "news" and reality. You should go to a doctor and tell them you are talking to an invisible person called god. They will have some medication for mass murdering nutters like you. Oh and your fairytale book says you are about to be wiped off the map forever. Thats what happens to terrorists. No tears, just a party.

  25. Bad Example, Mexican-American Border is the start of a huge corruption in the United States @leo snowfall you are correct

  26. 4:09 coming of messiah? Why don't you believe in the messiah jesus? Eliminate the world? Yeah right you want to conquer the world for yourself, who are you fooling?

  27. Another propaganda movie, this time using history?? ok gotta make sure the next video i select is not by the same bias youtube user
    let me see….

    ffs FUCK OFF!!

  28. Aquellos q maldigan a Ysrael seran malditos y quienes lo bendigan seran bendecidos, palabra de Yhwh dada a Abraham en la Torah.

  29. I went through the list of videos you liked and watched and it shows you are a nazi or Hungarian nazi sympathizer, so anything you state has no value in this Country.

  30. You seriously think God would support a nation that Recognizes Gay marriage, allows people of other faiths to live, and isn't even a theocracy?, yeah, okay pal.

  31. Israel… Please know that all true followers of the Messiah Yeshua love and support you. Those "Christians" who do not ate NOT true followers, but deceived…posers… following false doctrine because it is convenient or serves their own twisted hatred.

  32. just because a few Zionists grabbed back the land God kicked them out of in 70ad, for refusing to acknolwledge their Messiah, and have the chutzpah to call themselves Israel before the whole world, doesn't make them the Israel of Scripture once again. Revelation 2:9, 3:9

  33. And God will probably scatter them once more and lay their land waste, because they refuse Messiah Jesus. And what is the point of simply building a bigger ghetto, this time right in the middle of the Islamic world?

  34. Ok…you are obviously clueless… Speak against all Jews because of the actions of SOME of the leaders 2000 years ago. In case you missed it, Jesus… and the entire early church… were all Jews.

  35. Read the Bible. God "sacrificed" his son for the sins of many. It was all preplanned. The Jews don't have the Holy Spirit in them, as yet.

  36. Bible prophecy is about to be fulfilled by Israel. Preemptive attack will cause international revulsion. The dominos are stacked. Ultimately Gods chosen land WILL be the launchpad for the return and intervention of the Messiah. The Love of Jesus is about to be revealed!

  37. Did King David have the Holy Spirit in him? To be Mashiach, the Spirit of the Almighty has to abide in you. Be careful what you say, Jesus said "salvation is of the Jews" Jesus was a Jew, with the Spirit of YHVH upon him to the fullest extent. This is what Mashiach means, Anointed by YHVH for a specific task — the agent of Ha-Shem. Isa 11:1, Deut 18:15. In case you are unaware, Israel is G-ds son as well, they themselves are living sacrifices and often have died with the Sh'ma on their lips!

  38. And "god" said unto Mozes: "Mozes, do as I say and I shall give you a kingdom and a people, I shall make you rich and powerful." I think this dear Mozes fella may have sold his soul to the devil…

  39. If the Iranians or Hussein Obama want to mess with Israel they should know that they are messing with G-d and the result won't be good for them!

  40. If u guys read Quran u will come to know the prophesy is about the distraction of jews empire from all over the world and that will complete one day.

  41. The liberal progressives who hate Israel are not only messing with Israel, they're messing with ME and millions of others like me. They'd best change their tune. There's something big going to be happening soon.

  42. Excellent! Todah rabah for posting. Am Yisrael Chai! Watch what our Elohim will do to all our enemies!!! Read the BOOK, THE BIBLE!!!

  43. Isak Kaduri revealed to Israel who the Meshiach is… Yeshua. He will return again to save Israel after much tribulation. Only when they see Him returning to the Mt. ;of Olives will they mourn for Him as for their only SON.
    God allowed Israel to be conquered many times because they did not heed His prophets warnings about returning to Him. Most in Israel still do the same things as was recorded in the scriptures. They have not loved Him with their whole heart and repented of their sins. They have been blinded in part until the 'times of the Gentiles be fulfilled'. The scriptures tell us that God himself will be seen above them when he comes to save them from all their enemies. That time is very soon. Every judgement in the Bible tells us who will be judged and go into the pit. Every nation listed is now a muslim nation. Hamon was hanged on his own gallows… this time their tongues and eyes will melt while standing on their feet. God has still chosen Israel… His people and will Tabernacle with men on His Holy Mountain… Zion.

  44. The end of Israel's enemies is destruction. if they make peace with God's people now and they'll be blessed.

  45. The most terrifying thing in the world is that… God is good, you may think to yourself that is not terrifying at all, well the thing is we are not good, we are evil sinners,our hearts are filled with darkness, we have broken the 10 commandments which is God's law by lying,stealing etc..so what does a good, Holy and Just God do with evil sinners like us? well He must punish us, just as a judge must punish a criminal, the judge must give him justice because the criminal has broken societies law like we have broken God's law, so the just punishment is death then hell, but 2,000 years ago God the Son came to earth as a man in Jesus Christ to die on the cross in our place and on the third day He rose from the dead, it is like this we broke God's law Jesus paid our fine because He loves us,so repent of your sin and believe in Jesus today for your eternal salvation.

  46. One major thing that is missing from this video is that everytime Isreal was conquered by their enemies was when they abandoned God and worshipped the gods of the canaanites etc. God used those nations to oppress Israel so they would return to him and repent of their idolatry.  Today Israel is doing the same thing.  The last place I would expect to see a gay pride march is in Israel but they have them every year in tel-aviv. I like these videos by this channel but they do not tell the full story ie the apostasy of Israel, then and now.

  47. IGNORING the people's sinfulness, this undertaking skips the reasons the creator caused the distresses of Israel. NOT until Jerusalem acknowledges it's sins and cries for the Messiah will Jesus Christ appear, bearing the scars of his crucifixion. Hurry, Lord Jesus!

  48. i love  Isreal,but without the Prince of peace there will be no peace. there will come a time when  Isreal will accept in a national way that Jesus is the Messia, and only then will they get the peace they hope for, peace has a name and that name is Jesus

  49. What if everyone just wanted peace and stopped fighting- Abolished borders, found a better way… Would you be cool with that? Or… does there need to be hate and blood. Just asking. Im sure someone will say it is IMPOSSIBLE!… but.. then what are you fighting for if it isn't peace? You are just fighting. Stop fighting. 

  50. Israel is an evil country with no history. It is just a matter of time that it will be wiped out of the map. the zionist are a bunch of thieves who stole the land from the palestinians with the help of the UK and the US. 

  51. Purify israel please no gay and adulterers, my god yahweh I pray to your mighty name that please remove all the gy and adulterers from the holly land

  52. This is so wrong in so many levels, where should I start? it's typical how a politician in this video would use the bible, twist it's meaning for his own political agendas, after all those who founded the state of Israel did the same, if you want to hear the truth read on.
    Theodore Herzel was a high degree free mason who founded the zionist movement together with his other free mason buddies, they also used the "זכות לשיבה" "zchut leshiba" (the right to return) reasoning to fulfill their agenda of conquering the land of Israel from the Arabs which they did illegally.
    The right to return come from the 11th chapter of Isaiah which tells how God will return his people the second time to his land, but if we carefully read the entire chapter from verse one we see a very different picture of how will those days look like, there will be global peace and all men will live peacefully with animals which is definitely not today and THEN God will return his people, who are his people? not the Jews but all those who have faith in him and his messiah, this prophecy will be fulfilled some where after the thousand year reign of messiah because peace will only come then, this is synonymous with Ezekiel chapter 38-39 where it also tells us that Israel will be at peace and there would be no walls, but people think Ezekiel is a prophecy of our days which is not, it is also a prophecy for the end of the thousand year age when the world will gather for the last battle against Jerusalem AKA the war of Armageddon. 
    People are duped into thinking that Israel state today has any prophetic significance which it absolutely does not, Israel today is a base of operations in the middle east for the same free masons that are in Washington, Israel has committed countless false flag attacks against it's Arab countries to trigger wars and conquer lands(read the "Generals son" to find out the truth of what happened in Israel's wars) Israel even committed many false flags against the US such as the USS liberty when Israel knowingly attacked an American war ship masked as an Egyptian plane to cause the US to nuke Egypt, the US were on their way to nuke Egypt! this is one of many cases of false flags. another example just recently is the latest Gaza operation "operation protective edge" which is nothing more than another mossad operation, you see, every once in a while the Israeli government needs to take care of business in Gaza and take out targets because they don't like what is happening there so they need an excuse, so the mossad kidnaps children which is followed by a government propaganda that makes sure every body knows that hamas are the ones who kidnapped them and the cycle begins again. hamas was created by the mossad just like ISIS and other terror organizations, there is also the king David hotel bombing which killed 49 people, by the hagana in the 30's the Hagana is known today as the IDF  etc etc..

    So the point is the Israeli government has always been a terror organization by itself, its disguised very well of course but a terror organization just like most governments are in the world. it is by no means any fulfillment of any prophecy.
    The real Jews died around 135AD after the Romans had enough of Bar kokhva and his revolts they finally destroyed everything and killed every last Jew in Jerusalem, those who survived fled to Africa and Arab countries and are the only one who might have the genetic lineage connection to the 12 tribes of Israel, most Israelis DO NOT, most Israelis today are ashkenazi who are from Europe descendants of the Khazars who adopted the Jewish faith from paganism around 630AD, they also adopted the pagan hexagram which has its roots in the Arab countries and is used in cults and witchcraft and unsurprisingly found its way on the flag of Israel, look up the video "HEXAGRAM – The Truth Behind the "Star of David"

    I basically write this for those who care about the spiritual side of things, for those who just like to be called a Jew and enjoy all that luxuries that come with it this post will mean nothing to you.
    Biblicaly speaking the true biblical Jewish people not only do not exist today but there is no need for them, the reason God raised up Israelite people was to show an example of what it would take for a people/nation to become holy. so in order to do that God gave Moses 613 laws to keep and follow which of course the Israelites failed miserably at keeping because they were never meant to be holy and God knew that but an example was had to be made to show the world that a nation cannot keep all of his laws and be perfect, that is why a messiah was needed to give salvation individually for each person,
    and that is what Joshua(Jesus) the messiah did, he took the place of the animal sacrifices and became ransom for all, he also taught about how to keep God's commandments and which commandments from the 10 are the most important ones, keep in mind that before messiah there were individuals who were considered holy because they kept God's commandments, Abraham, Enoch, Moses, etc..

    So you see after knowing all this and watching this video is just absurd, Sadam Hussein is the incarnation of a Babylonian king?! even suggesting something like that shows either vast amount of biblical ignorance or clever deception, Sadam never even built a nuclear bomb, these lies are made up to overthrow his government because of OIL, just like it is with Iran today they are not developing a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel and Israeli government knows that, it's a clever propaganda.
    the prophecies of Daniel were fulfilled long time ago, including the one in Daniel 9 about the messiah, actually the prophecy in Daniel 9 about the messiah was so accurate God must blind your eyes to it's meaning in order not to see it's accuracy, it explains exactly when messiah well come(how many years from the time of Daniels prophecy) and what he will do and what will happen to the second temple(be destroyed)
    There is a good reason why the third temple has not been rebuilt for 2000 years, there is no need for it, but there will be a third temple during the millennial reign after the messiah comes back to rule the world.

  53. G-d said that He would break the bow of Elam.  Most of the nuclear facilities now days are in the area of Elam – Iran.

  54. The Messiah already came, and fulfilled all the prophecies from the Old Testament. His name is Jesus, and we're waiting for His second coming.

  55. Yes,Seth thats true zacharia 14; 4 He wil return for the Jewish people on the Olive Mount. like Josef ,met his brothers, reconice. love, eath other and a crying. what a meething beautiful !

  56. So is this all you Israel lovers want to do? /Blow up nations and call for Americans to fight your battles for you? What was your welfare queen PM asking us for? 40 billion in aid???

  57. Sorry, but I don't want to read national socialist propaganda against Jews and Pallyood Lies.
    One thing is interesting, when I say something against Islam, the communists call me "Nazi" and now I experience, how real "Nazis" justify Israel's islamization…

  58. The call of the prophets was not to return to Israel as you say but to return to Yehovah! To return to His Torah. Not the traditions of men, but the Torah of the Father.

  59. Of course they are! People really miss out when they don't STUDY the Bible! BUT…while there will one day be peace, it will be temporary. Israel WILL be invaded by all those nations: Iran, Russia, Turkey, all muslim nations. THAT is when the FINAL battle will be raised, and G-d Himself will destroy them all. Israel refused to recognize the Messiah when He came, but they will. And He will return. WE ARE TO HAVE NO JOINING WITH THE G-DLESS NATIONS! We aren't to be "unevenly yoke"! His people are NOT to be at one with them, ESPECIALLY in religion!! "G-d is a "jealous G-d", and He has that right, as a husband with his bride! This video has mixed twisted and misapplied scripture!

  60. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Psalm 122:6 tells us. We pray that the Jews will be united under one King. May the Lord Jesus come and may those Jewish people become one in Jesus just like we believers are supposed to be one today.

    Father in Heaven, You who watch over Jerusalem will not let her stumble; the One who watches over Jerusalem will not slumber. Indeed, You who watch over Israel never slumbers or sleeps (Psalm 121:3-4). Israel is tremendously precious to You. The earth is your footstool and Jerusalem is the great city of the great King (Matthew 5:35). I pray Father, You will preserve the lives of Your people in Israel and those who love Israel. You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are fixed on You! Jerusalem, city of our God. Peace be to you Jerusalem. Shalom, shalom Jerusalem, peace be to you. When the Messiah comes to take His throne, may His grace be found in you Jerusalem. May the Messiah keep you safe. We look to the day when Jerusalem will turn to worship Yeshua, Maker of Heaven and Earth, when He returns and makes all things new. There shall be no rest until the Lord Jesus returns. Lord Jesus, take up Your Holy Throne and rule over all the earth! Come quickly Lord Jesus! I pray this in Jesus' precious and holy Name. Amen & Amen.

    Psalm 122:6 New American Standard Bible (NASB) ~
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
    “May they prosper who love you."

  61. I stand with Israel. But the Jews rejected their Messiah Jesus The Christ, even to this day. Israel will accept another, Antichrist, they will sign a treaty with the devil & God's anger for their rejection of Him & acceptance of an imposter will bring His anger once again upon Israel. Yes the Jewish peoples pattern of history continues.

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