Blueprint Multiplayer: Host Menu Design | 06 | v4.11 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

Blueprint Multiplayer: Host Menu Design | 06 | v4.11 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

♪♪♪ Wes Bunn: All right everyone, we are back. In the previous video, we were working on our Main Menu. We have our front end up and running. Actually, I don’t like playing in Selected Viewport. Open a New Editor Window. We have our Main Menu up here. We can highlight things. We can’t actually do anything just yet except quit. Up next we are going to start working on the Host Menu. This is what happens after the player selects Host Game from the Main Menu. Go to Content“. Select the Text for Decrease Players and type “

14 thoughts on “Blueprint Multiplayer: Host Menu Design | 06 | v4.11 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine”

  1. rip my ears

    This is a great tutorial series so far, but please show mercy to the headphones users next time. Just drop some normalization and a limiter

  2. first of all thanks for the great videos!!! im having a little problem: if i hit the "host game" button my host menu wont open up. im not sure what i did wrong. if im looking at my graph for my host menu the icons infront of my button variables are rectangle and not cirles like yours in the video. is this my problem? if i remove the: "remove from parent" function at the graph and connect the "On Clicked(HostButton) directly to the "ShowHostMenu" the hostmenu shows up but the Main Menu still shows up in the background.


    I just found this. So is the video fixed now or it's still not showing best practices and unsafe?

  4. Quick note: if you're not watching closely, you may miss the precise settings used to get the spacer to work properly. You need to select the Horizontal Box that contains the spacer and buttons, and set that to Horizontally Align Fill before the spacer will work.

  5. Live debugging is the best debugging! I wish more of the new stuff demonstrated some of that live debugging or at least showed the other things where things could go wrong. Sometimes you just click something different, and having it in your videos/documentation saves a lengthy 2 month wait from the UE4 forums!

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