33 thoughts on “Blueprints for Awakening Trailer-Interviews about Ramana Maharshi’s Teachings”

  1. The truth is inside. Whatever you feel is inside, whatever you taste is inside, whatever you create is inside, whatever you sense is inside. Thank you for posting this video!!

  2. I need a job. Very soon I won't have money to feed my family. Is that inside me?

    I consider myself a follower of Bhagavan. He is my ideal, most perfect divine being I've come across. He's the one I pray to. But this world is unbearable. I can not still my mind because I have so many worries. Why would anyone want to live in this world?

  3. A real seeker like you only can have such wonderful company with Great masters. Even though we live in India we did not have such chances because we do not seek but surrender.

  4. I drank two full glasses of whine(indian whine) at 12am and now its 2am and the kick is gone! Now i want enlightenment! What a bastard i am..? God knows what i will want at 3am!! So I am going to sleep!

  5. The old man at 5:30 says that the skin should be thrown away and the inside should be eaten. But for fruits or vegetables the skin has the highest nutrition. The outer is good for the body.

  6. The one who is seeking enlightenment needs to disappear for the one that is already enlightened to appear 😉 That is you not the seeker 😉

  7. Interesting – ego just hangs in there whether we are in Ashram or Wall Street. Eckhart Tolle said something like, " we are not objects in space but really the space in which objects (or thoughts) happen." I hope one day the ego will just let go its grip and allow me to be the space. Seems most of us need many years of daily spiritual practice and then also a sudden release for it be a permanent state.

  8. The best video i have seen the last years. how i can buy it ? I go to the site, but i can find only the European masters?

  9. I cant tell you how happy i was inside to see the smiles , the pure bliss of the masters, made me smile inside and out just to see their pure happiness just to be alive.

  10. I believe getting rid of ego is dangerous. Ego is there for a purpose. Being enlightened is just a way of looking at life in a different way. Paradise and bliss in the afterlife are extension of our ego and earthly desires.

  11. yes we are many … and we are ALL ALONE EVERY SINGLE ONE of us !!! never forget this simple truth

  12. Nice video. Ramana Maharshi is very beautiful. ??
    I have also been really loving lots of Master Sri Avinash recently. #SriAvinashDo
    I find Sri Avinash's peace videos have helped me to become way more peaceful & more caring towards others.

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