Business Blueprint Success Story   Russell Johansen

Business Blueprint Success Story Russell Johansen

Russell Johansson is my name and I run a company called My Paper Cups what we do is we help large corporates marketing whoever would like to be able to brand their product onto a coffee cup then we help them after that when My Paper Cups started I was doing everything I was handling the sales I was handling the operations I was liaison without production manager I was client management and then organising deliveries I recognised very quickly it was never going to grow while I was the person who’s doing everything we really recognise that our skillset wasn’t where it needed to be in order for these businesses to go where we wanted to put
them and needed them to go to so we were looking for a mentor I’m looking for someone who could really build coaches and guide us as to what are the steps that we need to take we needed them able to say this is what you need to be able to do Here’s the resources here’s the tools for you to be able to put that in place you’d be able to enact that and that’s what really appealed to us with Business Blueprint the systems that they had we want it then we could see anyone who had the experience in building those sort of systems you can and could share that with it and communicate that effectively with us or somebody that you want to be involved with so we’ve now got someone who looks after our entire operation side once we got it all down as well all systems outlined in two weeks she was running our show and it’s fantastic! it was just because what that meant is that it freed up my time to be able to actually focus on building the business as opposed to working in the business month on month we’ve had great growth in both revenue and profit which has been
fantastic but more importantly for me what they’ve been able to do is be able
to transform a business that was just taking over my life and the amount of
hours and work that I had to do and be able to implement the systems that
they’ve been able to guide us and coach us on into something that we now have a
business that we operate and we manage as opposed to it managing our lives
now a lot of it runs without me being involved I love that and that that’s
been a really important part for us just to be able to have someone who has done
that already and being able to show you what you need to put in place in order
to be able to do that that’s that’s invaluable where we are now 12 months
from where we were is it’s phenomenal that the change that is happening in the
business is the change that it has been able to impart on our personal
lives and what we were able to do now that’s been fantastic just been having
access to someone who is that smart and that generous with their time to be able
to bounce ideas off them to be able to get their feedback on things that’s
thing that excellent for us as well

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