Cara Membuat Desain Logo Menggunakan PicsArt

Hey guys .. To make a logo image as you see it is very easy you only need to use the PicsArt apps as the editor and before proceeding to the tutorial first, make sure for those of you who haven’t subscribed to this channel, please subscribe first … Okay now open the PicsArt apps then select the icon (+) below to start editing next on the drawing menu you select “Pick Canvas” next for the base, you choose white then it measures 1920 x 1080 then select check Okay next on the Tool below you select “Add objects” then select “Photo” and then enter the photo that will be used as a logo, Then for the size you set your wishes Then select check the next step, now you click the arrow icon in the upper left then select “Edit image” and now you continue to the next editor on the tool or tool that is on the right side now select “Effects” then select “Colors” Then for the color choose the black and white then click once again and set for the “Amount” position to adjust to the image Okay like this I position it at 41 then select check next to the tool below you Scroll and the choice for the tool is draw then now choose the tool, canvas opasitas 100 Then to make it Hardness 100%, then select set the next step for your color to change to white then select check now delete parts that are not needed the part that is not needed is the part that is on the left and right side of the body if it is then select check Next click the icon in the upper right corner then select “add layer” then select the “Empty layer” now on this new screen you created a circle image select the “Add shape” icon Then for the tool make a circle like this and the settings you set to 18, and the capacity of 100 then select oke now you make for the circle around the part that will be used here the part that I will use is the head and also a little body Okay if you then click on the icon in the upper right corner, then for the screen selected is the Layer that has people Then the tool is still the same as we chose the canvas Then for size 73 and opacity 100 Then for the Hardness you make it to 100 Okay then choose set For the color you change from black to white now you delete the part from outside the circle the way is very easy, just rub it until it touches the part of the circle because here does not require skill, the problem for this circle will not be erased Okay it’s done, then select check the next step you make the writing or brand on the tool on the right, you select text then enter the text that you will create then select done, and select tick Then for the position you set as you like and for the tool in the middle, select “Stroke” then for the thickness you set until this image looks really clear try to measure the same as the line, so it looks better now choose for the font, Okay here it is for the font it looks pretty good Then for the size and position you reset. and for the stroke you set it so that it is not too big then if it’s finished select check The last step, now enter the water splash image Select add photo then enter for a water splash image if you want to find a water splash, you can search on Google You can search Google for “Splash watercolor” Okay now back to editing then select add then in the tool on the right you select “Blend”, then select “screen” for the size you set so as to cover the writing or logo that has been made You set the size or placement of the color so that it’s really right then select check next time we stay Okay and save it to the gallery Okay friends, maybe just for the tutorial on this occasion I hope it can be useful and thank you I say to all of you who have watched don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment, and share this video on social media thanks you…

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