Chakra Vimana – Ancient blueprint of UFO found in India?

Chakra Vimana – Ancient blueprint of UFO found in India?

Hey guys, today I am exploring a hill called
Tirumalai, and this is a very ancient site, the structures you are seeing are about a
thousand years old. I will cover these temples in a different
video, but the real reason why I am here is because I got an email about a strange diagram
which exists in one of these caves. The builders have constructed brick structures
around natural caves, this is why we see a combination of natural and artificial structures
here. Why are the ceilings so low? because these
are natural overhanging rocks and these chambers were used as a secret location for gatherings
and events. And here you can see the strange diagram,
the blueprint that I wanted to see. Let’s be honest, your immediate impression
is that it resembles a technical diagram. Why do you feel this way? Because in ancient art, you would expect human
or divine figures, flowers or cute designs, but it does not have any of them. If you look at it from different angles, it
is clear that it is not a 2 dimensional structure. It must be a 3 dimensional structure, the
diagram in fact shows the top view of an advanced machine. Look at this figure, this a 4 blade rotor
or a fan, this is exactly how a rotor would look from the top. There is not one, but four of them positioned
in the same line. And look, they are all connected using the
same cable line, this is incredible. But what is more interesting, is the name
of this drawing itself: Locals call it Chakra Vimana, which literally means a flying saucer. The word Chakra means a rotating wheel and
the word Vimana means a flying machine. Is this the top view of an actual UFO, a flying
saucer? Look carefully, there are small circles in
the middle, and there are wires which appear to connect them on all four sides, but they
do not touch the circle, the wires are merely placed close to the circles. Such details on this diagram cannot be explained
by anything else, this is definitely a sophisticated machine we are looking at. See how there are arcs, placed in certain
points, today we call them crescent magnets and use them in various motors. Look at the color coding, just like a modern
technical drawing, the inner circle is blue, the middle circle is black, and the outer
circle has bands of brown and black. Upon careful observation, we can see that
colors used in all the details have been done following strict rules. Is it possible that this diagram shows the
blueprint of a UFO? Is it why this is called Chakra Vimana? To understand this, we need to look at the
history of this ancient site. There are several temples in this hill, but
surprisingly, they do not belong to Hinduism, they belong a religion known as Jainism. Jainism is one of the oldest religions of
India and contains many secrets about Vimanas, or flying machines. Let us go into the main chamber of this temple
to understand more about this. The central figure here is called Mahavira,
he looks eerily peaceful, he is one of the most important Gods in Jainism. But his origin is shrouded in mystery. According to ancient texts, he emerged from
a spacecraft called Puspa-Uttara. In fact, every statue you see here came out
of Vimanas, according to ancient Jain texts. They are collectively known as Vimana Vasins,
meaning they are dwellers of Vimana. These deities have some distinct features,
some are shown with wings to indicate flight and some are shown with reptilian features,
the hood of snakes. Their purpose was to serve and protect the
great God Mahavira. Is it possible that the diagram that is drawn
here is a blue print of an ancient Vimana used by these deities? How else can we explain this drawing? But there is another clue why this entire
site may contain advanced scientific information. If we examine these chambers and caverns,
we can see that many of the paintings and drawings have been deliberately erased. The paintings on the top of overhanging rocks
have been intentionally destroyed. Locals claim that this deliberate act of vandalism
was done in 1939, by British soldiers due to racism. However, there is a different reason why the
British defaced many of the drawings and paintings. In 1939, Hitler sent a team to India to learn
about ancient technology, specifically about Vimanas. The British learnt about this, and tried to
erase evidences of these technical drawings to make sure this kind of information did
not fall into German hands. It is said that the Germans documented many
drawings and carvings from other Jain temples, specifically the temple of Ranakpur. The most important piece of information is
on the ceiling. This carving we see is almost identical to
the Large Hadron Collider, a particle accelerator in Geneva. The Large Hadron Collider is the largest machine
in the world, and lies in a tunnel 17 miles in circumference, more than 500 feet beneath
the ground. How is it possible that a similar blueprint
was carved centuries ago, in the ancient temple of Ranakpur? Remember, I showed you another ancient carving
in Sri Lanka, which also shows a circular diagram with many technical features. This one is known as an ancient Stargate,
which can take us through space travel. One thing is clear, as we explore more and
more ancient sites, we find things which we are not able to understand. Were ancient builders capable of advanced
technology? Did they use or witness Vimanas? Let us go back to the ancient site of Tirumalai,
why were these drawings made in these chambers used exclusively by Jain monks? It is said that this entire hill has many
secret caves and underground chambers, which have not been explored. Here we can see an underground area right
beneath the hill. This is not natural – if we look inside, we
can see that the other side is very smooth, it has been clearly worked on, for some unknown
purpose. Where does it go? Does it end abruptly or does it take us to
a location where we can find more blueprints which can help us rebuild Vimanas? Everything we see in this ancient site, the
Chakra Vimana, the Gods who emerged from flying machines, and the stories about German officials
trying to access these drawings – all point to one thing: Ancient Jains were somehow connected
to space travel and sophisticated technology. Were Ancient Indians primitive people or were
they capable of creating advanced machines like Vimanas and Particle Accelerators? How else can we explain such a complex drawing? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
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