37 thoughts on “Chrome 67 – What’s New in DevTools”

  1. Looking at you from your first video, your beard and mane became wilder and wilder.
    … I think you're becoming a werewolf, Kayce.

    … That's awesome.

  2. The setting to "clear auto-opening settings" seems to be missing.
    It's really annoying whenever I save an image it opens up.

  3. Love the new ability to edit CSS variable colors…for me it's both a huge time saver and a nice design tool when tweaking. I was actually thinking about writing my own plug-in, but I think this might do everything I want. Great feature!

  4. Thanks for these new updates! I hope you could bring the search function to the IndexedDb list of tables or the other browser storage list. And maybe allow us to sort it alphabetically.

  5. Good evening, Thanks for your reply but like to talk with you, or when you have time. But like to just watch T.V. for little bit because I can't do anything in day, due to my house is getting some work done on it, but almost done. But thanks for what you've done it help me. well good nite.

  6. To bad the colors cant be change with the color picker tool. Normally when you wanted to edit a color, you click the small square. Nothing happens now. Which makes editing with dev tools a lot more difficult

  7. Hey! friends invent something to upload videos to instagram and similar sites, from Google chrome from windows … and please you who are very smart take into account the large number of Spanish-speaking users … Greetings thanks (sorry this was translated by google translator)

  8. One issue I have noticed is that while in 'device mode', I can no longer use the forward / back buttons on my mouse.

  9. I tried the dark theme before and it was nothing but inverted colours, so I ended up disabling it immediately, but now that Google has implemented an actual colour scheme for it, I switched to it, and I like it a lot.

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