100 thoughts on “Create a Membership Website with WordPress – Accept Payments – Full Tutorial 2018”

  1. A huge thanks … This was awesome I caught it at 2 years old, but no fillers, no purchase this or that or over priced themes and very direct!

  2. I am very impressed with this video, full of helpful information and tips. Its even good for skilled WP user to go through some revision of WP features.

  3. Great tutoria! I have only one problem. Upon contacting Paypal they told me Enhanced Recurring Payments are not yet available for the Swedish market. What do you advise me to do now? Will the installation not work without this Enhanced Recurring Payments? Is there an alternative way to do it?

  4. there is no PayPal in Pakistan. so can we add our online bank account system to the payment method to receive payments?

  5. hi! the step where you need to google "enhanced recurring payments" didn't work for me, is there any other way to fix it?

  6. Hello, nice tutoril.. could you please help on the paypal IPN notifier url? How do we create it? Is it like a thank you redirect page, or we need to do something specifically?

  7. sir i m testing the payment method by paypal sandbox but they are show me result " Security header is not valid " ..please tell me what to do

  8. Excellent Tutorial. But can I integrate another payment platform other than Paypal since Paypal has not extended the feature to receive payment in my country Nigeria? We can only make payments with Paypal at the moment.

  9. Thank you for this absolutely great tutorial, I have a slight problem right now this is I cannot access the page for the recurring payment page. So I am wondering if this page still exist in 2018 or how do you manage to do it in order for your membership site work with this type of payment?
    Or is there another way to do it nowadays.??

  10. You have done really an outstanding job. Please make one video talking about buddy press in membership site. Thanks

  11. Hi… Just found out that my country do not support for the enhanced recurring payment yet…
    Can I just skip this step…?
    Will it affect the payment process…?

  12. HELP…! The Plugin Theme My Login is different and it does not work like in the video…What can I do…?

  13. Had issues with API request. Had to make a business account. Got the API info but recurring enhanced payments is a $19 / month service fee….

  14. I noticed that after a customer has payed to become a member of my site, they can see the wordpress header similar to the heading when I am navigating my site at the back end. I prefer my customers not to see the heading..I want them to experience all pages in the front end not pages with elements from the back end. How can I make it happen?

  15. Hello! Thank you for creating this! I am following your video right now and it just occurred to me that this was uploaded to YouTube in 2015. I am wondering if I need to be concerned about any changes that might have been made to any of the plugins etc that you suggest?

  16. I felt so frustrated about doing all of this myself – but you really saved the day. Thank you so much!

  17. Is there a way to capture the email at the time of registration and add then new user to an auto responder eg. MailChimp?

  18. I would like to start a membership website in India. Can you please tell me whether I can accept recurring payments in Indian Rupees if I follow your steps in wordpress. I see the note in currency and settings ' not all currencies will be supported by every gateway. Please check with your gateway'. I need to have clarity before going ahead. Can you please expedite your reply?

  19. …and also whether the website would be compatible with mobiles/cell phones? if not, alternatively, any tweaking to be done to make it fit for cell phones?

  20. Please help me i can't get the application for my customers to fill out to work correctly, its something i'm doing wrong

  21. Did Theme My Login change? In the plug-in section there is a Frog Logo. Also, it does not provide as many options as your version shows. I was wondering if you have seen that on your end as well? Everything else works great and this has really helped in preparing our platform for launch.

  22. You are like Godsend, I start my business budgeting so much and this way I can earn by teaching. Thanks for your generosity. You are so humble and great gentleman:)

  23. Thank you for an awesome tutorial. It was easy to follow and though I couldnt set up with the tutorial today, I will soon. I cannot believe you didn't charge for this. You rock!

  24. Can we make a membership level which is type of that have limited access. I mean to say that a person only can open 4 posts and his membership expired

  25. is there another alternative for themmylogin plugin? seem like now it is a paid version.

  26. Aloha and thank you very much for taking the time to teach us your skills. I don't have the Modules page only registration questions and slugs at the TML? Am I missing something? Thank you.

  27. i have a website, i only want a set of users to login and they will have access to carry out certain operation on the site like to make a post. how can i do this?

  28. Great video! i would you like to create a paying membership website, where subscribers can talk to their instructor by sending a text message directly on the website, and i would like to block that feature to non members, so only pay members can send text. would membership pro do that ? could someone help me please 🙂 regards pietro

  29. GOLD! Thank you so much! What a great educational video that is easy to follow along and create my own! Which I did!

  30. Awesome tutorial. How do you put two options for monthly membership or yearly membership. I’d like to give them the option

  31. Hello, something that remains unclear for me… what if you just want to gather the e-mails and give free acces IF they just share their contact info is that possible with this plugin ?

  32. calm and quiet description…no hurries…thank you so much…except the paypal section which is unfortunately not available in Bangladesh…we have other payment methods like bkash and rocket for local transactions

  33. Thanks for this vid.
    please how to create a user profile dashboard page with the username written on top ( Welcome, Sam John) and with some page to access like edit profile, referral link, withdrawal referral bonus, payment record, top ten referral earners and some other marketing stuff

  34. Thanks so much. For once, a concise tutorial that acutally is easy to understand and follow. I can't begin to tell you how many of these types of videos I've watched on building websites only to realize that the instructor is talking at the speed of sound and that one little step he/she skirts over is actually hundreds of hours of work.

  35. Hi I managed to follow your video upto requesting API credentials in Paypal.The layout is different to what you show.I requested what I thought were the correct API (Through Braintree SDK) but it just goes into a permanent search.I am wondering whether this is a computer or website issue .It's really frustrating .Any ideas?

  36. Hey what´s up man! great video i´m watching in 2019 and unfortunateny Paypal and TML doesn´t work more like you teach in video.. so.. if you can give new alternatives to solve these steps it will be really amazing

  37. Sir please please make a video on internet service provider customer portal with all its details and pay bill option and account balance in wordpress.

    Please sir please please

  38. All the links for "sign-up for Paypal enhanced recurring payments" return "page not found" errors. I can't find anywhere on their site to get into this and I'm getting the same result you said earlier. Just shows my account info. Great video by the way. I could never have got the plugin setup without you. Thanks.

  39. At 49:10, you want to have Sandbox mode, so you can TEST it out. Then go to Live mode when everything works. I give this video a 2 thumbs up!

  40. I don't know if this fits with a membership website but I want to be able to set up a website where members can add their own content. Is this something you teach? Can it even be done using wordpress?

  41. This was incredible! Thank you for all of the information and easy walk-through! Do you know if there is a way to customize the form the members complete? I'd like to ask a couple additional questions to have on file like experience level and age range. Again, thank you so much for this!

  42. Is there any way, when any user make himself as a member in wordpress, his all detail will also show on website like a post

  43. hi,
    I didn't find the theme my login plugin you used in the video, can you put a link a the description ? it would be very nice. 🙂

  44. Hello eMediaCoach. Absolutely loved the content it really did not feel like 2 hours.

    I just wanted to know much different would a video sharing membership site be from this type? Say if I wanted to create a membership website where people register to post videos on the site and then have other peopleable to view them for free. How would I add an upload option similiar to login and register, restrict uploading to paid members, getting a host etc.

  45. I appreciate your instructional videos, they have been invaluable. I could use some help/direction into how to incorporate multiple currencies into MemberPress. I will have customers/clients from a range of countries and need to have the price quoted in their local currencies.

  46. Love your tutorial its awesome. I'm having a Theme header situation. I'm seeing a blue boarder around the header when it suppose to be a transparent or white boarder. Can you help me with this problem please please

  47. Hey, if you purchase a domain and host with gator and install wordpress and therefor you generate an account on wordpress, that account gets wordpress plugins? Usually on wordpress, they are not free…

  48. Hey man, I know this video has been up for a while and I just want to say thank you. Also, how can I reach out to you for some 1 on 1 help?

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