Create Shopify Store With Brooklyn Theme Tutorial (Part 1) – Shopify 14 Day Free Trial 2018

Create Shopify Store With Brooklyn Theme Tutorial (Part 1) – Shopify 14 Day Free Trial 2018

hi everyone so my name is Andreas Waatz
and welcome to this Shopify Brooklyn theme tutorial part number one we will
learn how you can set up your Shopify 14 day trial. So I got the link in the
description below you can just click on that and this would take it to the Shopify
page. Disclaimer if you use this link I am affiliated that means I will
get small commission that helps me to grow my channel and create videos like
this alright so if you’re ready to start your Shopify store let’s click on the
link and let’s do this okay so to create our Shopify store we
need to set up our account first so they offer 14 days free trial no risk and no
credit card required so to do this just click on this one get started we’re
gonna enter our email if you have a PayPal account just use that email it’s
gonna be easier down the road then we’re gonna add the password and we’re gonna
add a store name you can add whatever you like I will show you where you can
change this later on like that then click on create your store okay so then you can tell simplify a
little bit about yourself are you already selling you can choose
one of these and maybe I’m selling yes not a line how do you want to sell only
online in person both online and in person where will you mostly sell in person what is your current revenue up to five
thousand whatever you like or is setting up store for client yes or no may click
on next fill in your information so this must be a URL click enter my store okay everyone so this is how you set up
your account now we have our account on Shopify you see down here your trial
your started we’re gonna build the website first
after that you can choose a plan. Normally we have a shoes cheapest plan $29 a month
okay everyone stop this Shopify Brooklyn theme tutorial 2018 was
sample if you want you can leave a comment give thumbs up subscribe to my
channel right here and don’t forget to watch part number 2 you cannot stick on
this image and this will take you to the next video alright I hope you have an
awesome day take care and bye

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  1. Hello, how can i fix my banners? on my computer, they look very good, but when i go on my cellphone, they are too big. can yu help me with that? thanks.

  2. Hey Andreas! Enjoying your content, thanks for this 🙂 Andreas, do you know how can i set full width images on my product description page? Thanks

  3. Hi Andreas, do you have any videos on how to set up direct to consumer store on Shopify? I know you can I just haven't found a video for it. Thanks for your time.

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