Create Your Ultimate Success In 2019 With This 4 Point Blueprint

Create Your Ultimate Success In 2019 With This 4 Point Blueprint

make 2019 your best year ever
stay tuned hey this is Damon Cart from NLP gym bringing you cutting-edge
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see is a webinar that I did in one of my private Facebook groups and it went
really well so I thought I’d like to get this out to as many people as possible
plan your 2019 using these four points that I give to you in this webinar it’s
like some people want to be successful in 2019 that’s excellent
and I love all the thumbs up waiting okay we got the crying face and the
angry face all right who comes on to this and is already angry what are you
angry about or what are you sad about I know you probably said that it’s already
almost the end of 2018 I know the time is really going by fast and it just
seems to go by faster the older you get and that’s why I’m like I turn I’ll turn
41 in two weeks and I’m like man I need to get it all done there’s so much to do
hey Victor how you doing so I’m working on it and and as some of you know Hoover
may be crossing that threshold of midlife you know you start to feel it in
your body you don’t quite have the same energy and the things that you used to
take 24 hours to recover from not not as much it’s more like a week now
and I know this better than ever because I’ve been doing jiu-jitsu hey Lara hey
Eric yeah so that’s what I want to start off with is just a little not really a
story but maybe some inspiration before we jump into this and basically I got my
third degree of my white belt yes in Brazilian Jujitsu at first I was like
you know they’re doing this promotion they’re making it a big deal they’re
renting out an auditorium and because it’s a it’s not just my school there’s a
lot of connected schools and the guy who my head instructor Claudio Franza was a
pan-american champion and so there’s a lot of people he’s taught and has given
their black belt and I’ve gone on and you know branched out and everything so
anyway there was quite a lineage and up on stage of black belts given out the
degrees and given out the promotions for the new belts for the people who were
moving up and it I didn’t expect to be like inspired and but I totally was and
it’s also an amazing community they got some some of the finest people you ever
meet are our Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners there’s something about
the discipline there’s something about a lifelong practice and respect for for
people who have been doing it for a long time it’s just a great great thing so
anyway these black belts the people who were getting promoted to black belt
which takes about an average about 10 years to do in Brazilian jiu-jitsu they
don’t give these things out easily so they’re getting up and it was only a
handful of them they got up and they wanted them to actually speak they
couldn’t have everybody who was getting some promotion speak because it would
have been too many people and it would have taken too long but the black belts
got to speak and almost all of them said the same thing that when they started
they weren’t thinking about their black belt it wasn’t a goal maybe maybe kind
of in the back of their mind but they were they were just like I just started
doing this and you know you kind of blink your eyes in 10 years past and now
they’ve got a black belt and it that’s just it’s a big deal and Brazilian
jiu-jitsu the black belts are respected and they’re treated as if they’re a big
deal and it is it is a big deal that means you’ve been training for at least
10 years and you’ve you’ve done a lot in that time you’ve competed you’ve won and
you’ve you’ve got a skill set that few people in the world have and it got me
thinking about what we do in personal we want to be successful we want every
year to be better than the year before we want every year we want to be better
than we were a year before and the great thing about Brazilian Jujitsu is you
have a way of testing that and you have guidance and you have an instructor and
they have certain landmarks or things that you’re supposed to do so that you
know that you’re getting better so the instructor knows that you’re getting but
you’re getting better and they know how to award your degrees or your new belt
based on that but how many of us have that in our and what when we’re
approaching personal development and self improvement or how are we doing
that for ourselves and a lot of us are not doing that for ourselves and just
imagine if you did and I’m going to talk more about this as I start to get into
the the different the four points and I actually lied this is not just about
being successful in 2019 sorry sorry – to be untruthful this is about being
successful for the rest of your life so the things that I’m going to give you
the four points or things that you should and can do for the rest of your
life to ensure your success and here’s the other thing – sometimes it’s it’s a
it’s good to quit something you’re working on like you start working on
something you’re you’re after a goal and sometimes the pride will get in the way
and will drive you to want to keep pursuing a goal even though it you
you’re already getting the feeling like this is not something you enjoy and for
me it was my first business was a major one I was pumping so much effort so much
money into it wasn’t enjoying it and I even started to think to myself if I do
get the kind of success that I want I don’t even think I still won’t even be
happy because I don’t really enjoy what I’m doing that’s a good time to quit
it’s actually a good time to quit there’s nothing wrong with quitting when
you know that this is not going to fulfill you whatever it is you’re
working on and so then you take all that time and energy and you go and invest it
in something that will give you that fulfillment the only reason you
shouldn’t quit are the major reasons you should not quit or that you should never
allow you to stand a bitch something never allowed to stand between
you and something you want is if you think it’s gonna be too hard or if you
think is going to take too long because the time is gonna pass anyway you’re
gonna find yourself 10 years later anyway you can’t stop time passing and
you won’t have what it is that you wanted that you were going after so just
just doing goals just achieving goals if you’re only think about thinking of it
that way what I really want to challenge you but throughout this live call is to
think bigger than that think your life think the vision for your life not only
is it gonna make it easier for you to achieve your goals it’s gonna make it a
lot easier to figure out what you really want rather than chasing something and
spending a lot of time working at something that doesn’t fulfill you and
won’t fulfill you when you achieve it alright the other thing I lied about is
I’m not gonna give you four I’m gonna give you five so I’m gonna give you a
bonus at the end a fifth thing but it’s not actually something to do it’s
something not to do so I’m gonna leave it at that
so let’s dive in what’s the first thing to do in order to be successful in 2019
and for the rest of your life invest in your development and the first
thing I’m gonna say is invest money in your development Lian why invest money
what can you do this without investing money yeah you can but studies have
shown when you actually have to pay for something you’re gonna follow through
with it they I wish I could remember the exact studies but it was something along
the lines of even if a person had to pay $1 for something they weren’t gonna let
it go like they wanted to get something back for that dollar so if you’re
investing money into something and it the dollar amount isn’t actually all
that important you will feel a need to somehow get that back somehow get
something back on your investment and there’s I’ve never tried this but I’ve
heard of a lot of people doing this they want to do something they’ve been
putting off so maybe it’s something that can be done in a week or
maybe a month and they will take $100 and go give it to a friend and say
bye-bye the other week if I don’t if you don’t hear back from me you get to keep
this money if you do hear back from me it’s because I’ve achieved or done
whatever it was that I was putting off and I need that money back so the
basically giving the money away so that you inspire yourself to go out and do
follow through on something and then at the end of it then you get your money
back if you did it but if you didn’t do it you got to let it go and this works
for a lot of people because they there’s a it’s an art mentality you know we pay
for something we expect something in return
if you’re pumped if you’re putting money into your personal development you’re
gonna get something in return you’re gonna want to see results you’re gonna
follow through with it instead of just saying oh yeah I’m gonna go watch some
YouTube videos and then I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna listen to them do them
and by the way a lot of these things that I’m going to tell you or there’s
not a lot of them there’s only four or five I’m sure you’ve heard some of them
at least some of them before and you say oh yeah I know that but have you
actually done it that’s the main thing here if you’re not doing it if you’ve
heard it before it’s it’s not going to help you unless
you actually do it so invest in your development figure out a dollar amount
and what I’m gonna suggest here is $40 and you’re gonna be thinking of well
well that sounds a little bit like you’re your membership program that
which is $39 if you get in thirty nine dollars a month if you get in right now
and yes that’s by design because I wanted to make it inexpensive enough so
that you could get something out of that thirty nine dollars or $40 but it was
inexpensive enough that you could that anybody could afford it but at the same
time it’s it you can get something out of that think about this that’s ten
dollars a week by the way that’s you could probably buy depends on the books
at least two books maybe a Kindle if you went with the Kindle edition you might
get a cheaper you might better get up to four books so especially if you go with
used books we buy used books I don’t doesn’t bother
me one bit that somebody’s read it already
so imagine if you read to to up to four books a month that had something to do
with something you were trying to create something you were trying to accomplish
you can probably find an online training for forty dollars sometimes cheaper than
that imagine if every single month you spent up to forty dollars or no you
had to spend for you dollars think about it like that you had to maximize the
amount spent and it’s not a lot but this is this is a thing it’s a marathon
remember it’s not a sprint if you put just a little bit of that and bet you
know a little bit of a financial investment in you in your development
every single month you’re a lot more likely to follow through with it and
it’s not going to break the bank anybody can find $40 a month
that’s a few cups of coffee at Starbucks there’s so many you know like that
you’ll hear people say oh Tom I don’t have any money I can’t you know I mean
money to spend not even 40 bucks and then you look at what they’re spending
money on and just because it’s unconscious now it’s just automatic they
you know they pass a Starbucks oh my god I have to go have a coffee or they pass
ice cream I gotta have ice cream and that’s you
know not only good that’s not only not good for your money that’s also not good
for your health either so there’s just so much stuff that we often are spending
money on and we say oh it’s just this little thing or just that little thing
those little things add up and these are normally things that are not really
going to come back to you they’re not investments that grow they don’t there’s
no exponential growth out of it but if you put $40 a month into your own
development imagine how that grows imagine how that expands and who know
you know who knows how much it’s even hard to measure at a certain point if
you’re doing this month after month and you’re doing it year after year in
developing yourself and following through with it and and finding new
information to apply to what it is that you want something’s going to
happen you can just do that alone like take this one thing and your this would
make you a lot more successful over the next year and certainly over the next
several years and this is what I’m talking about getting specific about
what you’re doing and how to measure it it’s like me with going to jiu-jitsu
it’s you know I have a certain amount of days every week that I want to go I go
four days a week now I might have to miss that if I’m traveling or if I get
sick or something like that and that’s all okay but imagine if I was only going
twice a week okay that’s only half the results well I
don’t that’s not what I want I want more results when I accelerate this and plus
I really enjoy it and it keeps me healthy so think about it this way put
that $40 a month carve it out set it aside you’re going to spend that amount
of money on your personal development and your and you’re totally worth it I
know that like when I started having kids and I had a business and I thought
every dime has to go into my business or my family and none for me and that just
did not work out well and then when I finally started getting back into that
started buying books and eventually that turned into attending a lot of NLP
trainings things started to change rapidly and of course I got I became
more successful I became happier and when I think about starting back then
just reading those books and what it turned into the growth was exponential
to say the least and has led me to where I am now which is a very very happy
place okay and I’m gonna come back to that too because you might be thinking
all right so yeah I’ll do that but what should I do the training on or
what should I read or what should I you know how do what information should I be
looking to get into and I’m of course I’m gonna say well join my membership
and make it you know I’ll have all that prepared for you but even if you don’t
so if you say okay yeah Damon you know I’m just not going to join your
membership program that’s fine still allocate the $40 and I’m will
swing back around to that to talk about what I think is the best thing to focus
your attention on as it as it pertains to your personal to personal development
okay so what’s the second thing the second thing is so the first one was the
financial like actually putting money into your investing money into your
personal development second thing is investing time and time
is more precious than money you can always make money back you can’t make
the time back once the time has passed if it’s calling so if you’re not already
spending at least one hour a week on your personal development change that
right now and then and and I want to I want to make it very clear what I mean
by your personal development so you might say oh yeah exercise a few hours a
week okay that’s your physical development
and that’s excellent definitely do that and in a sense you could put that under
the umbrella of personal development but I want to I want to create a new
umbrella I get a new box we’re talking about your personal development the the
thing that’s you’re going to work on on yourself to make you not only well make
you successful and when I say successful I mean that has to do with your finances
that has to do with your relationships your socializing it has to do with your
happiness your well-being how do you feel about yourself that’s what I’m
talking about with the personal development yes
physical is a big part of that but I’m going to separate those two do you sit
down and spend an hour actually developing yourself now again you might
be saying well sure I carve out time to read and that’s wonderful too and even
it if it’s personal development books that’s wonderful too but when I say work
on yourself that’s not passive that’s not I’m
sitting back listening to an audiobook that’s not I’m sitting back and reading
that’s I’m putting it to work what I’ve read I’m putting to work what I’ve
learned I went and took a training and now I’m gonna spend an hour a week
really applying that and putting that to work and that might be practicing that
might be writing might be you have a practice partner or
you have a coach or something like that I’m actually talking about doing the
work on yourself not passive active what are you doing for one hour a week that’s
active you’re actively working on yourself most of us are not doing that
when you do that though when you do that things will really start to change for
you did if you don’t believe me try it and think about it like this if you work
on yourself for an hour a week if you’re not already doing that and I’m remember
I’m talking to active working on yourself for an hour a week at the end
of the year that’s 52 hours that you spend really working on you and working
on creating your vision for your life 52 hours compared to zero hours I mean
that’s 52 hours istic is significant that’s a lot get to two hours is a lot
now you don’t have to stop there you can double that well let me back up let’s
just talk about what 52 hours is and 10 years that’s 520 hours so in 10 years
you spent five hundred and twenty hours bettering yourself improving yourself
working on you that is quite significant especially when you compare it to zero
hours 520 hours versus zero hours 520 hours 20 hours comes out to 22 days
imagine you took a training for 22 days that’s a lot of training that’s a lot of
work on something and this is about you so it’s not like you’re putting 22 days
and you know into something and you’re hoping it’s going to work out no if
you’re putting 22 days of effort and attention into yourself and what it is
you want to create you’re gonna you’re gonna be further a lot further along and
I know you don’t have to stop there just imagine if you double that you did two
hours a week two hours a week working on yourself everything doubles you know
that’s over thousand hours in ten years what can you
accomplish when you focus for ten for over a thousand hours on something you
can you can accomplish quite a bit and again you don’t have to stop there what
if you did an hour a day for five or five days out of the week five days out
of the week think about it how much time you spend doing things for
other people which there’s not a bad thing at all I’m not I’m not saying you
shouldn’t do things for other people absolutely but you deserve an hour you
certainly deserve an hour a week without a doubt you there’s no way you can say
that you don’t you deserve an hour a week to work on your dreams to work on
the vision you want to create for your life to work on your own happiness and
your well-being one hour a week there’s no excuse for not doing that and I would
say you deserve an hour a day but let’s be a little bit more conservative than
that an hour a day for five days five days out of the week five hours a week
what are the numbers start to look like well in one year that’s 260 hours that’s
eleven whole days what can you accomplish with 260 hours of working on
something you can accomplish a lot you can accomplish a tremendous amount and
you know a lot of times we think about some of the goals we want to accomplish
and it feels daunting but if you break that down if you chunk that down into
small bits and you stretch that out over a year it becomes a lot more dual
a lot more it becomes becomes possible in your mind so that’s the hard part
that’s the hurdle we have to get over when we’re setting goals is do I believe
it’s possible do I can I see it can I hear it does it does it seem real to me
because I used to set goals all the time that were completely unrealistic maybe
they were realistic in general like oh yeah people can do this but they were
unrealistic for me because I didn’t have a sense of what that actually was I hear
people sometimes say they want to be billionaires and you find out that you
know they’re not even quite making six figures maybe they’re close to making
six figures but then they’re talking well I want to be a billionaire and when
I hate when I talk to people like that I was like what do you even have a sense
of what it would be like to be a millionaire and I’m like well no I don’t
even make six figures so I okay well then what you have no connection to what
being a billionaire would be so let’s let’s start let’s start with just like
what what can you imagine and maybe they can imagine like high six figures a year
and so we start there and and then we you know we want to expand that open the
mind up in purposefully sort of encouraged the limiting beliefs to come
to surface and so that we can bring them into consciousness and change them of
course but when you jump to such grandiosity or you there’s something you
want you just go it just seems unimaginable like it’s just too big okay
well let’s break that down so when you think about how long it takes to
actually accomplish something there a lot of things a lot of big things you
can accomplish and 260 hours in a in a year
I mean you there are tremendous things that you and you can accomplish when you
spend two hundred sixty hours and that’s the best thing it has to be consistent
you need to stick to it you don’t need to overwhelm yourself you don’t need to
burn yourself out you just need to be consistent about the hour you spend five
days a week and it will happen when you think about after 10 years what that
would turn into after 10 years of spending one hour a day 5 days a week
working on yourself that’s 2600 hours I think I could I
think I got that right yeah that’s what my calculator said
anyway and so it comes to a total of 108 full days that you spent working on
something 108 full days that is a lot of time
there you believe me you can accomplish what it is that you want and I encourage
you to think over 10 years because 10 years goes by fast and if you’re it
seems like it goes by faster and faster as you get older so it’s in it’s the
incremental growth it’s the little bit that you do every single day that then
compounds on itself and if you’ve watched the webinar I have the link in
the description right here the webinar about the three problems with NLP
trainings I talked about compound interest and how Einstein said that a
compound interest was one of the wonders of the world and if you don’t utilize it
if you’re not investing using compound interest and you’re gonna not receive
the benefits of compound interest you’re gonna pay the compound interest in other
words it’s gonna be it’s gonna come out of your pocket that’s what I thought
that’s what I mean by the compound interest and using personal development
applying the principle of compound interest to your life so yeah you can
you can think of oh I have this one goal that I want to achieve and then you go
and achieve it and then you feel okay that’s that’s pretty good you know a few
hours and I’m feeling good about that and then it’s like okay well you know
what do I do now I’m feeling kind of empty Gold doesn’t it’s not gonna
fulfill me for the rest of my life okay I’m gonna come up with another goal and
then I gotta go chasing that just so I can feel good about myself for a few
hours after I after I accomplish it that’s really empty and that that’s what
happens when we lack of vision but what if you have an ultimate vision
especially like a ten-year vision of what you want your life to be like in
ten years and then you can break that down and say okay what do I want my life
to be like every year leading up to that the progress of getting too bad
and then you break that down okay well five days a week or if you’re really
obsessive like me one hour a day every single day I’m gonna work a little bit
on myself and basically that’s the idea behind compound interest I’m going to
invest a little bit I’m not gonna accomplish one goal and say yep I did it
and then cut and run off no I have a bigger vision for my life and I’m going
to incrementally get there and I’m going to enjoy the
process along the way I’m not going to think oh I’m gonna withhold joy and
happiness until I achieve my goal that’s the worst thing you can do don’t ever do
that I mean sometimes you have to withhold instant gratification in order
to achieve a goal like you know instead of eating the ice cream or the cake yes
you have to put that off if you want to lose weight so anyway that’s the idea
behind compound interest and incremental growth and it’s what I found to be the
most effective and like I said the time is gonna pass anyway so you might as
well be making good use of that time even if it’s not that much time that you
have every day that you can focus on it and maybe you can’t focus on it every
day but you can start somewhere and if as long as you’re consistent you will
see the results okay this one you probably heard a lot and I know probably
all of you know this but how many of you are actually doing it and that is to put
yourself around people who are succeeding at whatever it is that you
want to succeed at this will make it seem possible to you now I think that I
think the reason why people do don’t do this is because they have a lot of
they’ve surrounded themselves with their friends from childhood if they’re still
around or they just have their comfortable social circle and to go and
pursue being around people who have more than you do or have more success than
you do that doesn’t always feel good you you you know you kind of go like you
know you might even feel like not worthy or you might feel less than and this is
one of the reasons why you should do this because most of the time most
people who have a lot of success are happy to talk to you about it and they
don’t think they don’t look down at you if you get a sense that they’re looking
down at you or they think they’re better than you or superior to you these are
not the people to be around these these are toxic people don’t be around those
people the people you want to be around or the people who are very grounded and
successful and have more success in your mind than you do and this is not about
comparing yourself this is about meeting these people seeing that they’re real
seeing that their success is real and it will become more real for you and it’s
likely you will feel like you will feel you don’t even have to say anything to
you or like try to hold you accountable you will feel like more accountable to
yourself when you’re around these people so seek these people out the other thing
too is to really become aware of toxic people yeah I from time to time like
I’ll make a new that wouldn’t say friend and more like an acquaintance and then
the more I get to know them it’s like okay yeah these people this person is
just really not good for me they’re not a bad person
they’re just this is this is not good for me and a thing that comes to mind is
people who complain a lot and maybe they have you know some justification for
that complaining but that’s just not the attitude that I want to have and I you
know I don’t want to I don’t want to slip into that I’m sorry I I don’t want
to I don’t want to be around these people the other thing that happens and
I’ve really been shocked by this lately people who well you will you’re good so
when you start to get what you want when you start to become successful or more
successful than you already are cuz I’m sure all of you are successful to an
extent the more successful you become the more you’re going to make certain
people around you very uncomfortable and the reason for that is they’re gonna
they’re thinking and this is a very primal thing if any of you have have not
checked out Robert Greene’s the laws of human nature
it’s his latest book go get that book somebody asked me somebody joined my
membership just recently and she said you know is there any prerequisites and
I was like no there’s no prerequisites and she said do you have any suggested
reading and I said you have pretty much anything from Robert Greene and his
latest book is is amazing and we need to recognize this in ourselves when
somebody around you somebody you know personally gets a promotion or gets some
sort of success if you feel that little sting of like you know they didn’t
deserve that or I should have gotten that or I could do that okay first of
all know that that’s normal that’s human nature okay but the wonderful thing
about being a human too is that we’re very intelligent and we can catch
ourselves and say okay I’m going to choose to be happy for that person
rather than want to take them down or be envious or say think negative things
about that person I’m gonna change this right now and I’m gonna decide I’m gonna
be happy for this person and when you do that it things will start to change for
you when you’re happy for other people’s successes no matter what no matter if
you know you don’t feel like they really work for it if they’ve got if you just
want to call it luck whatever be happy for them and that will change you and
it’s gonna take some practice and then you start recognize so to recognize that
in yourself but also recognize it around other people when people start acting
funny like even with people who are really close to you and this is I’m not
gonna air my dirty laundry here but some family members who are really close to
me really close to me I have tried to sabotage me and certain things and not
like not majorly but and just doing the things that I love doing I was really
shocked the last people that you would think and that’s what happens sometimes
and sometimes we kind of go into denial about that and we don’t want to we don’t
want to admit that someone you love so much and who loves you back and they I
do believe that people love me who would this happen with it’s like you don’t
want to believe it so it’s so easy so easy to overlook but you look out for
this and if you’re not doing anything about it a lot of times you kind of fall
into their delusion that you don’t deserve this because that’s what
for them they’re like well they don’t deserve it and so they might make some
sort of snide remark or they might say something about your success as if it
wasn’t if it was you know pure luck and you just sort of happen upon and you if
the people who are making comments do you like that those are the toxic ones
those are the ones who are jealous and those are the ones you really need to
get away from or just spend a lot less time with those people because if you
keep spending a lot of time with them and their sort of anger or whatever you
want to call it jealousy you will start to fall into their story rather than the
other way around it’s more likely you will fall into their story of you not
deserving it rather than them conforming to your story of becoming more and more
successful and happier so be very cautious who you spend time with you
know are the people you’re spending time with are they really uplifting you and
are they supportive of you or are they are they trying to hold you back and
like I said probably every single person on this call right now knows this has
heard this but are you watching out for it for real
is it happening around you and you don’t even realize it or you’re overlooking it
because you these are people you really care about so be very honest with
yourself be very honest with yourself when it happens for you to you know
somebody gets something and you get jealous you know be honest about okay
I’m feeling jealous but then once you admit that you accept that you can
change it and say okay well I’m choosing not to be that way I’m going to choose
to be happy for this person and when you do that it there’s a whole new sort of
like infection it’s the success infection you start to get happy for
other people like that and then it becomes a lot easier for you to step
into that state and it’s actually empathy you’re feeling empathy for that
person and not like in a negative way you’re feeling empathy for them in a
successful way which makes you feel more successful and will make it much easier
for you when you’re not coming from a state of feeling already successful
you’re going to achieve what you want much easier much faster okay
now we’re down to fourth one so it’s anybody’s wanting a
recap of everything that I said invests money every month in your personal
development at least $40 that’s anybody can come up with $40 a
month the second one was invest at least one hour a week in developing yourself
actively developing yourself not just reading a book that would be applying
whatever it is that you’re reading or if it’s a training applying it not just
sitting back passively and listening to the training and then third put yourself
around people who want you to succeed who can who will be happy with your
success and also people who are more successful than you and a certain area yeah just break it down like I want to
be more financially successful who do I know who has more financial success than
me I’m going to go talk to that person and spend time with them and then the
same with you know maybe there’s a person who has a fantastic relationship
with their partner go find out what that’s about and they’ll be happy to
show that with you so and then stay away from the people who are making the
little comments like you’re not really deserving of your success or the it was
some sort of like luck or something like that you need to separate yourself from
those people okay but not least look for mentors this is
probably the hardest one and again I say last but not least I have a fifth one
but look for mentors and you’re not going you’re probably not going to find
them right away you know if you’ve listened to my videos a lot and you’ve
heard me go on and on about Steve andreas Stihl Andreas was definitely not
my only mentor he just happened to be the one who influenced me the most
taught me the most and he was probably yeah he was definitely the most skilled
in I’ll peer I’ve ever met and for whatever reason he took an interest in
me and not only did that touch my heart because there’s so many other people he
could have mentored and he did I wasn’t the only one but his time was limited
and he chose to give me his time and I was always so grateful for that
you’re not gonna probably find the mentor yet or like that’s gonna take
some time but how do you find a good mentor is what I can share with you and
it basically comes down to when you’re earnestly looking for or wanting to
learn something or do something become good at something I earnestly earnestly
wanted to become better and better at NLP and so anybody any teacher who I met
I asked him a lot of questions and it was and I was always offering to
reciprocate in any way that I could for their time so I was showing them that I
was grateful and I was showing them that I was earnest and eventually and this
took a few years eventually it ended up me leading leading me up to meeting with
Steve Andres and then spending years being mentored by him I had I not been
sincerely earnest about learning NLP and pursuing it it would have never led to
that they just I don’t believe it would have happened and there were a few
people who top teachers whose names I’m not to name who I basically asked him to
be my mentor and when it came down to is they were too busy and that’s fine and I
think they you know it just happens and I was never angry at them for that
but it’s hard to find mentors because people are busy and even if you pay for
it it’s it’s gonna quite the same as maybe like a the mentorship that that I
have the idea of a mentorship that I have in my mind but anyway be earnest
about what it is that you want and not what you want to learn and eventually
the mentor will show up I assure you and but that could take years but that
doesn’t mean you always keep your eyes open and always keep open to that and
looking for that and be slightly detached from it so that you don’t have
your expectations don’t go up and then you get you they crash and all that so
just kind of it’s more about staying open to that and looking forward but not
expecting it and that your mentor will show up at some point okay we have a I’m
gonna go back to talking about the first one where if you’re investing 40 dollars
a month in your personal development what should you be working on
specifically first of all start off getting very clear about what it is that
you want and this is not really this goes beyond just having a goal this is
about knowing what you value and if you just saw my video the last video that I
put out which was yesterday go beyond the goal and this is the value
solicitation and you might say well I’ve done in value solicitation when’s the
last time you’ve done one I do them I redo mine all the time and especially
they’re going to be different in different areas of your life so go back
and really spend time with your goals finding out what’s really what is this
really about what am i projecting onto this onto this goal that I think is
going this thing is going to give me because really you already have it it’s
already in you that doesn’t mean that you should
pursue goals it just means you need a way to express this and a goal is sort
of it’s sort of the feedback it’s the evidence that you’ve you’ve done
something but like like I was saying a lot of these black belts they didn’t
know that becoming a black belt wasn’t really a goal for them but they got
tremendous value out of training so they kept doing it and maybe in the back of
their mind they’re like yeah someday I want to be a black belt and then that
someday came and to them it wasn’t like this is not the end point this there’s
so much more and so they just keep going and that ten years passes really fast so
the clearer you are about what you want and then the more you will just
naturally gravitate to it so get very clear about what you want and know that
the accomplishment of a goal is not the whole story in fact it’s a very small
part of the story go very deep with what your values are and then the other thing
would be creating a strategy and knowing how to create a good strategy to achieve
what it is that you want it’s also be detached from the strategy and this
really comes a lot easier when you’re very clear about what the value is that
you’re wanting to fulfill the strategies you can or disposable they don’t work
you try another one and you just keep rolling through the strategies until you
find something that works and also when the strategy the strategy stops working
which is almost always the case at some point it will toss it out and you start
you try another strategy no this is very difficult for people who don’t know what
their values are because what happens is they end up overloading the strategy
with emotion and they this has got to be right this is the right thing it’s got
to work and then when it doesn’t they’re they’re crushed so when you’re connected
to your values his strategy is its if it’s not working then its function and
it’s not fulfilling its function and then you get rid of it then you because
and you can and feel good about that because you’re connected to the values
that you’re wanting to express and Express and fulfill
okay so that’s the the further explanation on what to invest and
learning about and doing and how to apply to make it work now the bonus the
bonus is and so I thought this was only me but it turned out there’s a lot of
people who do this too when people get very so like right now hopefully I
haven’t been reading your comments and I don’t know if anybody’s been making any
so if you have okay what a lot of people do is they get very excited about their
goals they get very excited so I’m hoping you or excited I’m super excited
about everything that’s going on in my life and my things that I’m pursuing and
there’s when you get that way when you go into that state of being super
excited about what it is you want to accomplish and you’re thinking about
2019 and you know you’re gonna make 2019 better than 2018 even if 2017 was about
the same as this year and you’re like okay but now I’m gonna I’m gonna take
charge and I’m gonna implement these four points and I’m gonna spend more
than just one hour a week and I’m gonna spend more than just 40 dollars a month
and I’m really gonna do this and okay well in order to make this happen I’m
gonna cut out all the things that I enjoy doing so that I had so that I can
make this happen no do not do that that is a terrible thing that a lot of us do
because we’re so hyped up about achieving something and we think okay
well I’m not gonna have time for this other stuff I’m gonna put full attention
on this and then your exercise goes out the window taking walks you know that
maybe that’s something that you really enjoy doing that goes out the window
reading fiction you know like I don’t have time for this it’s it’s you know I
can’t read fiction because it’s not informational and it’s not furthering me
along or I can’t watch an hour of Netflix or I can’t watch I can’t go
watch a movie because I need to spend all my time doing this so that’s a
terrible thing to do that we can maybe we could call it austerity it’s not it’s
not the way to achieve your goals if you’re making yourself miserable and the
attempt to really achieve your bills or accelerate your progress and you’re
making yourself miserable because you’re taking all the little pleasures in your
life out chances are you gonna crash and you’re
not gonna achieve what it is you want then I did this to myself when I started
my first business not only did my cholesterol go through the roof and I
gained about 20 or 30 pounds I was miserable and depressed and I went to my
I went to a therapist finally I finally kind of broke down and I didn’t want to
go but I was like okay I gotta do something so you know life’s not really
doing my it’s not what I wanted to be and I was one the first things he asked
me he said what do you enjoy doing I said I really enjoyed taking walks I
really enjoy reading I really enjoy doing yoga and he said oh I really enjoy
writing and he said are you doing any of these things I said well no I don’t have
time I’m you know got young kids and I’ve got a business he says no wonder
you’re in my office he said go out and do those things I was
like I don’t have time for he’s just do it a little bit of it I was like all
right started doing a little bit of it and the amazing thing I started because
my business started working better even though it wasn’t the business that I
wanted to do it’s amazing how just small pleasures in life can really help you
become more successful so don’t cut those things out if you have hobbies
that you enjoy doing keep doing them these are important and maybe you do
less of them maybe you spend less money you know maybe you don’t and when you
and I say things that you really enjoy like be careful about that because if
it’s things that you really enjoy but are not good for you you know food
that’s not good for you and you’re spending money on that that maybe this
is a good time to reallocate some of that money it’s just something that you
will enjoy but is better for you so when I say don’t get rid of all the little
pleasures in your life you know you might want to get rid of some of the the
ones that are not good for you that would be that would be helpful but
taking walks like my thing you’ll go riding these are all good things for you
even if there was writing fiction or something like that these are all in
general healthy things for you and then cut them all out of my life thinking I
can use all that time to achieve my goals
and it was not the case I completely went into a depression and my health
wasn’t good so it didn’t work in fact it made the opposite happened I was I
became worse and my business became worse okay I will
some time to look at some of your questions and we’re almost at an hour so
we do about 10 minutes of questions before but before I get into the
questions though so as far as what to do you know if you implement this four-part
plan I assure you you will your life will be more enjoyable if specially if
you’re putting this toward things that you really enjoy the vision you want to
create for your life you will be more successful in 2019 you will be more
successful every single year after that and if you’re wondering like what to do
and you can’t do this on your own so you don’t need my membership program to make
all of this happen it just so happens that no doesn’t just
so happen and it would be wrong the four-point plan here is part of what I
based this membership program on is to make it easier for people to just step
in and do this so the it’s thirty nine dollars a month if you get in by Friday
and that price will be locked in for life it’ll never go up so 10 years from
now when you have achieved whatever it is the great wonderful thing that vision
that you have in mind that you will cultivate and create you will still only
be paying thirty nine dollars a month so if you factor in inflation thirty-nine
dollars a month and ten years is not going to be the same that’s all that I’m
only doing that for the until we close the closest enrollment on Friday then
it’ll never that’ll never be offered again the price will go up on the
membership and it won’t be locked in for life it will be subject to going up so
you can do you can figure out your own plan you can do all this by yourself or
if you would like some guidance from someone who has spent years failing and
then failing enough times to finally get help to get some training to learn tools
to go through this process over and over again if you want guidance for all of
this that I’m giving you that’s what the membership program is about so I can’t
mentor everybody one one like Steve did for me I can give you
the next best thing though and that’s basically giving you guidance at the
beginning of every month which would be a lesson it’ll be and we’ll start off by
getting very clear about what it is you want just like what I’m telling you in
the first step we’re gonna work on that and figuring out what your values are
and using your values to create a vision for your entire life but also we’re
going to jump that down into the different context of your life so that’s
where we’re gonna start with this and then after that it’s about how are you
going to actualize and realize this and so you’ll have that lesson then I’m also
gonna give you a hypnotic induction to go with it so all you have to do is just
sit back and listen to the hypnotic induction and I would recommend doing
that twice a day once in the morning once at night but if you only do it once
a day that’s good too the reason for that is to get this into
your unconscious get the lesson into your unconscious your conscious is
probably about 20% of your mind your unconscious holds on a whole lot
more and so if you can get this into your unconscious and have been working
from both parts of your mind it’s going to accelerate your progress so you get a
video lesson you’ll get the hypnotic induction which will be an mp3 and then
I’m going to come on and do a live call through zoom so it won’t be like this
it’ll be an actual interactive phone call when I’m not phone call interactive
calls resume where I can take questions from people I haven’t tested the
platform yet but from what I understand about zoom you can do all those things
so that’s how it will be done so it won’t be like this where it’s kind of
like we’re closed off from each other I can actually we can actually do hot
seats to which if anybody is interested in doing those we’ll be doing that as
well so around mid month we’ll have a live
call and I will be an questions there’s a way to keep you
accountable this is also a way if you’ve been struggling with any of the
exercises that I give you we can troubleshoot that and get you going and
these will also be recorded and you’ll have access to them so if you can’t make
it to the call you can still watch a recorded version of it and then there’s
the of course I will have a closed Facebook group for this also I have a
closed Facebook group for this membership I already do I actually if
you when you sign up you get access to it right away and for further support so
you have questions I will answer them I will be moderating the group but even
better than that is you won’t be just getting my perspective you’ll get the
perspective of your peers as well which is extremely important community is
important and when we’re all working on and me included
um this is my program but I’m not like creating this program and saying okay
you guys and gals go do this no I’m I’m gonna be doing it too and I’m gonna be
sharing with you some of my stuff I I’m actually going to share with you a lot
more personal stuff in this program and sure you can go and tell other people or
whatever because it is semi-public i mean it’ll be private cause it’ll just
be us but yeah it’s things I’m feeling more and more like sharing some of my
personal stuff if it could be helpful to you I’m willing to do that and so I’m
gonna be going through this process with you so in the Facebook group we get
everyone’s perspective or everyone who’s willing to comment and that is all very
important like when people start chiming in and giving their perspective it’s not
about being right or wrong it’s about saying hey this is my experience and
this is what has helped me and this is what has hurt me or gotten my way all of
that is priceless and that’s really what I’m offering here I heard Tony Robbins
say that he said what a coach does a coach isn’t superior to you a coach
isn’t better than you they haven’t they don’t have everything figured out they
they’re not like the super success or whatever who’s going to tell you how to
you know live your life a coach gives you a perspective
it’s their perspective and so when I go to keep using this analogy because I
just went to get sue this morning when I’m going to chew Jitsu and every person
I train with even if they’re the same belt as me
they’re they’re my teacher too and then don’t necessarily teach me by telling me
they’re teaching me by when I spar against them I’m learning something I’m
learning that person’s way of doing something which broadens my perspective
and of course there’s the teachers there who have spent years doing this so their
perspective is very different than mine they have a much broader perspective and
understanding of how the techniques work and how this whole my main instructor
calls it the jiu-jitsu puzzle and you start creating you start finding the
solutions to the riddles to the to the puzzle or you start finding the pieces
and that’s that’s life this is your life this is your life puzzle how are you
going to put the pieces together to create the life that is fulfilling
that’s exciting for you that you’re enjoying and it doesn’t it’s not being
judged by what society or even your family or your culture thinks is
successful it’s success on your own terms and I can’t stress that enough how
much my life changed when I finally realized well what was really going to
be successful for me and make me happy and the cool thing is not only am I
tapped into that and doing that and creating that life I’m still discovering
that because there’s still so much more to discover I don’t know what the
boundaries are I don’t know what my full potential is but I’m having a hell of a
time and I mean in a good way I’m having a great time testing that and figuring
that out and it’s so exciting to to be living
life that way to be thinking that like all the things that you’ve thought about
doing those are like all your theories so maybe you thought about writing a
book or maybe you thought about running an Ironman I’m not running or doing an
Ironman or you know some marathon or something like that these are your
little theories it’s time to start testing those maybe you unpack it maybe you unpack a
little bit to go yeah I don’t think that’s really going to fulfill me so
well that’s good to know then but you’re not going to chase that
theory you’re gonna go do something else you’re gonna go find your other theory
and say okay well yeah this is the one that really has some energy for me and
not only it’s a little scary but I’m really curious about it it’s a little
exciting I want to go do it you know like I’d love to do this all
right I know I said I was gonna get to your questions but I feel giddy right
now so what I love to do is I love to find I have this thing called the flight
deal that I it’s a thing on Facebook and if you like their page they will sin you
post about they find these really cheap flights and you don’t buy directly from
them you actually just show you how to buy a ticket to all these exotic
countries for just a little bit of money and sometimes these come up and like I
don’t have a plan but I see like well I saw the one for Hong Kong and I was just
like pull out my wallet and I bought the ticket and I’m like I don’t know what
I’m gonna do I don’t have no plan for this but I’m just I know I want to do it
because it’s it’s a little scary to just book a flight like that I don’t really
know anything about Hong Kong but I know I want to go and so I just booked it and
then I figure out everything else after that and so take those things that
you’re curious about and maybe they’re not glamorous maybe nobody’s gonna think
highly of you if you go do that or what but that’s that none of that matters is
there’s something there’s something there for you there’s some sort of
energy that’s pulling you in that direction go test it out we’ll see what
that’s about and so maybe you have a theory that you can write a book maybe
you have a theory that you can make a million dollars a year maybe you have a
theory that maybe it’s possible you can become that middle age in the best shape
of your life go test that theory this is the time to go do that all right so
one more thing I’m just gonna so what this membership program is about is
really accelerating your progress we’re gonna be following the four points well
five points that I listed here and when you have a guide when you have someone
who has a system who’s you’re utilizing that system there’s a technology there
which of course is NLP and you have someone who really the focus is not NLP
is so the focus is you the focus is your your journey your vision what it is that
you want to create for your life we’re just going to be using NLP to help you
get there and I’m not limiting myself to NLP by the way we’re gonna be I’m gonna
gonna be doing lots of stuff you put in the time you put in the financial
investment which means you’re gonna hold yourself to this and follow through with
it you have my guidance you have the
perspective of your peers this is just going to accelerate your progress
tremendously it just makes things go a lot faster when you don’t have to figure
everything out so anyway all right if you want to join the program the link
for the free webinar that was given giving away is in the description here
you don’t have to watch the webinar you click on that you scrolled you get to
the video page and if you want to just go straight to signing up just keep
scrolling down you’ll see where you can do the rest I hope to see all of you
there we’ve done several sign ups and I’m just really excited to get started
you know we’ll be getting started January 1st all right so let me see what
we’ve got here I’ve got a lot of comments so some of them were kind of taken out
of context whenever I was talking so I don’t quite know what some of these or
pertaining to but that’s okay so Simon Says I like saying that Simon
Says enjoy the journey as well as the destination that is yet if you’re not
enjoying the journey either you need a shift in attitude or there’s a good
chance the destination you’re not gonna join it the destination as well I’ve
achieved many goals that I felt very empty afterward it was just not what I
wanted was with someone else it’s what other people thought was great and then
I got it and it was like okay the only joy I get on this is by showing it off
to other people but that’s that’s empty so ya know would know it’s going to
fulfill you throughout the journey and that’s gonna keep you motivated that’s
gonna get you up every single morning excited to be living your life because
your life is getting closer and closer to looking like that vision okay so
let’s say Maria said Robert green yeah I know it’s he’s amazing
yeah the laws of human nature I can’t recommend that his all of his work it
was amazing let’s see I recommend a slight edge by
Jeff Olson which explains a lot more about compounding okay nice thank you
for that suggestion see her and says what reading would you recommend for a
complete beginner to NLP none of the early books let me say that if you’re a
beginner to NLP the worst thing that you can do is start reading the first books
like the structure of magic those early books were written like engineering
manuals just to put it nicely like text books so the best the authors that I
would who I would recommend our Stephen Connie Rey andreas they did write books
together they wrote books separately and to me they were the first people in NLP
to start writing books that were user friendly and we’re not
the engineer type and nothing wrong with the engineer types but Richard Bandler
and John grinder were very sort of like engineering mathematical type minds and
they weren’t able to surprisingly they weren’t they didn’t really get across
NLP very well now I think it’s there it’s different now and if you see them
giving talks they do much better about explaining NLP and they’re doing a great
teachers but those books were just awful and I’ve forced myself to get through
them some of those early books and I got through them but it was painful and I
talked to Steve about it cuz I was asking the same questions like what
books would you recommend he’s gonna he said well of course my books and he
wasn’t saying that in an arrogant way he just really believed that what he was
how he was teaching NLP was the clearest way possible and I found him to be right
right on about that so anything from Steven Connie R andreas I would
recommend they have several books I don’t want to say publicly with what
authors to avoid because some of the some of them I know personally just
stick to Stephen Kahn here andreas and you can’t go wrong there and they have
plenty of work and then once you’ve read their books come back and talk to me if
you said one more we can go from there but that’s where that’s where I would
start all right so well we’re waiting and I don’t see any other questions I
also want to say that like I said this Friday we’re closing the enrollment the
first lesson starts January 1st and the lessons will come out the first of every
month so it’d be 12 lessons a year 12 hypnotic
inductions a year 12 coaching calls a year and oh I didn’t mention 10% off you
get a 10% discount off of any of the online trainings that I do the ones that
I currently have now in any future ones as well as coaching with me if you want
to do one-on-one coaching with me you get 10% off if you’re part of the
membership I forgot to mention that I really hope that you implement this it’s
not hard it’s actually quite simple and it will work I assure you it will
work prove me wrong this will work for you get this set up and going ready for
2019 and make 2019 your best year the thing that happens for so many of us and
I did this year after year like I had always such high hopes at the beginning
of any year like this is the year we’re gonna you know I’m gonna I’m gonna do
some great things my life’s gonna be better I’m gonna make more money I’m
gonna be happier I’m gonna achieve maybe some physical goals you know drop a few
pounds or whatever or get stronger and then I’m at the end of the year already
cuz it passes so fast and I didn’t do anything differently and the year feels
like it’s the same as the year before stop doing that but you know put
yourself on a plan that you’re going to enjoy and at the end of year you can
honestly say you’re better off now then you wear the year before I mean that’s
really what it comes down to if you’re getting happier every year of your life
if you feel like you’re improving in some way and every year of your life
your relationships are stronger you’re making more money that’s what life’s
about like that’s that’s what it should be right and it’s easier than you think
and you’re closer than you think to your success I love talking about this I love
sharing this and I just want to share more of it and I want to take this
journey with as many of you as possible with all of the information for each
month be available for the whole year yes not only will it be available for
the whole year it will be available for the forever so as long as you’re a
member you can go back to if you’re a member for 10 years you can go back to
the first year and revisit the first 12 lessons so it’s always gonna be
available to you as long as you remember all right so Daniel says good stuff man
thank you I still looking forward to this and I’m really excited it’s if
there’s anything that I didn’t answer for you posted you know posted in the
send me a message if it’s if it’s really personal and I want to make sure you get
all your questions answered okay again once again thank you so much for joining
me on a Sunday I really really enjoyed this and so even if you don’t join the
membership program please follow these four steps if you want to be more
successful and I’d love to hear about it regardless if you’re in them join the
membership tell me I love hearing about people’s successes especially if I had
some sort of influence and you doing something that made you successful that
does a lot for me this is why I do this I told somebody one time and I got to a
point where bettering myself and having my own transformations got to a point
where like I wanted well I wanted more not like it wasn’t enough but it was
like I knew there was more and that’s when I started coaching and that’s when
I started teaching and the joy in the fulfillment I get from doing that and
watching other people go through their transformations is absolutely amazing if
you guys want to stay on I can tell one more story not that I’ve been telling a
lot of stories but I still see people on so alright I’m gonna wrap this up with
this thing I was doing free meetups I was doing these meetups so I live in
Santa Cruz San Francisco there’s about 70 miles north of me and there was this
woman who lived in Hillsboro which is a suburb right outside of San Francisco
and she had a mansion Hillsborough was a pretty upscale neighborhood and she
really believed and hopefully still does and what I do and she said you know
Damon if you want to do some meetups I’d love to host you doing meetups in my in
my house and like wow that’s amazing she’s opening her house up to strangers
from meetup and I get to share you know NLP with people and I
didn’t have an like I’m online trainings at the time so I would put out a meet-up
and I would drive up to Hillsboro to her house she would feed me
amazing Indian food she was from India originally and I love Indian food
especially home-cooked Indian food and said she would feed me and then I would
present to a group of people who would show up and then he got to the point
where like I was enjoying it and everything and some of these people
starting becoming my clients and or they started showing up to my live workshops
but I decided you know driving up about 70 miles you know I’m spending money on
gas and I’d like a loom to make something back on there so I’m gonna
start charging five dollars and an amazing thing happened when I started
charging five dollars ninety percent of the people scattered ninety percent of
the people who had were coming regularly to the free meetups stop coming it’s
five dollars like you can’t even spend five dollars and butt in but they were
replaced by new people I thought that’s interesting it’s not like I like I lost
everybody I lost most of them but they were all replaced okay
and what didn’t happen was pretty much all of these people eventually became
people who were showing up to my trainings that were paid for and
becoming my coaching clients and I started to realize I was like okay with
that first group of people they just weren’t gonna they do against spending
any money or investing in themselves and the next group were people who didn’t
see much value and free stuff they looked at free stuff and thought well if
it’s free is probably probably doesn’t have a lot of value to it so they didn’t
come so it was interesting just the the change and I get this a lot of good
people calling me or not calling me uh sending me messages sending me emails
saying asking me to work for them for free like doing coaching sessions for
free or give them free training and when this happens like I I question their
their situation some people are really are broke and poor and I’ve done free
coaching sessions for people who are like really really down and out like
that they or honestly do not have resources and help and so I’ve done that
but most of it’s not that most of the time these
people have plenty of resources there’s just something inside of them that they
can’t they they can’t pay for they won’t pay for anything it feels like something
something’s being taken away from them anytime they put a dollar down on
anything and that’s a purely a scarcity mentality and when I end up telling
these people always say you know I I cannot help you because if that’s your
attitude about this you’re not even willing to spend money on your own
development you’re not you’re not gonna you you’re basically saying I’m not
worth it and so if we can’t cross that threshold there’s nothing I can really
do to help you and I’ve never changed their mind and I actually don’t want to
work with people who are like that because it’s it’s it’s they’re not
really earnest like I was talking bout that earnest wanting to learn wanting to
to become better at what it is they’re doing there’s something else going on
there and they’re not willing to admit it to themselves but one of the the
people who started coming to the free ones the free meetups that I was doing
and stuck around even whenever I started charging he came to every single Meetup
when when it was free and he was probably the only one who stuck around
from the free group when I started charging for five dollars and he stood
him then he started coming to all my trainings I ended up doing he ended up
paying me for coaching he took every one of my live trainings and he has taken
every single one of my online trainings and his name is James I don’t think he’s
on the call right now his name is James and I did a video with him when we were
in Vietnam together back in October of this year and you can go see it it’s on
my youtube channel it’s not too far back people look in the video section it’s
about what you know he can really do for you and this guy is transformed like he
is such a different person than the person I met when he first started
coming to the meetups and he goes into that we go into that in the video about
how NLP has changed his life and here’s the strange thing about him
would not really I wouldn’t say he’s not but he’s not a person who’s like he’s
not really an NLP er he’s just someone who has used NLP to change his life to
make it better and to overcome his limitations and really create the life
that he really wants to live he lives in Thailand now and he’s not super rich or
anything but he’s living the life that he really loves and really enjoys and
that’s what it’s really about and he’s not dependent on anyone else he’s fully
you know dependent on himself but he’s created that life and I was and he
started telling me this we were hanging on in Vietnam because he lives in
Thailand’s nearby and then I told him I would be in Vietnam so let’s hang out
and he sorts just kind of like telling me all the stuff and I was like I hadn’t
even really wasn’t really even thinking too much about cause I think of him as a
friend now wasn’t thinking of him as like a student or a client and he starts
telling me how much he’s benefited and how he wouldn’t be doing the things that
he was doing had it not been for my trainees and I was just like it’s so
warmed my heart to hear that and I said can we get this on video he’s like oh
yeah of course and so we shot that video anyway so just when you have that
mentality that you know I’m ready I’m gonna invest in myself financially I’m
gonna invest in myself with time and I’m gonna stick to it and I’m gonna be
consistent about it the world will open up for you and and you will change and
you will create what it is that you want and you’ll be surprised by what
satisfies you and fulfills you you’re gonna discover yourself you’ll discover
a lot of things about yourself that you didn’t realize and you’ll discover how
simple sometimes it is to be successful for you what success means to you
alright okay so you know way longer than I expected
thank all of you for staying on and see we still have plenty of people on so
thank you I love doing this and all right I’m just going to shut up I will I
hope to see all of you in the group and if not stick around in this group and
like I said I’d love to hear about your successes even if they have
to do with me I just like hearing about people being happy and doing what they
want and living the life they want to live alright that’s it for me have a
great rest of your Sunday or if it’s Tuesday for any of you I noticed we have
some people from different parts of the world I really appreciate you being here
and if I don’t see you in the group if you don’t join the group have a great
2019 I hope it’s successful beyond your
imagination take care everybody I hope you enjoyed the webinar if you have any
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