D for Dwarf: Cheese Makers | Dwarf Fortress Wiki reading

D for Dwarf: Cheese Makers | Dwarf Fortress Wiki reading

this article or section has been rated D
for dwarf it may include witty humor not so witty
humor bad humor in jokes and references to the bay twelve forums don’t believe
everything you read and if you missed some of the references don’t worry it
was inevitable legendary cheese makers are known to
players for the versatility they are capable of skillfully baiting traps
exploring fun filled caverns digging open magma pipes meat shielding bravely
defending force from the goblin horde and even making cheese blessed are the
cheese makers. ye engraved the picture yourself eating cow cheese in me bedroom
aye, what of it

22 thoughts on “D for Dwarf: Cheese Makers | Dwarf Fortress Wiki reading”

  1. Wait…I had to watch this again…"Rated D for Dwarf" LOL…y'all did this after a drunken DandD run…I can tell LOL

  2. I will be posting my D for Dwarf series on this channel and all future D for Dwarf videos. I will be remaking the older ones to match the new style and such as well and with this I can provide more video content on my channel inbetween the SCP readings and such. Plus I really love Dwarf fortress and this series!

  3. If you are curious about this game you can download it from the official website http://bay12games.com/dwarves/ and please also check out the Dwarf Fortress wiki from which the D for Dwarf series derives from! http://dwarffortresswiki.org/

  4. If you want me to do more D for Dwarf from time to time let me know! I will of course be doing SCP content for the most part, but a funny diversion is always good!

  5. As someone who recently got into Dwarf Fortress videos this is a nice surprise to have on one of my favorite channels.

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