Does He Design Underwear or Athletic Apparel? | Guess My Side Shopify Business Ep8

Does He Design Underwear or Athletic Apparel? | Guess My Side Shopify Business Ep8

– I feel bad for the 85%
of males that this fits on. – It’s not the size of the body part. It’s the function of the body part. – [Narrator] What do you think these people have in common? Each works a regular nine to five, but they’re also holding down
a surprising side hustle. (energetic music)
Can you guess what it is? (group cheering) A team of four strangers will get three clues. – Guys, I am stumped, truly. – His eyes will tell us everything. – We should go with our gut here. – [Narrator] And one guess – Here we go! – [Narrator] To solve this
episode of Guess My Hustle. – What’s going on, my name is Jonathan. I am from New York. My nine to five job is I am an actor. – [Director] Do you think the contestants are going to be able to
guess your side hustle today? – Most likely not. The product I invented
is pretty proprietary, and it’s difficult to really decipher what exactly I’m selling. So, I have two beautiful babies, a 1 1/2 year old and a 2 3/4 year old. I’m from New York originally, but I live here in Los
Angeles with my family. I have had eight orthopedic
surgeries unfortunately, but I’m still a great dancer. – Alright. – And I also am an actor. That is my nine to five job. – So what’s going on with the surgeries? What have you had surgery on? – I’ve had five knee surgeries. – Same knee? – Three and two. – Jeez!
– Why, what happened to you? – So much great dancing. (Amber laughing) – Actually, I’ve not torn one ACL dancing. I was an athlete. – Okay.
– I’m still an athlete. One of ’em I actually
crashed my motorcycle. Pretty much the rest were from sports. (upbeat music) – [Director] Do you have a side hustle? – I make and sell my
own brand of hot sauce. People love it, it keeps
me from livin’ in my car. – Ready? Target the market. By learning the market you might discover the side hustle you seek. You have until the buzzer
sounds to observe the clue. – [Blake] Alright. – [Amber] Alright. – Okay, so age 18-34, 85% male, adventurous, prepared, and active. Do you identify as 85% male? (Jonathan laughing) I mean we’re all on a spectrum. There’s no shame–
– I’m only 85% male. The 15% of me other is other. – Okay, fair, great. – [Amber] Ah, animals.
– What’s your favorite type of adventure? – For me, that’s a hard question. I mean, I love traveling, doing anything that puts your life at risk. – Okay. – Do you work in like
rehabilitation at all? Of any kind? – I don’t work in
rehabilitation of any kind, but does my product
help for rehabilitation? – [Contestants] Product! – Ding!
– That’s what I was saying! – It helps. – [Chelsea] It helps with rehabilitation. – Yeah. – And 85% male clientele. (buzzer sound) (contestants sighs) Well we got nowhere, so that’s cool. – [Director] What’s your
definition of a side hustle? – I think it’s your passion and love. Your side love. (upbeat music) – Okay, Blind Box. You have until the buzzer sounds to figure out what secret
clue the box holds. – You’re up. – Describe it. – So it’s like a cloth material. – Okay.
– All right. – Oh, I can do both
hands in the box? Okay. Oh there’s more, there’s a couple pieces. It’s like a stretchy material, like you would wrap it around something. – I told you.
– Yeah but there’s more than one piece. Kinda like a durag type material. – Oh wow. – See what I’m saying?
– Feels like underwear. No, I’m kidding.
– Right, that’s what I thought first I thought it was a thong – Does this go over a body part? – Yes. – Wow!
– What is this a thong for ants? (contestants laugh) – It’s like, I feel bad
for the 85% of males that this fits on. – [Amber] Right. It’s a body part though. – I mean… – Okay. Somebody else feel this cause I– – Look, It’s not the
size of the body part, It’s the function of the body part. – Is this product used? And is it gross that I’m touching it? – No. That’s not– that product was used but it’s not gross.
– What is this? – It’s a fresh product. – So it’s in a part of the
body that isn’t gonna give me some sort of interesting– – That’s up for interpretation. – Okay
– I don’t like that. I don’t wanna touch this. – That’s never something
someone wants to hear. – How does this secure to the body part – because there’s no Velcro? (buzzer sound) – Oh, come on. – [Director] What are
you here to do today? – I’m here to have
number one, to have fun, and then two, to guess
someone’s side hustle. That’s always second. (upbeat music)
– Let’s do clue number three. Alright. Out of Context. Move aside and listen to
a random blurb of text from the merchant’s website. You have until the
buzzer sounds to discuss. – Oh, I feel good about this. – Yes.
– Okay. – We gonna get a blurb. – This is– – Having like done an exegesis
on every guy’s text ever, I will be able to figure
this out. I promise. – Dream achieved. – 80% nylon, 20% spandex
anti-microbial compression fabric, providing a perfect balance
of stretch and stability. – So that’s it.
– Yeah – [David] Yeah, this goes on the knees, – It goes on the knees – Functional, helps you function. – Some kind of athletic
– athleticism – Do the people who wear
this product play sports? – Most. – Most of them. – Is it for the– – Do they wear it while they
are playing sports or after? – Correct. – So it helps– – Wait, during or after? – During and after.
– During. During. – During? And it helps
them function better? – Correct. – Does it help their
knees function better? – No. – Oh! – Cause it was small,
I’m going to say ankle. Like an ankle-toe sitch.
Like an ankle-foot situation. – Or maybe a wrist or a hand
– Or like wrist, finger – I’ve had a knee surgery before too and something compression
keeps all the parts together while your knee is healing. – What kind of knee surgery? – Right Lateral Meniscus
playing Rugby. Yeah. – Wait, what is Rugby? – That gives me no clue
because they hurt themselves all over their body. – It’s like angry soccer and football. (buzzer sound)
(Amber laughs) – [Director] Chelsea,
do you have any friends who have a side hustle? – Yeah. Pretty much every girl I know, their side hustle is just dating. – Alright guys. Now you get the chance to guess my side hustle. – [Amber] Okay. Athletic Apparel Designer, – Mens Luxury Underwear Designer, and Paracord Bracelet Weaver. (contestants sigh) – No, on the underwear – Cause the pieces aren’t
big enough to be underwear. – They’re big enough
to be certain underwear but they weren’t big enough. – Maybe for you. – And he said that athletes wear them? Not to say that athletes
don’t wear luxury underwear – But a paracord you’re saying is like a– – It’s for like camping I think.
They have them in bracelets a lot of weirdos wear ’em. So if you get– – Woah! Woah! (Amber laughs) – Talking about–
– It’s a safe space – No, no, no. I’m saying
the people that wear them don’t camp. Usually they’re just like “I always have my paracord
ready just in case”. – What is a paracord?
– Yeah. – I have no frigging idea. – Okay so
– Okay! (Contestants Laughing) – Don’t feel like I’m attacking you. You don’t even know what a paracord is. – Let’s just say that I really
– No, no, no, no! – Hope that you would know
what you do as a side hustle. – Maybe it was a– – And it’s not Mens
Luxury Underwear Designer cause you made us touch it. – So this is your final choice? – That’s our final answer
– Final answer! – Yes!
– Yes. Final choice. – Final answer. – Alrighty then. – Open the hatch– – Let’s see how smart
you guys are or aren’t. (metal door rolling) (contestants celebrating) – Yeah! We won. Yes. – Hi five, hun. There we go. – Ouch! My finger! – Oh! – Time to get some Grappz. – Oh yes! – Alright guys, great work
guessing my side hustle. This is my company, my baby, my passion. It’s called Grappz. This is a product I invented on my own. We are currently patent pending. This is a finger protection
device via compression glove. I busted my fingers so many
times and had to tape ’em and it just wasn’t cutting it. So when I tore my ACL, had
so much time that I was able to just bring this idea to fruition. Kurt Angle, Olympic
Gold Medalist, Wrestler, was a buddy of mine cause
we did a film together. Sent him the pair, and
he’s like, “I love this,” “I wanna be involved.” So he got involved, he’s part owner and he is now my endorser, he wears them in the WWE, I’m very proud of that. We have three different
variations, check it out. Check these out. This is the guy who it’s gonna work for. You were a Rugby player.
So now think about pushing, pulling, pushing,
pulling, pushing, pulling. It’s meant for all athletes
that injure their fingers. Basketball, Football, anything
that a ball would come to. Dodgeball, Rugby. But it’s meant for grapplers. Obviously the name is Grappz. Kinda like Boxers wear
wraps, Grapplers wear Grappz. – What do you love most about
the product and doing this? – I love when I get
messages from customers literally all over the
world, in different sports that I didn’t intend to saying thank you so much
for inventing these. I’ve been looking for something
like this for a long time. (upbeat music) – I thought it was pretty easy, I have a pretty good team with me so I felt like we worked
together pretty well and we were able to narrow it down. – I don’t meet a lot of people
who are starting a business from scratch so I think it was really cool and fun to figure it out. – I liked touching the stuff
and not knowing what it is. I don’t like that, I don’t wanna touch it. I was ready for a scary animal. I knew it wouldn’t be but it was fun. – Guys, thank you so much.
– Yeah. Thank you. I’m really proud of this
– Thank you. Thank you. – Keep an eye on us. Thanks for playing Guess My Hustle. Check out more episodes right here. Piece of advice I’d
give to someone starting their own side hustle, is resilience. You gotta keep going, if
you really believe in it and really passionate about
it. You gotta be malleable. You gotta take the blows and move forward.

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