Dropship.Me Plugin Review 2019 – BEST dropshipping products in one click | DropshipMe

Dropship.Me Plugin Review 2019 – BEST dropshipping products in one click | DropshipMe

How to focus on making money and waste no
time on searching and editing products? I know one cool plugin doing all these tasks
for you! Let’s review it! Hi! Welcome to our Dropship Club Channel!! That’s Anna and today we will make a quick
review of one of the best new plugins that imports top products from AliExpress to your
store just in seconds – it’s called DropshipMe! Do you want to learn more about one of the
most awesome plugins by AliDropship team? Just one more fact about it – it’s free! Now, you certainly are much more interested
in it, right? DropshipMe allows you to easily download handpicked
AliExpress products with perfectly edited titles, descriptions, pictures and real customer
reviews to your WordPress store. I’m sure that now you want to learn what
dropship.me is and how it works. As for me, its main benefit is a super easy
import of already edited winning products from reliable AliExpress suppliers. Right now I’ll show you how to upload this
plugin on your website. DropshipMe is compatible with any WooCommerce
website and all the stores based on AliDropship plugin. And it is also strongly recommended to use
AliDropship and DropshipMe plugins together on your WordPress site to get the most out
of these tools and automate your dropshipping business. You can find the link to it in the description
of this video or in the recommended solutions section on our dropship.club website. Here is the dropship.me website with all the
details about this plugin. You can check the features, packages, blog
and find some more info about it. Right now, I’m going to download this plugin
and show you how it works. I need to enter my email and then I’ll get
my personal API key and the link to plugin upload. I copy this code to my clipboard and go to
my website to install the plugin. Then, I select the Dropship-me.zip file on
my laptop and install it. Then I should activate it by simply pasting
my API key. Now I can upload up to 50 products from the
DropshipMe database for free. It can be enough for the very start of a dropshipping
journey. If you want to upload much more products,
you can check other packages. So now I’ll import several products directly
to my store. I can choose the shipping method, warehouse,
price range and of course the categories I am most interested in. I prefer typing my keywords. Let’s search by category and add some of
the products. I want to add more cute stuff to this store. Then I need to check which products I have
just imported and after that, I can publish them. I should also remember to add reviews. I can do that using either AliDropship Plugin
or DropshipMe plugin. It’s a very easy way to quickly get social
proof for an online store! So, you can see that everything is pretty
easy even if you are doing this for the first time. You can create your store in just a few minutes! Choose your products, make a few more clicks
and your store is ready for promotion and sales! Let’s sum up and highlight several important
features of the plugin. Dropship.me uses more than 20 criteria to
analyze whether a supplier is trustworthy enough to be included in the database. AliDropship experts analyze the market and
pick the most winning products before adding them to the database that is updated every
day. With this really fast upload, you don’t
need to edit your products. Therefore, you get a lot of free time to focus
your energy on other tasks like marketing, customer support, split testing, etc. You can use product filters to make sure your
future products listing fully meets your needs. You can import the real customers’ reviews
to create social proof for your store visitors. Great, right! And yeah, you will see the recommended price
markup for every product in the database. As you can guess this plugin mostly automates
the process of adding new products to your store. But if you want full dropshipping automation,
get the AliDropship Plugin too! It has an original WordPress version and the
advanced WooCommerce version. Order the plugin with a 20% discount using
our code CLUB20. Hope this video gives you some cool info about
one more pretty useful dropshipping tool. Subscribe to our channel and dropship.club
website to be updated on our tips and info about the world of dropshipping.

9 thoughts on “Dropship.Me Plugin Review 2019 – BEST dropshipping products in one click | DropshipMe”

  1. I tried to follow your video to install Dropship Me plugin, I have not pasted the API key yet, I am not sure if I have installed correctly, but when I check the installed plugins, the Dropship Me plugin already there and is activated! Can the Dropship Me plugin work without the API key pasted? How do I pasted the API key when the Dropship Me plugin already activated?

  2. I just heard about this plugin and all i can say it is just amazing for sure, but i have an important question here. As the title of a product is optimized by your team, what if for example 100 people choose the same product for their store? Won't they have exactly the same title on their product ? I mean if 100 people have the same title on their product wouldn't be difficult for google search about who will be on the first page ?

  3. alidropship provides late delivery and if we convert currency it will price higher can I dropship from amazon| My Customers Won't See Amazon Logo In The Packaging?

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