DropshipMe Plugin Review – Find Best Dropshipping Products

DropshipMe Plugin Review – Find Best Dropshipping Products

Running a successful drop shipping store is a lot easier when you’re using the right tools. Hey what’s going on guys its Shivam here. And in this video we are going to review the Dropship me plug-in by
Aliexpress. And see how it can help us in growing our drop shipping business. So you all would agree that one of the most important part in running the successful
drop shipping store is researching and selling the right product in your niche. Generally speaking we spend hours and hours looking for the right product and
even after hours of research, we find a product that is dead or no one is buying
it at all. This even sometimes get to hit and trial method. However, this is where
dropship me plugin comes into action. This is the Aliexpress’s new plugin
in their arsenal. And what the dropship me does is they give us the already best-selling products on Aliexpress to sell it on our drop shipping store. And this way we won’t have to spend hours and hours researching for the right product. We can just take the best selling products and straight sell it on
a store. This also reduces so much of error in our guesswork and also this is great if you’re selling a product in a niche that you don’t know much about it. You can easily search for a product and import it instantly to your job shipping store. Now also let’s give us a second for the features about this dropship me
plugin. So the plugin is just super easy to use. All you need to do is just search
for the product. And it will give you the list of the best selling products and just click on import and it’s done it’s that easy. They have selected over 50,000
plus products which are already performing well and bringing sales to
them. Also they are adding products on a daily basis. Also all the suppliers are
selected by Aliexpress and you are dealing with good suppliers so you won’t
have to deal with shipment delays and all that stuff. With this plugin you also
have to spend less time in editing title description and images. Because all of
these images titles and description is already optimized and without any
watermarks. So we have to spend little to no time in editing these products. Along with products you can also import reviews of these products. And you can approve them individually. Now if you need to drop shipping business and you
don’t know much about pricing then this plugin also tells you the best pricing
on which the item should be sold. So you have to do less guess
and generate more sales. Now some of you guys might also have a question that what is the difference between Alli dropship plugin and the dropship.me plug-in. So the way it work they both are different plugins and they work in
conjunction. Dropshipme plug-in focuses on inventory while the Alidropship
plugin gives you the necessary feature that is required for easy management of
your dropshipping store. And that’s why they are best when they work in
conjunction. So you can also import all the products with Allidropship plugin but it takes a lot of research and guesswork, trial and error method and also it requires a lot of experience to get the best product to sell on your store. But with dropship me you get all the best selling products, around 50,000 plus products, to sell on your store and you don’t have to do any guess to work
and generate more sales from the very first day. And you can spend all of your
precious time in marketing and advertising your store. So now, how do you
actually use the dropship me plug-in? So to use it you would install it like any
other WordPress plug-in. And you’re ready to go. You can search for the best
selling products in the search bar. Import with one click, import reviews,
change pricing and much more. So the last thing I want to talk about in this video
is the pricing of this plug-in. And you would be really happy to know that this plugin is free. But… if you want to run a bigger drop shipping store you need to
upgrade to their premium plans which starts from $29 and this will allow you
to import a max over 1,500 products. Also just like any other Aliexpress plug-in
this is just one-time fees which is great! Now if you want to check out the
dropship me plug-in you can check out the links down below in description. And also if you want to buy the Alidropship plug-in or the Alidropship custom store, you can check out the links down below in description as there is a free discount coupon and you can save up to 134$. And we do get a little
commission from them as a kickback which help us grow our channel and it cost nothing to you. Anyways that’s for today’s video hope you guys enjoyed this and if you did just click the like button below. Share this video with your
friends and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet. And I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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  1. I love your video can you do a video step by step how to put videos ad on Facebook to get more sell on your dropshipping website

  2. Hi brother, is there an option to find supplier's details in the DropshipMe plugin? when we get an order, how we can communicate with the supplier with this plugin?

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