Easy blueprint to start a successful eCommerce business – J.R. Fisher

Easy blueprint to start a successful eCommerce business – J.R. Fisher

easy blueprint to start a successful
e-commerce business hey guys I’m glad you’re here and if you are looking for a
way to start your e-commerce business but you have a clue where to start this
is the right video for you because in this video I’m going to give you the
exact blueprint to starting a successful e-commerce business and we’re starting
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it now let’s talk about starting your
e-commerce business it’s hard to do it’s hard to do if you don’t have a blueprint
but I’m gonna give you one so let’s get going now before I give you my method of
doing this I want to hear your method did you try anything yet if so put your
comments below have you had some issues put your
comments below do you have some suggestions put your comments below I
want to hear from you okay let’s check this out now starting an e-commerce
business well it’s hard oh it’s hard to do that’s why I did this video to make
it easier for you there’s a lot of steps that have to
together and you got to do them in the right water or you’re all over the place
right we want to keep you organized number one choose a product yeah I mean
you gotta find something sell and that’s really not that hard to do nowadays but
it’s got to be the first step in your e-commerce journey because that products
gonna have to do with your knee should even sell to then your audience and you
know how you’re gonna ship it all those things combined so you got to pick a
product first yeah picking your product well this this often is the most
difficult thing in the world to do but what I would suggest is using some tools
and some of the tools you can use our you know search subjects that you like
look on the internet for things that interest you you can also use tools you
can use something like a Barolo and what an overload will do is it integrates
with Aliexpress and it will show you the top selling products and what’s doing
well and you know the number of those products that are sold in that’ll give
you some good ideas to the next thing you do after you’ve selected your
product you kind of got up to valuate your idea you got to say well this is my
product is it gonna sell in the market is there a demand for this product in
the market you want to do this step it’s super important because if there aren’t
enough people searching for that particular product or you need that
particular product and you’ll never be able to build your business around it
another cool way you can figure out if your products to sell or not is just
know to Google friends that’s trends not google.com when you go
there you can type in a particular subject you can type in a particular
product and you can actually see what the search trend is how many people are
searching for it is that trend going up or down there’s a staying flat it’s
going down you probably want to stay away from it because that’s not a good
product obviously if it’s going up then that could be a good product for you but
is it a trendy product because I know all
little gadgets that come out and you know they may be trending but they may
not be around very long either so you want to be really careful when stuff
like that and the next step is obtaining your product okay where are you gonna
get this product fun this is super important after you figure out your your
product and what you want to sell you gotta figure out a source to get that
product and in sourcing it should you make it should you manufacture it should
you buy wholesale should you dropship all of these things are super important
we have products that we dropship we have products that are digital products
that you know we don’t to worry about manufacturing or any of that because
I’ve already made the product and people just get access to it and then they have
physical products like my survival tube which is a big product okay and it needs
to be shipped out and you have to manufacture it and you have to ship it
there’s a lot of work to getting that product in the hands of the consumer but
you’ve got to consider all of these things when selecting your product now
once you’ve selected this product okay and you’ve done your research and you’re
prepared you’re now ready to actually write your business plan and you’re
ready to sit down and start the process now writing a business plan I know I
know you don’t want to do it it’s a pain in the butt but you got to do it you got
to do it because this is going to be your roadmap to growing the business and
if you write a good business plan and you go through all the steps you’re
gonna be much more likely to succeed than if you just wing it and you just do
things as they come up that’s a tough way to go about it the next thing is
naming your business now this is something that people spend way too much
time on it’s just not that important the name of your business doesn’t even have
to be the name of your website you know it could be junior official business you
know it could be a VC business that doesn’t matter really but you just have
to have a name for your business and you want to check with your local zoning in
your local business license regulations and you
to get that business up and running now the next thing that people do I ever
think is creating a logo a logo doesn’t matter that much I mean I see people
with misfit hours or weeks or months or years trying to figure out a logo people
don’t care as much about that logo as you think they do
as a matter of fact they tend to make them too complicated and the simpler the
better if you think of something like Nike okay you know what is their logo
it’s pretty easy or you know television stations ABC CBS NBC you know all of
these are really really simple logos and understand that that logo is just going
to be something off to the corner it’s not going to sell any products for you
or anything like that and you can have somebody quickly make a logo on Fiverr
or on upwork something like that you don’t have to give it all this
thought the next step is to understand search engine optimization I can’t
overemphasize this because when I started I had no clue what it was didn’t
know what it was this is the thing to get your company in front of people when
they type a search in that search bar when people search on Google they’re
gonna type in a term and that term is gonna be run for Google and Google is
gonna go out there and they’re gonna look for titles and descriptions that
have that term in it on a webpage so you want to make sure that you optimize
those titles and those descriptions on every single page in your site and I’ve
had people say well do I have to do SEO to every page or can I just do it to the
main pages I say just do it to the pages that you want to come up in the search
results because if you don’t do it on all the
pages all the pages won’t come up just the ones that you do it over so it takes
time and you don’t have to do it all in a day right you can do a little bit each
day you can optimize each page I just went through my J.R. Fisher comm
website recently and it took me about a couple months but each day I would grab
a couple pages and I would do the titles and the descriptions
put the tags and there do all that and you know over time I got it all done
again so this is something that’s gonna take time you need to do this because
that’s the only way you’re gonna come up any organic search results now there’s a
lot of ways to build your store you can do WordPress you can be Shopify I kind
of recommend using Kartra first because now Kartra is not a website builder per
se but you can build pages there and what you can do and this is the smartest
thing to do is find a product build a page runs in traffic to it to see if it
sells you don’t want to get a product and then get 20 other products similar
to it and build a big webpage and find out that none of them sell so what we do
in Kartra is we put a product in Clark Pro and we can build that sales page and
see if it sells if it doesn’t we try another product another product and once
we have one that sells then we can add related products and actually build a
web page but the best place to start that is in Kartra I’m gonna put a
link in the description below you can actually get a trial for $1 and Kartra
which is pretty good deal right and it’ll actually build your web pages
it’ll do your memberships it’ll be your emails it just all kinds of stuff if you
just click on that link down there there’s a video you can watch it’ll
explain all that to you if you like it which would be crazy not to like and
it’s so good you can get it for only $1 so I highly recommend that the next
thing you need to do is decide on your sales challenge what do I mean by sales
channel well these are just places you’re gonna sell your product you know
you can be maybe you’re just selling them on eBay maybe you don’t even have a
webpage maybe you want to make Kartra pages like what I just said and you want
to sell them there maybe you want to sell on Amazon maybe what a WordPress
website maybe you went shopping ah there’s a lot of opportunities out there
but what you want to do is just hone in on a couple of them and I really do
recommend I don’t want to I don’t want to beat a dead horse but I do recommend
Clark there because that’s an all-in-one platform and you can you know test your
products there and you could do your emails and you could build your sales
pages all in one place and that makes it so much easier because I know when I
started I had to buy all these different software’s and try to integrate them and
make it work and it just didn’t work as well and finally I mean it’s only been
out for years at the time I’ve done this video
but finally there’s a place where you could have all the software’s at one
place so that’s what I recommend ideally ideally you’d want to have Kartra but
you also want to have a web page you’d like to have your product to me but
you’d like to have them on the Amazon you’d like to have one Shopify but you
can’t do it all in the beginning but think of this one down the road don’t
just have a mirror focus onto one place to sell your products look at a whole
bunch of possibilities and that way you increase your sales now the next thing
you want to think about is preparing to launch and if you’ve got physical
products and you’re gonna have inventory you want to make sure you get your
shipping all set up you want to make sure you get your credit card processing
all set up all these things need to be done before you actually launch your
site I had a client the other day and she was really anxious to run Facebook
ads and I said great what are you gonna run Facebook ads to she hadn’t set up a
product that she actually wanted to run their Facebook ads to but she was all
hyped up on Facebook ads so make sure you have all these things in line think
of all the steps and obviously credit card processing is one of them and if
you have physical product shippings one of them
ideally in the beginning if you can do drop shipping it’s better you’re not
gonna make the margins you’d make if you ship them out of yourself however it’s a
lot of work to do so and if you don’t have that in place it’s a lot to take
one in the beginning now let’s talk about something real quick
this KPI these are your key performance indicators what is a KPI well a KPI is
what you expect to get so it may be if I have a thousand people visit my site I
expect to get thirty sales if I run an ad and I spend you know ten dollars I
would expect to have a customer that spends twenty dollars so decide what
these KPIs are now these can change okay you may have them incorrect in the
beginning you may not know what your profit
percentage is gonna be you may not know what your conversion rates gonna be you
may not know what your click-through rates gonna be but upfront understand
these indicators because you know I didn’t in the beginning I didn’t know
what a KPI bugs but in the beginning if you understand all these things you can
start checking them early and you can tweak them so that you get better
results on all these different areas now what is post-launch when you got all
this stuff set up here’s post-launch you need to get a
customer you need to sell something ok so we want to concentrate on selling
once we get the store set up we’ve got to get that first customer we got to
start getting data and we got to figure out how we’re gonna do that the next
thing we got to do we got a marketer store in our products and how you gonna
go about doing that I mean that’s super super important you know there’s
different ways to get traffic there’s you can buy traffic you can do social
media you can do emails and once again emails Kartra will do that for you so
you know you want to have maybe opt-in pages where people can opt-in and get
free downloads and Kartra can do that so you know I highly suggest you check it
out Kartra that links below there check that out I’m not beating a dead horse
and they didn’t pay me to do this video okay that is my affiliate link but they
didn’t pay me to do anything on this video I just really like that software
and I think it’ll help you out a lot and if you get it and you get good results
with it you’re gonna be happier with me and that’s what I want now if you’re
deciding to go the social media route wow there’s a lot of opportunities you
know you can do Facebook post you can do Facebook Ads
you can do Instagram post you can do Instagram ads you can do snapchat you
know you there’s a Soviet you can do YouTube stuff there’s so many social
media things out there right now you’ve got Twitter accounts that you can go for
try to pick the ones that you have used in the past and that you know the best
okay so I’m not an Instagram user I know it’s a great platform but I don’t try to
do anything on Instagram because it’s just not my thing I don’t do it
I understand Facebook I understand YouTube and I tend to lean towards those
areas there so in the beginning don’t try to hit every social media area
can get the ones that you’re currently using that you like because you’re gonna
be a lot more comfortable and you probably gonna be a lot more successful
with okay now that you’ve got those sales what you want to do is optimize
them now what do I mean by that you need to a be split test so maybe you have two
different sales pages that when somebody clicked half of them go to one page and
half go to the others now this sounds complicated but it’s really not because
all this is set up in Kartra and you could click and duplicate a page
instantly change the title change of video whatever you want
and you can do a/b testing this is really important because we want to get
the maximum results out of the people that go to those pages okay guys now
starting off your web page and getting your first sales that’s the beginning
that’s just the beginning you need to use analytics this is how you’re going
to make it in the e-commerce world you got to use analytics you can use Google
Analytics there’s other softwares out there you can get but the blueprint this
blueprint I’ve given you is just the beginning knowing what’s happening
afterwards is what’s important how many people are going to your site where are
these people coming from you know what sources are working best
for you that’s where the analytics come in that’s something you got to check
every single day especially if you’re running ads you know we run ads and we
wouldn’t go in there every day and see which audiences are working for us which
ones are not working which ones are costing us more which ones are getting
us clicks which winners are getting us sales because if you just let it go on
its own you won’t know it you won’t make the good right decisions now as you go
through this process understand that you don’t know a lot of things right now and
here’s the scary thing you don’t even know what you don’t know okay and that’s
how I was I didn’t know what I didn’t know and the way you find out more
things the way you learn more things so you get in there can you try new things
and as you try new things more and more things are gonna be uncovered I know
every day I see something new and I’m like oh my gosh I didn’t realize that or
I didn’t notice that and you could do little things like you can make a sales
page or you can make an upsell page and it can be wrong and you don’t know
what’s wrong because at the time you were focused on making that page my wife
and I looked at one of her pages the other night and it was an upsell and we
didn’t want them to know it was an upsell one of them to watch the video
but at the top of the page we had put the price for the upsell and as soon as
they got to the page they can see we were trying to sell something so that’s
not what we wanted we wanted them to watch the video and in the end of the
video that had a product that we could actually sell it so a lot of times
you’ll do these things and if you don’t analyze them and the analytics aren’t
just Google Analytics they’re your analytics in other words once you’ve
done something and it’s working or not working look at it and try to figure out
why something’s not working and your funnel if something’s not working in
your sales process don’t say well that thing doesn’t work because all things
work your thing doesn’t work you know there’s some tweak you need to make
maybe you need to change the title you need to change what you said you need to
change a color you need to change a price but all things were online you
could sell anything online but you’ve got to analyze and that’s not just like
I said Google Analytics or these software analytics through your
analytics you need to stop and look at things because they can’t measure that
all they do is measure what happened or what didn’t happen you have to look at
it and see what needs to be changed okay so I hope this blueprint helped you out
you’ve got all the steps now you can get going
but here’s the question of the day what have you already done what are you
working on okay what did you try that worked or didn’t work put all of that in
the comments below if you have a question about this video please put it
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