hello see me handi again in this video I ask Mr. Rudi for help to process my water jasmine bonsai I just bought ok keep watching ok guys, this is going to be processed by mr Rudi water jasmine bonsai a lot of roots the root pieces will be planted again later replant all the roots this is the process of forming roots means later I’ll plant it using sand, okay? Don’t give fertilizer? yeah just poor sand, don’t give fertilizer Just apply cow dung fertilizer this is the root selection process for root formation This is Mr. Rudi the tree comes from a graft but it’s okay if it’s a transplant the roots can be planted for making small bonsai could be a lot of well this kind of tree is good look at the roots already around oh this is from a graft caught up well just directly form Mr Rudi it’s up to Mr. Rudi what to do cry if in the same shape as me not yet in shape it already looks good last night I bought it directly at home on the table ok this will be in the form of branches with Mr. Rudi it’s really beating twice all done this is the tree I just bought last night later after the process take home Is this okay, sir, Rudi? still safe? Is this the front view of the bonsai, Mr. Rudi? right my tree is gone my tree is gone Mr. Rudi was executed I want to cut it, I’ll help you sadistic guys throw it all away throw it all away here it is the result is like this This is for covering up the used pieces, sir, Rudi? yes later the results look good guys, we got knowledge yesterday I checked vise tool on the internet It turns out that the price is expensive too, Mr. Rudi yes 500,000 idr even that small one later if I plant under the base is given no base? don’t use a mat this is used as a graft Which one is Rudi’s front view? this looks in front of it, it’s good too later we will just have to raise the branches again, Rudi? Yes, it is true Here guys after surgery the result is like this I do not know Mr. Rudi has an inspiration with my water jasmine bonsai, but the result is like this this looks in front of it sharp Do you have to give the cambium ointment, Mr. Rudi? oh you should there are several types of trees don’t want to use cambium ointment but water jasmine bonsai is a must to use cambium oil oh, if you don’t want bonsai kawista oh water jasmine bonsai must use cambium love cambium ointment even better, use aluminum foil Don’t plant the sun later, okay? don’t get in the sun put it in a cool place so later this will plant the roots in the ground cover all yeah? just in here while like this first ok, this is the front view, Mr. Rudi? yes while like that first beautiful ok guys so sir rudi cut it like this This is Mr. Rudi’s creation everything is cut short cut it all this is the root, apparently this is a used graft not a natural extraction ok guys maybe this is how it used to be from me I’ll try planting later at home while this first said Mr. Rudi he said not to put it in a hot place so put it in the shade, do not be exposed to sunlight ok guys this is basic formation results water jasmine bonsai by Mr. rudi I’ve planted this a week, yeah well this has begun to grow new shoots this has all begun to grow have started to flourish well and this is the root piece and the root fragments have started to grow well new shoots have begun to emerge and I’ll just use this sand mixed with cow dung This is also the same medium for sand and cow dung ok guys maybe just like that from me hopefully what I share can be useful for you all my friends don’t forget to always support my channel by subscribing like and share my videos thank you


  1. Intinya beli 1 bahan dpt banyak calon bibit mas Handi… Sisa potongan eksekusi dimanfaatkan.
    Klo sudah pakarnya asal potong hasilnya joosss, coba klo mas Handi sendiri yg potong… Pasti hwaaaaa hwaaaaduhhhh πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  2. Heeeemmmm, sisa potongan nya tuh, bisa ditanam juga, dan bisa jadi bakalan baru bang, eman ditempat saya gk ada tuh… Hehehe

  3. Intinya harus tega.. kacau nih bang Rudi.. kalo sy masih berani ngebotakin aja gak sampe BDSM bgtu.. hehehe. Salam kenal bang.. sy jg baru belajar iseng2 ttg bonsai.. πŸ™πŸ™

  4. Mantap info Broooo….. jadi pengen tanam bonsai anting putri….. merahnya da permanent….. singgah juga di channel kita…. Mari saling dukung… salam bonsai…

  5. Wow benar benar ekstrim kawan. Untuk pemula yg baru berlatih seperti saya Eman Eman motong motong gitu. Ditunggu video update berikutnya. Salam

  6. Tapi bang, selera cantik/ indah masing2 orang berbeda, menurut mas cantik belum tentu menurut orang lain juga cantik, menurut saya baiknya kerjakan sendiri lebih baik.

  7. Việc nΓ y dα»……nhờ nhΓ  thờ Δ‘α»©c mαΊΉ Δ‘α»“ng trinh giΓ‘m Δ‘α»‹nh phΓ‘p được

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