FS19 NEW MODS HULK ++ Fasterlift  Farming simulator 19 Mod Review fs19

FS19 NEW MODS HULK ++ Fasterlift Farming simulator 19 Mod Review fs19

hello and welcome to FS19 new mods im
UKgamer808 and my channel is mainly dedicated to farming simulator 19 and
today we are doing a first look mod review fs19 for the Hulk ++ and
fasterlift which is new in the mod hub update a couple of days ago and I this
mod mod was made by 5nine created for farming simulator 19 and I’ve got quite
a few of them ant set up to have a look at and they are cracking bit of kit they
really are I’m at the presume most at bat map and I’ll tell you what these
trains absolutely fly by if you haven’t had a look at the map – I’ll go and
check that like coz it’s a cracking map really it anyway what we’re looking at
today first of all we’ve got the hulk plus + and all the different variants
there’s a few others i didn’t get eight because there is absolutely loads but
overall fantastic performs really well pulls like a train and really responsive
on the throttle on on the brakes which a lot of these trucks aren’t but this one
is fantastic but a kit so we start off with this is the smaller one which goes
on the faster lift well that one isn’t the faster lift this one is now you
can’t really tell a difference i don’t think oh you can’t there is actually the
crossbar on there for the lift to click in so you need that one and that one
let’s go in the shop and I’ll show you so there it is there and options for it
loads we’ve got the chrome stainless and then all the different we’ve got greens
statins metallics and old as well so all of the
loads of colors looking a choice and then we’ve got all our standard editor
colors as well so you’ve got we all colors which I think they were free
money no they weren’t 2,300 yeah that’s a hundred so they do vary and then going
on to your main colors the same again we’ve got all these different main
colors on here and 1400 and then we’ve also got the design color which you can
have that polished metal chrome stainless steel and then tan all the
different colors new old metallics satins
loads of options really is then going down to configurations now this menus a
bit screwed up so basically we have a short then there is the sleeper long sleeper short and all extra money sleeper sorry semi-fast lifts faster
lifts so that’s the faster lift one and you see there is 1500 there’s a little
bit less than that is because I’ve had the chip color choice at 156,000 and
then we have the single axle now I’ve drove that with some of the trailers and
it does it drives fine but there is there isn’t any collision but it goes
into the back of the cab slightly where it is really short and then we have
hooked lifts two axles hook if three axles and then a long bed flat bed semi-long without the cab semi normal
semi short scene see there’s absolutely loads of options on that wheel brands
we’ve got lizards Trelleborg’s and no kiens so also on the offenders we can
have them open with mud flaps half painted half design long paint half
designed mud flaps see there’s absolutely loads of options I’ve never
seen a truck so many options then we move on to the exhaust and windows so
let’s get that camera up there and basically on that we can change the
stacks and then we can go for the tinted windows as well and then you have the
hull 550 and then it goes up to the 680 and both of them seem to pull really
well I’ll do a horsepower test on the hill climb in later hopefully and then
we’ve got the three different bumper configurations which that’s my favorite
that’s the one I’ll be using so yeah now slot wise it is minus 40 on the slot
cane so it is quite a few slots and it is 156 thousand for this one and for
seven thousand nine hundred and fifty six pounds for initial leasing cost so
it is Holley on the slots everyone out of that is another minus two but overall
detailing of it fantastic trailer hitches all round it’s what we bloody
need so this one the faster lift like you said and it’s got these bits here we’ll have a quick scoot down at all
these other ones and there’s the login one now we’ve got the steering axle on
there as well on that unfolds where it drops down you can see at the moment
that’s going the unfold and it folds down just like that like that
and then we have the flatbed which is a pretty cool same thing on that all these
ones with the extra wheel there you’ve got that extra steering axle and same on
the the big rigs and then we’ve got the two-wheeled sleeper and then over there
when we drove in in is the six wheeled about eight wheeled including two at the
front now I’ve got the original one eight and I’ll tell you what there’s
something on this I only notice where we’ve got the fold option and you see
the wheel was aren’t a touching they’re not on the ground
and there’s nothing to drop them down or anything I couldn’t find anything it’s
not yeah well I’ve never heard anyone notice that and it isn’t a steering axle
either but yeah pulls like a train we’re going
giving it go in a minute I’ll show ya so going over this way we have the to
hook lips so we have the larger variant on the hook lift with the three wheels
extra turn and axle on there as well and then we go to the two-wheeled so
depending on how big a truck and where you are driving it because they are long
it’s like you know you compare the original hull to this low loader and you
can see it’s like a sisal just over a sizing low loader anyway so it is a big
old big old crack let’s have a quick look inside and then inside is proper
old school all the dolls for everything and I didn’t see any lights or
indicators or anything on the dashboard work and visibility in the back and you
can actually look at the back the mirrors aren’t too bad you can see it’d
be nice if they were in a little bit more a lot of time this just all needs
tweaking but yeah cracking job looks really nice so the faster lift let’s get out get
that light actually before we do that now we’ve got these cranes and these
cranes do actually fit on the back for your login so if you want to use a
trainer as well you can hook that on the back of it I can’t remember what like
crane is called let’s attach it and we will see what it is that’s it the pill
finger q1 seven Zed so you can hook that on the back of that
and the good thing is it brings you can still get an attached ER on there to put
a trailer on the back so it love that right so let’s put the or is it the
faster lifter faster lift so there it is and it’s just a front loader but the
good thing is the beauty is you can put it on anything you want so I’ve got some
bells set up there and then we’ve got the the old hook lifts just there so
let’s go in to hook it up now you can’t hook up any of the other trucks it has
to be the shortened ones otherwise it well it won’t have it and there goes a
train again 73 mile an hour 73 74 mile an hour all the way around so we’ve
drive in hook that out and then we can attach start/stop that’s getting a
little bit closer and I wasn’t sure how stable this was gonna be by picking up
sort of a lot of weight bales but it’s not too bad
so let’s get that lined up a little bit better I don’t know why they’re jumping around
a bit like that but let’s try again so we have got 8 bales and you see you
see the front end moving up and down which that’s pretty realistic you know
there’s a feral bit weight on there now one of the things I like is the you see
when we’re going forward and we slam it in reverse is instant why can’t it all
be like that so many of them run off and just don’t stop when you want it to but
you can see the the wheels are actually spinning where they’re trying to get
them trying to get backwards and forwards as quick as it can that’s what
it should be like what wrong way and then go drop that off
on there so you can use it with the buckets whatever you want whatever you
want to use it for and then if you want to hook up a trailer you can actually
still have a trainer up but obviously would hate that attachment on the back
so you’d have to put that on your back of your trailer or something and then
you can’t actually hook up now let’s go in hook this one up we’ll do it to the
low liquid air actually because I haven’t hooked it up to the low loader I
hooked it up to the bigger trailer we got there and that was one where it’s it
glitches in a little bit drop that down and it still will attach now it’s not
too bad with this one you can see it’s not touching the cab but obviously if you go up or down it’s
not gonna oh it’s fine there is no collision on it that’s pretty cool so
you can you know I did wonder if you had to leave it or put it on the back of
your wagon or something like that all right so we’re hook it up to this one
allow us to drop down so it seems to be the collision doesn’t happen because now
I bet you I can lift that up oh my god I didn’t realize I just seen that well
we’ll have a look at that map you can see it’s it does glitch through the cab
a little bit where similar trailers they’re not ideal for a single axle right now we’ll go back over here
because I just saw that extended eight and I put the help window on earlier and
I didn’t see any option on it so what’s going on with that so let’s get that
hooked back up and so we can go up that spins that way and there it is oh my god
I did not realize that so that you can get it up quite high K just above four
stacks nearly so help wind it on and we got right and
left on the cross part holding down our one folder front loader I like that so
you can actually unfold it and fold it right that’s pretty cool so if it isn’t
extended anyway going back out to extended so that’s the grab for that and
it’s up and down our one and up and down I like that and then unfold drop that
off and fold cool cracking better care now I’ve already
seen a few people using this full bails is because this is one of the first
things I thought where you can pick up full bells and and you could just stick
that right in the back of the bails and off you go on to the next one
jobs are good and now going back to these trucks and the steering on it
isn’t too bad whatsoever you see we get lined up here and if we turn the full
axle and yeah for the length of it the steering is pretty good well some of
these longer vehicles are a complete pain in the ass
they just don’t steer you end up doing like a 20-point to turn or something I would lighten ways as well you didn’t go
into a light in and we’ve got the main lights and then there’s lights going on
the back as well main lights on the front I mean lights
on the front main light and then the lights on the back as well and then
indicators and of course we’ve got the indicators on the sides of the truck
they’re pretty cool slightly different all I love it
only trouble is Holi slots but that’s what happens when you have loads of
these options on it so if you can have a few you may as well have a couple of
them the only trouble is if you have a warrior and a whole cost you I think the
warrior was just under and the forty slots or so but they do look fantastic now we have seventy-nine thousand that
liters of manure which is one of the heaviest things and this map there isn’t
many ELLs there’s a slight here or yeah and you can see that it just pulls it
pulls it keeps pulling really good truck I can’t wait to get this on the hill
climbing because I think this is going to kick some butt but yeah pulls like a
train cracking model right out all that is
your lot for today I hope you’ve enjoyed this mod review FS19 on the hulk ++
& Fasterlift cracking mods 5nine did a great job hes
got quite a few mods coming out is why we’ve just got a loaded trailer
which is gonna extend outwards a little bit so we can actually fit all the
bigger stuff on the back of the low load is instead of our 1/2 hanging off right
a little bit better Lots coming out anyway I’m gonna catch up with the rest
of the new mod swap teammate on Friday so check that video out that’ll be out
in a couple of hours time and if you’ve enjoyed this video or depreciate and
smash that like button for me and if you are new to the channel oh oh dear if
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before the end of the year so we’re coming up with just under 800 at the
moment so let’s go and pull you up anyhow thanks for watching and I will
see you next time

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