HOW MUCH Mr BEAST MAKES WITH FREE TRAFFIC | mr beast | Shopify | @shopmrbeast

HOW MUCH Mr BEAST MAKES WITH FREE TRAFFIC | mr beast | Shopify | @shopmrbeast

shop mr. beast is one top shopify
store of a top youtuber mr. beast .mr beast is getting around 1 million traffic per
month and if 0.01 a of this traffic also converts it’s around
$10,000 per month mr. beast is on Shopify hey hey hey hay avengers welcome
to another video in this video I’ll be showing you how one of the top youtuber
mr. beast is making $10,000 on Shopify with absolute free traffic and the
things that we can learn from his store and can implement in our store right not
to get those kind of results right now this video is going to be value video
guys so without wasting any time let’s dive into this video right now here we
are on the YouTube channel of mr. B so you can see he have gone down 28 million
subscribers that means 28 million peoples are following him and if he can
convert this 28 million people to his store he can make tons of money as you
can see his every video recent videos is I am sent across something or spending 1
million dollars on it there and if suppose this this traffic converts he is
making tons of money guys with this here you can see his all videos is more than
1 million views guys so we will drive in to his store let’s see how he’s getting
this kind of results so he stories around strainer shop mr. beast he’s his
a Shopify store that he had built around for his for his truck for driving
traffic and he’s driving traffic from YouTube guys and some other guys let us
see what are the things that he’s doing for driving traffic and in his store so
we are in similar wave and let’s see what sad things that is of his store all
right now his he’s in solace on video around 2000 and then his global rank is
around 77 970 and you tell us around is around 20,000 here we can see the actual
analytics of this traffic he’s driving his traffic has been dipped down a
little bit around 560 K he’s now but when in the month of June or in the
month of August he has got around 1.1 million traffic
and if 0.01% of this one burn 1 million traffic would have converted he has done
a five figures throw guys so let us quickly grab my calculator and I will
show you how this one this traffic he has got how much money he would have
made with this topic here I have already opened up for you guys if it is let us
see for 1.1 million traffic how much he would have made with his store higgins
ey for him multiplied 1 point 1 1 million dollars oh sorry 1 million
traffic with 0.01 percent means 0.7% of 1 million traffic if would have
converted the how much money he would have made if 0.01 percent multiplied by
1 million it’s around eleven thousand dollars per month so he’s making an hour
11 thousand dollars per month guys as this is a minimum guys it’s not my cou
accurate it’s a minimum transient things that I’m showing here he reckons if we
go down his all the traffic’s are from 41% is from USA so he is all the traffic
are mostly traffic are driving from USA Nexus United Kingdom and some of the
traffic’s he has got all this topic from the social that’s I think from YouTube
we will see let’s see from where it is getting here you can see all the refers
websites that here it’s called battling guys all the other stores that that’s
giving him the link to his store people are coming from this stores also here
you can see his traffic is organic traffic keywords are sharp mister we see
this is of no use for us in this state right now
let’s see let’s dive in we’ll see from where the which social media is getting
the traffic from here we can see the most traffic is driving from his YouTube
guys so he was around 28 million subscribers in YouTube and second most
is Instagram so he has made I don’t know he has made as an Instagram page or not
I know his YouTube channel only so from YouTube most of his traffic’s are
driving to his store so let’s see how he store he has built his store and while
the things that he have made in this store so we are on his store mr. beast
shop mr. beast calm so on the first book this look lon the store looks pretty
simple and it has given some free trial of free shipping for this traffic if I
have a first look on this store this draw a store is having only two colors
that’s pretty nice and a logo custom logo he has not made any lower body have
given his name here he had given some sections called her home hoodies
t-sections so it’s a general store I don’t like this thing guys that he have
made the currency has dropped down I don’t think it should use this one
because it should use one app that converts according to the country IP
address which pipe the the people your form because people I think they don’t
like this one he has made one custom thumbnail for this fall in his home page
that’s pretty good and down exactly down he has given all his product link very
simple guys he has not made anything like rainbows and raw every windows and
rows so it’s pretty good next we scroll down let’s see what’s
there hi he had given his photo with his two colleagues you probably have known
were from his YouTube channel guys if you are scrolling down so let’s see
what’s goes and he has made some impact wasn’t yeah one more thing guys he have
given social proof some people for us with reviews that will give social
progress there’s very very important nowadays and now and in the town section
it’s also looked very good and he is given to it
in copyright okay next one more thing very important is he should give your
email address or the people if any problem can contact you this will
increase your customer trust from you guys so here in the down section here
gives some customer custom vs. off here we should not use Shopify pay for me I
think it’s I don’t like fucking shop if I pay mattress badges so this one is
pretty good homepage is pretty nice but one thing that I don’t like is this this
price scanner currency conversion conversion sections that we should use
1f for this guy’s this app is coming that will convert in
the store legs so let us see one his product page we are like this I like
this gold ones let’s see if we are we are in the product page guys so at first
his picture is coming up it is zooming up that’s pretty nice so he is look look
wise I am liking this store very much so it is very simple guys so I have given
here have not used any countdown timer guys so okay that’s pretty fine but
let’s see what’s happened next what’s there next okay first scrolling
down he has used some of the features that I don’t like using I one more thing
I should tell you guys the benefit sells and features tells so whatever is there
he have written the benefits also and he have given in the first features I would
if I would be there I would probably have given the benefits first and next
the features yeah Add to Cart section he has given his be nice and down below he
has given the related item that will people will be liking so it will in
include it will increase your average order value guys but here I am not
seeing any reviews guys so that’s I don’t I didn’t like this one guys it
will you should have reviewing his store guys because if you
are not having reviews it will not increase customer trust that I feel I
have got results with the reviews guys after people buying the reviews after
seeing the reviews that buy people are buying from my store they can see the
sign up button I don’t think we should use we need this signup button it is
just increasing the space of our page if we remove this signup button that’s also
fine I think let’s see if I’m going to for a place in oral let’s see how it is
getting placed what is this it is getting right
okay I’ve chosen M but it is it okay the thing is getting up in the Add to Cart
section that also I don’t like guys actually if you are if you’re giving on
this a two-carbon is to dial it now redirect to you this page of two of the
payment page because people nowadays don’t have attention or don’t have time
for again going to his Add to Cart button who like you can understand guys
don’t have people don’t have the time to again go up scroll down he may have lost
one his customers guys so you should not do this one
whenever you’re somebody is clicking on this Add to Cart section the people
should be redirected to the payment page guys okay then the payment page also
look nice here you can see the email address is there okay every details we
should feel but or you should use to he have used some green color I don’t think
you should use because all these store is made up of only two colors that is
white and black so in this car in this check out part also currently shipping
also you should be he should have used only in only black color
yeah the customer expressed check out sections have come up that’s pretty good
PayPal and Google pen wasn’t they also he use giving that’s pretty nice yet
everything is looking nice I think he’s this store is selling pretty good
because I these stories of simple use but two things that I don’t like his
hair is the checkout page and the color he have used in that and
when when the people are giving an add to cart and that customer and the
currency conversion guys and these two things I didn’t like or else all it is
pretty good I think this story’s pretty Gillings if you learn how I’m making
five thousand and six thousand dollars using Instagram and Facebook Ads make
sure you check out these two videos out right now

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