How Shopify Will DOMINATE Amazon (Must Watch)

How Shopify Will DOMINATE Amazon (Must Watch)

(Shopify vs Amazon) Hey, it’s Rafael here and this will be a different type of video in this video We’ll be discussing why Shopify will absolutely dominate Amazon in the months and in the years to come and if you’re thinking of one or the other should it go Amazon FBA or Shopify what exactly should you do? I know in my audience and when I talk to potential students people that want to start mentoring with me They’re always thinking should I go the Amazon route because there’s a strong leader there the best e-commerce Platform out there or should I start my own thing with Shopify? Which one should I do in this video? We’re gonna cover all of that and why Shopify is absolutely going to take Amazon and they’re serious about it Let’s find out But before we start if you want to grow an online e-commerce business Make sure to click that first first link in the description to schedule a one-on-one Free no cost call with either me or somebody my team will take you to the exact strategy that you need to be successful in This year and in the years to come in the months to come and will really help you on a one-on-one basis Understand your problems understand what hasn’t been working for you and how to actually make it work. We don’t have a super long webinar We don’t have you know some course that really doesn’t teach you anything. It’s a one-on-one call You can talk to somebody one-on-one schedule it right now and if you want to win a list of 10 top products exclusive products that I am Advertising or my students are advertising make sure to comic secrets kind of secrets I’m a little subscriber that notification now I will pick one winner in every single video Coming secrets subscribe in that notification up and that thumbs up if you get value from this video now a little bit of a disclaimer I’m not here to bash Amazon I’m not here at bash Amazon FBA if you are a seller on Amazon Which I don’t think my audience too many are cells on Amazon I’m not gonna tell you I’ll switch right now to Shopify close your business down but in my audience there’s a lot of people that are choosing between Amazon FBA and Shopify when I talk to potential students that want to get mentored by me they say why is this better than Amazon? why not just sell on Amazon why not come with the other people that are on Amazon so you can rank Organically, why build your own thing separately. You’re not really going to get sales You’re not gonna compete against that monster Which is Amazon and those are questions that are going on in their head of a lot of my audience So I want to cover letter Shopify’s plans to absolutely overtake Amazon and if you’re considering wanted to both why you should choose Shopify and also just to make it 100 and a million percent clear. I’m not sponsored by Shopify I don’t even have a Shopify affiliate link. If you want to go sign up for Shopify shop fight com another free trial I don’t even have a link to send you. I’m not sponsored by them They did not pay me a cent to do this video This is just my personal opinion and why I think they will absolutely crush and I’m pretty soon So again, there’s not a paid ad there’s not an ad at all. So please don’t comment that in the comments Thank you The first thing we’re gonna cover is the acquisition of 6 river Systems by Shopify Shopify an e-commerce platform is a direct competitor to Amazon Although they sort of work in a different ways Shopify just acquired this huge company for 150 million dollars which is the same to build out their Shopify fulfillment network that will let people Essentially work like Amazon FBA where you send your products in to a Shopify fulfillment warehouse and then Shopify Fulfills that for you and sends it to the customer for you so that system that amazon has they’re already competing for competing with it and they’re putting serious money into that competition the Executives that worked at that work that used to work at Amazon’s robotics team called there is a company that Amazon’s bought in 2012 and it was called the Kiva systems in 2012 Amazon bought them for 775 million dollars now these people are the founders of the six river systems that Shopify bought and they have Automated vehicles that can move packages all over warehouse Maybe you’ve seen Ali babbles warehouses or Amazon warehouses where whoa buts do a lot of the work now Shopify is going to have that Under their belt they’re going to be a direct competitor in fulfillment As well with Amazon and other thing that I do want to talk about is that there are two million sellers on Amazon FBA and only 850 thousand its projected to be or in a million But the great thing about that about the competition on Shopify and the competition on Amazon is that you don’t compete directly With other people on the platform one really sad thing that I do want to cover which is in this little video that you see here when you place an amazon ad and you actually pay amazon, a pay-per-click and ad they actually show results that are cheaper than Your product so let’s say you’re building on now some bran you spent a lot of money into getting it started, which usually Takes around 2,000 to 2,500 dollars just to get your product to Amazon. I know there’s minimum order quantities There’s other types of ways to start you can start out with let’s say like 100 products But you still have to put in money for the product first To get it to an Amazon warehouse and then hope that it sells or start selling and even if you put ads They still show other people on top of you that are cheaper price So the people that are paying to be on those ads they’re getting competed against because they don’t control their own traffic flow They don’t control how customers see their products Amazon controls that on the other hand Shopify you control absolutely everything You can build your own brand. You can send people to your checkout page. You can put upsells However, you want Shopify also has apps that work like Amazon like frequently bought together different types of upsells I recommend Superfly for that in which if they buy a product they get automatically another product suggested right on Shopify so essentially when you go on Amazon it’s kind of like staying at your parents house when you are let’s say like 2021 and you rather live at your parents house to not spend money on rent. That’s Amazon You’re living on their mom and dad’s roof But then you’re also living under mom and dad’s rules and that is kind of selling on Amazon You’re putting a lot of money in to just be there And now you’re hoping that let me compete against all these people that are all getting ruled by mommy and daddy Which is Amazon Shopify, there’s another way around it. You can send traffic outside and control that traffic You can retarget that traffic. You haven’t tracked on your facebook pic So if you’re doing face God’s Google if you’re doing Google You can also keep the information of your customers on Amazon of ten people by you Don’t really get to know those people you can tree market to those people. They can become recurring customers on Shopify That’s really possible through email it’s possible to retargeting your own customers and you just control all of the data as well as the Barrier of entry on Shopify is a lot less you’re doing drop shipping on Amazon is way Way harder than doing it on Shopify if we look at the amazon drop shipping policy You can see a lot of things that are permitted and how to do it But if you look at examples of drive shipping that is not permitted You will see purchasing products from another online retailer Ie your supplier from China Aliexpress etcetera and having that retailer trip directly to customers is not permitted It’ll get your account shut down. A lot of people have been trying to do this, but it is not permitted so in Shopify the barrier of entry of Starting your own business is a lot less than doing it on Amazon where you have to buy a bunch of products Send it to the warehouse of FBA and then sell it on Shopify You can just test a product without even buying it first because if you’re a beginner and you want to start your own business or you want to scale an existing business Maybe you’re not super sure about a particular product and you just want to test it on Amazon FBA You have to put down hard cold cash To buy the product then store it and then hope it sells whereas on Shopify it You can just leave it out the supplier You don’t have to buy any products and you can put let’s say one hundred two hundred dollars on Facebook ads if you want to learn exactly how to test a product and how to get from a thousand dollars all the way up to like ten thousand dollars or more you Can check the video that in the description or in the I icon there? so a barrier of entry for Amazon is a lot higher you do have to get those products and then send them and then compete and there’s also a lot of Competition if you’re a small seller and you can’t really drive traffic from other sources, even if you drive traffic from let’s say Facebook Google and and other different social media platforms, maybe you drive organic traffic. Maybe it’s your friends family Whatever it is of buying your product then Amazon controls them on Shopify Well as in the example of amazon is the mom and dad where you live on mom and dad’s house and under mom that’s rules Shopify is kind of like getting your own apartment. You are gonna have to pay rent There’s a lot of other bills that you have to pay There’s a lot of things that you have to take care of yourself, but then it’s your own rules on Shopify It’s all your own rules We have one band account from Shopify But it was because we were selling Platt products that were outside of their terms and conditions Which was one of my mistakes back last year. We got one of the source band on it Shopify It’s really really hard to get banned if you sell products that are not outside of their terms while their policies We were selling a product that’s for health and helps people stop smoking We got crushed for that just because it doesn’t follow their terms. If you do products that do follow their terms It’s very very unlikely that they’ll ban you or their clothes down in your stores now another cool thing Is that on Shopify you can use external? Payment methods the payment method that I use right now is one processor. That’s Connected through a platform called nmi and for people that are more international you can use stripe PayPal and good news about stripe They expanded into eight new European markets. They now expand it into Poland Estonia Latvia, Lithuania, Romania Slovakia Slovenia Greece and Portugal so they’re expanding into more and more and more countries. Although I kind of hate stripe I really don’t like stripe. I now use other processors outside of stripe and paper Stripe does allow you to start a lot easier than any other type of payment processor a lot of my students they can playing hey Stripe is holding my money Yeah but you wouldn’t really make any money if it wasn’t from stripe there just wouldn’t be a way to make money and stripe is a very good software While you get from like zero to about $50,000 $100,000 when you’re passing a hundred thousand or more You should really get an external processor just like we got we got nmi and it’s amazing to work with now back to what I was talking about about their Acquisition of six river systems if we go to this article right here six river systems is best known for their autonomous Vehicles that can move things around the warehouse. So Shopify is really investing into having Fulfillment and just being better than Amazon at fulfillment now. They have a little increase of speed reliability of warehouse operations So when I first saw this whole fulfillment network I said, okay. This looks cool Shopify knows how to paint a huge picture and a really good picture of what they’re planning to do this acquisition Really put me over the line of thinking, okay They’re really doing this and although there’s other platforms that I recommend like Red Stag Fulfillment is a really good one and also ship Bob or solid solid ones for fulfillment And if you actually want to ship in two to three days from the United States or Canada They’re great solutions to use but it’ll just be better to have it inside of Shopify so you can ship Directly to other people it would be awesome to do that straight from Shopify and not have to use somebody outside Before I go on with this video I want to remind you to schedule a free one on one call with the first link in the description Click that link fill out your application And talk to me or somebody in my team directly to get your business a next level not in 2019 2020 make sure to schedule a call right there for free no cost Click that first link in the description. The last thing that I do want to talk about is funding on Amazon You don’t really need you don’t really have funding of any source when you join their Amazon FBA program and you go through the south-central all you have is your money and Money from let’s see a bank a credit card whatever it is once you start making money on Shopify Shopify allows you to get funds and this is what we did for a first brand like a first legitimate brand we use Shopify capital then use the capital and paid them based on revenue so you can get a solid amount of money, let’s say that’s like $15,000 and then pay it off with your revenue They’re not gonna chase you they’re not gonna just get your depth and collect it right away They’re going to let you pay it off as you grow your company as you grow So I think it’s a great thing from Shopify that also beats being on Amazon I’m a huge advocate of you should build a brand You can look at my video how to turn a thousand into ten thousand plus four hundred thousand with Shopify dropshipping I’m an advocate of starting with the general store selling multiple kinds of products then niching down Building a brand that brand building that brand loyalty that you’re gonna bring and essentially scale your company up It’s really hard to do it under someone else’s Rules, it’s really hard to do it under someone else. That’s Pete I’m some eBay Etsy, whatever class on whatever marketplace you’re selling on It’s really hard to actually build your own Brand when you’re doing it by yourself with Shopify allows you to do Then you have all the control. You can build your brand as much as you want. There’s no ceiling There are gonna be some problems some payment method problems. They are gonna hold your money. Sometimes that is just part of it it’s not just Looking at the rules from the marketplace and then following the rules is no you create your own rules you can sell as much as you want as fast as you want and then try to Advertise this I try to advertise your brand as well as you want before you go if you want to learn exactly how to be successful drop shipping and specifically drop shipping on Shopify in 2020 in next year, it’s coming very very soon. Check out the video right here. Check out that video Click the first link in the description to schedule a call right now video a one on one call with me or my team To take your business to the absolute next slide. We’ll click that first link in description right now

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  3. I had a store get banned that was selling the contour duplication gauge. After that any store I open gets shut down by Shopify and they won't give me an answer why. They just say your business is to risky and that their reviews are private so they can't divulge why. Ended up switching to Woocommerce for now.

  4. Yeah Q4 is almost here which is the perfect time for Shopify! You can make the same OR MORE amount of money on Shopify compared to amazon.. let's crush it! ??

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