How to add Facebook chat to Shopify [UPDATED – JULY 2018]

How to add Facebook chat to Shopify [UPDATED – JULY 2018]

Alright so the first thing to do is go
to your Facebook page that is correlated to your business and you’re going to
want to go to settings you’re not a page admin you’re not going to be able to see
this menu up here so you want to go to settings ones that loads right here on
the left-hand menu you’re gonna go to messenger platform
you’re gonna scroll down until you see customer chat plugin i’m gonna click
setup it’s gonna walk you through the steps you’re gonna choose your language
that’s gonna be us and you can change the greeting so this is the first thing
that pops up right here hi how can I help you I’m just gonna leave it like
that click Next next thing is you can basically change
the response time you can have it set up automatically based on you know often
you respond or how quickly you respond to to your customers or you can click on
replies instantly and that will change automatically up here you can also
change the appearance for the color that little bubble we turn it on it will give
you the ability to do a hex code depending on your brand colors and that
will change it’s kind of nice then you click Next and you want to basically add
your domain right here you can click the save and then you can click to install
code by yourself and all you want to do is copy this code you hit finish then
you want to go to Shopify find the online store themes menu click on
actions edit code once that page loads you’re gonna want to open under layout
theme dot liquid and then you got to be careful here not to mess with any of the
other code that’s already here but what we want to do is find the body so this
is the head and you see all the content inside the head tag you keep scrolling
down you will see the body Tech and actually have the messenger
plugin already installed in this one so you can see it goes from here all the
way to here so I basically just pasted that code in there and that’s it after
that you just click Save and then you can exit and just give you an example or
how that would look you go to the website and ones that loads you can see
it here obviously I went through the steps again with a different page so you
can see the the step of the process inside of Facebook but then that’s it
this will be automatically linked with your Facebook page so you’ll be able
people who come here and talk to you they’re already logged into Facebook
they’ll be able to continue the conversation on Facebook and you will
also have those all those records on your Facebook admin page that’s it

41 thoughts on “How to add Facebook chat to Shopify [UPDATED – JULY 2018]”

  1. Hi there, I have followed these exact steps multiple times, but it doesn't seem to be showing up on my website. I have no age or country restrictions on my page, I have whitelisted my website on Facebook and even on my AdBlock (in case that was the issue), even disabled Shopify's messenger icon so I could see this one – but still nothing. Could you suggest any help, please?

  2. Hello,

    Does the facebook messenger app have to be installed in order for this to work? I've placed the code in several times but nothing seems to work.

  3. Hi, i was following your tutorial… but in my codes on shopify (under "Body") there is nothing about Facebook messenger… so how do i know where to paste the code then?

  4. Hy, thank you so much for taking the time to make this video, It worked perfectly but only for desktop, does not load on phones.. 🙁

  5. hey thanks for the video 🙂 question do we really want to show our real name though? when they click on the icon it says your name rather than the company? do we have to create a new fb account rather than just a page on our personal account? Thankyou

  6. I did the same steps as it's shown in the video but I am not able to see the facebook messenger bot icon on my website. In Des 19 is anything updated in Shopify because of which it's not showing the icon?

  7. I've whitelisted my website domain on Facebook messenger, but I have a debut theme so the theme file looks different. I've tried pasting the code below Body but nothing happened?

  8. For some reason, the chat plugin only works on chrome (both on web and mobile). It doesn't appear on safari (both on web and mobile). Any ideas on why this is the case?

  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Best AND easiest Shopify tutorial I have seen and I have seen a lot!! IT JUST F*ING WORKED!

  10. for some reason this isn't working on my website, does this method have known conflicts with shopify apps?

  11. How does it look on mobile though because when I put in the code the pop up message instead a box with an x appeared and when I clicked on the icon it told me login and then the page wasn't found ?

  12. Hi, great video. I followed all the steps but I unfortunately can't get it to work and I don't know why! I followed all the steps here.

  13. Yeah doesn't work for me either. Followed the steps but not working. Maybe other shopify apps I'm using are interferring??

  14. Hello i'm french , thank u but it s not okay : i put the code after the "body" but after nothing on my store

  15. hi, i am here with other problem. my site is not showing the menu button. like shop, catalogue. it is not showing anywhere. it is pleaseee helpp:(

  16. Hi thanks for the tutorial. The code worked on my deskstop. However it didn't seem to work on mobile. I check out my website on my phone but I don't see the fb messenger icon on my website.

  17. Thanks.. I have added the code. but the messenger is not loading. it's under my body tag. But not showing up.

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