How to create a Shopify Store in 27 SIMPLE Steps | 2019 Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

How to create a Shopify Store in 27 SIMPLE Steps | 2019 Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

hey my name is Tim and in this video I’m
going to show you how to build a high converting and beautiful online shop
using Shopify Shopify is a great software to start your e-commerce
business to offer your services or products and also to have a blog or a
website and in this video I show you from start to finish everything you’ll
need to have a profitable online shop I show you how you can sign up for a
14-day test period on Shopify then I’ll show you how you can find install and
design a theme you will learn how to set up different payment options and how to
accept orders then you’ll learn how to set up Texas and shipping I’ll also show
you how you can automate sending your invoices and you’ll learn a lot more
basically I cover all of the basics of Shopify so you will be able to build
your first online shop and start selling in a matter of a few hours
now this is very important to note this tutorial is not just a pure drop
shipping tutorial I will also show you how to drop ship but this is a more
general tutorial so I show you all the basics that means you can build an
online store with your own products but in case you want to drop ship this isn’t
bad either because I think you should really know how to do all these things
and I’ll also show you how you can dropship so everything is included I
also know that not every single step in this tutorial is going to be necessary
for your online shop that’s why I put timestamps in the video description and
in the comments so if you want to skip a step or just go to a single step you can
look there and find the exact minute so now that we did the introduction I am
ready to start I hope you are too let’s begin let’s start by doing the first
step signing up for Shopify we can simply click on the first link in the
video description why do I want you to click on that link and not go to Shopify
directly well there’s two great reasons the first reason being that you get a
14-day free trial over that link so you can test out everything build up your
store even start selling and if you like it you can keep Shopify and if you’re
not happy with the you can simply cancel so that’s pretty
great and the second reason is that if you click on this link
Shopify sees that I recommended them and then returned I get a little commission
from them now that’s at no extra cost for you but it’s simply a great way to
support this channel and future videos on this tutorial I will probably spend
about one week of work next to university so if you use that link you
can support me at no extra cost and you get a 14-day free trial thank you for
that so I’ll just click on this link and then I get directed to this site and now
real on Shopify page and as you can see here we have a 14-day free trial to sign
up for Shopify we simply have to enter our email address and then we have to
click on get started then you have to set the password this password relator
on be used to send into your Shopify account so I would recommend choosing a
safe password and then you have to choose your store name since I will show
you how to add a real domain later on this step isn’t all that important but I
would still recommend choosing a store name that is kind of similar to the
product that you’re selling so if you for example want to create a cat store I
would choose something similar the name cat itself will probably be chosen
already so you could just choose something like cat store 24 if you
wouldn’t add an external domain later on your domain would look like this now in
this tutorial I will also show you how to add an extra domain so it would look
like this for example and I would also always recommend that you add an extra
domain because if you don’t have your full domain but only a subdomain it
doesn’t look professional and it can scare away a lot of customers and it’s
only like 15 bucks per year so that’s pretty cheap I will just choose a random
name here cats are 26 and then I click on create
your store great now they set up my store so now we can tell them a little
bit about ourselves so so I already setting just choose one I would
just say I’m just playing around for example no you don’t have to click any
of that I mean you could but I don’t think that’s necessary and what is your
current revenue like that and then we can click on next
here you have to fill in some of your personal data so first name last name
address apartment your city your postcode your country phone number and
maybe even a business website I’m going to fill in this info and then I click on
enter my store but I’m just going to do a little cut here because I don’t need
my information public like that congratulations this is the Shopify
dashboard you just successfully created your store we can even have a first look
on it by going to online store and clicking on this I and this is what your
blank store looks like right now now and this obviously doesn’t look good yet but
we can make it look good and that’s the next step so I go back into the
dashboard and click out of that tab again and then we can start creating our
site this dashboard is basically split in 3 parts on the right side we have
some current data or so total say it’s to the sets breakdown and down here we
have some activities these are just the activities from the signup process now
in the middle there will also be some current data but right now we can see it
and on the left side which will also be the main part we are going to work on we
have some options we can manage and customize so we have others or products
customers analytics which can be really great and Shopify especially to analyze
some of your marketing then we also have marketing we have discounts apps and or
online store what we could do now is add a new domain so we can click here on
that domain and then click on add domain then I click on buy a new domain your
domain maybe it’s already taken so you have to get a little creative I would
just choose cat store 26 comm which is still available and costs $14 per year
which is totally fair then I click on buy and to
buy it I obviously have to fill in my credit card data so I just do that right
now and then click on continue down here then we can either check that we want to
auto renew this domain or we don’t I will just uncheck this because I will
close in the store after this tutorial and then I can click on buy domain
perfect and as you can see here we have to verify your email address in order to
get that domain so I will just do that right now and here we have three mates
so what’s the bird which I’m not going to open then a registration email and
here we have to verify our email so I click on that and then I have to click
on this link you should do that too because otherwise your domain won’t get
approved and then I click on verify information perfect then I click all of
you and all of you again then I can refresh this page and as you can see we
have a domain and that’s how easy it is to connect a professional domain name to
your Shopify store know that we did that we can really get into designing our
page the first thing we have to do in order to design our page is go through
online store and then go through themes and here we can choose the theme theme
basically sets up the design layout colors and sometimes some effects of
your online store you can either go to free themes or you can also browse in
the theme store in order to buy a premium theme in my opinion the free
themes are fully okay and are really functional because they were made very
simple which in my opinion is the best way to create a store very simple and
very easy to shop but if you maybe want a more professional theme you can also
go to the team store in this tutorial we’re going to use a free theme which
are also used on my online stores so I just click on explore free themes and
here we have some free themes they are basic
three that I like first we have simple Brooklyn and minimal in this tutorial
I’m going to use Brooklyn so I click on Portland and here we also have two
styles so I backless ik or playful now I’m going to use classic and then I can
click on add Brooklyn perfect as you can see here the current theme is the debut
so we have to go to more themes down here go to Brooklyn actions and click on
publish then I have to click on publish once again and as you can see here our
current theme is Brookland perfect now we can click on customize and then here
we can work on the design of our site if you look up here you can switch between
the desktop and the mobile view which is really important because your site
obviously also has to be responsive so here you can always switch it up and
look if it still looks good so I go back to desktop right now here on the right
side that’s always a preview page of your shop and on the left side we can
edit everything we could start by deleting one of these sliders you
probably can’t tell yet but there’s two different sliders in
here yeah maybe you can see it in the background so what we go to is go to
slideshow on the left side and as you can see here there are two slides so I
can click on the second one and then I can click on remove content and now we
only have front slide I like it better in case you want to add another slide
you can also go to add slide and use a second one so I have to delete it once
again because I only want one slide but that’s how you do it in case you want
multiple slides you can also change up the speed in which they change so you
can make it 7 or 10 seconds I’ll leave it at 5 and you could also switch off
the auto rotation so it will always stay on one slide until the user clicks on
another one but since we only have one slide it
doesn’t matter I go back I love you again and do some more customization and
data on we will also go back into this light so I can go down here and here we
talk about our brand and there’s a collection list and the feature
collection maybe I don’t want the collection list so I can go in here and
I can delete it so remove section perfect and now it’s gone
here we have the feature collection I could also go in here and edit it a
little bit right now the grid style is set to college we could also make a grid
which I personally like better and then we have more products showcased on our
homepage great we could also change the title to our products perfect then I go
back I love here again down here they can sign up for your
email list which is really important so I would leave that
and here’s the most important step after you did any changes in your customizer
always go to save up here otherwise you will lose your work now that we saved
everything we’ve done before we can go on and work on this a little more I also
want to delete this rich text right here so I click on rich text and I click on
remove section and by the way you don’t have to delete everything I’m deleting
here you could also add a new section if you want to there’s a ton of things you
could add you can even add custom HTML so you can really be creative in here
and create a page that you like I like to keep my stores very simple that’s
where I do it this way but you can use any of this and maybe even more if you
have other themes so be creative now I want to edit the background image of
this slider so I click on slideshow on the slide then I click on select image
and on upload image because I didn’t upload any images yet and we could also
choose a free image up here maybe you find something good I already have an
image so I go to upload an image and choose the one I want to use this one
because it’s a cat store perfect I think that looks pretty cool then I can click
on select great you could also add an overlay so any color we like for example
blue and make the opacity higher but that would just be a color or even lower
so that is just where we slightly blue but I don’t think an overlay is
necessary so I go back to some kind of grayish and just put it to ten great
here we have alt text so an introductory and introductory hero been our hero
banner I’ll just delete that delete that and the button text can also be deleted
because I don’t think about Ness necessary
we simply have this dimension here but in case you want to have the button you
can also fill in a link in here so you can lick a product pages or even whole
collections I will just delete the button and then I go back out of here
again the next thing we can edit is or header here you can see announce
something here so we can go on header here we can add a logo or a homepage
logo currently this says cat store 26 because it’s masters name but in case
you have a logo you can go to select image and upload it but I don’t have a
logo yet so I go out of here again but oh by the way in case you want to have a
logo but I could recommend you is Fiverr they do really great logos
if you want to go there go there you can simply search for logo and these are
pretty expensive right now but you can also price range up to $5 let’s go and
here you’re always find some great logo make us so I also linked them in the
video description if you want to check that out they are pretty cheap and
pretty good I always do my logos there so I go out of here but here you could
add an logo then we also have our navigation this is right here search
type this is that we could also set it to none so you can search in there
and here you could also edit the menu what we can do that later on and here’s
the announcement bar as you can see here it says announce something here right
now it’s set to show in case you currently have a promotion running you
could for example find your coupon code in here and it would change in here but
I don’t need this bar right now so I can delete it and you could also say that
it’s only on the homepage or on all pages but I don’t want that announcement
at all you could also change up the colors in here and even fill in a link
but since we deleted that we don’t need it so I can go all up here and then I
can save it once again great so what do we have yet up here would be a logo in
case you have one then here’s a menu which we can edit later on here’s a big
slider then here are some products an email list and a footer that’s perfect
that’s in very very simple store as you can see it’s basically three sections
but that’s enough you really don’t need more now let’s go into the theme
settings so we can click up here next to sections and the first thing we can edit
is colors so we can click on colors and in here you can edit all the colors of
your online shop so the general background headings body text line color
and so on and so forth you can also do this for the drawers now
I will start by showing you basically the background for example we can go in
here and scroll down and then we can choose another color right now it’s set
to right I could also choose red for example I mean it looks terrible but you
can either go in here and drag it down a little bit and choose another color or
you can also fill in a hex code so in case you already have some specific
colors you want to use for your online shop you can just go in here and fill in
your hex codes I will put it in right again and I’m not going to expand every
single one of these options but you can simply if you want to go in there check
every single one out test little bit and you see what they are for
now it would take great too long if I were going to every single one and in
most cases it already looks good but if you have some specific colors you want
to use for your shop no problem go in there and edit it then we can go back
and we can go to typography so we can go in here it split up in
headings X and text and body text and what we can do and every single one of
these is change up the font so in case you don’t like it you can go to change
and choose one of these there’s a ton you can choose from which is really
great but if I can give you one tip it’s to stay with one to three different
fonts on one website if you change it up too much it will look kind of weird so
either just let it the way it is because the designers of these phones have
really thought about it or you maybe also have some fonts you want to use
then just choose them and you can do it in here we can also change the base size
and the thickness so we can for example make it bold and this will change to
bold as you can see here we can do some of these settings in the X and texture
so if we scroll down you will see subscribe is written in a capitalized
text we can uncheck this and as you can see here it isn’t capitalized anymore I
will check it again and that’s basically it
we can also go into the body text and make it a little bigger so maybe you saw
it it got a little bigger looks pretty cool
mobile yes the looks good on mobile so I’ll leave it that way
perfect then I can go back I love you again and the next thing is the cart
page here it is important to choose page rather the reason I don’t know if it
stood that right maybe you have to Google
but when I chose draw I sometimes had some thoughts in the cart page and
Friends of me had these same thoughts so I would recommend choosing page but you
can also test it out maybe draw works now this has been in the past so I don’t
know maybe it works but I’m not quite sure you can also enable other notes
which we can’t see it but that’s always just a preference I will uncheck it once
again and then go back great then we can add all social media so we can click on
social media and here we can simply fill in the links of our account so Facebook
Twitter Pinterest Instagram and they will appear down here now I don’t want
to add any social media so I go out of this again and the next thing is the
favicon I don’t have a favicon for this store but in case you have one a favicon
is this little icon right now it’s a Shopify icon but here there’s the Bing
icon here’s the solo LaRon icon there’s a little star this is basically a
favicon so if you have one you can go to select image and upload it and I would
actually recommend that you create a favicon or get one from Fiverr I mean
you can get it for five bucks because it looks a little more professional in my
experience even when I’m a customer I think it’s always a little suspicious if
a store or website doesn’t really have a favicon because it doesn’t look as
professional and I think it can scare raised some potential customers so I
think it’s worth the five bucks if you have one just like the image and upload
it and the last thing is check out what we won’t change anything in here but you
could also edit the colors so we can go back out of here again and then we have
to click on save that’s always very important
now that we saved everything we can go out of the theme settings once again
perfect and now comes the best part of designing your online shop these
settings this part will probably be a little bit boring but we simply have to
do it and others have working on that shop so let’s just get through it and we
will make it quick and easy in case you want to have another language for your
own that shop so maybe not English but German or Spanish or whatever you have
to go on actions under your themes and then go to edit languages and here we
can go to change theme language and then choose another one then you have to
click on save I mean I won’t do it now and if you did it here will always
appear the left side with some English examples and the right side with the
translation so you can just go through them and check if everything is
translated correctly and do this for every single one of these options so
just go in here check ok text is correct in English and a German there will be
another word so just check if it’s the right word and then you always have to
go unsafe since I didn’t do any changes I won’t go to safe then we can go to
blog posts here on the left side and I will show you how to create a blog post
so in order to create a blog post simply click on create blog post and blog posts
are pretty great because you can get some organic traffic from Google or
other search engines which will basically be used for content marketing
on this blog post you won’t directly sell your product I mean you could – but
in most cases you will write about your product or a story or something like
this and then later on sell this product to your customers can work
I personally actually never did it because I always sold directly via
Facebook but you could if you wanted to so you simply have to edit your title
and then in here you can and write your text and use it like any
other editor like words you can use formatting make a bold italic underline
it and all of this stuff then you can add an excerpt which is simply a little
summary of the post that will appear on your home page or your blog page you can
also upload and featured image and once you did everything you have to go on
visible and here’s the author block use you could also create a new blog and
then you should fill in some text because the blog post will be found
easier if you use some text you can also edit some of the website SEO so you can
change your page title meta description and URL handle what I would focus on as
the page title and meta description but this is SEO this is an complete other
topic so I won’t go into that but once you created your blog post and are happy
with it you can go to save then we have pages here on the left side which are
really important too I would just go only if page view because I didn’t save
anything we actually have to add some pages to restore so this is perfect
anyway pages are very important on normal websites but also on your online
shop so for example you have a privacy policy or maybe you’re in Europe and you
need an imprint or you want to add your Terms of Service somewhere on your page
you can do that here you can also edit an about Us page or a page about the
figures so you can simply go to add page and like in the blog post you have to
fill in your title your content make it visible page is right search engine
listing is the same as a blog post and then you can go to save this one I will
just call about us for example I could fill in a whole story about us but I
will just used some random letters and then I go to save if you want to create another page you
can simply go to create another page but I would do it another way so I go to
pages once again just to show you that if you’re in here all your pages will
appear in here so you can also always edit them later on I will add another
page so I go to add page and call this one privacy policy edit some content and then go to save you could do that with
as many pages as you want but I’m happy with these two and then we can go into
navigation as you can see here we have a footer menu and the main menu if I go on
this I on the online store and open my online shop you will see that this is
the main menu and down here is the fruta menu right now there is no page edit in
there but that’s what we will do now so I’ll go back in here and I will go to
main menu as you can see here if we have home and catalog and here’s also home
and catalog so maybe I want to edit catalog so I can go to edit and call
this one our product then I can go to apply changes and then I want to add
another menu item so I click on that menu item name about us link I will
click on that choose pages and then I use about us
perfect then I click on add and then we also add the privacy policy so I click
on add menu items called privacy policy click on link and by the way you don’t
have to choose pages you can also link certain products collections your blogs
blog posts or policies I would choose pages once again and then choose privacy
policy and then I click on then I’d save the menu and if i refresh
this page you will see that this menu is added maybe I also want privacy policy
between our products and about us so I can go in here
choose privacy policy and drag and drop it between here save the menu we can
also drag it to the right and as you can see there’s product and
there’s privacy policy on the right if I save the menu now it will be a drop down
menu so I can refresh this page and as you can see we have home our products
and there’s privacy policy so that’s another way to add pages or certain
products to your navigation in case you maybe have a lot of pages or want to
structure it so if you have our products you could also list all of your products
down here great now I go back and the next thing would be two mains but I
already showed you how to add a domain so we can go into preferences here you
can also edit your title and add a description like I said that’s SEO
basically you describe to Google what your stores about and who you are so
Google knows how to list you I would actually recommend that you google title
meta description on and show prods and inform yourself or that’s about because
it’s a topic that’s not unimportant but it’s SEO so it’s and complete another
topic so I won’t go into that but just make sure that you also look into that
then you can add your Google Analytics and Facebook pixel I also want to show
you how to do that but it’s pretty simple simply Google Google Analytics
Shopify or Facebook pixel Shopify and you will find a ton of tutorials showing
you how to add those then we also have our password protection if we go on this
toy you will see that our store is still password protected that means if a
customer goes on to your store they can’t enter it because as a password
over it this has two reasons the first reason is
store isn’t ready so it’s also better that it’s password protected because
otherwise maybe a customer would stumble upon your store and already buy even
though you’re not ready and the second reason is that we haven’t picked a plan
yet Shopify wants you to pick a plan and
enter your credit card information before you can unlock your store and
start selling this doesn’t mean that you instantly have to pay you still have
your 14 days trial or in my case I only have 11 days left so in this time you
can start selling for free but afterwards you already have a plan
ticked so that’s their intention to it but like I said this doesn’t mean you
have to pay instantly you can also edit your credit card information and pick a
plan test it out for 14 days and if you then don’t like it simply cancel and
you’ll get your money back so I will actually choose a plan now so I click on
pick a plan or you can also select a plan down here
okay here we have three different plans available the basic shall be fire the
Shopify and and the advanced Shopify plan I would recommend choosing the
basic Shopify plan and let on upgrading to the normal Shopify plan the main
difference is the amount of staff accounts you can add and your credit
card rates in the past I once calculated the numbers when you should upgrade so I
will add them somewhere on the screen right now you can do the math too
if you simply work with that but in most cases you can simply stick to basic plan
and later on go to the advanced so I will just click on choose this plan and
here you can decide whether you want to pay yearly every two years every three
years or every 30 days I choose every 30 days because I’m going
to delete that store afterwards but you obviously save some money if you pay in
advance this is probably blood right now because my credit card information is in
here but simply fill it in here and then you can click on start plan on the right
side you will also see when you will first be billed in my case it’s the some
days array and then I click on start plan perfect now we can go back into our
online settings once again so I go on to online store and preferences and down
here I could disable the password so I can go on here save it and then or a
store will be ready to sell but since the store isn’t ready yet I will enable
the password once again and then we can go into the settings down here now this
is going to be really fun because we have some settings to do but this is all
part of the process so let’s just do it and by the way I wanted to mention that
once again I’m just showing you how I put my stores obviously you will have
some different preferences and that’s completely fine I’m just going to show
you some of the basics I would say and Shopify is used by millions or at least
a few hundred thousands of merchants so if you want anything else just Google
what you want and you will find an answer to everything
so you can really be creative and do the things you want let’s start by going
into the general settings perfect store details these are just some details so
you can change your store name this is your account email customer email you
can change your customer email for example so your customers will see
another address if you email them then here’s some personal data which are
probably blue out right now here are some standards and formats these simply
have to be set to your standards and formats for me it’s set to Berlin unit
is metric system maybe you’re in America so you can choose the imperial system
then default rate unit is kilogram you can also set it to gram it’s or adjust
your preferences I would just choose kilogram prefix the hashtag is okay
store currency is euro that’s great too so if you change anything just go to
save so you could also choose some other currencies then I’ll go back and next
our payment provide us so we can go in here and this is a very important step
because you have to choose your payment providers wisely I would suggest using
Shopify payments so you can click on complete account setup and then fill in
this list right here and complete your account setup and I would also suggest
that you use PayPal right now it’s set to paper Express Checkout
in case you don’t have a PayPal merchant account it doesn’t matter because shoppi
favor automatically choose the email that you signed up with as your PayPal
accounts email and after you got your first payment paper will email you and
then you can set up everything under this email so that’s pretty easy but in
case you already have a PayPal account you can go to edit then deactivate it
click on deactivate and then you can choose select paper
method right now because I’m in Germany is set to paper express checkout maybe
you have another paper method whatever just go on there then you can click on
activate and it will redirect you to paper here you simply have to fill in
your paper you may go to next right now it’s set to German because it’s my
PayPal account fill in some information and you can set it up very easy da –
great you could also add some other payment methods so for example Amazon
pay and here’s some other methods – so you could take Bitcoin or cocoa and/or
some of these others now I will just leave it at these two and then we can
also choose the payment authorization method right now it’s set to
automatically capture payment for others I would actually choose manually so you
always have to capture the payment from your others
it isn’t hard you simply have to click on one or two buttons for every order
but it makes things a little easier because sometimes you maybe don’t want
to accept an order because it maybe seems fraudulent or weird so you can
still not take the money and don’t take this all this makes things a little
easier but later on if you maybe get a lot and a lot of orders richer hope for
you you can choose automatically so I can click on save perfect now we can go
back into our settings and the next thing is checkout so I click on checkout
and here we have some different settings so customer accounts we can disable them
make them optional or we cry out I would recommend choosing optional because it
always leaves some space for your customers here you can choose whether
your customers can check out using either their phone number or email I
personally always just used email but if you want you have their phone number too
you could also choose your phone number let’s always trust your stores
preferences form options so in your checkout there will be a forum where the
customers have to fill in their data so you can choose between requiring only
the last name or required first and last name company name
case you also want to sell to companies who can make it optional in case you
only want to send to companies you can also make it required or maybe you don’t
even want to sell to companies so you can make it hidden let’s always just
preferences address line – I will keep it optional maybe someone needs it and
shipping address phone number you can make it optional you can make it
required I always had it hidden because I never needed their phone number but
you could edit in there so other processing if you check this box the
shipping address will be the billing address by default I personally like
that option because one it reduces the number of fields that is required to
check out which will make it easier to buy so you have a higher conversion rate
and second the billing address can still be edited so that’s no loss for the
customer then you can require our confirmation step so the customer must
review there are other details before purchasing I always forgive that check
because otherwise you will have a lot of customers that filled in some wrong
information and you send the package to a wrong person you can also enable
address auto completion for me it worked pretty good at least when I tested it
maybe if you are in some rural areas it doesn’t work as great but always just
your preferences I can tell you which one to choose there here you can also
choose whether you automatically want to fulfill your order after it has been
paid like in the payment process I would not automatically choose that because if
they want to look out for some fatherland others so I will leave it at
do not here you can also choose to automatically achieve the order after it
has been fulfilled and paid this can be checked that’s completely okay here’s
another option email marketing can be really important and really effective so
if you check this box there’s a sign-up option for your email list at the
checkout and if you also check this box it will also be pre-selected in some
countries it is forbidden to choose pre-selected so I wrote maybe uncheck
that but having an email list can work very well so I would suggest having one
abandoned checkers you probably have a lot of event and check
outs so what you could do is automatically send them an email which
will be done if you choose this box and then you can decide who you want to send
it to so either email subscribers or anyone
who abandons your check out I would definitely not choose this one because
I’m pretty sure that in most countries you are not allowed to do that I mean it
it is effective but I won’t do it because it can be very expensive if you
are caught and then you can also decide when to send it so maybe after 10 hours
I would just leave it at that and here’s the checkout language in case you
switched the language of your store you can make sure that the checkout language
is the same language as your Stross language and then we can click on save
then we can go back into these settings now let’s go onto shipping up here is or
shipping origin which will probably also be blurred because it’s my personal data
then we have shipping rates at checkout by default
Shopify creates two shipping rates first your domestic shipping rate in my case
it’s only in Germany but in your case it will be your country and then there’s
the rest of the world in case you only want to send to your own country you can
go to rest of the world click on edit and then just delete that
whole zone click on delete shipping zone and it’s deleted perfect then we have
our domestic shipping zone we can just go into edit here and edit some of this
perfect so we’ll name domestic it doesn’t really
matter what you call it because your customers won’t see it anyway then we
have countries Germany maybe I want to add another country so in my case
Austria and then I can click on add perfect and now we have Austria and
Germany and then you have two options price based rates and rate based rates
we could add a price based rate so I can click on a trait and I can call this one
oh and this is important this will be seen by a custom
so I can call this one standard shipping no free shipping over 50 euros minimum
order price now we have to set it to 50 and no limit to the top of course then
we have to click on free shipping rate because it’s free shipping and then we
can click on done perfect then we can add another rate this will be standard minimum order zero maximum is 50 because
otherwise it will be free and this one will cost 499 and then I can click on
done perfect and now we have two rates in here maybe you want to set your
shipping prices after the raid or three products that you’re selling which is
totally understandable then I would recommend using price based rates but
rate based race and then you can either edit them or add your own rates so you can make a minimum order rate of
for example zero kilos and maximum or the rate of to name this one free and
make it free then we can click on done then we would have to edit this one to
two to five done so that’s the way you can edit those for this to be logical we
have to delete one of these because both can be applied so I will just delete
rate based rates in here and then we can click on save and now that we saved it
we can go back into settings and shipping and we could add another
shipping zone because now we’re only shipping to Austria and Germany so we
can click on add shipping zone call this run for example we want to ship to
Europe countries we can click on add countries and then we can choose the
countries we want to send them to I will just scroll down until there’s Europe
then I choose Europe and I can click on add and now all these countries I added
perfect this time I want to have a price based right again free shipping over 50
euros minimum order price 50 maximum no limit free shipping done and the second
one standard shipping maximum 50 red amount $6.99 done perfect then we can
click on save then I go back to shipping and if we scroll down here we could also
add some pre-safe packages I never really used it but it can save some time
here we have packing slips but I won’t go into that because that’s just a bunch
of code and you can maybe destroy some things if you don’t know what
you’re doing so I wouldn’t recommend going in there then we have additional
shipping methods here we could add some FedEx or UPS apps that recalculate the
costs for us but this isn’t included in the basic Shopify plan and here you
could also add your custom fulfillment service so if you use an external
fulfillment service you can fill in the email and the name and then it will be
forwarded so that’s these shipping settings and then we can go back into
the general settings and go to Texas if we check this box Texas will be included
on all of your prices so if you want to charge Texas you should definitely check
this box if you’re not from the US but run through charge Texas on your
shipping rates you have to check this box through but if you’re in the US it
will be made automatically as you can see here the country tax rates are set
to zero but in my case the exception is Germany because they know that I’m in
Germany it will probably be at zero for your
country too so what I would recommend is going into every single country that you
are selling to and then setting the right country text that’s also why I
recommend that you should maybe start by selling in your home country and later
on expanding to worldwide because things like Texas can get quite complicated
especially if you sell a lot because then you also have to pay taxes in other
countries so after you did all this you obviously have to go to save so that’s
already how you can enable your taxes and in case you sell digital goods you
have to click on enable here to enable the European digital goods where tax
rates this is basically that you always no matter how much have to pay your vet
in this state that you’re selling to so maybe you should look into that or click
on learn more if you’re selling digital goods so I can go back to settings and
the next thing is locations here you can manage the places you stock your
inventory in which will be pretty good especially if you’re growing a lot and
multiple locations right now this is only my shipping origin but you could
add a new location here call this one whatever this example is called Paris
warehouse fill in the address and then you can save it I will go back and beg I
love you and the next thing is notifications so we can click on there
and this is actually pretty great after you confirmed an order this will
be sent automatically to your customers or cancellation or refunds and all of
these so what we can do is go in here and check if you like it maybe you don’t
like something that’s in there and then you can change it so the email subject
is all our name confirmed maybe I want my stores name in front of order and
here in the email body you have the text now you can delete everything a hand
simply right in there because this is code all of this in these brackets is
code so we can only change for this real English text you could also translate it
to your language but since this is an English store this is necessary but I
actually recommend that you don’t do too much because it’s really easy to destroy
this code and then it won’t work anymore so click on leave page but you could do
this with all of these great here you also have other notifications so every
time a new order comes in you will get a new mail to your email address you can
also enable desktop notifications which I recommend because it’s pretty cool
imagine you simply browse the internet and all of a sudden there’s a pop-up
that says that you just earned money so if you want that you can click on enable
desktop notifications I would also recommend that you install the Shopify
app because you will always see your orders when you
on the go and the app makes a pretty cool sound every time you do a say yeah
so that’s these settings then I can go back in here and the next thing is
fights so we can click on they’re the only fire I have uploaded right now is
my background image in case you want to upload more files you can go on upload
files but this section isn’t as important so we can go back and then we
can go to sage channels we only have one search and now which is the online store
you could add another set channel and then choose one of these for example
point of sale Facebook Instagram you can install a Buy button on multiple
websites or blogs you can sell where the messenger these are all unavailable but
in case you have a higher plan I think you could use these so this is a pretty
cool option – I will just stick through the normal online shop but in case you
want to sell via Facebook shop or something like that you can add a new
set channel here then I can go back into these settings and the next thing is
accounts so I click there here’s just some basic overview so since when I
remembers or plan or account status here they want us to upgrade up then and then
there are counts and permissions so right now that’s only one account mine
but you could and my plan at two staff accounts so you could click on add staff
account fill in the data and if you want you can check this bar and they have
full permission on your ownership or you could uncheck it and then you can edit
the permissions they have this is pretty great for your employees then we can go
back we can also go in here and edit these store status you could hire a
Shopify expert which can be pretty good too but it’s also interesting and here
is positive store or closer store so if you want to take a break from your store
but not close it entirely you can pause it and then you have to pay
a lower fee every month you could also close the store so maybe you say after
these 14 days that you don’t like it rich is completely fine then you can
simply go into your account settings and then close your store
then there’s also billing this is just your billing information which I
probably put out right now and your account summary so every bill you
received before in case you have credit you will also see it in here
and then there’s legal here you can manage your stores legal pages so your
refund policy your privacy policy Terms of Service legal notice and shipping
policy can be filled in here or you can use the template which is probably not
that safe so I would recommend going to a lawyer but that’s always up to you and
then we simply have to click on safe perfect so that’s all these settings we
could do congratulations we did the most boring part and now we can go on and
create our store so I will just go to hormones now let’s start adding our
first products so we can either go on add product in here or we can go to
products on the left side in here all your products relate on be listed right
now we have to add our first product so I go to add product and then we can give
our product a title in this case I will call it automatic mouse toy then we can
add a description I will just add some dummy text like that and we could also
format it a little bit like we want and as you know it from word or any other
text editor so make sure that your description looks good okay something
like that then we can add images so I can click on upload image go to where I
saved it and in this case I want to add this this and this picture and this one
if you just want to add one picture you can click on it and then click on open
but I want to upload all of them at the same time so I can simply click on grey
most main black and brown and then I can click on open or upload the big picture
on the left side will be the main picture that is shown if you want
another picture you can simply drag and drop it over there and maybe you want to
switch up the order like that you can simply drag and drop it you can also
preview the picture and you can edit the alt text which will
be better for SEO so for example gray Mouse toy and then I click on done or
you could also delete them great now we have pricing let’s make this one $6.99 we can also add a comparable price so
later on it will say now $6.99 you say from 1099 so it would be the old price
that we’re showing here charge Texas on this product yes or no depends on if you
want it inventory you can add an SKU if you want to or you could also add a
barcode then inventory policy here you can decide whether you want Shopify to
track your inventory you can say don’t track the inventory or you can say track
the inventory and then you can say how many items you have for example 1200 you
could also check this box if you want to allow customers to
purchase this product renin solo stock maybe you can also drop ship the product
or you have a very very fast supply chain so you can simply sell it even if
you don’t have it at the moment in case it is not a physical item you can
uncheck this box but it is a physical item and then we can add the weight
maybe from kilogram so if you have rate based shipping rates Shopify knows how
much to charge then you could also add a fulfillment service right now we only
have said Shopify but in case you have a number fulfillment service for example
Amazon FBA you can also decide which one you want to use then we can add variants
so maybe like in this example we have multiple colors or multiple sizes so we
can click on add variant first one is color and then we can fill in different
color so Brown and after each way you you have to make a comma so brown gray
and black you and as you can see here we have brown
gray and black and we could also edit the price for each of these add an SKU
or a barcode and we could also change up the inventory so we maybe have 200 of
those 200 of those and 200 of those here you can also see what your product would
look like for search engines so this is the link and this is the short text that
is shown we could also edit it and change the meta description so this will
be seen in here I will not do it right now but you could also edit the URL and
to make it taller for example great now we can scroll up again and on the right
side we can also edit some things organization product type right now we
haven’t set any product types so I will just add one and I would recommend that
you add every single product into at least one product type because it makes
it a lot easier to manage your products this way so this one will be choice then
I click on add toys and it’s in there in case you know your render you can also
fill in your render and here so if you have a lot of products it’s very easier
to find out whose your render for this exact product and later on buy some new
stuff for me then we can also add a collections this will also make it
easier to find the product in your store right now we only have one collection
which is called home page we could also add new ones but since I want to have
this product on the home page I will make it home page perfect and then we
can also add some text so it will be easier to be found in your online store
in case you have that did a search bar in your header or in your footer and
someone searches for products so for this one we could maybe at the text or a
comma mouse comma cat automatic , perfect and then we have edit or first
product then we can click on safe so now we can have a look on our store
so I can click on this I under online store
and if we scroll down here you receive then this product is added to our
products I can click on it and as you can see here we have these different
options we have our title we have this price and the old price tags included
dear friend colors and this description now I want to go back in here and edit
it a little more so we can go in here scroll down and for example picture we
don’t have a picture set for brown so I will click on this and then choose this
image click on save click on this and choose gray and click on black and
choose the back picture awesome no this has been saved we can refresh
this page and since it’s set to brown the brown picture appeared if I click on
gray the gray picture appears and if I click on black the black picture appears
so that’s Ray Bella now this looks awesome let’s get back into this product
and then we could also add a second product so I just go back to products then I click on add product this one will be called laser pointer are we at some dummy text format it a
little bit now or we just upload basically true of these images just to
show you one more example then we can set the price to 1099 and comparable
prices v no $20.99 charge texas on this product yes no stock keeping unit at no
bar code inventory policy shall be fetch makes this product let’s make it six
hundred and rewrote the law customers who purchase in this product linens out
of stock shipping it’s a physical item and 0.5 kilograms fulfillment services
Shopify great that’s just at the organization once product type toys we
already have toys so that’s perfect vendor no renderer collections we run it
on the home page to text Mouse and cat for example and this is also why I show
you a second product variants now we won’t just at one variant but we will
add two of these so run the size so s comma M comma a comma and Excel comma
and then we can add another option so right now we only have the size other
option is color so brown and gray perfect and as you can see here we have
all these options so s umbrellas in gray mm brown and gray and so on then we can
manage the inventory so maybe it’s 50 50 of each then we could also edit the
page title meta description and URL intended but I don’t need to do that now
and then we can also add this one so that’s also important maybe you sell
t-shirts and want to have multiple options we can even add a third option
for example material but I would trash this right now and then I can click on
save oh I probably made a mistake wait it’s not a number oh I didn’t add a rate
zero point oh I think I made a comma instead of a point so that might be it
so safe product now it is created and I can have a look on our site once again
perfect here this Excel and gray and we could also go in here and choose one
picture for every product like we did in the last product so that’s how you can
add your products to your store the next way to add products to your store will
only be interesting to you in case you drop ship if you’re not a drop shipper
you can simply skip this step like I said in the video description and in the
comments there will be time steps so you didn’t have to watch it if it’s not
interesting to you because now I will show you how you can import products
from Aliexpress so what we have to do in order to save some time let’s go to apps
go to visit Shopify app store and then we can search for Oh bottle
Oh below is a drop shipping plugin or app for Shopify which saves us a lot of
time rent importing managing and buying our Aliexpress product I click on a tab
then I click on install app and it is installed perfect what we have
to do then is open a new chrome tab which is support that use Chrome and
search for chrome ovolo extension or are simply over low then there’s this and as
you can see it has 300,000 users and we can click on Add or in so fooding in my
case and I will install the Chrome extension to perfect now the Oberto
importer has installed on my browser and now we can use this even and go to
Aliexpress we could simply search for catch product and find something we like
as you can see here the over low plugin is working and it shows us which
products have a packet so faster shipping and some other things if you
want a real in-depth tutorial of Oh balloon
google it or maybe I will do one later on but I don’t think so so just Google
overall tutorial and you find a ton of those but I will just go through the
basics so let’s just say I want to improve yeah I want to import this bed
we can either just go on this button and it will be pushed into our order list or
I can look at it once see if I like it looks good has some options as one size
and then I can go back in here click on this button and as you can see the
product was successfully imported into our list then we can click on open on
port list and it will automatically open the overlap and now we can work on this
product the title will be taken from the original title so we obviously have to
shorten it a little bit and make it fit so I will just call a
cat pet collections here we can choose one of our collections type I will just
call it bad tags cat bad sleep then we can go into
the description up here and we can also work on that
Oh below will just import a description from this product so what we can do is
work on it a little bit type cat’s material hundred percent cotton and like
in the previous products you obviously have to make it look good and write a
text that will sell a product I will not do it right now but you can do it all in
here then we can go into variants and this is important here you have to go
through all these variants to make sure that you like it so I would for example
delete the numbers after the kalos sizes okay it’s only one size ships from China
maybe I would eat that then the cost this is just the real cost that you have
to pay when you are buying it at Aliexpress so you don’t have to do
anything in here then you also have your shipping cost for whatever country
you’re using and here we have the price we’re
charging Oh Baloo automatically suggests a price so in this case it’s I think
they just doubled the price from Aliexpress
but here you can choose one price that you really want to sell that
so maybe $19.99 but in order to save time you don’t have to do it in
everything of these options you can go to change our prices set new value and
this time choose $19.99 click on apply and all these prices we’re set to 1999
it also calculates your profit which is pretty cool and in case you want an old
price like in the previous products you can also do it in here so set your value
and it originally cost 25 US dollars then we can go into images up here and
choose the images we want to use this will be the main image and these are the
images for the colors perfect we could also choose other images that we also
want to use but I think these are good in case you don’t want to use an image
just click on – and it will be removed but I will edit once again and then if
you are completely happy with it you can click on import to store cat bed is
being imported and it has been imported to our Shopify store we could also edit
the product on Shopify now and clicking on it and in here you could also edit it
now we can have a look on our website and here this perfect that worked out
pretty great now in case somebody buys the product you can go into the Oba web
oh I will show you how you can go in here – I will just close this this and
this so you go through apps so I just refresh this page and then there’s the
installed apps and you can simply click on over loo and it opens and if you ever
have an order for one of your products you can go to manage orders go to
others in here will be the other then you can simply click on fulfill Oh Baloo
will automatically open Aliexpress and the right product added to your cart
fill in your customers information so you just have to check if it’s right and
then you can buy it so the process of buying by Oh Baloo takes like 10 seconds
instead of 2 to 3 minutes if you have hundreds of orders per day this saves a
lot of time perfect so that was the drop shipping part of this video and now we
can go into automating your invoices I just go visit home once when you get an
order you have to send your customer and invoice I know that it’s that way in
Germany and most parts of Europe it’s probably also a worldwide that you have
to send an invoice and then you have two choices you can either print it out and
send it in the package or you can send the invoice via email and now here comes
the good part in theory you would have to type out or
use some type of template to create each invoice manually and then send it to
your customer I will show you two EPs which we can use and combined in order
to do that automatically this will save you a ton of time and a ton of money so
let’s do it we go to apps click on visit app store
and then we search or search for other printer and then we choose this green
one here it is free and even created by Shopify so we click on add app and then
we click on install app perfect and then we go back into the App Store once again
and search for the order printer emailer and then we choose this one
this app is created by forsberg and – so we click on that app and it’s also free
and click on install app and since we’re already in this app we can start working
on it so we click on create emailer and then we can create a first email so
we can give it another name which will not be seen by a customer but maybe it’s
easier to handle sorry just call it inverse one PDF paper
size so you can choose between letter letter landscape a for a for landscape a
three and a three landscape I would just choose a four and then we have the
template code this template code decides what are our inverse will look like this
is what our inverse would look like now appears our store name and then there’s
our invoice you could also go into the code and work on it or create another
code this is just HTML I would just copy all this code once and filled in here
for example but I like it that way so then we can go to next step and here we
can decide with which notification we can send our invoice now it’s set to
shipping confirmation but we could also use the order confirmation or the order
status page or one of these I would choose shipping confirmation or other
confirmation that’s up to you in this case I would just used the order
confirmation email link text here we can decide what the link in the email would
be named click here to download your PDF received seems good and here’s a demo
for that would look like so I like it that way and then we can go to the next
step then we have to copy this code here and then we have to fill in this code in
order confirmation or whatever email you want it in so I will just click on this
button and then we are in here here we can edit the text what I would recommend
is putting your invoice somewhere at the bottom
sorry I just click in here and search for
futa and then here we have the futa then I can scroll down and here it says if
you have any questions reply to this email or contact us at and then I’ll
store email so we can just fill the code over here I think it’s a pretty good
position in there just make sure that you don’t destroy the code and that it’s
in some broad good position but in here it’s good then I click on save now our
other confirmation automatically includes our invoice and by the way the
invoice is always right it takes the prices it takes the product from that
order so everything is automatic you don’t have to do anything with the
invoice what you have to do now is go back into Apps I would just refresh it and then go through all our printer
because now we set up the invoice for your customers but you also need the
invoice that’s why we go to order printer go to manage templates and then
we can delete that one maybe you need the packing slip what
what I would do is click on a template give this one the name invoice one and
here it’s very important that you fill in the same code that you use in the
other printer emailer so I will just copy that
and fill it in now that’s all in one bracket which doesn’t work with really
good but it works so it doesn’t really matter then I click on save
and now we have in verse one even though it’s spelled wrong and then we can click
on print by default and that’s all there is to it
now your invoices are sent automatically and downloaded automatically for you so
you can do your bookkeeping in the right way
it took like five minutes but now he will save tons of hours because you
don’t have to do it all manually I would just visit home once again and now we
are ready to test out restore so to test our store we have to go through settings
and then to payment providers you probably already set up a payment
provider but you just have to deactivated ones and change your
provider and then you can click on third-party credit card provider select
your provider go through others right here and then choose for testing bogus
gateway then we click on continue here you can read that true and we will just
test or store with it so we can click on activate and now it’s activated so I’ll
open our store once again I will just buy one of these and one of these Moses and gray then we could also go in here and maybe
buy to Moses and then update our card and as you can see that worked so now we
can go to the checkout and this is the checkout process here you have to fill
in your email here your customers can sign up for the email list then your
first name and last name address apartment postal code I would just fill
in some dummy information and then I can click on continue to shipping method it
already said the standard shipping because it fits to these products and
then we can click on continue to payment method perfect here we have our credit
card so I test an order that doesn’t go through so I’ll choose number 3 cartola
name is Prabhu Skateway month and year just has to be in the future so 10 22
and CVV just free random numbers here we could also add another billing address
like we said that a few minutes ago so that’s great then we can click on review
order so that works and then we click on
complete order it didn’t work because we set number
three for error so that’s great now let’s test number one for a successful
transaction review order and then complete order thank you to your order is confirmed you
receive a confirmation email with your order number shortly perfect so now your
customers can buy from your store it works we could also click on continue
shopping and then we are back on our page so that’s great now we can go back
into our soil refresh the page and as you can see here there’s an order Wow
let’s click on it great one minute ago customer two methods payment status
authorized and fulfillment status unfulfilled we can click on this order
so let’s go into the payment authorization in case you set your
payment method that way that you have to manually get your money you have to get
in here and click on capture payment and then you have to click on accept great
successfully captured 38 euros and 96 cents now if you send that order you can
click on Marquez fulfilled here you will see notes from your customer in case you
had some shipping address and billing addresses in here you have some data
about your customer so their first order first session was direct to your store
this is actually pretty great because maybe you have a customer that did his
second order at your store so maybe you can leave a little note saying thank you
or something like that here you can also see that Texas included shipping
standard two kilogram all that stuff and if you fulfilled it
then you can click on Marquez fulfilled and then you can add a tracking number
and the shipping carrier in case you got one if you don’t want to send these
shipment details to your customers you can also uncheck this box and then you
click on fulfill items then your customer will also get this shipment
email I will just open up the email that we just received from our store here cat
store 26 other 1001 confirmed thank you for your purchase hi Tamra getting your
order ready to be shipped we will notify you when it has been sent and down here
click here to download your PDF receipt we can click on it and here it is this
is the automatic received I don’t think a kookaburra in any way and that’s
actually it I don’t want to show you anymore because that’s all you need to
start your first store my recommendation is keep it simple and
sexy and over time you can build out your store the most important step is to
just start and try a lot of things and products out if you have any questions
just go get them Shopify at the moment has over 400,000 active users there’s a
ton of resources you can also ask in the comments I will probably get back to you
so that’s no problem you will always find an answer if you like this video
leave a like so I will know and the YouTube algorithm will also know and
subscribe because a lot more content will come if you have any critique
suggestions or comments leave them in the comments down below and I will get
back to everyone thanks for watching I’m glad we made it this far

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    3.) Shopify Basics – 00:05:03

    4.) Add Domain – 00:06:15

    5.) Choose and Design Theme – 00:08:03

    6.) Theme Settings – 00:17:10

    7.) Change Shop Language – 00:23:03

    8.) Blog Posts – 00:24:00

    9.) Pages – 00:25:50

    10.) Navigation – 00:27:26

    11.) Preferences – 00:30:05

    12.) Password + Plans – 00:31:01

    13.) General Settings – 00:34:02

    14.) Payment Providers – 00:35:31

    15.) Checkout – 00:37:53

    16.) Shipping – 00:41:35

    17.) Taxes – 00:46:45

    18.) Locations – 00:48:17

    19.) Notifications – 00:48:48

    20.) Files – 00:50:40

    21.) Sales Channels – 00:51:09

    22.) Account – 00:51:56

    23.) Billing – 00:53:07

    24.) Legal – 00:53:25

    25.) Create First Products – 00:54:06

    26.) Dropship using Oberlo – 01:05:08

    27.) Automate your Invoices – 01:12:30

    28.) Test your Store – 01:18:36

  2. I just started my first shop 3 days ago but was not comfortable going into the settings. But upon seeing your tutorial I did it 🙂 thanks a lot!

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    Very easy and free flowing.
    Please, am from Nigeria. How can I get the paypal business account? or is there an alternative??
    Kindly reply bro. thanks so much.

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    Thanks for making this so clear and to the point.
    Oh yes, I'll get my store done through your affiliate link. Thanks again.

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