How To Customize WordPress Faster & Eliminate Frustration At The Same Time

How To Customize WordPress Faster & Eliminate Frustration At The Same Time

If you want to speed up the time it takes
to get your website just right and find the exact settings that you want to change and
also reduce frustration at the same time then this video is for you hi my name is Adam from where make WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if your new year consider
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bell we are talking about getting your website exactly how you want it were talking about
the customizer in finding those little changes you know I gotta say for me whenever I’m trying
a new theme or even in a theme that I use for everything it could be a little frustrating
sometimes just going through the different levels and layers of menus in the customizer
I do think it’s out of hand and I do think that not everything developer does a great
job of organizing the options in a logical way and even the ones that do a great job
and it is still a little frustrating sometimes to find exactly what you want to change in
your WordPress-based website and that’s where this plug in that I may share with you in
this video comes into play I’m talking about this blog and right here it’s free it’s called
customizer searches in the WordPress directory you consult directly from your WordPress website
and what this plug-in does is one simple thing when you’re in the customizer of your website
is going to put a little search icon you can click on that and now you could just search
for the exact option that you want in the customizer for your theme and this can work
with all themes that have gone through the process of taking all the options and putting
them in the customizer really where they belong anyway so this is not going to be specific
to a particular theme it’s gonna work with just about any theme out there, show you how
neat this is and how logical it actually is right now so you just go in your WordPress
website go to plug-ins add new and do a search for the words customize their search and it’s
going to go ahead and be probably the first result right here I’ve already installed and
activated it so let’s go ahead and take a look at how this actually works so it doesn’t
add anything to the backing of your website it doesn’t slow anything down I know we all
should be very conscientious of that this is all it does when you go new appearance
and then customizers in our jump in into the customizer of this website it does one simple
thing can you spot it probably not because I did it at first it adds this little search
icon right here and when you click on it it reveals this tidy little search box that you
can now search for settings in your customizer so just to give it a shot him to go ahead
and enter the word footer and here it produce a list of options related to the foot or so
any of these so Sam wanted to change the color of the text in the footer all I have to do
is click right here but you can scroll down and hears all of the options related to the
footer so go ahead and click on text color boom and jumps me right on into that that
series of options to do that in the customize I didn’t have to jump back and forth is just
one click and I’m right on in there so now let me back out again and get back to the
search now one of the things I like about this and this is just the problem was searching
for anything in general we have the language we use the search the words that we use the
search and then there’s probably the the correct terminology while this plug-in it solves that
problem let me demonstrate it for you so Sam wanted to change the size of a headline now
I might use the word headline but for themes that’s typically going to be the word heading
not headline so let me say what happens when I do a search for the word headline so there
I have the word headline and see what it’s doing it’s taking what I put in headline and
it’s kinda bridging the gap between the language that I use and then the proper terminology
she can see it it starts shaving off the letters until it can find something related to what
I’m searching for she can see right here it’s showing me the options for headings even though
I’m not searching for head the word headings I’m searching for the word headline and that’s
what I love about this because normal English is headline it’s not heading or if you’re
new or not so experienced with WordPress and all this kind of website terminology you’re
using what makes sense to you it can bridge the gap and the best thing is you don’t need
your theme developer to do anything special this plug-in does it all in a work with any
team that has options in the customizer I hope you could see that man this is going
to be pretty much a huge massive timesaver I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of
those plug-ins that all theme developers start recommending for their users because it’s
going to reduce the frustration in that time wasted finding the exact options that you
want in this kind of menu system of the customizer that really needs to be improved upon anyway
and have a better focus on usability is not super usable right now it’s better than a
backend settings panel but now when you marry it with this customizer search plug-in that’s
totally free now you can really start making changes lightning quick this is one of those
plug-ins that should be in the core of WordPress and who knows maybe it might be one day hey
thanks for watching if you enjoy the content in this video give it a thumbs up and maybe
share it around a bit as always I’d love to hear from you in the comment section down
below thanks for watching this video and I’ll see in the next one

29 thoughts on “How To Customize WordPress Faster & Eliminate Frustration At The Same Time”

  1. Thanks, Adam! I see this is a Brainstorm Force (Astra) plugin (credible source). I don't know how many times I waste time searching the customizer. Where are the social icon settings? Where do I change footer text? Where do I resize logo? Where is the back to top option? etc… This will be a great plugin for me. I can find something one day and completely forget where I found it the next day! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks a mill Adam. This search option is what I was wishing OceanWP could include because it offers so much. Again, you assisted in making life easier

  3. ADAM

    I installed the plugin and typed in "headline" and did not get the results that you did. The only result was "Show a Headline" in Related Search. The various "Heading" and "Header" options were not found. Any advice?

  4. It seemed a banality and you presented it as something quite impressive, wanted to stop the video.Then, while you were explaining, it all made perfect sense! Very, very useful indeed, thanks.

  5. Thanks for the demo; I saw the announcement but I didn't have a chance to try it yet. Btw, I think it is simply doing a "character" search instead of a "word" search, which is why it's finding partial hits. It's funny, we ask for all of the granular settings/flexibility and then we can't find them layered in the customizer. Ha!

  6. Btw, glad to find out other people can have issues with the Customizer as well. I thought is was me 😥

  7. This does not seem to work with the free theme version of Virtue by Kadence. I can not get a search box option??

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