How To Find Instagram Influencers For Shopify

How To Find Instagram Influencers For Shopify

what’s going on everybody it’s a girl
Bianca more with B. Moore Successful Marketing in this video I’m going to
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up Instagram for you guys alright we are on Instagram you will need Instagram in
order to find influencers on Instagram alright so here we are on an Instagram
and what I did was click on the magnifying glass down at the bottom okay
now up at the top where it says search I am going to put in a keyword
my keyword is going to be pitbull okay and I’m just going to click on the
first name we have here which is k9 bullies
and what I am looking for on this page is for it to say promotions or business
DM us or email us or kick us that’s ki k okay and on here it says promoting only
the best it doesn’t really say you know for promotions but we still can contact
them okay so what we’ll do is you can either message them or email them they
have their email right here and you also can DM them which is direct
message okay so all you would do is click on message and it looks like we’ve
talked to them before all right all I have to do is type in hey what’s
up love your page was wondering if you did shoutouts if so please send me your rates
okay now rates are the prices that they are going to go ahead and send to us for
them to post our products on their page to their followers okay so if you’re a
little confused about influencers influence or people with big followings
that are in a certain niche okay whether it be the pet niche the beauty niche the
food niche any of those niches okay my phone just went off alright any of those
niches and you just have to provide them with a caption and also with your
product okay now in your caption what you’re going to send to them
would be something similar when we go to one of my other pages I have several pages here guys alright
one of my other pages let me go to my DM box I’m going to search for pretty much like
a template okay a template of what you should provide when you are about to do
a shout out which is you know promoting your products see if I can find one in
here it’s been a while since I done one with this particular person but here we
go I found it okay so as you can see I was selling something in the motorcycle
niche which was us a protective gear so what I did was put road rash is no joke
okay so I want to pull emotion from the
audience okay because it’s really not a joke to have road rash if you get in a
crash you want to be protected at all times okay so right here it says stay
protected and then what I did was provide my username which is at writers
universe okay and you will do the same whatever your username is you want to
make sure that it’s in the first three lines within the the first three lines
of your caption because people will be able to click on this when they go to
look for your actual page okay all they have to do is click on it and it will
take them to your page and all they have to do is click on the link in your bio
and they will be able to buy the product okay so that’s the reason you want your
username in the first three lines because on Instagram it kind of hides
everything after the first three lines and people have to click on see more and
you do not want that to happen because you could miss out on a potential sell
alright so I continue to go on grab this protective body armor jacket
from at rider’s universe I put my name again just in case they did click on see
more all right I threw some emojis on there because emojis are very big on
Instagram and it grabs attention attention of your followers okay and I
always give a discount because that gives incentive for them to actually
purchase okay yeah so I put 10% off when you use promo code super at checkout
okay now you can make up the promo code it
can be anything I usually go with something that’s related to the niche or
relate it to the page that I’m promoting on so this person’s name is super biker
so I just put super so that I knew where the cell will come from because I do
several shout outs at a time from different pages alright so right here I
went head and threw some more emojis in there and I put tagged a biker who would
love to have this dope armor jacket okay now I put tank a biker because I want as
many people as possible to see this offer okay so you want these people to
tag their friends okay friends who share the similar interest as them someone who
would be interested in the product that you are promoting alright now as we go
on I put by yours now by clicking the link
in our bio make sure to follow at Ryder’s universe for more awesome
motorcycle gear the reason we’re putting follow at Ryder’s universe for a more
awesome motorcycle gear is because we want more targeted followers and this is
the way that you can get more targeted followers now if we scroll down a little
bit more you’ll see that I went ahead and put some hashtags oh okay so the
hashtags are actually related to the biker niche the reason you want to put
hashtags is because anyone who is searching for a certain hashtag in the
bikers niche will be able to find our picture that we are promoting so if
we’re promoting motorcycle gear whenever they click on bikers they will see our
gear okay so if it’s a person searching for motorcycle gear and they like what
they see then they’ll come to our page they’ll follow us in the
also click on the link in our bio alright so armed with these you can
actually put up to 30 at a time I usually change these out so I go hunting
for different hashtags which I’ll teach you more hashtag marketing in another
video but you just want to make sure that you find hashtags that are related
to your niche and you can place up to 30 at a time you can place them in the
comments and that will help people find your product and your page ok so that is
how you actually send once somebody agrees to post your stuff alright this
is how you send the actual shout-out message that you want them to promote
alright now let me continue to show you how to actually find people that will
promote your stuff alright since I’m on the biker page I might as well just
continue on the biker page so we’ll go ahead and type motorcycle in here
because that’s the keyword that we are in and what we’re going to do is click
on the first one we see and click on more up at the top and this person is
promoting their own stuff which is cool but they also may do so doubts ok so
again you would just click on either the email button right here up in this area
in the middle or you can DM them by sending a message ok so you would send
them the same thing hey I was wondering how much your shoutouts are if you do
shoutouts and please send me you know any information that I’ll need in order
to do a shout-out you’ll be able to pay these people via Ben moe PayPal or cash
app whichever you just have to make sure that you actually have those accounts so
that you can go ahead and pay them properly
all right shoutouts usually rains you know depending on the actual amount of
followers that they have so for page like this I usually pay around anywhere
from 45 to 85 dollars okay now I want to find an actual page that shows you you
know DM us for shoutouts or for business enquiries let me just keep scrolling
through these this one doesn’t say it’s actually promoting their store all right so we found one okay and
sometime it may take a while to actually find some that are actually promoting
their services okay so as you can see up at the top it says ki k which is kick
that’s the kick app you can find them on kik if you search for the name
motorcycle mafia okay you can also DM them as well and you can
email them they placed all of this in their bio and this is called the bio by
the way where they put everything that is about their page how to contact them
if you want a picture removed all of that okay I’ll go in more detail about
the bio in a future video by the way this one is just how to find influencers
okay so once you come to these pages to find more influencers all you have to do
is hit follow okay and it seems like this page doesn’t actually allow me to
do what I was about to show you so let me go to another page and see if I get
that option that I’m looking for all right so for that page it didn’t
give me the option the page we were just looking at but on this page what you can
do is you can hit this arrow at the top right next to the follow button and it’s
going to provide me with more pages very similar with this almost the same amount
of followers that are in this niche okay so I’ll click on the first one
and this one has 81,000 followers which is a great amount of followers to
promote your products on and right here in the bio you can check and see if you
know they do shoutouts if they have their email there in most cases they do
shout out so you don’t necessarily have to see it’s a kick or DMS or um you know
email us in the actual bio it will sometimes be right there in plain sight
written in blue where it says email us okay so all you would have to do was
email them send them the message telling them that you’re interested in buying a
shout out and send them and for them to send the rate to you okay
so again all you have to do to continue finding influencers is hit that blue
arrow next to follow and then click on the other pages okay click on more up in
the bio and as you can see they provide their email address okay so you would
just email them ask them how much they charge and you know send them the
picture of the product or the video of the product that you’re trying to
promote and send them the caption that you want to use in the form that I just
showed you in the beginning of this video okay let’s go to another niche
let’s go to the cooking niche I’ll type in the keyword cooking you can do this
method for every niche Under the Sun by the way let me go here to cooking light all right for this one it says call so I
wouldn’t particularly use this page it doesn’t look like they’re promoting
other people’s products it looks like they are you know doing their own thing
so we’re not going to use this page but we are going to find similar page pages
okay so we’ll go to eating well and see you know if they are going to do
shoutouts and it has email right here so you know they may just do a shout out
for you so if you’re selling things like vegetable choppers or you know different
type of kitchen tools you know you can promote it with this company all right
and we’ll click on the arrow again to continue to follow pages these look more
like magazines so you know you may not have much luck promoting these so what
you can do is continue to scroll through these until you find something that is
an actual page of a marketer that can’t promote your stuff so what we’ll do is
continue to scroll through this how to prep or how to meal prep we’ll click on
that and see what they have alright and this person does business okay it says
business kick alright so you just go to the kick app and type in how to meal
prep and you would message them ok so they definitely do shoutouts
alright let me just show you what the kick app is you can get it from your
Google Play Store or if you have Apple you can get it from the App Store but
this is kick it’s a free app and this is where you usually message people you
know about shoutouts okay so as you can see superbike who is a superbike of
instagram you know they were sending me messages for shout-out so it says hi
Bianca for us it is very important to know how is your experience with us also
additional to the story we want to tell you that for $15 you can renew your post
alright so the good thing about Instagram is they have so many different
ways to promote okay now you can not you you don’t just have to do an actual post
on their page but you can actually do what’s called a story okay so these are
the Instagram stories let me just see eating well actually has stories up
you’ll see it up at the top where the circle is it’s in like a pinkish color
okay so you would just click on that and it shows little snippets that you can
actually promote your products in okay and lots of people look at these and
this is another way to promote so you can also tell them when you’re promoting
hey how much is it to do an Instagram story post a page post and if they have
Instagram TV which is another way of promoting you know you can go ahead and
ask about those rates as well okay so here they were giving me a special promo
and you can always negotiate with these people if you think the price is too
high you know they will definitely do it because they’re looking to make money
alright so as you can see they’re giving me a deal fourteen regular post four
hundred twenty-eight regular posts for $180
forty regular posts 240 dollars with the link in the bio
now some people charge for a link in the bio other people they may not it just
depends on who the marketer is as you can see it says same price plus fifty
dollars times fourteen and then it says seventy dollars times twenty eight okay I think I really don’t know what all
these numbers are but I’ll be sure to hit them up this is actually from
October so I actually didn’t even use these people all right but you know they
definitely will give you deals like I said all you have to do is just ask you
know so um let’s go on to some other niches let’s go to the beauty niche
let’s see what we have actually you must go to the teeth
okay so I’m just going to click put in you know the keyword teeth and click on
this one it has 1 million followers 1.1 million alright and they have an email
address so you can email them ok and they have their own business as you can
see they have their link in the bio ok so um that’s one thing I did forget to
mention when I was showing you what you send to your influencer but you do want
to make sure that you send them the link to your store ok now when you’re doing
that you want to make sure that you know you are actually sending them the link
to your store but not only to your store but to the actual product page ok you
don’t want people to have to fumble around let me see if I can find see what
where this leads us ok by clicking on the link is it to a particular product
or is it to you know just their store alright so this is to the particular
product and this is what I was talking about you don’t want people to have to
search for where the actual product is you don’t want them to have to go
through tons of products in order to find what it was you were looking for or
that they were looking for alright so this is pretty good all they have to do
is just come right here to this landing page and then add it to cart that’s
great ok so you can email them in order to do a shout out we’ll go here to find
more pages like this not copy cosmetics we’re not looking for
them alright sometimes Instagram will do this where
you know they’ll just put random pages up here but it’s not very often okay so
we’ll just hit the back button and click on another dental page like a teeth
whitening page all right and click on more
and see if they will do some shoutouts alright so this one says email so you
know you can go ahead and email them it doesn’t really say cake or DM us for
shoutouts we’ll keep looking all right so this one says dm4 critical credit or removal it
doesn’t say to DM us but you know they may just do it okay they do provide the
email this is the IG TV thing that I was talking about as you can see right here
where has one video and this is if this is if you want to promote a longer video
I don’t really see why you want would want to promote more than a minute video
but if you have a product that needs to be thoroughly explained then you can
actually ask them if they can promote you on their IG TV okay and that’s one
hundred twenty seven thousand people that could possibly see your product
alright so we’ll continue to go through these
actually let me go back to that page so I can hit the arrow and see if they have
anything similar all right and they do all right and it says promote your
content so as you can see it says promote your content so all you would
have to do is just email them or you can go to the three dots at the top right
and hit send message so you can d DM them okay you alright let’s find one more niche let me go to the weight loss snitch
you you
all right so here’s the weight-loss niche and yes they do business so all
you would have to do is go to where it says kik and contact them so that you
could actually message them for a product promotion
or you can email them and it also gives a link that you can
click on this says shout me now and you can advertise on their page okay and it
gives you the prices some of these pages actually do have these sites where it
gives you exactly what you need so you don’t have to actually message them okay
it gives you this page where it shows the prices shows you know potential
followers and all of that information that you need you can find more people
here by clicking that arrow go into another page this may be run by the same
people I’m not really sure so we’ll click it yeah
all right so this may be an agency here all right an agency that runs several
shoutout services for different companies
we’ll click on some more yep that’s what that is it’s an agency you more more of these that agency is making Bank all right so here we go
you can email these people or DM them all right you can email them
you all right so um when you are looking for
influencers you do want to make sure that they post often okay so you can do
that by going to their most recent picture and singing down at the bottom
left how many hours ago they posted these people post it 22 hours ago so
that’s very recent okay and you can check how many comments
they get by scrolling down to the bottom it says they got 34 and they got 2,000
likes this one got 2,150 five likes and thirty
comments that’s okay it’s not great okay because with the page was six hundred
and twenty five thousand people you would expect more maybe these people
aren’t really uh marketing the right way well this one is really good okay this
one says six thousand six hundred and twelve likes and they got two hundred
and forty seven comments which is great okay now let me go ahead and close out
of this and right now what I’m going to do is
show you a website where I go to actually check and see if the influencer
that I am looking for is a good page to promote on it’s called
alright and all you have to do is come over here where it says YouTube hit that
drop down button and you can click on Instagram because that’s where we’re
promoting right now or where we would be promoting and I’m just going to pick a
page the last page that we actually looked at was keto cooking recipes and
then hit this magnifying glass and it’s going to show us the stats of this page
and it’s pretty accurate okay it shows you the ranks of the follower rank the
following rank the media rank engagement rank amongst other Instagram pages in
that niche okay up here it shows you how many uploads they have the followers how
many they’re following the engagement rank which is 1.35 percent the average
likes that they get per posts and the average comments that they get per posts
now they have a good rating which is a b-plus I usually like to go with pages
with C+ and above all right because if you are going to a page that’s below a
C+ you may not get the results that you’re looking for when you are trying
to do influencer marketing okay when you’re trying to promote your product
all right now down here it shows how many followers they are getting okay so
every day they are growing in the thousands so this would be a great page
to actually do a promotion on okay if they did shout out marketing alright you
can check their actual friends and see you know how they are
actually growing okay they are doing pretty well with growth and how many
followers they have and it shows you the uploads and how many you know uploads
are doing and each month I’m guessing yeah total media uploads
for that particular page each month alright um let me show you a page that
you probably do not want you know to promote on this is actually one of my
pages that I haven’t promoted or that I haven’t been working on in a long time
so this is a page that you would not want to promote on okay even though it’s
a c-plus I don’t promote or I don’t work on it a
lot I haven’t been because I’m not in this niche anymore but I’m losing
followers okay it’s not a lot of followers but because I’m not really
promoting or NER or you know working on it as I should be I’m actually losing
followers so you want to stay away from a page if they are losing followers
every single day now I am growing but you know as you can see I have a
negative 23 negative 38 negative 20 negative 17 negative 56 okay so I’m not
growing as I should be and also I just had to get rid of somebody that was
working on my page because I noticed that they were doing a method that I did
not teach them which is the follow unfollow method okay you want to be
growing this without using any type of automation or without adding people and
then unfollowing them as you can see the person that was working on my particular
page was doing just that you know they were adding
people and then unfollowing well people don’t like that so as you can see in
turn people who notice that I just followed them and unfollowed them you
know stopped following my page so there’s two reasons why they may have
unfollowed my page it could have been because I’m not posting is I should be
or because I just followed them to get them to follow me all right so stay away
from pages that are in the red alright and as you can see I have a decline here
so you definitely do want to stay away from pages that are not growing alright so guys that is how you find Instagram
influencers for Shopify before I in this let me just go ahead and show you see if
I can pull up on here already closed the actual app that I was using to share
with you guys my Instagram but let me go to Instagram here I want to show you
guys what your shout out should look like all right so this is what it should look
like all right so this is my page and when you promote and do a shout out on
somebody else’s page you also want to make sure that you promote the product
on your page as well so I was promoting these lights and I did it with the video all right I did it with a quick video
that showed how the lights work to be used people were commenting on it let me
see here whoops alright so on here I put stay safe be
seen at night now that’s a problem that motorcyclists have you always want to
make sure that you start off with something that is going to make your
actual following think wow do I need this product you know this is a problem
people can’t be seen so they are now thinking oh my god I need this product
all right so that’s why I put stay safe be seen at night all right I put my
username right there like I said you should always make sure that you put it
in the first three lines and I put get your LED light kit today 10% off
remember I told you to put a discount code so that they actually purchased
from you gives them more incentive to buy something related to either your
page the person’s page you’re promoting on or something related to the niche and
easy to enter which is right or 10 the name of my pages writers universe
alright and we all know a friend who needs this all right so that’s pretty
much telling them to tag someone ok that’s telling them to tag a friend who
needs this product and so that’s getting more people to my page get yours by
clicking the link below follow at Ryder’s universe for more moto for more
great moto deals all right so I put my name one more time so that they could
click on it just in case when they’re looking through the hash tags alright
and I put the hash tags down in my comments all right and as you can see
people did comment you know people by putting their friends in the comments
and I did make a lot of cells from this by the way all right so this is what
your shout out should look like this is a great example of what your shout out
should look like when you’re sending it to the person that’s going to do your
Instagram shout out your influencer all right
but that is all guys as far as how to find Instagram influencers for your
Shopify business stumbling over my words here I hope that you enjoyed this video
if you liked it go ahead and give this video a like make sure that you
subscribe to this channel so that you can get more kick-ass dope information
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