How To INCREASE Your Shopify Facebook Ads ROAS – (Shopify Dropshipping)

How To INCREASE Your Shopify Facebook Ads ROAS – (Shopify Dropshipping)

now that is a value bomb what’s going on
guys it’s your boy Beast Of Ecom and I am back with another video dropping nothing
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miss out on any of my upcoming content okay so does this sound like you you’ve
got a product you’ve got a winner running and it’s been doing fantastic
when you launched it may be doing great for a week may be doing great for two
weeks then all of a sudden things start to die off your cost per conversion
starts to rise up you cost per click starts to rise you then starts breakeven
and then eventually starts to lose money on the product sound familiar
well we’ve all been in that situation where our OS just seems to drop
overnight but it doesn’t mean the campaign is necessarily dead and there’s
been ways how you can increase your OS which I’m going to share with you guys
today if you’ve got a product and an audience that is working and converting
just because you cost start to rise doesn’t mean that you have to turn
things off and completely abandon it everyone of course hates turning off
winning campaigns and of course turning off that last ad set of a previous
winning campaign is so hurtful is unreal we’ve all experienced it so I’m gonna
share with you a way that’s been working fantastically for myself remember
everything is all about testing and implementing this method here and doing
what I’ve been doing is I’ve been able to get 13 X ro us on a previous product
that was working for myself that I literally thought was going to die so
remember stay to the end watch all of the video consumer information and most
importantly take action so let’s jump into the computer and let’s get straight
on with it okay so let’s jump straight into this and start dropping some value
for you guys now again like I’ve mentioned everyone goes through it where
you’ve got a product which may be working an audience which may be working
then of course after a few weeks or so things just start to take a dive it’s
annoying but it can be resolved okay so what I’ve done of course I can’t show
everything in here because this stuff is still live you can see that I they’ve
implemented a new creative okay and it’s currently generating these are some
recent numbers last week or so it’s getting purchases of $3 okay $3 is
absolutely fantastic with a row mass of 13 X okay so spent 37 dollars to
generate close to 500 dollars okay now obviously of course you can see
the old one which he’s doing absolutely which was doing you know absolutely
pants you can see they’re absolutely basically losing money that one was so
as you can see I’m just gonna refresh this but as you can see of course you
know the new creative is what works okay and you need to be testing new creatives
if you’ve got something that is already working that may be dying if you want to
revive stuff you can see here that the click-through rate is obviously
fantastic on this one again cost per clicks at 11 cents so you know its
overall performance astok Lee and like I mentioned you know get in sales for $3
is fantastic so again it’s all about testing but how can you guys actually do
this okay how can you be doing this and I’m going to show you guys now so how to
increase your o us on sort of dyeing products or any new products and this is
fantastic way to use if you’ve got you know before you actually go into your
purchase campaigns first of all you know views courses create PPE campaign to
test the creatives okay and we want to do is set up different ad sets but these
don’t have to be high budget ad sets okay these are really loved on a really
low spend one so $5.00 fantastic if you can go lower than that in your budget
don’t stretch then feel free to go lower than that but I’d suggest around about
five dollars okay and what you want to be measuring is your click-through rate
the unique click-through rate not to all not that all click-through rate the
click-through rate which is for your outbound links for people clicking
through to the product because at the end of the day you know the old point of
the advert is to get people to click through
this job that is it okay as long as it does that it’s doing its job so we
wanted to be doing is measuring the click-through rate and of course down
the funnel how far people get in view contents and add to cars
now don’t worry about getting sales okay don’t worry about getting sales with PPC
campaigns again these people that Facebook are sending you are not people
who are there to buy okay it’s as simple as that
Facebook sends the advert out to people who are a lot more broad in your in the
ad set and the audience that you targeting okay these are not the buyers
remember Facebook puts everyone in two different categories
there’ll be buyers on Facebook which when you run your purchase campaigns
that’s who Facebook send it to but if you run in ppes
again they’re just sending it to board people but a high click-through is an
indicator okay that your people when they send it to you purchase campaign is
gonna you know get a better click-through rate and more likely
people to buy so don’t worry about sales okay so what I need you wanna do what
you want to do if you found things or if you’ve got a product that is working and
you know it’s starting to die off is starting to dip or you want to revive an
old campaign so to speak and increase that row us one thing you can do is
change the ad copy okay the actual copy and the actual words so you can use
different buzzwords different statements different questions now I’ve got a
another video if you scroll through my videos I might link here after this one
I’ll try and link it after as I suggested at the end of this one on how
to do you know how to create ad copy that works now you can take bits and
inspirations from that video and use it but basically you want to be posing
different questions different statements and different buzzwords to what you’re
currently using try long-form copy okay a lot of people use short form copy
again long form copy doesn’t work for all products if you’ve got a product
that is solving a problem and stuff like that then long-form copy can work and
what I mean long form copy I mean something that is got a few paragraphs
in there okay so try that out again use different emojis you can always use
different mode look at the ones that you currently use him completely change them
or transform one’s a little more relevant on ones that will stand
out a little bit better okay that’s one way you can change the actual ad copy so
you can do this this is just one way where by keeping the current video the
same or you current picture the same and then just test in the creative the the
ad copy sorry to see if you can increase that click-through rate third thing you
can do of course is change the video or the picture so doing it that way so
leaving your ad copy the same but then changing the actual video or picture
that you’ve got with the creative so if you’ve got a video that’s that that is
um that you’ve created try doing a reviews video okay so if you’re signing
it again it depends on what products you’re selling you can always create a
reviews video yourself okay it’s not hard you know get the product order in
create a reviews video you can do that with your iPhone okay and a simple stand
off eBay or Amazon create a view a reviews video or switch around okay if
you’ve got a current advert that is using a video use a picture find a
picture which is fantastic or vice versa okay if you’ve got a picture create a
video do a video slideshow of pictures you know whatever it may be
switch those around another thing you can do is change the aspect of the video
so you don’t have to change any of the content of the actual video but if the
video is the square video try changing it to a 16:9 one which is like 1080p
like that or a 4.5 which is more long form like that again in my other video
of how to create ad copy that converts I’ll I’ll go over those things and give
examples in that video as well so yeah I will actually link this one I will link
that video at the end of this video okay use captions on the video so if you’ve
got a video and it’s you know it hasn’t got any captions on it you know you can
actually create those yourself jump into you know a video editing software
Premiere Pro Camtasia whatever it may be just put on some captions okay spell it
out for people what are the benefits etc it promote banner bars which you know
you may see videos but that have the top they may have a black bar with
some writing on it you know at the bottom is why it has a black bar with
some writing on it as well you can implement those onto your video which
only really work if you’ve got a square video but again you want to watch out
for that 20% rule because you know Facebook will limit your reach if you’ve
got too much writing on there okay there’s one thing you want to do now
again you can leave the video exactly the same change your ad copy but just
use a different thumbnail remember the thumbnail is super important because
that’s the first thing that everyone sees okay so if you’re changing your
thumbnail make it different from those testing your thumbnails to see which
one’s getting the best click-through rate how many people are actually
viewing it looking at your data and analytics to see which thumbnail is
doing the best can remember the thumbnail is super important you think
about YouTube videos whatever it may be whatever you’re watching the thing
that’s got the you know the craziest thumbnail okay generally gets the
highest click-through rate so you want to make sure that your thumbnail is on
point and the forth point of course is combined both together now that would
mean obviously changing both things now what did I do for this specific campaign
to increase that row us from literally next to nothing to 13x well I did a
combination of both so what I did was actually changed the
video create a whole new video and changed the ad copy as well okay so I
didn’t completely both things and changed it completely why because I knew
that the audience was buying a product okay and I know that the they liked the
product so that they liked the product and the audience was converting
previously it’s just that maybe add the ad copies got fatigued you know people
have seen the same ad as well too many times so this is a fantastic way to
increase your rowers remember if you got some value please please do like comment
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so you stay up-to-date with all of my latest videos and become a part of the
notification gang I hope you can see how important testing actually is okay and
on the front end remember the goal is always to get that person to click now
maybe it’s just add fatigue okay if that is the case
then switch up your creatives is super important yeah it’s so easy to do test
your creatives in a PPE campaign see which ones are getting the best
click-through rate and then just move those ones into your original purchase
campaign see how they go and you’ll be surprised at which creatives actually
take off on a product which is you know you might have thought was dying or
going to die that is it for this video I have got a link down below for my free
mastermind group it’s currently over 2,000 people 2,000 entrepreneurs all in
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down below that is it as I’ve mentioned and I’ll see you back with another video
dropping nothing but value bombs as I always do so take care and I’ll see you

18 thoughts on “How To INCREASE Your Shopify Facebook Ads ROAS – (Shopify Dropshipping)”

  1. AArrrgg , I spent so much money in facebook without profit. The 2 previous menthors never mentioned ROAS. Thank you for pointing out this indicator.


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  3. I noticed you have a bookmark called emojis. If you hold down the windows key & the ; key it'll bring up an emoji keyboard ? you're welcome

  4. What I was wondering, if FB doesn't send to your PPE ads people who are likely to buy, how does that help with the Pixel Intelligence for conversion ads later on?

  5. Hi, great vid! very helpful! – What is the logic in doing a PPE Campaign before (or at all) a Purchase campaign? Ultimately i want ppl to buy my product, and to me (a noob) the PPE seems like a waste of money. I see it as showing the ads to people with no money in their wallet first, and then showing it to people with money in their wallet?! Thanks!

  6. Everything is about testing, so you can already guess where I would invest the 20$. Thank you for all the great tipps! That is going to help me a lot on my journey!

    To everyone that is depressed about the fact that they haven’t seen success yet stop seeing the money that you spend on Ads as a lost, start seeing it as a investment in data! Test, test, test! The one that gives up will never win but the one that doesn’t give up is already winning it‘s just a matter of time!

  7. Nice video man! Do you suggest running an engagement campaign before running the website conversion ads?

  8. Hey man great video as always! I've got two questions if you don't mind answering them
    1) what's a new creative?
    2) how long have you been dropshipping and how long did it take you to start making enough money to live off of it
    Thanks in advance!

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