How To Make A Sales Funnel Website With WordPress – Including, Checkout, Order Bumps, & Upsells

How To Make A Sales Funnel Website With WordPress – Including, Checkout, Order Bumps, & Upsells

In this video I may teach you how to make
a sales funnel website. In fact, were going to go over making three different types of
funnels in this video, here’s one of them right here at your typical two-step check
out this is a fantastic funnel to collect the buyers information before you make any
additional offers like a one click upsell offer. Now here’s another one that were going
to make in this video and I’m actually show you the power of this right now working to
make this very funnel so the first step of this funnel. You can see right here is a sales
page. Now when the buyer clicks on get the e-book it will take them to this checkout
page not already gone ahead and filled out this checkout page. Now when your buyer scrolls
down your good to see that they get presented with an option to have a one click upsell.
In fact, they show you how to reposition this one ClickUp so where you pretty much wanted
on the page, so all your buyer has to do is click on this checkbox and guess what. Now
they’re buying this e-book and this audiobook and both are to be added to their order. So
now let me show you what happens when your buyer checks out to go ahead and fill out
this billing information right here and then your buyer will click on Place order now normally
when you buy something they just take you straight to a thank you page but not with
a sales funnel which I’m good to show you how to make in this video instead your buyer
is taken to an additional offer so they just bought an e-book and an audiobook because
they really want to get results. Quick now working to make him the offer to join in this
membership group in order to help them get their results quicker and it’s going to be
$199 to join, so there’s two options. Your buyer gets one to add it to the order or two
to skip it and say no thank you. So what I do right now is click on no thanks. And instead
of going to the thank you page working to give them an additional offer and it’s less
expensive this time work and offer them a training course and it’s only to be $99. So
I’m go ahead. This sounds good to me. It can help me get results a lot quicker to go ahead
and click this button that says add to my order one click and it’s going to automatically
add that to the order and then we have one final upsell that working offer right here
and that is to join the mastermind group, which is the ultimate access to you. It’s
good to be $500 and Solomon to go ahead and click on add this to my order another one
click and it’s automatically added to the order and then your buyer will end up right
here on the thank you page were you give them the next steps for them to take. And here
is what the buyer purchased so without using a funnel all that they would’ve purchased
was this $50 e-book, but because were using a funnel we were able to offer them an audiobook
for $20. We were then able to offer them a membership which we decided not to get but
then the next offer was an online course, and so that was $99 and then the mastermind
for $500 for a total of $670 without a sales funnel. The most you could have made is $50
is a huge difference between $50 and $670. That’s a massive difference in him and show
you how to do this in this video. Now you might be thinking that looks like it’s can
be very hard to do but I’m here to show you it’s not to be hard at all work and use a
sales funnel builder and here’s those steps that we just went through a landing page checkout
page and upsell it down selling upsell in the thank you page and it’s super easy to
work with this interface. If I wanted to rearrange some of these offers, I could just drag and
drop it like that and then if I wanted to change it back. We can go like that they might
be thinking, but those page designs. Those look really hard. Something I might not be
able to do all the good news is working to be using one of the most easy to use page
building tools in order to create it. So for example right here if I didn’t like this word
I can just highlight it, delete it and type what I prefer there. Everything is good to
be point-and-click easy like that. If I want to change a color point-and-click easy. If
I want to change an image point and click easy to replace. I’m going to hold your hand
through the entire process. In this video were making three funnels a legion funnel
two different salesfunnels were to be doing this right now I want to encourage you though
to hit the subscribe button click on that notification bell you want really useful videos
like this delivered to you. Okay that’s enough chitter chatter. Let’s just get started. So
let’s take a look at everything working to cover in this tutorial, so first were going
to order a domain name. This is your website address and a web hosting account every website
that’s hosted on the Internet has a web hosting account working to just do that in this video,
then working to install WordPress and working to get it all set up for you and were going
to add a WordPress theme and some plug-ins. It’s really as simple as this three step process
to get everything done in this video now in order to keep this video a reasonable length.
There’s going to be other accompanying tutorial blocks that you can add on to this video to
build the funnel website that you want to know I’ll add a link to each of these videos
in the video description box down below are just make sure you’re subscribe to the channel
and you’ll see notifications for it. So the first block that will be available is how
to add drop shipping to your funnel website. Drop shipping is a very interesting and effective
business model where you don’t store inventory for the products you don’t manufacture the
products you outsource all of that including the delivery. You’re the one selling the product
as soon as someone buys it, the order is placed with your supplier and your supplier will
ship the product directly to your customer so they’ll be a video block on drop shipping
next is going to be video block on print on demand. So this is another very interesting
business model where there is a payroll. For example, a shirt and there’s a shirt design
and you can have all of that all outsource so you could say have the shirt designed you
can outsource the manufacturing of the design, the printing and the delivery so your customer
buys the shirt or apparel or whatever POD product that’s the acronym POD they buy it
through your funnel and then the order information is then placed within the supplier and you
pay them a lower fee of course. And then they print and ship it off on demand very interesting
business model that you can add to your funnels. Next is to add online courses or a membership
though be a full video block on adding a online learning management system or a membership
system to your funnel website and let us all have a video block on adding an affiliate
program to your funnel website so that you can essentially have other people marketing
and promoting what you’re selling. They will get a unique link when someone clicks on that
link the buyer goes your website. If a purchase is made that affiliates are that referral
partner will earn a commission something to teach you exactly how to get that set up.
Let’s just go ahead and get started on this tutorial okay the first thing we need is hosting
so I’m in a make a web hosting recommendation and that’s to be Siteground, but you can use
a hosting account that you might have a ready or you can use one of the web hosting companies
that I recommend on this page. She would visit W and this will take
you right here and some of these hosting companies when you order it, I throw in a training bonus
package of 499 training bonus package on my website. But what we want to do is look these
WordPress managed hosting so you have basic hosting that it is not going to be what you
need to power your funnel base website will really gonna want WordPress managed hosting
so you click on it takes you right here and these are the best managed hosting providers
so were many use a Siteground right here primarily because they give this gigantic 70% discount
when you click on this link, or you visit WP to go to their website
they give you a really generous discount when you click on this link sort of news were and
head over there working a prepay for this for a year in order to take advantage of this
70% discount on our first payment to just visit WP or if you
do visit this page. Click right here where it says visit Siteground else to take you
right here to Siteground’s website working to just click right here it says manage WordPress
hosting and there were in a see the three plans that they offer. So there’s three plans
start a probate go grow geek or go geek. Sorry our work and go ahead and use this to grow
big plan. Now the reason were going with the grow bag versus the startup is you can host
unlimited websites. That’s nice, but what I really want for that is it has something
called one click staging so if you ever want to test something with your website, but it’s
a live that is great feature you click a button, it creates a copy of your website. You can
do all the testing and it’s kind of in this private area and you can test all that you
want and then if you were say making some changes, then you can push it back to your
life website. I really like those features, so that’s can be found in the grow big and
the go geek. The difference between these two on the go geek they give you your you
get fantastic support with them. They’re very quick to respond to via live chat, and you
can even call them but on the go geek they give you even more. Priority your pump to
the top of the queue to their very best support agent so you pay a little bit more but you
get better support available to you which I think is definitely worth it. So just go
ahead and use this grow big right here to be 595 over in a prepay for a year now. This
wording to choose your domain name so you can either register a new domain name. It’s
a little easier that way. Or if you have a domain name registered somewhere else. You
can choose this as an option to just go ahead and enter a domain name if Yorty had one in
mind that you knows available, go ahead and enter that. So I got ahead and entered mine
and you have the option or all of these different extensions they give you the widest
variety of extensions with Siteground. So go ahead and click on proceed and it will
take me to the next step and so this is essentially where you’re just gonna fill out all of your
billing information to set up your account, your address, put in a credit card number
and down here there’s a couple choices for you to make sorting to choose the payer. Of
service that we want to prepay for right now to take advantage of that discount. So there
is 1224 and 36 I going with the 12 month plan. So with 12 months it’s going to be 595’d712
so I’m essentially good to be paying right now $71 is not a lot of money now. That’s
for the hosting but right here were also going to pay for the domain name it 16 bucks. There’s
a couple options here. There’s domain privacy and a site scanning service. The main privacy.
Essentially, your details when you register a domain name are put in a database. If you
wanted those details would be private. It’s kinda like back in the day when we had phone
books and you can have your phone information be unlisted and you pay a fee. It’s pretty
much the same exact thing. So when you add this, it just can add $12 per year. You see
the total right there so that’s a totally optional so without domain name privacy to
come to roughly about $87.35 and you just need to check these two boxes and click on
pay now so I’m in a go ahead and fill this out for me. So once you place your order.
It will take you here. It might’ve taken you a minute or two for them to create your account
for you. You will have received a few receipt emails and all of that good stuff. So then
right here. Click on proceed to customer area and it’s gonna take us right here to get our
set up completed so were to choose right here it says start and new websites and then were
going to choose right here where it says WordPress and then right here working to set up our
WordPress login so working to get to choose it right now one bit of advice I want to give
you is for your username to not choose admin or administrator, and for your password. Don’t
choose an obvious password such as password. If this is the security of your sales funnel
website. It’s this login so you’re not gonna want to choose something that someone can
easily guess in order to get into your website so go ahead and fill that out now and then
click on the confirm button now after you click on the confirm button it’s gonna take
you to this screen right here and you’re in a want to remember your login and password
okay and the last thing we need to do is click on confirm here. This is given us one last
option to buy this as G site scanner, and working a skip on that summit. Click on confirm
the need to click on the checkbox here that says I confirm read and agree the Siteground
terms of service. Click on complete set up and you pretty much are done and your website
as close as your domain names ordered your hosting account is being set up and WordPress
is being installed for you right now and that’s it was that easy. So now I click right here
it says proceed to customer area and this is the customer area for your web hosting
account whenever you want to come here to login. This is what you’re going to see some
to go ahead and click on my accounts right here and you’ll see a list of your websites.
Remember we can host more than one website will see all of your websites and WordPress
installations right here before like to go any further. I like to add what’s called an
SSL security certificate to see right here it says HTTP was missing and as we need to
get that their security certificate installed so I want to do that now minute click right
here it says go to cPanel and then right here in the click on proceed and it’s gonna take
us into the control panel of your web hosting account. This is where you can set up email
addresses and do all sorts of administrative tasks. This is separate from WordPress and
you probably are going to go in here much, but I like to go in here before I do anything
when I set up a new website and WordPress is to install a security certificate and the
nice thing is it’s can be completely free with Siteground someone to scroll all the
way down into the section that says security so if I scroll down here security right here
in it says oh let’s encrypt some to go ahead and click on, let’s encrypt and I’m going
to choose my domain from this less than only have the one on my account and then I’m in
a click on install and so what this is doing is it’s installing this SSL certificate and
that’s pretty much all that we needed to do their so numb to go back and click on my accounts
to get back to that area were we can login to our website and so when I click on this
screen option here. It’s going to open in a new tab and allow me to login to this website
for the first time to go ahead and do that now. Okay so here we are. It’s that quick
and were at the WordPress login so this is going to be that username and login that we
created just a moment ago for our WordPress base website now working to do something as
soon as we login do you see right here. It’s is not secure and it’s because even though
we added that SSL certificate. We need to just tell WordPress that we’ve added it. It’s
going to be super easy. So go ahead and login using that username and password that you
created when you first login it to your WordPress website. Siteground injects this onboarding
process that were going to just go ahead and skip so if you scroll down, there is an exit
option right here and that will get us out of that now were logged into our WordPress
website now on the dashboard when you have Siteground it looks a little different today
add some of this look and feel to it right here so if you didn’t go with Siteground versus
another host it might look a little different, so now minute go to where it says settings
and then go on general and here is where it says the word press address and this is the
website address to your website. What we need to do is change it from HTTP to say a HTTP
as someone to put an S there, to put an S there you want to make sure it’s in the right
spot. Okay. Now when I scroll down and click on save changes. It’s can it kick me out of
the websites and then it should be using that security certificate. So when I do this I
saved that it kicked me out and you notice it no longer says not secure we have the padlock
right here. So what we’ve done is a lot so far. We just installed WordPress and a security
certificate and got it all working together and it was really easy. So now what we need
to do is just go ahead and log back into WordPress and as you see, it takes us right back to
where we left off and you can see now the whenever anyone visits our website. There
can be using the secure version that HTTP yes version of our websites and I were to
just go take a couple things out that were auto installed so that word press onboarding
process. When we logged and we don’t need that we don’t need this SG optimizer right
now so I’m going to check both like that and under bulk actions. I’m going to go to deactivate
and then click apply now these are no longer active, and we can leave those there to be
activated later. If we so choose. Or we can click on delete to remove them. So now let’s
go ahead and install WordPress theme someone to go to appearance and then themes click
on add new I’m going to click on popular and working to install this theme right here called
the Astra Theme. It’s free. There’s no cost to do this, I’ll go ahead and click on install
and then I’m in a go ahead and click on activate now the theme now WordPress theme allows us
to set our fonts and our logo and it gives us some of the look and feel of our website
so but for a sales funnel website that were building were probably not can really leverage
a lot of these settings, unless you wanted a website that also had a sales funnel on
it and your blog and all that. It’s definitely the one to go with here is Astra now when
you activate it. It’s going to have some kind of a prompt right here letting you know they’ve
created a bunch of websites for you and you can restore them with one click soma go ahead
and click on get started and it’s going to add this plug-in called Astro starter sites.
It’s an amazing plug-in so right here. It’ll say select your page builder in here you’re
gonna want to choose Elementor and then click on next and then it’s gonna give you a list
of fully designed websites that you can restore with one mouse click. Now some of them cost
money and most of them are actually free. So it’s his agency there. That’s one of the.
The website designs were. You have to have a package and if it doesn’t have a badge like
this one right here. That means it’s free, but you also get these filter options so I
can click on free and now I’m just looking at the free 100% free web designs one click.
It’s on my website and there’s quite a variety here that you can go through so if any of
these interest you. You can simply click on it right here it says preview it’s going to
open it up, it’s gonna preview it for you and if you wanted to make your site look like
this. All you have to do is click import site now were creating a sales funnel website.
I’m not to go through this, but I’ll put a link in the video description box to a full
tutorial on how to use Astra and Astra Sites. And if that’s something that you want to do
for your website but were not to know it restore one of the sites in this video because the
entire website is going to be a sales funnel. So now what were going to do is start installing
some plug-ins to add functionality to our website and the very first plug-in were going
to add will give us e-commerce full-featured e-commerce suite. So working to install WooCommerce
now WooCommerce is a free E and it’s the official free e-commerce plug-in for WordPress and
it actually has the, the largest market share of any e-commerce platform on the Internet
it’s powering Morris more e-commerce sites than Shoppify and all of those other just
go down the list of of different e-commerce website platforms. There’s more people using
WooCommerce then, using any of those other platforms so working to install it them or
can you configure a payment gateway. Then after he do that were going to go ahead and
add a product that work in a cell in the sales funnel. Now it’s important to note that with
WooCommerce. It’s everything you can use it to sell digital products you can use it to
sell physical products and do the product fulfillment along with it. And later on in
other videos when we add one ad in say online courses or a membership you can use it to
sell those as well. So let’s just go ahead and jump back into our website, go to plug-ins
add new, click on who said it want to click on upload plug-in. I’m a to go right here
and do a search for WooCommerce and here it is. Go ahead and click on install now and
then when I activate it, it’s gonna take us into what’s called an onboarding process works
can walk us through going through all of the various settings now depending if you followed
each step in this tutorial by now there may have been a set up wizard that started when
you activated WooCommerce but you can see how I’ve done it. This is set up wizard has
not launched, which is fine. So what we need to do words is Astra starter sites that just
temporarily deactivate this and then where it says WooCommerce. Let’s click on settings
and here’s all the settings but I want to go through that set up wizard so will click
where it says help on the top right that will click right here it says set up wizard and
then will click on the blue button that’s is set up wizard and now we can go through
each step of that set up wizard so it just breaks it down into several steps to getting
the e-commerce platform up and running as basic things I skin us the address of the
store, how we want to accept payments as they can to be digital products or physical products,
shipping and all that kind of stuff. It just asks us a few questions and the first one
is the set up your address I’ll go ahead and fill this out okay so I’ve gone ahead and
selected my country put the address and chose the currency that I want to sell with, and
right here I’m gonna do. I plan to sell both physical and digital products like that and
then right here there’s a checkbox that I’m then uncheck because I don’t want any usage
tracking this is if we wanted to send usage information the WooCommerce to help them improve
the plug-in I let someone else be that I’ll go ahead and click on, let’s go, and it’s
gonna take us to the next step. This is where were going to choose the payment gateways
that we want to use with WooCommerce. Now there are tons of different payment gateway
services and the nice thing about WooCommerce is there’s integrations available for most
now what you also get for free is the integration with stripe and the integration with PayPal.
So in this video I’m in be using strong right and here’s a stripes website. There’s no cost
to sign up for stripe and you just you pretty much have similar fees to what you pay with
PayPal something like $0.30 for a transaction and then at 2.9% transaction fee, and if you
had volume. You can obviously negotiate them down so working to choose that for here some
Aleve. This toggled on our to have stripe account some in uncheck this box so if you
have a stripe account just unchecked that can use PayPal, but you can use PayPal and
stripe so I’ll have a different tutorial on PayPal. Some just gonna turn that off right
there and then here you can choose if you want to enable check payments. These are more
manual off-line payment options. I’m really those all toggled off and then I’m in a click
on continue. And so what is going to do is add the integration for stripe for me. Now
this is the shipping settings and so if you’re in a ship physical goods. You’re gonna get
on this setting page right here, so depending on what you answered in that first step depends
if you’re going to be here and so shipping is complicated and I have a separate video
for it. I’m not gonna cover it right now. Essentially, shipping is actually super easy.
If you do flat rate right then. If you want or free shipping, but then once you wanted
to table rate shipping based upon ZIP Codes weights and all that kind of stuff. There’s
a little bit more involved in the set up so I’m not in a cover that in this video because
typically you’re not doing that. That way, with sales funnel. So I’m in a leave that
off so I’m it’s going to choose free shipping right here make my life easy and then I’ll
just toggle this off right here now. WooCommerce has several free services to make sales tax
easier to make shipping to that table rate live rate shipping easier. So I’m not going
to be doing that though I’m going to just unchecked. This right here so here’s another
add-on option that’s free. That makes it easy to print shipping labels at home so I was
going to go ahead and click on continue. Oops, I’ve got to make this free shipping as well
to move forward. I’ll do another free shipping and then click on continue. All right, so
here is some add additional add-ons that WooCommerce is offering you and we could uncheck all of
these so don’t want to integrate with MailChimp. I don’t want to. This Facebook integration
right here and then there’s this also automated taxes. Now this is good if you’re needing
to charge taxes, you might want that there I’m just going to uncheck that because when
you do digital sales here and then click on continue. All right. And now it’s offering
us this Jetpack which is pretty good but I’m in a go ahead and skip this step step. I don’t
need it and now it’s saying it’s pretty much set up now. We still need to connect it with
our payment gateway stripe which were going to do in a moment. We have to take some of
the info it gives us to make that connection. So I’m going to just scroll down here and
click on visit dashboard and then it’s all set up so I’ll dismiss this and we have the
notice right here WooCommerce stripe is basically just a notification about some recent changes
that were made to the payment gateway and now when I click the X to make that go away
it saying we need to set our stripe account keys so let’s click right here to take us
to where we would enter those stripe account keys and so it says payments and then says
stripe, and so here’s working to put our stripe information. So what I want to do for this
video those used stripe in test mode. Let’s go ahead and head over to stripe and get that
all taken care of. So you’re it is vision’s visit If you don’t already have
an account and click on start now. It’s a very simple set up process and after you’ve
gone through the set up process and login for the first time. Here’s get a beer dashboard
and here’s a test account I use for videos and you can see right here it says get your
test API keys and it’s as publishable and secret key will. That’s exactly what we need
to put right here is our published key in our secret key so we just need to copy and
paste that over. Now when you’re ready to go live with your sales funnel and e-commerce
and all that. It’s very simple. All you have to do is uncheck this and when you do it then
you can put in your live publishable key and your live secret key you’ll just copy and
paste those in there, but I’m going to go test mode for this video. So take a moment
right now to copy and paste mine over and then I’m in a scroll down and click on save
changes. Okay so I’m done and I’ve already gone ahead now and installed our e-commerce
platform and connected a payment gateway to it. Now WooCommerce is going to add to menu
items here one is WooCommerce in this version is see your list of orders you can create
coupons there’s reporting. Here’s our settings and then there’s a status for its and then
right here it says products. When you click on that. Your to be able to add a new product.
See a list of your products and you can categorize products and tag products. If you wanted if
you’re having a large number of products you definitely want to do that but for the sales
funnel websites were not going to have a ton of products so I’m a go ahead and click on
create a product right here and then will go through creating a product together. Oops,
we have this Apple pay notice will deal with that after we create the product and make
that go away. Okay, so a product is really simple to set up work in a given a name. There’s
this little walk-through here when you click next. It’s gonna walk you through everything
I’m skinny get rid of it. So essentially for crating the sales funnel a product for the
sales funnel. We just need to give it a product name right there and then right here it’s
his product data. This is where the magic really happens. So there’s different types
of products that you can create but were pretty much can be doing simple products but we also
have the option of creating a variable product. What that is a perfect example is you want
to buy a shirt and there’s five different colors each of those colors is what’s called
a variation so the same product but there’s different variations different sizes or just
something different about it were to go with the simple product. Here I will link to a
full WooCommerce tutorial where I explained variable products in detail and setting those
up, but working to just use the simple product right here now. If it’s not can be something
that’s shipped we can just check this box for it being a virtual product and if it’s
good to be an downloadable file an e-book or something like that. We can choose the
download option. So here’s what happens when I checked these two boxes. The setting sort
of dynamically change so for downloadable you can see, when I checked it I can attach
my downloadable file right here and I can set limitations on it. I can set expiration
dates. If he don’t have to pay for any of this is all just kind of included in so you
notice when I check the virtual the shipping option while there’s nothing to ship so when
I checked at the shipping option just goes away. And so the main beauty of using WooCommerce,
which makes having these sales funnels be so powerful is you can add additional plug-ins
that add additional options here. So when we go through our video on adding an online
course, what will see here is that a tab for where we link this product to a course and
the access to it. The same goes for membership print on demand the same for drop shipping.
There is all of this additional functionality that can get added to here and then we add
this product to our sales funnel. It’s just so powerful, so I’m a go ahead and fill this
out I’m in a given a product name and the product names important because it’s going
to show on the receipt so you want to have a good product name there and then right here
you’re going to put a price and all these other options are going to be more related
to physical products so working to skip over those for now. Okay so I filled this out,
I’m naming my product sales funnel secrets e-book and then down here I’m going to put
in a price of 4999 for this should just click on downloadable and add a file I don’t have
one handy us so there we go, we have it like that, you can add categories like I said and
tags. If you wanted to. I’m just going to go ahead and click on publish and I’ve gone
ahead and created this product now Mexican to go back into the settings. The fix that
Apple pay things so I’m a click on settings and then I’m in a go to payments and then
I’m in a go down here to stripe on a click on manage and there’s a little box I can uncheck
is I haven’t set up Apple pay someone uncheck that click on save changes and now you shouldn’t
get that Apple pay warning anymore okay. I’ll go ahead and click on the dashboard and we
will continue moving on. So next working to do his work and add a page builder so page
will there is a tool that we used to visually create our pages and we use it to add our
images are text Starcom structures all that kind of stuff and you can do some really cool
things with the page builder makes life so much easier and it really opens up the door
for anyone to be able to create beautiful pages on their website sort and install a
tool called Elementor and Elementor really is the number one page building tool. There
is being used on nearly 3 million websites right now and that’s just after it having
been out for two years so it’s really the number one page builder there is. And it also
happens to be free, however work and also install Elementor Pro. Now that is the professional
version of Elementor. It’s a second plug in that were going to add to our website. The
reason we need Elementor pros because it adds additional functionality so it’s going to
allow us to create forms. These can be forms for lead generation to capture leads and then
integrated with our email auto responder or any kind of form if you were creating an application
funnel were the main goal is to have someone fill out an application while you can actually
create that application using Elementor Pro. It also adds pop-ups which is an amazing feature
that it recently added to add pop-ups for anything. I mean, you can create anything
inside of a pop-up. It’s very powerful tool and there’s a ton of other advanced functionality
that Elementor Pro ads are probably not to get to in this tutorial, such as website personalization.
It’s pretty advanced stuff. Really cool stuff that you can do with it and it’s a very easy
to use page building tool so they were to go ahead and create our first page using Elementor
so I like to show you how to use a page builder before we create ourselves page now I have
something to let you know about. I’ve created a course called Elementor accelerator and
it’s a training course is available on my website and you can purchase is for hundred
and $99. However, if you visit WP it’s gonna take it to page on my website.
I’m basically saying if you click on this link to purchase Elementor. It’s a referral
link and if you click on that link to purchase Elementor. I will give you access to the Elementor
accelerator training program that I’ve created the access to that further for completely
free. I’m gonna waive the hundred and $99 cost of the course and give you access 100%
for free and all the instructions are right there when you visit W
and when you purchase Elementor through the link on that page. There’s no additional cost
to you at all is just a way for me to say thank you for you supporting me through using
that referral link and a portion of we what you pay. Elementor gets given to me as a referral
fee so I basically fun things around here. Okay, let’s go ahead and just move on. In
the tutorial. So first I’m going to. Let’s take a look at Elementor’s website right here
to see how much it costs. So Elementor Pro is can be 49 bucks a year for a single site
license. It’s an unbelievable value. That’s per year. This upper month. That’s per year
of the plan I have is this the 199 per year that I I use that plan out because I use Elementor
on tons of websites I love it and it’s really the tool that I enjoy using. Now I will say
that to make a sales funnel a funnel website. There’s other page builders that you could
choose, and you can use. My preference is Elementor because for many reasons. Number
one. The cost is very affordable but it’s more so that it’s most powerful tool that
I’ve come across so go ahead and buy your license if you don’t already have a license
and then it’s going to take you right here to your account area. There’s a download link
right there you can just click on that and download Elementor to your website. There’s
also a license key you’re gonna want to copy to your clipboard so that we can activate
the paid version of Elementor. Okay, so here I am back on the website. I’m going to go
to plug-ins add new and I’m in a search for Elementor were first and install the free
version all right here it is. Elementor page builder of click on install now in the earlier
part of this video if you added one of those Astra Sites it’s can automatically install
Elementor for you. So okay we got Elementor installed and it’s can add to menu options
Elementor and this is were working to get into that settings and then there’s a new
template option right here because you’re able to save it is just amazing plug in so
anyways you got this templates and Elementor but working to go ahead and add that paid
version of it some and go to plug-ins add new, click on upload plug-in and I really
haven’t downloaded so I’m just going to drag and drop it right here, click on install now
and it’s can it upload Elementor Pro. A click on activate and now Elementor Pro is installed
and activated. Now after you activated. It’s going to welcome you in prompt you to activate
your license summoned, click on activate manually and I have it in my clipboard something to
paste it in and click on activate. So now that we have Elementor activated I want to
show you around the plug in a little bit. So for someone to go and take a look at the
settings and then working to go and create our first page using Elementor here we are
in the settings I want to show you where it says integrations right here in this is where
you’re going to copy over your API key for MailChimp or drip active campaign get response
convert kit mailer lights or if you’re using custom fonts from Adobe type kit. This is
where you gonna paste those API keys into connected into those various services. Next
we have some additional options right here for custom fonts. It will allow you to upload
custom fonts so if you have a certain font that you like to use in your business. You
can upload and use that on your website. Next we have a role manager. If you’re creating
these funnels for clients and you want to restrict what they’re able to do on a page.
Maybe just have access to, change text, but not change background images or things of
that nature then you have control with this role manager. It’s a really cool tool and
there was that getting started video that we just kind of skipped over such go ahead
and create our first page on a go to pages in this just so that I can show you how Elementor
works and I will go ahead and create ourselves funnel right up. Click on add new and this
is pretty much how you create a page on WordPress you click on add new and the first time you
do that, it’s can walk you through some things, but I’ll just go ahead and close that out
to go ahead and give this page and name and so I’ll just name this homepage even though
I’m not can it really use it has the homepage so I like to go ahead and put my page name
in there and then click on publish, and then click on publish it actually publish it and
then I like to click right here it says edit with Elementor and then this is going to jump
me into this Elementor page building experience so Elementor essentially or your page builder
is going to be used for everything underneath the header and above the footer. However,
when were crating ourselves funnels were not using headers or footers. We are just creating
essentially Elementor is going to control it from top to bottom. Okay, so the way page
builder works is quite simple. It’s through a grid system and its grid similar to when
you use an Excel spreadsheet where you have rows and columns. It’s the same exact thing
with the page builder so if I wanted to add a row. I would click on this plus and a how
many columns are in that particular row and you have the column options right here so
say I wanted a two column row just like an Excel. Just think about it that way. I would
choose that and so now you can see we’ve got this blue container and you can see it around
the edges. That’s a let you know that this is a section and the section has options here
at the top four settings and you can delete sections you can duplicate them and all of
that and so right here. We have our two columns and you notice when I hover my mouse in it.
There is that top left option right here and so this is settings for particular column
and then what we do is we essentially just drag-and-drop content into the column. That’s
all there is to it. So if I wanted to have some text right here. I would click right
here on the dial pad and here’s a heading. So say wanted a heading. I drag-and-drop my
heading in there and there is my headings right there in you. It’s it has what’s called
an in-line text editing option so I can click here and I can start typing rights. I can
type right here in line or if I prefer, I can type it in this box and it will dynamically
change right there and you can go here. Click on the dial pad and you can drag and drop
all of these different types of elements inside columns. So we’ve got headings and images
and videos. So if I wanted a video I just drag-and-drop it and I let go and now I’ve
got a video there okay and we have all kinds of options here and so right here it says
Pro. These are the elements that come with the Pro version. This is what you just paid
for and so one of them is gonna be forms and that’s work in a used to capture leads with
this tool and there’s all kinds of powerful, easy-to-use out modules that you can easily
drag-and-drop so sections which is the main container right here has its own settings
and so it is section you would be setting the spacing so I wanted some space above some
space below. If I wanted an image in the background. The color in the background. Those settings
are what’s available in your sections and then in columns you have settings for that
as well and modules have their own individual settings. So if I click on the text right
here it’s going to show me the settings for it and so I got content. The style of the
text and advanced. So here is sections your rows your modules are all pretty much can
it have these three tabs here in one of them will be style. So what’s really cool with
Elementor is they’ve integrated this right click option and it’s very handy so I can
hover over the text here and I can right-click and it gives us these options. So even though
it’s on your web browser. There is, it just kind of feels like it’s an application so
I wanted to edit this particular item. If I wanted to duplicate it copy if I wanted
to delete it type got all of these options there and what’s really helpful is there’s
keyboard shortcuts right here so I use a Mac and sometimes I use a PC I can use my command
C or control. See the copy and paste you got these options right there it’s really cool
that they have that there there’s a lot to Elementor it such a powerful tool so right.
I can do is I can click on here and it’s can show me the settings for this section’s analysis
edit section so I have control over the layout and some spacing so if I wanted some space
above and below I’ve got these options right here it’s under height so I can do a fit to
screen and that’s whatever’s in here just takes up the whole screen I can go default.
I can go minimum height right here and I have this lighter now where I can add minimum height
to the top and the bottoms you have all this design control. I’m not going to go into every
detail of Elementor. I’ve got probably about 40 different Elementor tutorials here on the
channel and I’ll link to some of them that will be helpful to you below. In the video
description. If you’re new to Elementor, so we’ve got our layout for the section and then
here is our style and so this is where we can add a color to the background so there’s
different background types we can have it just a straight up color we can have a gradient
that’s where there’s two colors blended and we can even have a background video if we
wanted to fight. Click here it says classic. Here’s where I can choose my color and so
say I just wanted it. This color and I can go like that you can see now that section
has that different background color loops right there and if I wanted to add an image
I can do that as well. I don’t happen have any images loaded in here at the moment, but
I could go ahead and choose an image if I wanted is also these very interesting should
shape the fighters so when I click here. I can add a shape divider to the top or the
bottom. Let me show you what it looks like someone add one to the bottom and then there’s
a whole list of these right here so if I wanted to have kind of a cloud look at the bottom
you can see that right there, or if I wanted to have something like a curve. I could do
that or if you wanted to do the old-school arrow pointing up or pointing down. You could
do that as well. I can click on invert and there it’s pointing down so a lot of these
type of shape divider’s work good when you have some spacing at the top and the bottom
there. So if I went to the layout and then I went to my Heights and did a minimum height.
You can see now it just looks a little better at the shape divider of there’s lots of cool
ones that you can choose if you wanted to. I would suggest not over using them if possible.
And you can add them to the top or the bottom. It’s completely up to you and each time you
enable one of them. It’s going to come with additional options. So if I wanted to change
this. I can make it wider like that to different different ways of making it look how I might
want it to look up some and go back to none. Because I don’t really want any of them okay
and so there we have our sections. Now we have those other container types called columns
so I can click right here and it’s going to give me options just for this column so if
I wanted this column to maybe have a white background. I would click on style normal
click right here it says color are classic and then for color I can change it to white
and there we have it right there and so you can also do different things with the border
if I wanted it to site. Did that again. Let me get my white color okay and then border
so I can round out the corners right here. I going to five it slightly, rounds out the
corner. Some got hard to see if I made it larger number you can see it more and there’s
is little tab right here when you click on it it makes the interface kinda go away and
you can see there is my rounded corners off. I wanted to make a border I can do that as
well so we do that in the also have really cool box shadow. That’s where there’s like
a little bit of a shadow underneath it. If I click here. It automatically puts one in
and then you can adjust it. You can adjust your color for the shadow or whatever. So
now it kinda looks like it’s lifted off the page a little bit. That’s another one that’s
good. The use I like to make it very subtle and so you want to play around with these
options here to get the color just right to make it very subtle. You want to get rid of
it. Click here back to default in your set so you’re saying that while I mean this Elementor
is amazing. You can do pretty much anything with it okay and then you have your module
settings by clicking on module right here. It also has style. So for text I could change
the text color I can change the font I can even add shadow. There’s just so many options
and then if you want to delete things I can right-click and delete just like that I can
click on this X and get rid of an entire section. Let’s take a moment and restore one of the
templates that come with Elementor Pro. So if I click on the folder. It’s can pull up
this option here and these are all page templates some of them are with the free version, and
some of the pro only. So these ones that have a badge on the top right words is proposing
to be your pro only options right there so these of the page templates, to restore one
in a moment, but I want also show you blocks so when I click on here you get complete content
blocks. So there is a way of their all categorized right here is if I wanted to say see some
testimonials I can scroll down and click on testimonials and it will show me these already
designed slivers of content or did it together for me for testimonials. So if I really like
the way this looks I can click on it and just add that to my website is really cool how
they do that and they kind of eliminate the style so then you could go in and put your
colors and so for pages on the go ahead and choose one of these sort of lead generation
centric type of pages so there’s one down here that I would think I’m in a go with.
It’s called up right here. This go with this tourism one because there’s a contact form
in there so if you see one you like. You just go ahead and click on insert and it’s going
to go ahead and download it from Elementor servers. The image is everything, and it’s
going to insert it into your website. Here it is a click on this hide panel option and
you can see it right there. So this is using that form module which is one of the main
reasons we purchased Elementor Pro is also countdown timers and all that. There’s lots
of other reasons why you want to use Elementor Pro editor to help us with our cells, funnels,
and you also get to save things with Elementor and reuse them. That’s one of the features
I like the most. Another reason why Elementor is so fantastic for what were trying to do
is, it has amazing mobile responsiveness options so we have these navigation icons down here
in one of them right here is a responsive mode and when you click on it you get to see
how it looks on a desktop and put it’s all the settings and for desktop. There’s also
a tablet option in a mobile option. So I want to see how this looks on a mobile device.
I click here and it shrinks it there and a lot of these settings I can change in it just
changes how it looks on a mobile device. So here’s my headline when I click on it it actually
takes me to edit the heading and you see alignments and there’s these three options will I can
set the alignment just for my mobile device so if it doesn’t look good is centered or
left aligned, or right aligned on a mobile device I can have it be a unique setting for
the mobile device. So whenever you see these three icons that let you know that you can
set it on a per device basis. Also see this with font sizes so if I go on style and right
here it says topography. If I click right here you can see the font size. I have options
for the mobile responsiveness line height as well as letter spacing to make sure that
looks fantastic on a mobile device to get back you click on responsive mode go back
to desktop and in there you have it so you can really put a little extra time and after
you come up with your designs to make them pixel perfect for every device that your buyers
are going to visit your sales funnel on there’s lots more cool things with Elementor. The
last thing that I want to show you is how to save your entire design as a template that
you can use elsewhere on your website or on a different sales funnel. You can even exported
and imported into a different website of yours. So we have this update button here and we
have this little save options when I click on save options. There’s an option here that
says save as template. When I click on it it asked me to just give it a name I just
given it the name homepage template right here. I can click on save and now it’s actually
saved it as a template I can literally click this arrow here and I can choose export and
it exports and I can import it wherever I want on a different website or I can go to
create a new page and I can use this there. It’s very powerful tool. I love it and you
can also upload your templates. Let me show you that real quick. I kinda glossed over
it. There’s this option right here with the arrow up to import template when you click
on that. You just drag and drop the file in there so your final designs are very portable.
Using Elementor and then when you’re done you just click on update to save your page
and then to get out of Elementor we click on the hamburger icon here in the top left
and that we click on exit the dashboard and it’s gonna take us back to where we were and
if I want to view this design I can click right here. What has the title and then it’s
can show me the link I can click right here it’s can open in a new tab and then there
it is. It’s just pixel perfect with Elementor. It’s just that great of a tool. Now we don’t
need that for what were going to be doing so many click all pages and here’s that homepage.
I’m in a throw that in the trash, click on trash and I’m in a click on empty trash and
that’s it for the page building tool. It’s very easy to use. I have a ton of tutorials
here on the channel for you to learn and be able to get the most out of it. Okay let’s
continue on with the tutorial. So now we need to add our final builder or this website because
that’s after all. What this videos about and working to install CartFlows and CartFlows
is the number one funnel building tool for WordPress. It’s pretty amazing. And then what
we do have to install it would tell or just can you use Elementor because there’s full
sales funnel templates for Elementor. We just need to tell CartFlows that were using Elementor
and number to go ahead and create our first funnel now CartFlows and has a free version
and with this free version. There’s templates involved that you get. You can create funnels
and you can even have the checkout component which is what were getting use WooCommerce
for but there’s a professional version to CartFlows that’s probably going to get you
closer to what you want out of the sales funnel so it’s gonna come with multiple checkout
styles so check out styles are the column structure so check out style would be all
your fields being in one column or two columns or even having a two step check out which
is a very popular checkout style and that’s where the first step someone, it just there
to. You’re just asking them their billing information where you want to ship the product
to or the billing information, not the credit card information but just their personal information.
Then they go to the next step and that’s where you show them the total for the product that’s
were you asked for the credit card number and that’s we give them an optional order
Bob and yes CartFlows Pro gives you the option to have order bumps so every two these are
really the this is like the main features here that maximize the amount of money you’re
gonna make off of each transaction. So, without order, bumps of salesnow in cells. If you’re
not even making those offers to your buyers you’re really just leaving money on the table
and you’re really doing a disservice to the buyers on your website so you can offer in
order bump and what in order. Bob is is it is an additional offer that you make on the
checkout page and all your buyer has to do is click on one checkbox and it will immediately
add it to the checkout. This works very good for accompanying products to what they’re
already buying and also this complementary product is a lower price than the initial
purchase doesn’t make sense to have that in this case the $50 e-book and then to have
$100 order Bob so it’s gonna work better to have this $50 e-book and then maybe a $20
audiobook version so you really want to make that an easy decision for people to add this
order bump to their checkout and we there there been many customers a CartFlows that
just adding the order bump they made back all their money within weeks of what they
paid for CartFlows and just they’ll make more money throughout the year. Then you get the
option of adding up salesand then down salesso your upsell is going to be the offer that’s
made. After that the buyer checks out. So in the example here they buy the. The sales
funnel secrets e-book and then they add on the audiobook version and then they get made
an offer and upsell offer. Maybe it’s a video training course for $199, you’re up. salesare
usually going to be more expensive than the initial order, and it seemed better when it’s
something that’s going to get them the result that there after faster. That’s the best kind
of upsell. So, your upsell can be a video training course and then your or maybe a membership
and then the down salesso they don’t want the upsell you give them a down selling that
down so can the instead of the membership. Maybe it’s a single video training course.
Now if they accept your offer, your upsell offer maybe you give them a second upsell
offer maybe at some one on one training mastermind group that’s even more expensive, like $400
so you can do all that with CartFlows Pro and working to set some of that up in this
video the next big feature is field control and that is where you can reorder the fields
in the checkout. You can hide fields. You can add custom fields so if you have to earn
your if you need to ask your buyer a question may be wanting to know what industry that
they are in so that you can start collecting this information when they check out you can
add custom fields to the checkout process and you also have control over column structures
so you have one column. If you don’t want it to be the first name and then underneath
that the last name you want to condense it a bit you can do that you can have a first
name. Take up half the space in a single column and then the last name. The other half. It’s
can be best when I show you, you also get Pro templates that are leveraging all of the
features that I just listed. There’s a whole lot more to CartFlows Pro. They have a cart
abandonment coming soon. So whenever someone types in their name and email that info is
captured and you can optionally email them if they don’t check out if they leave that
the checkout maybe they got distracted, you can email them a time, maybe 30 minutes or
60 minutes whatever you want an email to remind them to try to get them back in the cart and
you can even go a step further email them a little discount so that they will come back
and complete that checkout process you can do all that with the Pro version of of CartFlows,
it’s there’s like a laundry list of features that you get with CartFlows Pro. So let’s
go ahead and take a look at that a little closer so right here is the CartFlows website.
It just Of course I have a link in the video description box income to
the website and you can read more about it more about the features you can see a lot
of them in action. So what working to do though is working to go ahead and click right here
where it says get CartFlows a CartFlows is $299 per year really cheap. About $25 per
month. If you average that are divided by 12 it’s very cheap it’s very easy to make
that back and you get all of these features with it. So go ahead and order CartFlows Pro.
We are going to use it. In this tutorial, like I said, you can use the free version
of CartFlows as well, and that will allow you to make funnel structured funnels. So
if you’re using Elementor Pro and your use that form builder and you just need like a
lead generation funnel. You just need a application funnel where you’re just trying to get someone
to fill out the application. You can Artie do all of that with the free version of CartFlows.
Okay so here we are back to the website. Let’s go ahead and install the free version of CartFlows
him to go to plug-ins add new and then right here were to search on then enter CartFlows
okay next him to go ahead and click on install now and then a minute click on activate now
CartFlows is going to be having to change out soon where what you activated. It’s going
to have another set up wizard words can ask you your page builder and it’s going to ask
if you want to install WooCommerce, which we already did in this video, but for now
just know that’s coming so if you’re doing this in a couple months it might be a little
different that set a process so the first step was to install CartFlows and then I want
to go into the settings of CartFlows and added this menu to go to settings and then I’m in
a scroll down and here it says show templates designed with it automatically defaults to
Elementor like a said if you’re using a different page builder like Beaver Builder or Debbie
or Thrive Architect. You can use all of that. This is just wants to know which one you’re
using, so can show you templates made with that page building tool so I’m said here with
Elementor. That’s fine Sonoma to go ahead and install the Pro version some to go to
plug-ins add new, click on upload plug-in and I’m going to already have it downloaded.
I’m just gonna drag and drop it over. I’ll click on install now and then I’ll click on
activate Roman have to click right here to activate my license so many go ahead and do
that now. Right have gone ahead and activated CartFlows Pro you can see that there is interesting.
I literally downloaded Elementor Pro today for this video and there’s an update out ever
need to update something in WordPress. Just click on update now and it’s going to go ahead
and upgraded to the latest version and so you can see already had that happen to me
in this video okay so now were to go ahead and create our first funnel now CartFlows
calls them flows so I’m a click right here. It’s is CartFlows it takes is to this screen.
I’m in a go ahead and click on add new you notice there is import and export options.
This is actually really cool. So if you are making funnels that you want to give away
or to sell or for whatever reason, or you want to move from one website to another.
You got these options here. It’s pretty cool. Now click on add new now because I’m using
Elementor it showing me fully designed salesfunnels with Elementor which is really cool is a timesaver.
So here you could see the two-step checkouts right there and if you wanted to preview any
of these you can literally click on the preview tab so I wanted to say preview this physical
product sales funnel right here. I click on preview and it’s going to load up the template
and I can choose to see what the checkout would look like. The upsell would look like
in the thank you page would look like, such as take a quick look at the checkout page
for this and you can see it’s beautiful I mean this is fully customizable in your page
building tool right here, but it’s beautiful. It’s a very beautiful checkout page so much.
Click on the X right here and go back. Let’s start out with a helmet. This product right
here. This weight loss one sauna click on import and essentially it’s going to download
and import everything for me. So just a few clicks. It’s can download the images it’s
going to set up the structure of the final it’s can it connect everything up for me and
then it’s can it take me here all that I have left to do is enter a title for this funnel
and I’ll do that right here right now. Okay, I named it health funnel now underneath that
you see these three. What are known as are called steps. So these are the steps of the
funnel. So the first step is going to have the two-step checkouts of the checkout step.
Then there’s going to be this offer a one time offer upsell and then right here were
in a have a thank you page. Now off to the right. There is a setting called test mode.
You have to remember to uncheck this when you’re ready to take your funnel live. There
is analytics and then there’s the normal word press option. So go ahead and just click on
update and it’s all saved now if I wanted to say. Add in a down sell what I could do
is I can. I can click add new step here or add new step there and when I do it I get
that same pop up and then I can choose down cell and then I can just choose from one of
these templates. The down sell that I want or if I didn’t want to start off the template
that’s fine you click on create your own and then there’s the option for down cell and
there you have it. So, for each step. You can click on view. You can edit it, clone
it or delete it. You can also rearrange it by just a drag-and-drop interface like this
is a really easy to work with funnel building tool. Now, each step if I wanted to edit.
So for example this one. I would click on the edit option and then it takes me right
on in hoops you know what I didn’t do in the beginning, I’m sorry. There’s something called
perm link settings and I didn’t set those and that’s why you’re seeing it say the website
address is like a link to this page then you’re seeing this CartFlows step and then that lets
fix that. Really quick. I’m in a go to. It’s under settings and then permit links may choose
post name, scroll down and click on save changes and so now it’s knocking to be like that so
now if I get back to where I was. I’ll click on edit right here. See, that’s more like
it. It says the website URL/the name of this step, but you can change that I can click
on edit and I can make the say whatever the heck I wanted to say or I can even make it
be the homepage, which I’ll do in a moment so we we went through earlier editing page
or creating a page with Elementor and so this page is Artie been created with Elementor.
I want to edit anything I would just click right here and do that work and do it in a
moment. So here are the options for this checkout step in each of these steps in your funnel
will have options for it. So the first one right here is get a B select product so I
only created that one product. So if I start typing the name of it it’s can have here and
there it is. So I’ve added to the product. Now I can dynamically discounted if I wanted
to and I also have an option. It doesn’t make sense for what I’m doing right now, but if
I check this box. I can allow the buyer to change quantities on the checkout page and
also if it’s one of those variable products I can allow them to select colors and sizes
are different variations. You have all those options right here doesn’t make sense for
what I’m doing in this funnel, so I’ll uncheck at next we have that order bump option right
here. So when I click on order bump I click on this checkbox and now I can add my order
bump so right here there’s two different styles for an order bump use the same thing you have
to create a product or and select that product and then right here. We in this is actually
very unique feature not found in any other funnel building tool exit get to choose the
location of where that order bumps can it be so. If it’s going to be most funnel building
tools only allow you to do it after the payment of, but you can have it be the very top. So
someone sees this order pump at the very top and you have all these different locations
that you can put it in you to add an image for your upsell, you have some textbased options
for your upsell to set a full one of these up in a moment I’m just showing you some of
the options that have some of the style options right there are checkout design so this is
a two-step check out and then down here you have font options and then if you’re using
a two-step check out you’ll have this option here. This is two-step or you can choose certain
text locations and I’ll show you those in a moment, and your colors. Here is where we
can customize our check out fields where I was talking about field control. So in this
funnel we don’t have company name viewable and we have email address here if I wanted
email address to be the first thing that’s asked I can just drag and drop it up will
actually do that in a moment, and then here’s where I can create a custom field so I don’t
and made any changes. Let me just click on update and then let’s go ahead and view this
page so I’m just open it in a new tab and here it is so you can see everything outside
of from here to the button here is done in Elementor and him and assure you that in a
moment hoops I tried to change tabs and you won’t let me, as I need to fill it out. This
is a two-step check out where you get your buyers information and then right here they’re
going to see the order bump option and be able to put in their credit card information.
We just demonstrate that field control and then were going to go ahead and make a real
funnel together some to go back here and here’s our fields and say I wanted to have the first
thing that’s asked be the email address and if my payment processor does not require the
street address or the city name or any of this. Address information. We can just hide
it so I’m not gonna ask for a phone number, Street address strife doesn’t actually require
just that it requires that ZIP Code. So what you have here is really based on if you’re
shipping a physical product, you need that address but if it’s just ripe and it’s a digital
product you could literally get away, which is asking for the ZIP Code so I’m in uncheck
this this this and this and we just have our ZIP Code so it’s email first name, last name,
and we need ZIP Code now. Each field has options. When you click on the little arrow so right
here are ZIP Code said to take up 50%. See how ZIP Code is taking a 50% of this row.
I need to change that when change it to 100% to change my field label right here if ZIP
Code doesn’t make sense where you are in your part of the world and then you could choose
to make a required right. I’ve gone ahead and done that. I’ll go ahead and click on
update now and I do refresh it’s going to change. Watch this. I do refresh and now it
got very condensed right email which I moved to the top first name last name and ZIP Code
if that’s all you need to have, then that’s fine. And then when your buyer goes the next
step will have their payment information options actually here. I’ll fill this out. You see
how when it’s filled out it changed from what the right information. A change from red to
green. That’s one of the really subtle enhancement features and when I was showing you with the
text labels you can change the text here that this says shipping payment and the little
bit underneath that you can control that. And all the text on the button all of that
was right here were it said to step in this row those text options were so when I click
on this button. Now it’s gonna take me to the next step and you can see right here it’s
showing me my total give me the option of the coupon code I left that enabled you don’t
have to and then right here. I would put in my credit card info and the right here is
the one click order bump now. I could have position this up at the top if I wanted to.
That’s an option that you have okay so enough with this funnel right here let me actually
to show you. Lastly, editing it with Elementor and then what were going to do is will will
do a real one. So essentially the way you get this checkout form in is you click on
short code and you basically copy and paste this wherever you want and then in your page
builder in this case Elementor you can have full control over what’s around it. So when
I click on edit with Elementor you’re gonna see what I’m talking about right here. So
here is my checkout and when I click on it you can see right here it’s just a short code
right there and everything that is in that blue box is what that shortcodes generates
everything else is done in your page builder and that should work in most page builders
so this right here is Elementor. I can go here and I can get rid of this word extra
I can start typing whatever I want on using Elementor. At that point, and here’s some
checks checkbox is this is done in Elementor to feature of Elementor if I wanted to add
another one I duplicated. I click here and I start typing on this right here is just
an Elementor button. I can click on it. I can change the label of it and I can put a
link in this right here is just an image. If I click on it. I can click here delete
it and choose a different image. This entire sales page done right here. This two-step
check out it’s all done using Elementor. I want to change that background image that’s
in the section I click right here and then I click on style, and then there’s that image
I can go ahead and put something else and so all the design gets really unlocked with
your page builder and CartFlows is bringing in the checkout form as you see right here.
I’ll just go ahead and click on updates and then I’ll get out here and I’m an exit to
my dashboard so that is just me showing you that it really is all just your page builder
controlling the design and then use CartFlows for adding in that checkout form. Okay, I
can click right here it says back to edit flow and you can see that badge that said
no product assigned. I went away because I added a product to it to know what I want
to do is create a real funnel that were going to use and first thing I need to do is create
all the products for now is kind of telling you that funnel earlier. Some of click on
flows, click on add new and I may use this one right here which is perfect. It’s for
an e-book and it comes with an upsell in a down cell so I’m going to have there be an
upsell and so this is a landing page and then here’s the checkout page. And so for the check.
I’ll have it be the e-book and they’ll add in order bump for the audiobook version and
then I would have an upsell to a membership. I’ll have a down cell to a course and then
I’ll have another upsell for the membership program another membership to mastermind group
and then we’ll just have a thank you page right here were you tell them the next steps
they go through so in order to accomplish all of that, I first need to go and set up
my products. So if I go to products in all products. All I created was the one product
right salesfunnel secrets e-book so when I’m to do is create the audiobook product. I’m
in a create the course product, the mastermind and the membership product right now. Okay
so I’ve gone ahead and created out those products. Let me just talk you through it in. There
were to go build the funnel for it. So the first offers can it be this e-book and its
4999, then next will with the order bump nothing. X offers can be the audiobook version of the
e-book and that’s got to be 1999, so souls can be kind of like a no-brainer. I know me
personally, I prefer an audiobook because I can listen to it as I’m running errands
around the house or just moving around. It’s easy to put my air pot in my ear and start
listening then the next of the first upsell after they purchase the e-book is going to
be a membership program right here and I’m going to sell that for $199 so it’s going
to be a little bit of a jump from 49 to to the 199 but like I said is here you’re giving
your buyer options to get the result that thereafter faster and that’s what were doing
here with the salesfunnel membership. Now, if they choose to not take the membership
it’s going to offer them just the training course and so the membership will come at
the course, but if they want the course by itself. They can get it right here for $99.
So that’s the down cell offer now if they take the membership offer or they get to the
down cell offer they take the down cell or they reject the down cell. Either way, there
had to be taken to the mastermind and I should work on my spelling because it says matter
mind up so it’s good to come to the mastermind and this is going to be the biggest jump and
it’s gonna be $500 for the mastermind and if they accept it they get to the thank you
page. If they don’t accept it. They get to the thank you page because that’s can it be
the end of the funnel that were about to create. Now here’s the thing. Not everyone’s going
to take all these options, but some people are. And some people are going to take none
of the options and some people are to take some of the options, but if you’re not giving
people the options then you’re doing your buyer. This service of what you are selling
can truly make a change in a difference in their life and you’re also shooting yourself
in the foot because you’re not making as much money as you can per transaction. So you would
basically if you’re just selling the e-book. The only chance of your salescould be $50,
but with all of these offers. It could be as much as seven or $800 if someone’s gonna
take you up on all of the products and some people will, it will surprise you. So when
you see the profit potential. With these prices here. It kinda makes the cost of Elementor
the cause your hosting and the cost of CartFlows seem very small and it is in comparison to
what you can mix okay with her CartFlows on my click on add new working to build this
all out him to choose this one right here, the e-book click on import and this can get
me there. Now remember, it’s the same thing. The entire design is done with Elementor and
it’s going to fit this niche really, really well. So, okay, here we are on to go ahead
and give it a name. salesfunnel secrets and I’m in a click on update now. Our structure
isn’t quite right. We have a landing page checkout. So what were missing is that second
upsell. So for this upsell. I’m in a go ahead and use the clone feature for the first time
there it is, and it adds it to the bottom but I need to drag it up. Okay, so now we
have our structure all set out. So for the landing page actually let me do an update
first for landing page. When I click on updates right here. You have total control over this
slug which is the link that takes you there. Everything is done in Elementor and here is
what’s called the next step link in this is what you paste into a button so if I was to
open this in a new page right here you can see it. Here’s a button while the link that
you put in this button is the next step link that you get right here what that allows you
to do is whenever you’re rearranging the steps in the salesfunnel you might want to tweak
it at a step. It always goes to the next step. The next right place and so here is the sales
page selling this e-book I would probably just require minimal changes and maybe a new
cover design work in a row at that. Okay so my go back to my flow and for the checkout
page. Click on edit and so I’ll scroll down here my click on select product and I’m in
at my product. It’s the salesfunnel secret e-book, click on order bump right here and
first like product them to make sure I slept the audiobook. There it is audiobook selected.
Now for the order bumps right here. You actually have to fill out the information is not to
pull it from that product listing so right is so none of this actually makes sense because
the price is right. We know it’s 1999 and it’s an audiobook, then right here you can
add a product image if you want, and right here you can really entice your buyer out
of why adding this audiobook version is going to get them what they want quicker. It’s can
enhance the whole experience. Okay so I’m in a click on updates and we’ve gone ahead
and done that. Now medical back to edit the flow and so here we are on the first upsell
of click on edit and right here. I need to add the product. We haven’t looked at in upsell
step yet so the weight upsell step works is you really have two buttons, one button is
the link is the yes link. Another one is the no link, and if they click on the yes link
this chart there to be charged. Automatically a single look at what that looks like really
quick so here I and is my yes link in here is my no link. I’m in have to go into the
template and change out my pricing. Okay, so let’s go ahead and add the upsell and what
I said. The upsell was going to be was going to be the memberships all start typing membership
of there it is and I can do a dynamic discount if I wanted to discount it here. I’ll just
leave it as that of click on updates but for here. I need to edit it with Elementor because
the price is in here so it says 150 and I made it one 99.99 like that and that see here.
Here’s the text I probably make that 400 and it’s 50% off. There’s nothing else that I
need to change, but obviously you’d want to spend a little time here adding some copy.
Maybe adding the video. Whatever makes sense for you but I just wanted to add my pricing
buttons already are going to have the loops. The buttons already going to have the upload.
Sorry the upsell link in there and everything okay so let me get back that’s done, click
back to edit flow and I need to add my down cell so my click on edit and you’re down cell
options and look just like the upsell option. So many go right here and this one was going
to be the course right and that’s gonna be $99. So click on updates and I need to click
right here it says edit with Elementor in order to go in there and change my price so
that was going to be 99 loops that’s can be 99 and 99 and so it’s just if was 50% off.
That would be 200 click on updates that’s done. So now let me get out of Elementor we
click on back to edit flow and I need to add my upsell. So my second upsell sorry so I
probably don’t want it to say e-book upsell clone. So let’s just call this mastermind
upsell and I don’t like the slug it says e-book upsell. So I’m in a go ahead and copy this
in a minute replace the text in there like that and so now my direct link is going to
change to that. Okay so now I need to actually add the product so I need to start typing
in master at COM a team member I spelled that wrong and I didn’t fix it so I’ll choose the
right product and then I’ll click on updates and I should edit it with Elementor to get
the right price and there, so we were a in charge reading. I know it was a four 99.99
there like this and here this would be 1000 like that. Take 50% off. Click on update and
there we go. So I’m in a back out here now and let me click back to edit flow so we literally
have it all set up here I should change some of these names to make him more makes sense.
See how it changes the mastermind upsell so I can change these labels if I want, but that’s
okay. This is fine now what I want to do those. Take it out of the test mode and working to
try it with striped some and uncheck that click on update and there we go. I’m out of
test mode. So what to show you now is actually really cool so if I open up this website.
This is what the homepage is right because you know this video is about making a sales
funnel website funnel website. So what am I want to do though is make my salesfunnel
be my homepage so that first step in the salesfunnel this landing page. I want that to be my homepage.
It’s actually quite easy to do. So what working to do is working to go to settings were to
go to reading and then right here is your homepage displays were any changes to a static
page and it says homepage. Here we want to choose this right here this a landing page
that we created a choose that the condensate changes and if I chose the right one and I
go here and I do a refresh it’s can a change in there we have it so now we are actually
in this salesfunnel so your buyer comes here. Let’s test it out clicks on get the book and
what it’s gonna do is it’s can it take me to the checkout page. Obviously I can go inherent
at edit out all the text I didn’t really do that and I could customize my fields, but
we have right here. The cost of everything and then we have our order bump right here
at the audiobook version one check will add it accident me show you something and then
I went to check out let me go in the edit the step I like that order bump to be someplace
different. So here I’m on order bump order bump position to make this at the very top,
so someone can see that at the very top and we will go back in there and now I’m actually
in a checkout. You can see this working, there is the very top. So member I said you can
position this is the only tool I’ve come across reaction get the position. The order bump
to a place that makes sense for you. Will there we have it. One check is going to add
it to the checkout. So now we have the, the e-book and audiobook here. So what I’m to
do some to go ahead and fill this out right now. Okay I filled it out and then when I
scroll down. This is using striped in test mode so it gives you the test mode information
if I wasn’t in test mode. This little bit of text wouldn’t be right here so it’s basically
saying use this card number for test mode and then right here you can actually put in
whatever you want. So I’m going to put in at date and I’ll put in a three digit code
just like that and then I’m going to click on. Place order. So what happens is it’s placing
the order. But it’s all in test mode and it will show in my stripe account so now the
order is done and it doesn’t take me to the thank you page like every body else is checkout.
It takes me to the first upsell in the first upsell was that hundred and $99 met this was
the membership so because I want you to see the what it looks like when you see it down
cell I’m gonna click on no thanks. I’ll pass. But if I click on add to my order. It will
skip the down cell and go to the upsell, but I’m in a go ahead and choose no thanks. I’ll
pass, and what it’s gonna do, and now it took me to the course down cell for $99. Remember
all this text is done and Elementor didn’t take the time to show you how to do that in
this video so this I want to actually add to my order summary click on that, it’s can
add it to the order and then it takes me to the next upsell. It doesn’t take me to the
thank you page it takes me to the next chronological order, upsell, and that was gonna be the mastermind
for 499. Remember all this text. If I spent the time it would’ve been done in my page
builder. I’m a go ahead and add this to my order. So now it’s going to add that in. It’s
can it take me to the thank you page right here, and it gives me a breakdown of everything.
I just bought you can see I bought the e-book about the audiobook I bought the downgrade
and then I bought the second upsell which was the mastermind course I spent $669. I
do not know how I got this 50%, a $50 discount. Maybe I did something wrong, someplace in
creating my product that probably shouldn’t be there. Oh, I know it was probably preconfigured
in one of the steps. Actually, this is gonna bother me if I don’t go back and I fly identify
it for you so member I said there is dynamic discounting one of these steps probably took
50 bucks off. So if I go to the checkout page and I go to select the product. It wasn’t
that one. Let me go into my upsell. It might’ve been the upsell. There it is in my upsell
since I went off the template to see right here discount type a discount percentage and
it took actually looks like. I took 10% off of everything. So if I if I didn’t have this
if I had this original, it wouldn’t have discounted anything so I think a lot of these up salesare
actually adding discounts. But that’s okay, there you have it and my email account has
the receipts sent to me with any access and here’s all the info kicked right back out
to me and it’s all set. That’s all there was to building this salesfunnel website. However,
if you didn’t have CartFlows Pro. The max you could have made was just at $49 because
you don’t, you wouldn’t have a way to offer the order bumps in the up salesin the down
salesthat ended up being in this example 10 time exit 12 times more revenue than the cost
of the initial product so you have it right there. Now I wanted to show you one last thing
will wrap up this video, you can use CartFlows to make non-e-commerce related funnels so
you would click on add new then were to click on create your own and then I’m in a click
on design your flow and it’s going to go ahead and create one for me. So right here. I’ll
name this lead Jen. This can be just a funnel for creating a lead generation a camera to
take it out of test mode I’m in a click on update. So by default when we create a new
flow and it says design your own. It’s can automatically create a landing page. Step
checkout page step and I think you page step while we really don’t need to check out so
I can just delete it because were not selling anything. However, if in a lead Jen. You can
definitely sell something after you get someone’s email address so if you just want to know.
I have two steps to this, it can be a landing page where you’re asking for their email address,
or having some kind of a form and then I think you page and we went through how easy this
is. It’s all done and Elementor so I can click on edit and there is nothing in here at all.
So what we would do is click on edit with Elementor or with whatever page builder you’re
using and start designing whatever you wanted. So if I wanted to tie this back to the beginning
of the video, I can click on the folder here to pull up the templates go to my templates
and here is that one that we saved early on a click on insert a click on yes it just morning
me saying that it’s can override everything and then here it is so I can use this form
and I can have when someone clicks this button it takes him to the next step which is that
the thank you page and with Elementor you have this very powerful form elements right
here let me go ahead and show you how to do that. So what I should do is delete this summer,
go here. Click on delete and will build it from scratch. So go here to show me all the
modules and then I’m in a scroll down and that was the form module right there and I
can drag and drop it there and so we can style it a lot like we did in CartFlows just a moment
ago. So we just want the name, email and message or were just using this for lead Jen we can
get rid of message and I just click the box there to check it off. We wanted to add it
form fields would click on add item and then we choose what type of field it is. If it’s
text and email phone number so you can have that kind of validation we can get rid of
it just like that in our asking for the name and email and then we can style it up a bit.
We probably would want to style this up a bit. So instead of send I can go ahead and
click on submit button and change it to say something different, so I just change it to
say send my freebie. We can change the button size you complete design control over this.
So if we wanted the style here. So we’ve got our fields right here. We can change the text
color but we have all these options right here. We can change the color of our buttons.
Also, if he wanted to make it a different color and then the way Elementor works is
you would scroll down here some back on content and we have these options for actions after
submit and when you click in there there’s all of these things that you can have happen
after someone submits it, so if you wanted that information to pop into convert kit and
you’ve added the convert kit API you can easily do that she can have it send a confirmation
email and email to you a web hook. If you want to use as a peer. You can redirect it
to the next step in the funnel right here so I chose redirect and I can paste the link
to the next step in this case it was the thank you page and that’s how you’re able to build
a normal degeneration funnel, or any type of funnel that you can imagine that you want.
That is an e-commerce related, you can just use these landing page steps so I’ll cover
that more in detail in a dedicated video non-e-commerce related funnels. That’s pretty much how you’re
going to do it here, so we’ve done it all in this video we have created a full salesfunnel
website. We set it waxy create multiple funnels a two-step funnel we set the homepage as the
funnel we created order bumps up salesand you got to see the power of salesfunnels where
you would’ve only had a potential of having a $50 cell and now with adding in CartFlows
Pro to unlock all of these salesfunnel related features you could have had a 600 plus dollars
sale which is over 10 times greater so this is the end of this video, but it’s not the
end of the video series. Remember there’s other tutorials which can be blocks that you
can plug into this tutorial so these will be in the video description box down below
will be a tutorial on drop shipping so you saw in WooCommerce how we created those products.
One of those products can actually be a drop shipping product, where when someone buys
it and pays you, it automatically places the order with your supplier and then they’ll
ship it to your buyer. This can be a print on demand tutorial where it can be any kind
of print on demand products when it’s purchased. The order goes to the supplier, and then they
ship it is going to be a tutorial on adding courses and memberships so that WooCommerce
product would be the course or a bundle of courses or a membership that grants access
to other areas of the website. And lastly, if you want to sell through an affiliate program
how to add that to your website so you can begin having affiliates marketing and selling
your products to yourself from your salesfunnels for you and so that’s it, that’s the end of
this video now what I want to suggest to use to take a moment to subscribe and click on
that notification bell so that when videos like this that are good and be able to enhance
your funnels that you will get notified of that and consider giving the video a thumbs
up. It will really help in sharing this out to people that you know could benefit from
this video. And lastly, if you have any questions about anything that I covered in this video,
there’s a comments section. Down below, I’ll be very happy to respond to any questions
that you have. So that’s it for now get to building your salesfunnel website and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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