How to Set up Shopify Email Hosting – Custom Emails with Shopify

How to Set up Shopify Email Hosting – Custom Emails with Shopify

This is Joe from Liquify Web
Design here I’m just gonna go through quickly how to set up a custom email
accounts with your your domain if you’re using Shopify many people they get into
the situation where they have a custom domain with Shopify for their store but
they can’t then send and receive emails from that domain it’s actually really
super easy to do but shopify don’t offer that they
don’t offer email hosting at all and they never have done and it doesn’t look
like they’re but will do so what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to use a
third-party application tool to create these email accounts and host these
email accounts so I’m gonna go through a preferred way of doing that for clients
right now that’s using a platform or and so if you just go into a new tab and go to then you’ll be able to
see the services that they offer so it’s basically it’s just email hosting for
Shopify that is all they offer on this on this website you can have as many or
as few email accounts as you want you can have a look at all the features it’s
totally fine for you know I’ve read use if you need bigger mailboxes bigger
media storage they’ll be able to give it to you you can just ask them for a quote
but the vast majority of people shot the email is gonna be absolutely perfect as
they say you can get custom email accounts on your domain wherever you
want as long as you own that domain as long as that’s your domain then you can
get email accounts set up really quickly and easily with these guys they’re gonna
do everything for you really all the technical stuff so just head on over
there click sign up and then it’s gonna walk you through the details quickly of
how to do this you just enter your domain this is not your Shopify domain
this is your custom domain name so you know in whatever it
is you’re gonna verify the domain you need to go through select a billing
cycle each mailbox costs $10 but using sort of annual discount with
two months free we usually go for that and get two in two mailboxes here just for
the sort of example because most people don’t really want just one you can pay
monthly if you want but I’m just gonna do an your bidding because we think it’s
it’s you know it’s a lot cheaper you’re gonna be in business for a while so you
may as well just get the two months free say test at you know my Dean store you can spell today okay maybe I want
accounts at my Dean store whatever your emails are gonna be this is what your
customers gonna see you’re gonna be able to send them to see from these emails
and down here the second section what they’ve got is
login details for the domain registrar now if you’re not a technical person. if
you don’t know what you’re doing with domains if you don’t know you know if
you have technically a bit of a novice if you don’t know what you’re doing
basically with domains and DNS changes then you want to enter in here you’re
the login details for your domain so that there’s people at
they can go and they can actually they can kind of change your DNS records to
I’m getting old technical now you say you’re not a technical person but you
need to know what it is you need to make some changes to your domain so that you
can access email via their server so it’s better if you don’t know what
you’re doing – just give the login details for your domain so that’s
wherever you’ve registered your domain it could be GoDaddy 123reg
it could even be Shopify, any of those places you want to enter in you
know the URL of where your domain is registered the login ID it could be an
email could be an ID people use different things whatever the login
details are and then the password whatever your password is you don’t have
to give this information but it just means that they can do this setup for
you automatically we suggest doing that when you don’t
know what you’re doing if you’re comfortable making the changes yourself
they’re gonna email you with instructions so you can just leave this
blank if you want. I’m a developer so I’m actually gonna leave that blank
totally but you may want to enter your details there and that’s really all you
need to do you need to click continue to pay taking it where I think it’s got to
verify the domain maybe I made a spelling mistake there here we go okay
so I already got another another one from testing earlier and there’s a
promotional code that I entered before it’s still there now actually ten
dollars free so you might want to also kind of add that in as well if you want
just $10FREE caps and that’s it that’s all you need to do you need to go
to the checkout and pay I’m not going to do that today because I’m going to
actually want to register those email accounts but you probably you’re gonna
work out with the whole steps and that’s it really what’s gonna happen next is
that engineer’s gonna set up your email accounts for you it can take anywhere
between one to two days actually for this to happen and that’s because they
need to wait for your domain record to update across the internet before they
can give you access to the emails and it’s quite normal so expect to get your
email accounts you know you sign up it takes five
minutes to sign up but then they’re engineer needs to go and actually do two
things they need to create your email account for mailboxes they need to then
change your DNS records so that their server can access your domain and then
they need to test it and then they need to give you the information they can
date one to two days to do all of that stuff but for most people that’s totally
fine you know you want to get your custom domain saw ready one someone to
sort it out for you quickly and simply these guys will do it so you just go on
how to pay and then they’re gonna get back to you with all the info you needs
and it just takes literally five minutes to set it up your end and then
the rest most of that time was just waiting for the DNS records to update
and that’s it really when you get your email accounts you’re
gonna get in a list of different ways on how to access your email. so one of those
is via webmail and that’s in your browser you can just go via the menu you can just go to check email you can see you can log in with
the details that you get email and password whatever that is okay so most
of you are gonna be using I guess the browser to check the email but you may
also want to use your iPhone you may also want to use iPad you know whatever
you want you can use whatever application you want to check your
emails and you can they will send you the information you need to set it up on
your iPhone so you can check your mail and send and receive and your iPad and
everything else. So yeah it’s dead easy super simple we use it and you can get
whatever the names you want on Shopify so that’s it really there’s some
alternatives out there Shopify offer forwarding emails which
don’t really look very professional because basically what happens if your
customer always ends up seeing your gmail account or your yahoo email address
whatever it is that you use you know it doesn’t look very professional if you’re
emailing customers from you know it’s like a yahoo email account or add email
account it doesn’t really just don’t look good so you really want to have a
custom domain email we use the email but because they’re decent and
they get the job done quickly and you can you know you can use another host if
you want you may have a hosting account somewhere with email on it you’re gonna
have to do some technical changes yourself or get your hosts to help you
if you can’t do that but I’d strongly suggest most people
like to see short email because its dedicated for Shopify clients and what
you’re also gonna get is some tips from them about running your store by Shopify
which is pretty cool so yeah that’s it really I mean there
are alternatives Gmail yeah to some people that’s fine Yahoo and stuff like
that they’ll give you a free account but it’s not very professional I would very
strongly suggest that you use for Shopify email hosting and
that’s it enjoy

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  1. this is more about purchasing a custom email than setting one up on Shopify. I already have a custom domain email and was hoping to figure out how to set that up on shopify.

  2. the title is very misleading; dare i say, clickbait. this is about paying for a third-party app for email not setting up email, on Shopify, w| a custom domain you already own.

  3. it's not even free, we search for free domains as paid we could have found thousands and way cheaper….loosing our time here

  4. Thanks this really helped me a lot. I kinda made changes to my domain before checking out what the forwarding option looks like once I reply. I'm wondering if I respond to a forwarded e-mail does it come from the gmail account?

  5. thanks for the effort, but your title is misleading. I am looking for how to setup a custom email using my domain on shopify. this third party service is paid service, and NOT custom email with Shopify

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