How To Shift To Your Ideal Reality – A 6 Step Guaranteed Blueprint

How To Shift To Your Ideal Reality – A 6 Step Guaranteed Blueprint

In this video I want to share with you
how to shift to your desired reality. Okay. First I’m going to share with you the
main principle that you need to follow throughout this process and that I’m
going to break it down into six very, very simple steps they
can check off, right, that you can have to execute every single
day until you are actually living that desired self and desired
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get into the topic of today’s video, which is how to shift your ideal reality. Before we get to talking about the actual
concepts and the steps that you need to execute, I want you to know that shifting to
your desired reality is not a matter of flipping a switch, okay? So
if that’s what you’re in for, click off the video right
now. Um, this is a process. There’s a process you need
to commit yourself to. There’s a process that you need
to execute on a daily basis. Really stay dedicated
and patient with, okay? So instead of that switch that you want
to flip, it’s more of like a lever, like a sliding lever where this
process unfolds in a way, in a, in a daily manner. And
a lot of the changes, the big changes that are happening
happen underneath the surface of your perception. And oftentimes you’re like, I don’t even know if any
changes are happening, but underneath the surface
of your perception, big, big changes are happening in your
awareness, in your character. And slowly you start to actually see the
actual manifestations of how things are changing in your life. Okay?
Until sometimes, you know, those big manifestations happen. But that’s not something
that I want you to rely on. This process is all about really
focusing in on what you want and really dedicating yourself to it and allowing
that dedication to unfold to you, the beautiful process of
your desire. All right, so now with that said and
established, let’s move further on. One main principle that you need to abide
by in this process is always owning up to the character that
you want to be, right? So what I ask you to think about your
desired reality. First of all, it’s very, very crucial to know exactly
what you want, right? But when we’re talking
about your ideal reality, I’m going to ask you to focus more
on now what you want to have. Okay? Because that’s a common trap.
Just getting caught up in, I want to have this and I want this
money and I want that. I want that. All these material possessions instead
of always thinking about what you want to have, think more about who you want to be
because it is who you want to be, who you become that attracts
what you want to have. The common misconception is that we get
so caught up in chasing what we want to have that we totally forget the attractor
of all of that stuff that comes or all of the things that come one, once you actually start to focus
more on who you need to become, the character that you need to embody
in order to create all that stuff. When we start focusing more on that, that’s when the process unfolds in
a more accelerated manner. Okay? So know exactly what you want, but no
more who it is that you want to be, who it is that you want
to live through, right? The characteristics of that individual,
the qualities that you need to develop, the day to day activities that you
are going to be in engaging in, in that desired life, right?
And then the extension of that, which is what I will have, right? Um, the material possessions or the people
in my life, so on and so forth. Now, once that is in place, and this
is where it gets challenging, you have to learn to go
all in on your vision. So what is your vision? Do you want to have a business that
makes $20,000 a month? Do you want to, you know, go to grad school and become
a dentist or whatever it may be, right? Or do you want to become a
personal trainer or whatever it is. Are you willing to go all in on that
vision and trust that the qualities that you need to have in order to be
successful in that will come? Are you willing to trust that life
will come support you if you go all in? Right? So throughout this process, you’re going to have to challenge
yourself to place yourself constantly in a vulnerable position. We are like, damn, I don’t know if I have it in me to
actually be successful in this role. I don’t know if I’m actually going to be
able to live up to the qualities that I need to embody in this role
to be successful. I don’t
know if light, you know, if everything’s going to be
okay, what if I fail? What if I, what if this but of that, right? So all of those questions that
sort of a vulnerable position. Once you learn to place yourself in that
sort of vulnerable position where now you’re doing your best but you still
don’t know if your best is enough, that is the perfect place to be in. Usually that’s like a reason for everybody
to be scared and run away, right? But once you start to place
yourself in that position, that’s when even if you’re
your best is not good enough. You notice that life shifts in a way that
it comes around to support you in that vulnerable position and it takes care of
you and you can look at that as sort of a reward for your courage. Every time I have taken a
leap of faith in myself, not knowing if I’d be okay, not
knowing if I would succeed or fail. Life has always come around to support
me every single time I have let go of worrying about my in capabilities or
my shortcomings and just did it anyway. I’ve noticed that life shifts
around to support me. For example, when I was just about to graduate college, had not that much money and still spend
so much money to travel for a whole summer to find out my purpose or what I
didn’t apply to any job and just wanted to follow it, follow my passion,
not knowing if I would follow my a, find my passion, not knowing if
I’d be able to support myself, not knowing if I would
succeed or fail. Right? Life came around to
support me and even today, all the risks that I take every single
time I take a like a sort of a business decision or even in
relationships in personal life, I see that I constantly play it, place myself in those situations where
now life has to come support me because what I currently know is not enough. So this is a place where this is like
in this whole niche of creating your own reality, right? This whole space, you get to constantly test out that
and you get to see that your intellect, your mind is very, very finite and
it can’t figure out this process. So when you place yourself in a position
that is outside of your comfort zone, the outside of the reach of your
mind to control and manipulate, now you are allow yourself for a much
greater power for it to come to your aid, which is what we call outer
intention. In reality, trends surfing, what you can call God’s
will or life’s will, a greater power that comes to your aid
and takes care of you when you own up and you go all in and you act courageous. Now all the qualities
that you need come to you, all the skills that you need
are developed out of nowhere. All the things that everything comes to
you little by little day by day as you stay consistent with action. So when
I was getting into this journey, I had no idea how to speak. Okay? I had no idea how to do any sort
of video editing or making videos. I didn’t know how to do any sort of
sales process or any sort of online business. I didn’t know how
to lead a group of people. I didn’t know how to build
programs. I didn’t know anything, but just my willingness to be like, I
don’t care how it’s going to happen, but I’m willing to go for it and
it’s going to somehow happen. And just my daily consistency with
wanting to live my passion through it. All the stuff that I needed
came to me, came to my aid. So that is life coming to your help coming
to your rescue and the character that you want to become. See,
this is why it’s so crucial. I said in the beginning that you want
to know more about who you want to be rather than what you want to have, right? Because the character that
you need to become naturally, you find yourself shifting to
that character. All the qualities, all the characteristics,
personality traits, you find yourself embodying
those things until you know, sometimes I’ll watch my old videos and
I’m like, who is that person? Right? So it’s very, very cool. All right. And
if these principles aren’t, you know, just for you to listen to and I completely
forget about this takes practice, this takes consistency. This
takes going all in with courage. So are you up for it? If so, let’s discuss the six steps that you
can use to implement this process. Okay, and after you watched this video, I’m actually going to make
a full cheat sheet of these. I’m will not a cheat sheet. It’s almost like a checklist
you can say of these six steps, and I’m going to actually put
that on my Facebook group. So if you want to access
that full checklist, then you can simply
join the Facebook group. The link will be in the description box
and the first comment of this video, make sure to do that. The first step to shifting to your
ideal reality is doing meditation every single day and doing the deep inner work. If you’re not doing the deep inner
work, which is that meditation, that self-inquiry and you’re not accessing
your truer nature beyond this limited mind and body, then you will not have
the juice behind you, then you will not be coming from your
true power and you will always work really hard but not gain as many
results, many results. And you will kind of become too fearful
and doubtful and inconsistent throughout the process. Every little obstacle will
eat away at you and knock your balance. So this is why meditation and the
deep inner work is a prerequisite, a foundation of awareness that you need
to build before you even embark on this process. But this is what sets that proper
foundation for you to build on. Okay. So the first step
is always meditation. Step number two is constant acceptance
of what exists within your current reality. Right? So
throughout this process, there are going to be a lot
of emotions, a lot of fear, even a lot of doubt. Um, a lot of external circumstances that are
kind of showing you that you don’t have it within you or they’re going to
make you question certain things. You need to be able to stop resisting and
fighting back constantly against those things and just maintain your balance
and just be smooth except what is here right now. Acceptance literally just means allowing
what is to be what is and then just doing our thing rather than fighting
against or constantly trying to change and manipulate. I just accept what is to be what is and
then stay focused on what you do want. Both can be done simultaneously.
They do not come a conflict. But when your entire motivation for what
you want is just cause I want to get away from this, then
you’re going to suffer. So learn to be here now and accept
and embrace fully what is here now. Even your current situation where you
currently find yourself except and allow that fully be with it. Rather judging and interpreting
it always and simply, you know, just allow it to be, and then you
can move on to step number three, which is alignment with your goal, creating that constant alignment
through daily visualization. So for a couple of
moments every single day, just sit and visualize yourself
being in the version of you, in the body of you that is
already living that ideal life, that ideal reality where you have
what you want, where you are, who you want to be, and just visualize yourself living
that life for a few moments a day. That’s all this helps you align your
energy to your desired self and literally like starts the download process of that
reality into your current experience. Okay? And this does direct
the course of your life, the flow of your life to words that
desired reality. So it was very, very powerful to do this daily
for at least a few moments. Uh, I would say maybe five minutes. Okay. And you don’t have to make it such a
chore, just do it to enjoy it. All right? So then you could finally
do number four by the way, you see how the process
builds on each other. Next step number four is action.
Okay, now that you’re aligned, now you’re constantly, you know, connecting to the version of you that
already has what he or she wants and you’re, you’re clear about
that vision. You feel good. You’re coming from that happiness.
You’re coming from that fulfillment, from the energy of already having and
being what you want to have and be right. Now when you’re in that energy, number four is taking consistent daily
action towards your goal in whatever capacity, right? Obviously
if you’re going all in, you’re going to be taking a
lot of action, which is good. Action keeps the flow in your external
reality going and it’s no more like you’re not taking action
from a perspective of, Oh, I have to do this in
order to manifest this, but instead we’re flipping
the entire script around. Now the action that we’re
taking on a daily basis through, through that alignment is now on a day
by day basis unfolding to us our vision, our desired reality. Okay. So this, this is the shifting process is going
to shift through that action on a day by day basis. Okay? So don’t look for
immediate results for your action. Simply know that it’s already happening. Rest back in that calm and peaceful
state that it’s already happening. Now we move on to number five, which is as you’re taking
action and you’re placing
yourself in those vulnerable situations and you know, just going
all in on yourself and your goal, fully trust in your own ability
to figure it out. Trust me, even if you can’t see it from
your current perspective, how you’re gonna be able to handle
certain situations and act and certain things, life will naturally give you that wisdom
when you are in that present moment. So don’t let this current moment like
seeing this limited perspective, right? Don’t let that stop you from going all in. Trust in your ability to figure
it out. And then number two, trust in your life to come to your rescue. Trust life that it will help you. It will come to your support
once you begin to test life. Life will prove proof to you every
single time that it is here for you, even when it seems to be not
there for you. In the long run, you will see that it was
acting in your favor. So gain gained that sort of awareness
and see how life is always trying to actually meet you halfway. But it’s you who continues to fight back
sometimes and judge life and interpret the current proposal moment based
on your limited mindset. Okay, so trust, trust, trust. I promise once you build this
experiential knowledge of Oh, life is actually coming to my aid,
your life will become so much easier. And lastly, now we get to number
six, which is constantly, constantly, constantly reprogram your
worldview. Here’s the thing, if you’re a current worldview does not
allow the possibility of you succeeding, allow the possibility of
your goal manifesting, then it can never your
belief system, right? Your self image and your worldview are
quite literally the mold within which your current reality exist. So if your mold does not
allow the possibility of the
things you want happening, but they can never happen. And the
whole reprogramming process is all about creating a new belief system, right?
Changing your beliefs about the world, changing your beliefs about yourself, aligning them in a powerful way and an
empowered a manner that actually allows the possibility of your goal to happen. And once you’re constantly doing
this reprogramming process, right? Based on the books you read, based
on the people that you engage with, the videos you watch, just like this, all these sorts of things
they are doing daily. Now that your worldview is becoming
more in alignment with your goal, now the manifestation
process can actually occur. So I always say bridge the gap
between your goal and your worldview. When they are aligned and your goal
becomes very ordinary and something like, yeah, I can achieve that. Of course, definitely I can achieve that and
I am going to, I am achieving that. When you kind of get into
that sort of attitude, then the goal is in the bag 100% so
those are the six steps I want you to implement right now. Again, if you want,
these six steps are written out in a, in a format and a checklist. Join my Facebook group right after
you watch this video. All right? Now, if you want my personal help to
help you execute this process right, help you shift to higher consciousness
and create a life of peace, joy, and freedom. Apply for my accelerated reality
program in which I’m teaching this exact process on how to master this entire
process of shifting to your ideal reality. Okay? Schedule your free consult. I’m just simply pick a time slot and
I’ll give you a call at that time, we’ll have a chat and talk about
if this program is right for you. But other than that, I hope you
gained tons of value from this video. If you did, give me a thumbs up and subscribe to
this channel for more videos like this, I will see you in the next video. [inaudible].

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