How To Start A Real Estate Investment Company

How To Start A Real Estate Investment Company

How to start a real estate investment company? How do you do it? Where do you do it? What do you do? I know. Let’s talk about it. So, in this video, I’m going to tell you why
you do want to start a real estate company. Number 2, I’m going to share with you the
fastest way to start your real estate investment company. And number 3, I’m going to tell you the least
expensive way to start your real estate investment company. Okay, so when we’re starting a real estate
investment company, there’s 4 simple steps that you need to do. And the first step that you’re going to have
to do of course is name your real estate investment company. I know that sounds super simple. We’re not going to spend a lot of times here
because that’s pretty simple. But I’m going to give you some tips and tricks
on naming the business so you can get started quickly. And I’m going to give you one really important
tip right now. And I know we said start a real estate investment
company. But the crazy part about it is, most likely
for some of the stuff that I’m going to teach you, you do not want to put the words “Real
Estate Company” in your business name. And that keyword is real estate investment. I’m going to tell you why. Because many times when you’re investing or
starting your company the way I teach you, you’re going to want to borrow money in your
business name. And so, there’s business categories. And unfortunately, many real estate companies
are like real estate brokers, real estate agents. Those companies like ReMax and Keller Williams… You know, not saying any names but those type
of companies. And statistically speaking, they fail at a
very high rate. So, in many cases, they are deemed a high-risk
business. So often tell my students not to name their
company with their name real estate investment in the title. I’m going to give you an example. I have my company is called Texas Property
Solvers. That’s one of our companies. We have another company one of my friends
that I own investments in. It’s Kingston’s Properties. So, again, we use the word properties. We use the word “property solutions”, we use
the word “homes”. We really try to stay away from those words
“Real estate investment” in the name of our company just because it might flag the business
and it lowers the amount of money that you can borrow for your business. Number 2, now that we have the name, you need
to get the business license. Yes. If you are starting your own real estate company
and this is what you want to do, please go ahead and register your business with the
secretarial state for the state that you are in. Now, yes, you can do Nevada and Wyoming and
Delaware and all this other stuff that people talk about. Really not going to get in to that in this
video because some of those things get really complicated. And for new person, I just don’t necessarily
think you should jump through those hoops. But you do want to get your business license. Now, you can get an LLC, you can get a Sea
corp, you can get an S corp. Not really going to get into that. But you need to register your business. Number 3, when you go to get your business
license and register that business, like I eluded to before, you’re going to have to
decide on your business structure. So, what type of business are you? Are you an LLC, are you a corporation? Are you a sole proprietor and you’re just
not going to get the license and you’re just going to go ahead and do it without getting
the business license because that is an option. It’s not what I recommend. But it’s definitely something that you can
do. So, the case comes down to what do you want
to do? What structure is best for you? Again, Noelle is not an attorney. I’m not CPA. So, I’m not going to give you any tax advise. But I will say this because I can’t, legally. Most of my students do an LLC and in the beginning,
I did an LLC. So, you might want to look that up for your
state for where you are and see if that’s a good option for you. Because in many cases, it is. And it provides a lot of protections form
your personal assets. So, if something happens in the business,
you are not going to be harmed usually if you have the business license set up. And then the last step when you’re setting
up your own real estate investment company is you’re going to set up your contact. How are people going to contact you? How are they going to find you? So, I’m going to give you some really inexpensive
ways to do this. Like I said, you’re going to need a phone
number, professional. You’re going to need a professional email. And you’re going to need a professional website. Right? those are like the 3 basic things that I’m
going to tell you that you need. And this really basic. And I’m going to tell you a way to get all
3 of those for free. So, phone number. You can get a google phone number for free
for your business. I encourage you to do that. Now, there’s other ways that you can get a
low cost one like through Grasshopper or Freedom Voice. I’ll put some links below to some low cost
ones that cost me 10 or 20 dollars a month. Not a lot of money. But you really want to get a professional
business number. If you have a few dollars, I suggest doing
the Freedom Voice or the Grasshopper over the google number just because you can register
your business’ phone number with the directory if your don’t use a google number. You cannot register google numbers as true
business numbers. So, you want to think about that depending
on what your budget is. The second thing for the email. Again, once you get the website and you have
your domain name. So, whatever you name your business. Just say you named it ABC properties, you
may buy the domain name That’s what you’ll set your website up to. And then you can do one of 2 things. You can make a free Gmail or Hotmail or outlook
email like [email protected] or you can get a professional email with your domain
–ABC properties. It can be just like your name And then you come off really professional
right from the beginning. When you’re dealing with people because you
have a professional phone number. You have a professional email. You have a professional website. Okay guys, so hopefully, you got all of that. You got the least expensive way to do it. You have professional way to do it. You have a way to be incredible on day one
to start your company. And yes, Noelle even gave you advise on how
to start your business with not even getting your registered with the business and paying
whatever fee that is. Again, that’s totally optional. It is recommended. But it is totally optional. So, hopefully you enjoy this video. You love the content. I love you. Please write below. I read all of the comments. I love replying and talking to you guys and
answering your questions because I want you to be successful. So, watch this video. Go ahead and like this video. Subscribe to my channel. Click that little notification bell and I’ll
see you next time. To your success.

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  1. Thank you Nowlle! I've been wanting to start a Real Estate Investment company for Years. I WILL use these tips to start my Business within the next 30 days. I'll also be watching the rest of your videos.

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