How to Update Slider Revolution Plugin in WordPress

How to Update Slider Revolution Plugin in WordPress

Hey, y’all!
Welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton here at
WebTegrity in San Antonio, Texas [USA]. Today, We’re going to talk about
how to update the Revolution Slide plug-in inside of your theme. It’s always important that you keep
your plug-ins up-to-date to basically for security purposes
you need to keep them up to date. And for all-around
functionality of your website you always want to be sure that
you’re running the latest and greatest version of any plug-in
theme or core files of WordPress. If you’re not sure how to make
those updates happen, I’ll put a link in the description box below
to another video that we’ve created on how to update your
WordPress website. But for today we’re talking
specifically about the Rev Slider (or the Revolution Slide). I want to give a quick shout-out to
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They do it even better than I do. They’re pretty spectacular.
They have a lot of free and some paid versions.
All right. So. That being said, let’s talk
about the Rev Slider. How do we update our Rev Slider?
I’m going to show you right here that I’m running a pretty old
version of the Rev Slider. As a matter of fact,
down here at the bottom you can see that it’s 4.0.4. If you want to know, “Has the
author issued an update?” you can always go back to
your point of purchase. So, for us, it was, of course,
codecanyon. Their sister site is themeforest. Codecanyon. I’m going to
scroll down. Well, first of all right here you can see
that it says that it’s 4.6 but actually if we go down
in the change log, down toward the bottom of the page,
you’ll see that they’re running— they’re now on 4.6.93!
So, they just did an update this past week [May 8, 2015]. It’s pretty
important, again, that you do all these updates consistently.
So, how do you make that happen? If you have purchased this plug-in
separately here on codecanyon, you can just come back here
and click download. That’s going to go grab the
author’s most recent version of this plug-in. It’s going to
download to your hard drive or to your computer right now.
I’ve already done that. And, let’s see. Here it is.
So I’ve already downloaded the file. It is already unzipped. And then
inside of it, this is the file right here that I’m looking for–
this file is exactly what I’m looking for.
I’m going to go back over here. Down here in the right-hand corner
you’ve got a purple button that says Update Plugin. [click it] Now it’s
going to ask me to go browse for the file. I’ve already showed you
that I have it in my downloads area. I’m going to open this up. Here’s
the file right here that I’m looking for (this zipped file). We do not want
to unzip it. It must be zipped. See what it says here?
These are the instructions that sometimes – sometimes it’s
very interesting. I have a lot of people email me and say, -Kori, can you do a tutorial on this,
this, or that. -And, truthfully, if we just slow down for a second
and read through the pop-ups that the author may have presented
to us (just like this little pop-up) -To update the slider, please show
the slider install package. -So, you’re just got to go get the install
package. The files will be overwritten. Here we go. We’ve got the file here.
And we’re going to click “Update Slider.” Now, obviously, before you do
anything like this, you should have already had a back-up.
I’m going to put an alert before all of this to please
back-up your website. It’s highly important that you have
a back-up of it. But, I’ve done this many, many times. The guys
over at ThemePunch (the authors of this particular plug-in) have got
this updating down perfectly. It’s very, very simple to do.
And now you don’t lose any of your slideshows. That’s the
incredible thing. All of your customizations, all of your slides,
all of the images, everything will still be sitting here after you’ve
clicked this update. And now you can see that I am running the
most recent version of Rev Slider. And it still has my one slideshow
that I had going on in here. The other thing that I want to
show you is now in the most updated version of the Rev Slider
they’ve got this really cool panel here that says what version
you’re running and that you can check to see if there’s a more
updated version. And, a little birdie shared with me that they
are looking to do an automatic update push alert, just like
all the other plug-ins. More than likely happening
in Rev Slider 5.0 that should be coming out shortly.
So, very exciting stuff happening right down the pipeline for
ThemePunch. And we’re excited to be a part of that in
whatever aspect we can help them with, right? One other thing then. What if your slideshow came
inside of a pre-packaged theme that you purchased.
You did not go and buy the slideshow separately
over on codecanyon? It came inside of the Theme
you purchased maybe here on ThemeForest. Well.
That’s a little more complex. I’m actually going to put the link
in the description box below to a tutorial that ThemePunch created
for anybody whose Rev Slider came inside of a pre-packaged
Theme. You’re not at a loss. The link is below. Click that and
go walk through those steps and you should be able to
update your Rev Slider. Have a great one!
We’ll catch you on the next WordPress Wednesday.
Bye bye, y’all [Kori Ashton WebTegrity]


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