Hp Boyz – BluePrint / Mexican Reaction To Aussie Rap

Hp Boyz – BluePrint / Mexican Reaction To Aussie Rap

hey guys welcome back and if you’re new
to my channel welcome so I’m gonna be reacting to a check it out so let’s get
into the video really good meat to it I’ve noticed that’s their song so far
not really good be to it I really like the beat of that song I
like the fight that they had like a low piano and a very low acoustic guitar in
the background and it just gave it it just gave the song like a little extra
to it I was able to catch like couple lines here and there but not that many
but I thought it was a really chill song and like I said I really liked the fact
that they had the little instrumentals in the background which brought
something special to the song I’ve noticed that so far in both songs they
do have a good flow so I’m excited to see any other music from them and maybe
one of their songs will grow on me I you never know I hope you guys liked the
video please give the video a big thumbs up please subscribe turn to the post
notification and if there’s any new artists you want me to react to leave
them in the comments below and I’ll see you guys when I see you guys bye

7 thoughts on “Hp Boyz – BluePrint / Mexican Reaction To Aussie Rap”

  1. Fair review I didn’t like the song at first but it’s coming around. Perhaps check out Poetik ft. Storme & Manny – Around Here (Remix) Similar chilled song and all out vibes 💯

  2. Aye what’s Gucci bro bro 🙌🏾, how can we get a Tyrell TheShooter “SWISH KID” reaction from you? 🔥

    He’s Australia’s next KODAK 👀


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