Illustrator Logo Design Mistakes YOU MUST AVOID – Illustrator Logo Design Tips

Illustrator Logo Design Mistakes YOU MUST AVOID – Illustrator Logo Design Tips

do you consider yourself an efficient
logo designer follow along in today’s illustrator logo design tips video where
I’m going to show you guys some common mistakes that designers make when using
illustrator follow you’re designing so see how many common mistakes you
actually guilty of and how to avoid them I have six points in today’s checklist
of mistakes that you want to avoid when working in illustrator on a logo design
follow along and see what you’re already doing right in your local design
workflow but also see what points that you need to work on these points are
know particularly order by the way but the first point is cleaning up your logo
I have four areas of cleaning up a logo before saving the logo itself in
Illustrator that you need to take note of firstly
you want to keep the number of anchor points to a minimum as that is crucial
for professional and good logo design less is always best in terms of the
amount of anchor points on a logo design firstly if you’re wondering why my
anchor points look so large you can actually go into literature preferences
and change the size if you have illustrator CC so all of you without
illustrator CC I’m sorry but you can’t change the size of your anchor points
like I can on my screen here so the first step in cleaning up a logo is to
head into the simplified option and play around with the settings here making
sure the shape and the style of your logo remains the same but of course the
anchor points need to decrease in number you can select the original option that
will show you the anchor points being removed in red so once you reduce the
amount of anchor points you can go ahead and zoom into your design and see the
changes up close also there is actually a cleanup option which you can remove
stranko points and so forth and as you can see my design doesn’t have any
anomalies but it is something that you might want to think about using on your
later designs before saving them next we want to go ahead and make sure the
curves are really smooth by using the smooth tool this actually also
eliminates unnecessary anchor points with every stroke that you use on your
vector Lego design it is really an awesome tool for cleaning up a logo
design so go ahead and smoother up your curves right now if your logo design
concept is meant to be symmetrical then make absolutely sure it is symmetrical
by using the pen tool to draw a line perfectly down the center of your design
and then create a box shape like so and close the path then you can use the Pathfinder window
to remove one section with the minus for an operation all you need to do now is
to duplicate the shape using the old option key and then reflected over like
so this would ensure a perfectly symmetrical Lego design if you have
multiple shapes on a Lego symbol it’s always a good idea to merge them
together in the Pathfinder window with the unite this is because you want to
decrease the amount of shape used on your local design as well as the anchor
points that we mentioned earlier the second illustrates a logo design mistake
that designers commonly make is that they forget to expand their design this
logo design has a stroke around the circle as you can see here and if I turn
off the scale stroke option in the illustrator preference settings you will
see how the stroke will not actually scale up or down in relation to the size
of the logo symbol itself when you send a final Laker design to a
client you have no idea who’s going to play around the logo and the scale the
design up or down so to make sure this stroke will stay
the right scale in comparison to the overall logo design we expand it like so now if I take this Lego and duplicate it
you will notice that whatever size I make the logo the stroke is gonna stay
relevant to the design itself this is a very important logo design tip to
remember and it’s a common mistake people make so in today’s video so far
how many mistakes are you actually guilty of as a designer next we’re going
to look exporting Illustrator vector logo design for web-based use it’s
important to check your logo before sending it to a client and this can be
done if we go into the export for web option and then make sure that we’re
actually viewing the logo at 100% you can see this in the bottom left of the
screen this is going to allow us to scan over the logo design and make sure
everything looks ideal and as we want for our Lego design lastly once the Lego
design has been exported we can go ahead and locate it on our computer and then
open it up to see how it looks on screen a mistake that some designers make is
that they’re going to send a logo to a client without even checking it first so
don’t be guilty of this one guys another pretty common illustrator logo
design mistake is that the designer may set up the document with the wrong color
setting it is a simple mistake but it can cause pretty big issues so always
check that your document is CMYK for print an RGB for web-based graphics when
making a new logo design document always use the right color mode you also want
to use a resolution of 300 PPI for print and then 72 for web based graphics we have now moved on to funds which can
be quite tricky for some people to make sure that whoever prints or uses a Lego
design has no issues in their computer reading the font either outline the text
like so in a deeper illustrator or you can package the fonts along with the
labia files in a zip folder make sure you have licenses for all the fonts used the last tip on logo design mistakes to
avoid is a pretty interesting one and that is choosing the right file formats
when you save a logo for a client or file formats do you actually use I
personally use for myself and of course one of them is going to be AI which is a
standard native file format of Illustrator but also I will suggest
using EPS for prints this is an awesome file format for printing and you can
choose a transparent version or non transparent make sure that you either
embed or outline all of the fonts used for an EPS file when you have saved the
logo as an EPS you can go ahead and open it on your computer to check how it
looks just like we do with the PNG file earlier and speaking of PNG files I
always say the logo is both a transparent and non-transplant PNG
perfect for web use these are the four file formats that I
use for my clients when saving a logo design but and sometimes I also use PDF
but that’s not necessary so there is today’s video on common logo design
mistakes when working in a Dave illustrator let me know what you thought
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now blending the guys until next time design your future today peace you

67 thoughts on “Illustrator Logo Design Mistakes YOU MUST AVOID – Illustrator Logo Design Tips”

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  2. Awesome tips Sir Tom. I know I have to work on the first tip a bit more. I believe you mentioned it in another video of yours some time back. I'll make sure I keep this tip in the forefront of my mind. Have a great day sir.

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    Thanks a lot, blessing!

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    After watching a heap of your tutorials Tom, I no longer fear Illustrator and will make the leap full of confidence!
    Your tutorials are absolute GOLD!!
    The speed at which you talk, move your cursor, the subject matter and lastly the shear volume of quality info you post is perfect. You are an excellent teacher Tom, keep it up mate!

    Jed from Australia 🇦🇺

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    Thank you, Master Tom, for your time and motivation to show us these important steps. 🙂 Here is a refreshing cup of tea for you! Take care…

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    would you be that kind and answer my question? I have heard from many people that PNG is the preffered format for website, however if you use SVG instead, you save like 90% or more of memory and therefore your website performs better. Is there any advantage of PNG that I am not aware of? 
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