Impeachment Witness Rips ‘Domestic Political Errand’ For Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Impeachment Witness Rips ‘Domestic Political Errand’ For Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Impeachment Witness Rips ‘Domestic Political Errand’ For Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. Maloney needs to go to prison for a long time with his lying and teaming up with Trump and covering up Trump yeah McMillan only needs to go

  2. America's in the middle of our holiday season this is the last thing we need to deal with with the clown like Trump running his mouth lion every time he opens his mouth and making up fake stories he needs to go and we need to get back to our holiday season and forget about this mess for the time being

  3. Rachel, what's next? How far should the democrats push the impeachment? my thoughts are, that ALL criminal elements should be pursued ruthlessly & prosecuted, as for Trump, the house should vote to impeach him, and then make recommendations for him to resign & just leave it there … my thinking is that going beyond that point will be counterproductive, a bigger goal is for democrats to control both houses, the governorships, local elections and take out Trump at the elections. Failure to do this the democrats will severely damage their opportunity … AIMMHO

  4. The fn people that trump (with 40% of US backing) see fit to represent the US…. 😞. high lighted yet again…. against the backdrop of a true governmental professional, (I note a Coal miners daughter from the U.K.) who has to show the US has to what being a professional is…

  5. No Evidence against Trump. He said, She said doesn't count. Bribing people to testify against Trump that never even met Trump doesn't count either. The end. Now let's start investigating Biden and his son in everything they are accusing Trump of doing involving Ukraine, and while we are at that, lets investigate Hillary Colluding with Russia.

  6. Sondland was do this job for Trump, he had his direct number, but trump hardly knows him, how is that possible. Does Trump give his number to others he hardly knows?

  7. DNC donations have dried up due to their idiotic witchhunts. Mueller and now this. Meanwhile Trump and RNC are setting funding records daily. Elections have consequences, maggots!! Now drop and give me twenty!!,,,…MAGA!

  8. Russia is not our problem, media outlets like msnbc are. The media cares nothing for America, they only care about ratings. The biggest quid pro quo is between the left media and the DMC.

  9. I remember cheering when I watched this-live…! I couldn't believe this was the opposition council. I had do a reality check. Republican counsel Steve Castor vs Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman.
    Yup..! Steve Castor, had me cheering for Dr. Hill, calling the facts, letting the cards fall where they lay.

  10. Ms.Hill made my day. "What is wrong, baby?" Well, this treachery of liars is gonna put more men like you in jail, Gordon. I'm losing my well earned career because of your trash buddies. No biggy.

  11. What will the Republicans do when they don't remove him, therefore, making precedence that the president can break the law anytime he wants to? What then?

  12. it doesn't matter how corrupt trump is sadly. The GOP will let him get away with anything. They've already said so and that's why we have the monster that we're stuck with now. We've got to get rid of the GOP to solve the sewage problem which is known as the trump WH.

  13. #🌏💡🇬🇧👑🇺🇸💕👍: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! “|IMPEACHEMENTWITNESSRIPS”DomesticPoliticalErrandForTrump!|RachelMaddow|MSNBC!| HolyGrail! #IRemainHugeJOY! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!<#BlueWavesInAction!~#🇺🇸Rt.Hon.MadamNancyPelosiAtHelmOfDemocraticElectAwesomeFearless🇺🇸HeadOfRepresentativesToPOTUS45~#🇺🇸Congress!~#FromRussiaWithLove?~#FromDEMSWithLOVE!#SDGs!~#TRUMP’sIMPEACHMENTSCORNEREDRIGHTCENTRELEFT?#RealDonaldTrumpShacked?~#UrgentGOP’sRemnantsEscapeRoutesJudiciallyBlocked?#HolyMaryMotherOfJesusPleaseTeachMeHowToPrayOneDayAtATime! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!#Progressives🇺🇸Searing BlueWavesTsunamisUnstoppable!#Trump’sIMPEACMENTSEXPOSEDONWORLDSTAGE!~#DONResignNOW!#HolyGrailBeforeIt’sTooLateToCutTheMustardAnymore!{. RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!

  14. #🌏💡🇬🇧👑🇺🇸💕👍: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! It Must Be Said With Huge Visionary Educating~#DEMOCRATICPERSPECTIVES~#IPersonallyFEARThatThereWillBeMoreRegionalNationalGlobalProtestsIfEVERAGAIN~#🇺🇸[email protected]!~#MySweetGrandMotherAGNESDiedIn1947:#JesusOnTheCross!~#HolyGrail!#PeaceOnEarth!}. RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!

  15. "Everyone was in the loop." Unfortunately, the top of that loop was not Trump, but Putin. Unfortunately, the personnel and information flow had been set up to side step American best interests and established goals of our State Department. This personal flow of power, information and taxpayer money was being used completely to enhance the election appearance of Trump in relation to Biden. As a New Yorker explained to me last Saturday, "We always knew he was a mobster type and never paid his bills."

  16. Almost feel a little sad for GS, he seems possibly essentially a decent chap, bit like the 🇺🇸 small store owner of yesteryear, perhaps with a white apron on. Think he IS in the good old boy past in any attempt to belittle Dr Hill > best 🇬🇧 mettle from mining 'stock', a wear there lass, keep on Madam!

  17. Rachel, perhaps you are right and you've put it all together. The dots are connected, your observations/arguments proven. You were right about Breitbart/Bannon before the election. But what good did it do knowing the truth? What good does it do figuring it all? It is entertaining, powerfully so, watching/listening to you weave the tale, including a moral we understand/embrace . . . but, what next? I hope you end each show knowing you demonstrated a logical progression which laypersons followed and also realize, except for your (and your staff's) feeling of accomplishment, you are where you were October 2016. Then again, perhaps . . .

  18. Fiona Hill is a complete badass. In no way shape or form the little shrinking violet that Sondland tried to portray. Sondlands attempt at maligning her character was akin to bringing a marshmallow to gunfight. Her testimony was devastating for the republicans and i think opened many eyes to the ruthlessness of Putin and his machine.

  19. Asking Trump to show his taxes is like asking Jeffrey Dahmer to show his neighbors what is inside his
    bowling ball bag. Trumps Taxes show not only that he is a Russian agent but a
    tax cheat, a Liar, a welsher, and a money launder.

  20. And so it begins:

    the first FBI agent indicted for falsifying docs related to the FISA/ fake Russia investigation:

    Pelosi's son under investigation by the SEC. Millions in Ukraine and China money going to her son's fake clean energy company.

    Adam Schiff Associate Arrested By LAPD On Pedophilia Charges

  21. So when huggy-snuggly, Gordon, briefs Trump, what he is really doing is putting an arm around Trump's shoulder when Trump has one of his hysterical and emotional outbursts, while letting hysterical and emotional Trump bury his hysterical and emotional head into huggy-snuggly Gordon's big, manly chest. And we know how prone Trump is to his hysterical and emotional outbursts. He's famous for them, poor lamb (Must be something to do with his time of the week).


  22. Sondland testified that "nobody on the planet told me there iwas a quid pro quo, I just presumed it." Can you not hear?

  23. She is out cause she did not pass Trump's sniff test, along with many others. He is rooting out the big mouth leaking know it all's and rightfully so. When you think you know more than a president you are no longer of value and need to go. Gut feelings over brains anyday of the week and Trump's trusting his gut!

  24. Dear alfrd quad Johnny and alfrd yes the pope says it would be a good card trick black jack spades and yes its still twelve.

  25. Thank you Rachel for bringing great witty and thorough reporting. Learning the what, where, when, how, and why helps me to see the whole picture, not only the what. Your witty comments help me to laugh and relax in these stressful times. I feel I must bring the quote of 'Domestic Political Errand (a noun)' to light. I believe the phrase is 'Domestic Political Errant' (an adjective meaning behaving wrongly; straying outside of the proper path or bounds–from Merriam-Webster, 2019), which explains better Dr. Hill's statement of a divergent conclusion. I just wanted to nip it in the bud before GOP runs with it.

  26. How dumb are u madcow???no evidence,not guilty.are u stupid are u suffering from cwd. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa hooo heeheeeeee hoooooooo harrer. You are a laughing stock of the real Americans

  27. There is still room on the Trump train! If you want to come along with the winners and get away from this loser, we welcome you.

  28. California, Oregon and Washington should join Canada, with whom they've far more in common than with Georgia or Kentucky

  29. Not going to matter anyway. Trumpcult will allow him to do anything and get away with it. Person over party over country. Senate will debate for 5 min, vote not to remove him, and then start arresting everyone that said anything against 'the dear leader'. They will be accused of attempting a coupe and be prosecuted. Just like what happens in all those other small 3rd world dictatorships. As long as the republicans get to stay in power they will be perfectly fine installing a dictator. just has to have an 'r' in front of his name.

  30. I going to say something – I assumed that Nixon was only impeached for his obstruction I had never heard the Haldeman tapes played

    He was the one that orchestrated the whole thing from the start

  31. People, this conversation is DEEP, thought provoking, and there is so much patriotism~ the real kind, not jazzed up patronizing~ send I thank you all. So very uplifting!

  32. Yes. I'm Northern English, too. We are known for our plain speaking. Ms Hill is a perfect example of the Northern temperament, including its strong sense of irony and dry humour., as well as immense and focused practical intelligence. Part of the problem in the UK is that this region has been sidelined by successive governments since the war. Patronising metropolitans cannot see the incredible potential of the Liverpool-Chester-Manchester-Leeds/Bradford-Sheffield-Hull-York-Teeside-and-Tyneside etc. etc., plus lots of major towns and fantastic rural areas. But here is Ms Hill impacting on international politics.

  33. The point is that Hill is a disgruntled employee that was dedicated to a prior administration's foreign policy and couldn't adjust to the new policies that rightfully THE ELECTED PRESIDENT OWNS. No one else decides the policies. Right or wrong it is the president's right. If Hill didn't like it or anyone else didn't like it. They either do as told or resign. Anything else is insubordination.

  34. Well, it sounded to me like those trumpist interrogators were trying to discredit Sondland after he'd dropped the bomb on them.. Little did they know Dr. Hill sat on an even larger bomb 😀

  35. TRUMP, HIS GOP WHORES, AND FAUX NEWS AGITATORS ARE FRAMING UKRAINE FOR PUTIN’S ATTACK ON THE 2016 ELECTIONS! Trump’s mob of traitors are deliberately empowering Putin to launch an all-out attack on the 2020 elections. An ancient proverb claims that “Those whom the gods want to destroy they first make mad!”. The Trump (GOP) Party is foaming-at-the-mouth mad! The 2020 elections will prove conclusively whether or not the USA has also gone mad!

  36. Sondland has already written off his million dollar contribution to Trump, a man he undoubtedly views now as a psychotic criminal, just like many others (like me) do, but what probably motivated Sondland to "tell it like it is" was the realization that Trump is just a vile, disgusting traitor.

  37. Yet after the day that Hill testified, Nunes and Jordan came out and confidently said that the Democrats have "no evidence." Are those guys living on the same planet as the rest of us?

  38. Note also that Sondland's rather fantastical description of his meeting with Hill, while vague on most details, claimed that she was highly-critical of both Trump and Bolton. Presumably he needed to artlessly shoe-horn that snippet into the record along with her alleged weepiness so anything else she said could be dismissed as the ravings of an "emotional, disgruntled former employee".

  39. Sondland was a real 'all round good guy' wasn't he.. He knew nothing about the dirty deal, he's only concern was for Ukraine, he was Mr nice guy shoulder to cry on. Desperately trying to minimise his involvement & the fact he's nothing but a underhanded crooked businessman who brought his way into Trumps administration. I hope he's jailed along with the rest of them.

  40. It did not dawn on me that Hill was confirming Sondland's acknowledgement of corrupt activity while simultaneously ripping him a new one. Thanks for clearing that up.

  41. Who cares what this little partisan hack says, ho hum. Write a book, unhireable, kinda weird looking too, like bitchy, maybe the accent.

  42. The world seems to be turning upside down when watching some republicans even after getting 100% proof that not Ukraine but Russia was the one that meddled in the US 2016 elections. This shows their disrespect for the constitution and more particularly the people who put them there in the first place. How would the US move on as a world leader,when imposters are ruling the country and sadly some of the veteran leaders are outrightly rejecting the truth and embracing the lies churned out by its enemy number 1 ,and the world is watching in disbelief. It seems they are trying to destroy the very foundation and principle on which this country was built. All these because of some fake leaders with vested interest whose sole object is to enrich themselves at the expense of its citizens while turning this great country into a third world.

  43. I'd love to see video of Sondland when they haul him off to PRISON……exploiters & liars receiving their JUST desserts… Bernard Madoff & soon Trump Crime Cartel!!



  45. The word Dr Hall used was 'errant' not 'errand', fix your heading. 
    Errant and errand have to completely different meanings.  By using the word 'errant' she is saying that the behaviour she is describing was not acceptable and it fell outside the expected practices and standards.

  46. Keep this going the videos that are being created are solid gold. Special thanks to trms as it has been the best 3yrs of comedy on tv.

  47. I feel bad for the new President of the Ukraine and the fact that all he wanted what was best for his people and his Country ..being just new to the Presidency and having to deal with Russian agression and trying to get aide from the USA for defending his country , being put in any position or pawn as it will…sad for a President of the USA to use someone vunerable as a pawn for his own gain

  48. about time someone had the guts to stop beating around the bush and just said it like it is! Dr Hill and Ambassador Sonland are true Patriots!

  49. Register to vote📱💻 : Mark your calendars 🗓 for Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. Find your polling place 🏢 here: 345 days until the election. ⏰⏲

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