InDesign Data Merge Photos/Images into Grid (no plugin)

InDesign Data Merge Photos/Images into Grid (no plugin)

let’s look at how to use Adobe InDesign
and data merge with images or photos to create a yearbook page or some other type of ad that has a grid
of photos and some type of text such as names and titles this is a the document
setup I just have a letter size with an eighth inch bleed and going to my master
page I have a name and title text box styled and I’m gonna recreate this image
frame just so you can see I know that my tech my image frame is going to be a
width of two inches by two point eight seven five make sure that’s aligned just
as an addition let’s go ahead and make rounded corners on this which is kind of
a nice addition okay now that we have our master set up
let’s go ahead and apply the master to our first page let’s open up Excel and
this is the data we’re going to dynamically input into this page so I
have a column for names another column for titles and the last column is
slightly different for images for the image header cell you need to do an
apostrophe at sign and image so these are all relative links I don’t want
these specific to my computer so if I were to package the InDesign file and
keep the images with it I want them to be linked and I want the path to be
relative. Data Merge Photos/Images into Grid in InDesign. so that starts with the forward slash and if we look at my setup I have
the images and a folder called images so this is the directory path and so you’ll
just name them – the names of your images with other people or something
else now we’re going to make sure this is saved as a CSV so file format CSB and back in InDesign we’re going to go
to window utilities data merge and this gives some instruction we’re going to go
to the flyout menu and select data source select the CSV and it’s populated
the columns with their titles of what we’re going to use. Data Merge Photos/Images into Grid in InDesign. double click on your
page and you won’t be able to select the text boxes now so you’re going to need
to hold command shift or ctrl shift on a PC double click and delete your text
placeholder and drag and drop the value that you’re going to want to fill and do the same for the image we can
preview this and you can go back and forth using this arrow pagination so now
let’s look at how to make this a grid format go back to the flyout and go
create merge document we’re going to want all records and we’re going to do
multiple records on a page. Data Merge Photos or Images into Grid in InDesign. let’s go ahead and do a preview and zoom out a
little bit now if we go to multiple record layout we can adjust the margins
on the page and you can also adjust between the columns and the rows and for image options you can also
select how you want the images I had sized all of these to fit or to be the
exact dimensions but you may want these to fit you know and a different
placement so select what you need I want to link my images so they’re not
embedded. Data Merge Photos/Images into Grid in InDesign. and let’s go ahead and click OK and it’s letting us know that the text
from our excel sheet all fit within the text boxes we had so this is a preview
it’s created two pages or we could have adjusted our margins to make sure all of
them fit on the same page it as you can see the data merge opened a new document
so we still have our original if we need to recreate this

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  1. Ashley, I can't even begin to tell you how HAPPY i am i came across this link!!!!! SOOOO helpful!! One thing I can't figure out – after I data merge, say I have updates (either adding people, OR, updated images for people) – how can i go about updating the merged doc I already created without having to create a new one? Everytime I click "update data source" in the merged doc, nothing is happening. I don't want to have to re-format everything everytime I have an update? THANK YOU AGAIN!

  2. This tutorial was amazing. However I got a problem. I can't set Records per Document Page to Single Record to Multiple Record. This tab is not active. Can you please tell me why?

  3. Really found this video helpful, thank you so much. I have one question though, when I go to create a merged document it uses the same image on all of my pages. I can't figure out why it does that. Any idea?

  4. I am pretty sure I have followed all the directions correctly but it is still telling me that it can't find the images. Any ideas?

  5. Thank you so much, I was struggling this for over 15 days. specially during the making of format in csv of mentioning '@image. Nobody in any tutorial explained this or i may have missed, but you explained in a better way. Thank you again.

  6. What if you have multiple types of images? Like, lets say, I want to make a certificate for someone who took multiple classes, and each class gets a seal on the certificate, but not everyone took the same classes. So I have someone who took 101 and 103, while another person took 102 and 103.

    Is there a way to create a merge that would place the right images in the right space?

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