23 thoughts on “Intro to Blueprints: Construction Script Customization | 08 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine”

  1. In this example, why can't you just change the per instance colour and visibility directly in each instance's details panel?

  2. I've tried to set up a animation by random on a skeletal mesh component, in PIE doesn't setup, in level editor setted up but different one not like showed in the BP view port. Is not the construction scrip well ending for all purposes?

  3. Why do you need to build the color options in the construction script? Can't the same changes be made inside the event graph?

  4. 4:56 In version 16 there is also an option: Promote to Local variable not only just Promote to Variable. What is the difference between those two and should i use Promote to Local Variable instead in the future?

  5. You are an amazing teacher, Two days ago I didn't knew anything about Unreal Engine I was totally clueless. Now I learned a little bit about Unreal Engine. Thank you for uploading this series please continue!

  6. How come the Light Color changes I set for each instance don't show up in the BP Class Editor details panel,? The detail panel shows the default warm white light regardless of which instance I chose from the drop down menu in the Class Editor, whereas the detail panel in the level editor shows the adjusted light colors?

  7. "One or more blueprints has an unresolved compiler error, are you sure you want to Play in Editor?
    what does this mean? D:

  8. I had spent a fair ammount of time trying to figure out why I did not see the preview cone for the spot light. Also later on I could not get the Get Light function to appear. Turns out I did not add my Spot light as component inside the blueprint editor but dragged it from the main view-port. Just a heads up for anyone who might run into this problem, because you're able to get pretty far while doing this the wrong way. Cheers!

  9. Hello
    Why cant i see the "set light color"? (as in time 3:55)
    did something change in the last Unreal Engine?
    I'm using Version: 4.22.3-7053642+++UE4+Release-4.22


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