7 thoughts on “Introduction to the Combat Side Stroke – CSS”

  1. The reason why you dont make the breast stroke kick a habit is that eventually you'll be finning….alot. Stick with the sissor kick.

  2. Have you practiced css?
    📌Remember key points:
    1) Head Low
    2) Shoulders Relaxed
    3) Ankles Relaxed
    4) Torso straight: Avoid Lifting Too High

    Comment below on what specific step(s) you’ll be practicing!

  3. Wow! Yea they require this for stroke at Bud/s Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL indoc and Phase II…not even the Navel Seal channels on You tube have made this so easily understandable. I just couldn't ever wrap my head around the mechanics of all the different parts to this stroke. I could of used this about a decade ago when I wanted to join up. Now I have a reason to try to learn this once again, but without the presssure of making the cut.. Thank you soooo much!

  4. It will be interesting to see where you go with this. If I was to comment on your style for this, without seeing the title, I would ask why are you swimming breast stroke and breathing to the side? Most of what I had seen on CSS was the old Stew Smith videos, and looked some more up just before posting this comment. Things have changed…. Personally, I could never get the old frog kick, or newer whip kick. Just alien to me, or maybe 'Abby Normal' for the Young Frankenstein fans… I know with breast stroke, the kick provides most of the thrust as compared to other strokes where the arms supply 90% or so of the thrust. I do remember comments from some CSS swimmers that the breast stroke was a lot faster than the CSS. One thing I have wondered is if the scissor kick as as strong as the whip kick… I did find out that changing the scissor kick to resemble the whip kick created far less drag, but it was still more of a stroke and glide thing. By switching to the flutter kick, then it becomes much more of a constant pace stroke, which to me seems to be more efficient since you don't have to stop and start your movement with each stroke. Put in over 7000 yards yesterday, in honor of my 69th birthday…. 100 yards / year… all over arm side stroke. Wouldn't have survived it with freestyle. Normal work out is 5500 to 6,000…… Now to find out if I have anything left after yesterday's work out….

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