Investing In Real Estate | What You Need To Know

Investing In Real Estate | What You Need To Know

How much do you need to start real
estate investing? That’s kind of a good question. How much do you need? Well, I got
the answer for you. Let’s go. In this video, I’m going to share with you the
best strategies for real estate investing and how to start with almost
any budget, okay? And I mean any budget. Almost like nothing. Number 2, I’m going to
tell you some surprising ways to start investing today and have a check within
about 90 days. That’s always fun. I’ll share with you how to get credit
and money if you find that you need it or if their situation comes up where you
do need that. I’m going to tell you how to get that yourself without using your own.
And then I’m going to tell you how to mark it for free and get paid. So again, how
does take no money and turn it into money. Okay. So, let’s get into it. So, we’re
talking about real estate investing. There are so many strategies that you
can do. So, I’m going to narrow down just a few of them because I want you to know
what it is that you could do with almost any budget. So, we have wholesaling. I know
some of you have heard of it some of you haven’t. The whole selling is when you
find a property at a below market price. You get the person, the seller to sign a
contract with you. And then you assign that contract to someone else for a fee.
Or you mark the price up from and you take the difference. So, I’ll give you a
quick example. You find someone with a property problem. They are behind on
their mortgage and they need to sell. They say, “Okay, I need $80,000.” You know
that the property if you fixed it up is worth $200,000. So, you get the contract
and they sign it they say, “Okay, I’ll buy this house from you for $80,000.” And I’ll
tell you how to do that of course there’s lots of content where I tell you
how to do that legally, this is legal. And make money. So, you sign the contract and
they say, “Okay, I’m ready to go.” Then you market that property to other people at
a higher price or you market it to investors and they pay you a fee. I’ve
done this so much and that is one of the entry-level strategy that many people do
when they start investing in real estate. We also have fix and flip where you buy
properties. You fix them up for a profit and then you sell them or you put a
tenant in the property. We have lease purchase options where you lease
properties and then you lease them to people to pay more than what you’re
paying. Or give you a large down payment and then they’re going to buy the
property. We have options where you partner with the seller. We call this
equity partnering. So, it’s kind of like a twist to fix and flip where we will
partner with the person that owns the property. And we put the money in to
renovate the property and then we split the profits with the seller. So again, we
didn’t have we didn’t need very much money because they already have the
property. So, there’s all of these different strategies in real estate
investing where you can start making money with almost no budget. So now that
you kind of know that there’s all of these different strategies, you don’t
have to own a property to make money. Let’s talk about the next thing. So, now
that you know you don’t need much money and things like that and there’s all
these strategies, the next thing you want to do is start looking on Zillow and
Craigslist, okay? At the time of this video, those are like the best sites for
you that I’m going to be giving you. You want to start looking on Zillow and
Craigslist. And you want to start actually putting your own ads out in
responding to ads because this is a great way to start talking to people and
it doesn’t cost you anything. So, you can put ads on Craigslist. Again, finding
people that have property problems that are in a distressful situation where
they’re behind on their payments or they are getting divorced or they’re going
through a bankruptcy. Or whatever the situation may be. Again, I
have a link to you you know below for a video if you need more. But you market to
these people and try to see if they are wanting to sell, okay? This is pretty easy.
And they’ll raise their hand, they’ll haul on your ads. That’s one way. And,
again completely free. The second thing is you yourself can respond to ads. So, if
people are trying to sell their own home and
don’t have a real estate agent and they’re telling you this is a
handyman special or this is a fixer-upper. Then you know that these are
people that probably you could help. You want to call those people. You want to
respond to those ads. That’s what you want to do. And again, completely free.
Doesn’t cost you a dime. The next thing that you want to do is establish a
business credit and start leveraging some of that, okay? You don’t need any
money necessarily to have business credit. But you do need to have a
business established. So, again, I have a whole video on how to do that. That I’ll
put a link below for you. But it’s pretty easy. It’s not very hard it’s a couple of
simple steps. And I have students though that are getting money in their
businesses name in like 3 to 4 months. They’re getting 10, 20
thousand dollars in their businesses name. And then they’re able to acquire
income producing properties, alright? So, not spending very much money. Yes, in this
case, it’s borrow of money in their businesses name but not in their names
and their business’s name. And then leveraging that business money, that
business funding to acquire income producing properties. This is the key to
this. And this is how you really can do this with almost no budget. So, we’re
talking about starting with almost no money in no budget. I just had a student,
like I said, leverage what we call a PayPal business builder loan. So, right
now, PayPal has lots of money available for startups and smaller companies. And
that you really want to see if you can get in on that. And again, I have a whole
video about that that I’ll share with you. But the key is I had a student,
alright? So, he started with me and my program. And he really didn’t want to
spend his own money. He had money in a 401K. But I always, always, always tell
people I’d rather you not use your own money. Even if you have money, I’d rather
you use other people’s money or just use the money that you have so that other
people will lend you money. Okay? So, that you know like the casino we’re playing
with house money. We’re not using our own money. And so, I had this student I told
him what to do and he went to PayPal. He set up his PayPal business account. He
had a few transactions and in 3 months, they offered him a line
of credit for $10,000, okay? And this was just like a couple of months ago. We’re
just in 2020. So, this has been around. This is growing, this platform
what PayPal is growing where they’re offering entrepreneurs money. And this is
a great way in this year, in this time, in this space. You know, not
stuff people did 20 years ago and all this other stuff to help you now and get
the money that you need now. And without you having to put out a lot of money to
get it. So, the key to this is go ahead, set it up add up. If you need more
information, you can always reach to us below. Again, I always have a free
training for you where I’m giving you more information. I want to make this
video too long. But this is something that you can do pretty easily and I have
students doing every single day using that money and then buying
income-producing properties that’s bringing the money in month after month
after month. You pay the PayPal loan back. Poof! You have a business. Alright, guys.
So, that wraps up this video here. Hopefully you got a lot of great
information you understand how you can invest and now that you don’t need very
much money. And that pretty much with any budget.
There is something available for you in real estate investing. So, I’m going to give
you a quick tip right now. I’m going to send you to this link below. Please, please, PLEASE.
I’m personally inviting you to come to Business is offering people
to start with just a few hundred dollars and own a piece of hundreds of think on
producing real estate, okay? We have properties making 2 to 3 hundred
times when an average rental property makes. And people are getting checked
every 3 months with this real estate investment. So, you really want to check
this out. You don’t want to miss this. This is really for anyone with any type of
budget to invest in real estate and start getting paid. Alright. I’ll see
you next time.

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  1. Yes, this is why I started my business.. Im putting in the work bc I need my slice of the pie. Thank you!

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