1. Great video guys! I totally agree with spending less time on your resume and more time developing your portfolio and mocking up your work. Presentation is key!

  2. Hey guys, this was a great video and captures everything I already think as a student about to enter the workforce.

    I will be doing a portfolio prep class next semester for my graduation to show everyone. However, we are to be doing a printed portfolio. I believe that doing something for web and showcasing our talents by actually coding or designing an interactive web-based portfolio is better. My instructor thinks otherwise.

    Do you have any advice that I can use to convince my instructor about doing web-based work?

  3. Fellas…!! Glad you are back from break. All of the ideas given were great. The episode was compact and tight….! Thanks…

  4. Another amazing episode. Thank you, Jose and Chris! I'll go ahead and start stalking someone right now..And improve on my work because I'm still a newb at a lot of things.

  5. Senior year of college they definitely touched on everything you guys said. Couldn't pass the class without having a website/online presence. Everything lives online. Great stuff once again

  6. This is great advice. I teach at a community college in LA and I advise my students to start their Bechance or other online portfolio as soon as they have work that shows their original voice. A portfolio is now a living, evolving entity. I think that this is a great change from the old days when students had to invest their scarce funds in a black portfolio and lots of expensive prints and transparencies. I am posting this on our Graphic Design Club Facebook page. I hope that my students take this to heart.

  7. Haha You got Skooled!
    A lot of stuff I am working on right now is to build my portfolio,
    sourcing mockups and using my skills to present my folio better is definitely the key nowadays in order to get that job you want.

  8. My question now is when can I say my portfolio is finished? It is a never ending cycle!
    My folio is under construction so Please check and give me some tips and suggestions.
    View it on

    Thank you so much in advance!

  9. I'm an aspiring UI/UX designer and I was wondering if I should also include wireframes and user flows along with sketches on my portfolio? Or do I just include the mockups?

  10. I totally agree with you Chris! I receive dozen of CVs per week and the first thing I do is to click on the portfolio link. That's how I make the choice to meet the person or not. I think the resume is helpful for recruiters to conduct interviews because it summarizes basic infos. But no need to spend a lot of time to do it. Make it simple and clear.

  11. It does matter if you're looking at being hired by any corporate place with an HR department using an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Even if it's a creative position and you target the decision maker. They have rules to follow if they are employees. Despite my passion for breaking the rules, sometimes you're stuck with them.

    Visual resumes are trouble for ATS systems. Most PDF's will not work. Placing a single text block of the entire resume content behind a solid background in a PDF can sometimes be correctly parsed. Trouble is, there are dozen's of ATS platforms and they are not all the same. My opinion, have two resumes and know when to use them. The fancy PDF, and a boring word doc one. This is in addition to your stellar online presence. That linked in profile may be the most interchangeable format between those evolving ATS platforms, apart from an 80's word doc.

    Your portfolio should be a coherent extension of your written resume. If it's being vetted by someone, the decision maker will likely have the printed document in hand when looking at your online portfolio. This is especially true if they've hired an agency to recommend applicants. And most agency's have their own ATS system. Sadly, some online job applicants may never be seen as their ads could have been placed purely for compliance reasons.

    This is one area of life that technology has truly made more difficult.

  12. Excellent work gentlemen! As a Career Advisor I come across students with creative backgrounds. I'm used to working with students on a more conventional style resume. This video helped out tremendously!

  13. HR are the gate keepers. Good luck trying to get by them. I've always gotten jobs within network, networking, referrals, or contacting someone in a company. Even recruiters can get you past HR. I've NEVER gotten a job where HR called me in for an interview.

  14. Really glad I found this channel with still 2.5 years left of my design school. I'm from India and I must say your channel is a great great great help. Thanks a lot guys.

  15. Why are you guys wearing so Hipster ? Less is better. And anybody who dont know much Designers and IT People will think all IT People are Hipsters like you.

  16. So glad you guys are making these videos and making the knowledge accessible. Also wanted to ask your opinion on one subject. I'm only half a year out from university but would like to share the things I do know with whoever is wiling to listen on youtube. Do you think I have enough credibility to teach anyone anything ??

  17. I'm so glad I came across your channel! I've been putting off updating my online portfolio and social media presence … so THANK YOU for creating this video! Awesome source of motivation and direction for the next steps I need to take. You guys rock!!

  18. Solid work and very relevant to a position I am in now. The content is so important, and you guys prove that the more time spent on the value of your content the more notice you will gain.

    Great Video.

  19. Wassup Skool Network. I have a question about design. Is there any such things as late bloomers when it comes to designing? Some people can often get critiqued and not be up to speed and I wanted to know if there is any ways they can grow and blossom into great designers.

  20. I definitely need to polish my Linked in profile a lot more after watching this and Behance portfolio.

  21. WOW! What a nice tutorial!

    The fact is that qualified resume writers are scanty, most writers always act like pro but they are not. I have wasted a lot of fund to have the best resume I have been hoping for but I couldn't for almost a year not until I found a seller on FIVERR who was able to provide me with an exceptional resume. You can also check on her to order your own resume

    She is good at what she does.

  22. Thank you guys so much for these videos. I came across this channel a couple of days ago and cant tell you how lucky I feel to have found this. Really respect and appreciate what you guys do.

  23. Hi. Chris and Jose, I love what you guys are doing.
    I would have a question.

    What software and equipment are you guys using in developing these videos. The sound is great and video as well. Do you have that anywhere on video, or at least you can write it here.

    I am especially interested in the software that you use to swap between your presentation and the camera filming you.

    Thank you!

  24. That was some really awesome advice, it gave me motivation to go back and change up some things in my resume. My questions is how would working at a print shop be a qualifier for getting a position at a design firm? If so, what are ways to write that in?

  25. Awesome videos!
    Any tips for designers who want to switch from one industry to another – designer from one industry to designer in another industry ?

  26. Can you do a pt 2 about meeting and getting ahold of Creative directors like you touched on? Also where's the necklace!

  27. In stead of different platforms, If somebody shows every important and relevant information in a well designed personal website would that be more useful? What do you think 🙂

  28. Again, amazing advice. Thanks guys. Really giving some thought on how to present myself more professionally and creatively

  29. 100% Agree. Can I ask some questions? OK 🙂 of course as a designer I create my own projects where should I add them into resume or social sites? Sometimes as a designer I can't wait someone to give projects. So I create mine, to keep my creativity. I can be more specific if you like. Cheers

  30. My first time commenting, and it’s on one of your older videos, but I feel I need to say something! I like and dislike that you, Chris, vehemently want designers to disregard the resume. I agree that self promotion is important, and I’m learning new things about it through your Futur channel.

    However, I feel your resume criticism is best directed to a specific audience of graphic designers (I’m thinking the more experienced and more talented, or those applying for a position at your company, 😉 hah). I feel the resume process is best for beginners and less experienced designers. Notice I said ‘process’? When and ONLY when we work hard at that (I understand you don’t want us working too hard at it, nothing’s perfect), we realize we haven’t done enough work to either promote ourselves, research companies, or put so much critical thought into typographic treatment.

    I think young designers who are watching this need to be aware that many places out there will want their resume — to look at it, and judge the care taken to create it in combination with a carefully thought out and creative portfolio.

    Next chance I get, when priorities shift from due dates and deadlines, I would like to create a Behance portfolio, based on your suggestions from this and previous videos you have posted. Many transfer schools I am applying for are asking for digital work, so this does make sense to have. Other schools are asking for print work and interviews, and entry-level design jobs and internships I’ve applied for/worked at are asking for that resume ;).

  31. I just started doing the mock-ups. I bought a mock-up bundle recently and 80% of them are fantastic quality. I'm loving them. I even started my own blog (waiting for the website). The whole blog will be a portfolio, including short tutorials on how to use different design programs. I've just started (last week), but I'm hoping to build it up over the next year or so.

  32. I just found your channel and I love it! I am a senior level designer and would find it super valuable if you could do a video on how to be better at art direction. Keep up the good work.

  33. Awesome tips, Thank you!
    I'm in the midst of re-working my portfolio and was thinking of hiring a photographer. definitely will check out Mocks.

  34. Listen !!!! I have been so down about having to search for a job… I am happy you guys so these videos !!! So helpful!!🙏🏾🙏🏾

  35. Thank you the advice you have given will be very useful me in the future you guys are awesome thanks again for the cool advice

  36. Firstly thank you guys so much for your amazing content – I've learned so much and have been sharing all these videos. Just have a question about a point made in this video: As a web developer, is Behance really the best way to go? Shouldn't a web developer create their own web portfolio on the www instead of using sites like Behance, Squarespace, etc? Or should we have both? Does an absence on Behance limit your chances of getting the job?

  37. Wow, this is great i most confess this is definitely giving me a new and better approach to thing! thanks Chris

  38. I just found this channel this past week. The content is so extremely valuable for anyone in business. I've watched so much of your content, and I can say that your advice applies to so many fields. Thank you for this channel. Love love love it

  39. Guys, brilliant video. Brilliant approaching. I am an extremely creative person, starting from drawing and designing logos and campaigns during my early years, to recording and producing local bands and also creating/recording my own music ( I am feeling quite complicate to sell myself as a creative person, and because we all need money I ended up working as an Outbound Operation Manager…eerrr, W*F? (for a massive logistic company…hint, starts with D). So how can I go back to the enlightened path of making money with my creativity? Many Thanks! You guys are great.

  40. Hi guys, I really like the video and appreciate your advice and tips. I still struggling with my resume and Portfolio because I have this strange profile; I am originally a video maker with experience but I am also an Integrated Designer. And I find it Hard to make these two things in a single portfolio or resume. Any advice please, I will be thankful 🙂 Cheers

  41. The problem with graphic design resumes, I find, is in calculating who the recruiter might be and what company you are applying to. If you are applying to a design position for a construction company with an in-house marketing team, the recruiter will be scanning resumes differently than, say, a recruiter who works for a marketing and design agency.

    You have approximately 4 seconds to capture a recruiters attention and you have to establish that with an engaging profile paragraph, 3 relevant career achievements, followed by reverse chronological work experience that, even if not industry related, can show transferable skills to the position you are applying to. Consistent work history, however different previous positions may be, can be enough to show a recruiter at a construction company how consistent your work history is and in turn score you a phone interview. Then if you get called to an in person interview, you can showcase your work (portfolio), explain your process and reiterate how you are the right person for the role.

    Also, your odds of receiving an interview, in any field, are greater when you apply for a position within 3days of posting and between 8am and 10:30am. Also, if you can help it, submit your resume on Monday as this day has shown to up your chances of receiving a response.

  42. Thanks. I was about to pay 250 dollars for a "pro" to redo my resume. I was wondering if it was worth it. In addition she was not familiar with my field, Digital sculpting (Alias) and Clay modeling. I am older , late 50s, so I was not up to speed on the value of links to promote myself. Love The Futur it has been a great source of inspiration and information.

  43. this what i am looking for, thanks chris Do. i can created my first CV now. i think many time to created good cv before i find this.

  44. I noticed this as soon as I started looking for a job in the field, and it's true: Nobody cares about your damn curriculum vitae. They'll judge you by what you've got to show, by your attitude, and by how good your teeth are. In my case I got my first internship through an indication, a school representative sorta nudged me towards a small agency that was after a part-time artist, to do social media artwork, some web, help out with packaging mock-ups and whatever else came in through the phone.

    At our first meeting Mr. "Doe" asked me some questions, very simple stuff but I struggled to keep my heartbeat down. He asked me things like how far away I lived (very friggin far), whether I'd be able to get there on time (barely), and if I had any previous work experience (I had worked at a car wash with dad for a while, and helped built the damn place too). Honestly, I didn't think I made such a great impression, and they took their sweet time getting back to me, a week I think.

    But to my surprise, I got the gig. Worked there part time for seven months, got lots of great, valuable insights on how a company like that worked, then left when instead of offering a full-time job… They just asked if I would carry on with the internship. But I didn't just up and left, though. I stuck around until they had enough time to get another school kid in my place, and I took that time to set my ongoing tasks straight and get all the work I had done onto my trusty flash drive.

    I was 16 then, and now at 20, I'm really just glad to have been through there. The jobs I was assigned to weren't crazy exiting, and I didn't have a lot of creative freedom (probably because I didn't know enough about design and had no business wanting creative freedom), but the jobs were quite varied, and that kept things mildly interesting. The trip was long and boring though. Fuck that long-ass road. The traffic was trash every single day, and the bus stop was way too far away from the damn building. Super exhausting to get there and back home. I also lost some weight for whatever reason. Such a tiresome year, and I'm glad that's over with.

  45. Bam! knocked it out of the park Chris/Jose. I been fighting with my mind about putting a more interactive portfolio together when looking to re-enter back into the employee ranks as a freelancer. Its good to know that I don't have to force myself into the mold of old thinking. thanks. Jiro @ 3reative

  46. I have my 3-year cashier experience on my graphic design resume. I added this experience with the thought that it would show that I have the ability to work with others and work with the public. I don't have enough graphic design experience to replace it with something more relevant. Should I remove this from my resume?

  47. Hey Chris, is Jose still working with you guys? I have not seen him in awhile, I enjoy his commentary during your videos and it's subtle enough to where it's not distracting also because he stays on point while releasing comedic relief.

  48. Most of the job listings I see for motion graphics require a bachelors degree. Should I still submit my reel and resume if I don't have a degree. My other question is if the job listing is specifically for a sports company like MLB, should I only submit a reel that highlights more of sport motion graphics. In other words, should I prep a reel specific to that company? Thank you for the input.

  49. MAAN kinda shocked when you said to not spend time on resumes, currently in art school and building a resume was part of the assessment. what i should do now

  50. As a design student I’m finding the more relevant experience and professional content I get in my portfolio, the less employers are asking to see my resume. It’s weird to think about but makes perfect sense after seeing this video. Instead of having my resume printed out to go over at my last couple interviews, they have my portfolio site pulled up on a computer.

  51. You mentioned reaching out to creative directors instead of going through HR gatekeepers. Any advice on how to do that without coming off as rude or entitled?

  52. What if we've had no chances at all to get a job in graphic design?
    Since graduating in 2015, I've had no choice but to work as a server, sales associate, receptionist, just all kinds of odd jobs to make ends meet. Every company I've spoken with won't let me intern, volunteer for experience, and no one will recognize my externship which dealt with advertisement mediums for tourism and hotels. I have no choice but to put I'm a hard worker and was a sales associate and server for the past 5 years.

  53. well this case study cant be ruled out all the times eveywhere coz in different job titles their are hundereds of companies you cant put hundereds of resume for each stating i would do this and that let me inn.

  54. My Professor told me to put in a job that is not design related to show the employer that you're able to balance out, school, work, and internship. Basically showing responsibility I guess.

  55. What about dribbble? i wouldn't say is the perfect place for a portfolio but it works when it comes to "small ideas" to show

  56. This video is so challenging, in a good way! I feel so much drive now to go and really improve my profile on dribbble and linkedin

  57. THANK you for this. This makes alot of sense. Resumes are consistently thrown out nowadays. Not just cause alot of them look similar, but especially in the creative field, there's more emphasis on how the work looks rather then how much work you've done. Not saying that experience isn't important, but you want people to see your work! Especially alot of it! And it's been proven you don't need a college degree to really be knowledgeable in a topic. Not saying it's useless, but there are definetely other ways to gain great skills without a degree. Thank you!:) On it. Been working on this resume for too damn long anyways lol. Gonna focus on my portfolio and make the best art i can!

  58. Great advice here, especially re: focusing on creating and showing your best visual work.
    Me, I'm going to devote 10% to knocking out a good, simple resumé, while focusing my other 90% on my behance site.


    This video dropped in Nov. 2015. Would TheFutur have anything to add to this content now, in June 2019?

  59. This video has some of the most useful information I've heard yet. Thank you for posting and sharing the wisdom!

  60. what about the cover letter? i just made very fancy resume just out of fun… it looks like a comic book.. iwant to ptint it and use it for a printing design job..

  61. You guys are getting me pumped! I am a graphic design student working on my resume and portfolio right now and will be finishing up to get a job!

  62. I have a question, what if the place i'm sending my apply they ask me for a CV or Resume and i don't have it 'cuz i was focusing more on behance or maybe website portfolio?…

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