Want to learn how to apply the shop fire checkout hack whether it’s checkout nuclear or checkout conversion part and 20:19 quickly and easily I’m going to show you how to do it live right now. Let’s go All right, so can continue winning on you can see I’ve got someone Charlene So it’s when people I understand the reason I’m actually doing this is to teach people how to unlock The actual check out so you can see here if I go back to the store I’ve just made a you know test store and I’ll cancel it after this go out to Google Analytics field And we’ve got the check out a new Kela hack and I’m just on a live chat with them now. So basically Went through a bit of crap with them, but I’m just going to go through it again, so This I do this Too so like while late for the response like the code is there so if I refresh the package Those And keep in mind that it’s best as well that you aren’t on 14 day That you do have your card in here as well. Okay, so otherwise I won’t really listen as much So I would just keep refreshing this the way to do this is you have to wait for the response for them And I might even have to go to multiple one. So it might be multiple takes of this is this video? I have no idea how long it’s gonna be I coincidentally today got in touch with me the shop fire and literally jumped the queue today’s date being the 21st of April and I believe that’s probably because it’s a public holiday weekend Yes So when this happens Okay, so basically when they say this they say it was actually February the first person I was in correct That being said anyway I always turn it back on them. This doesn’t always work. Sometimes I’ll say that they need to speak to their other team They’ll be back in a few minutes And when they’re back in a few minutes some of them will still say no can’t do Some one said, okay. I’ve unlocked it. It’s really important I see a number of people especially from my other youtube videos because I’ve got a couple of check out hack videos and that’s why I wanted to add this one and I might make it into a little playlist for people is Don’t don’t get off the phone with them until They until you’ve confirmed it actually launches. So I you know, you have to have a test product I just made a test product here. I got to check out now You can do it through the theme editor or I prefer to actually do it through online store because it’s 100% a real real live test So as we see it’s still not firing right now, but the code is definitely there just got some bogus Google, analytics. All right, so let’s go back Okay, so I always like to add And it’s like 100% safe For testing and stuff the the their customer service representatives they don’t handle all the politics and policies and all that because it is technically a checkout hack and Shopify as we can see there, they’re not really in agreeance with they use the pretext of security Which doesn’t allow ask gurus? They’re not gurus by the way to enable this feature for shops created after blah blah and like just a lot more Is it about a week ago? I did it for a new store that I was just like hitting a K a day And the person did it straightaway. If you’re in my facebook group, you would have seen that screenshot Pretty much straight away But some this is a good example actually to show you that some actually take a bit more convincing some won’t do it at all What we do wait anyway So what we can see here is the item went to the shop if I helped set up So if you aren’t sure how to do it, you just go contact support. I just put it really doesn’t matter. Um Really doesn’t matter just go get help You don’t want to go to the community the community is useless and you want to fix this now It’s one of those ones that live chat whether it’s call or actual live chat is 100% necessary Otherwise nothing’s ever going to happen. It’ll just come back riff raff all that jazz. That’s just the way it is nowadays So then you can you know, call them You can actually I’ve never called Truthfully speaking. Um I’ve just never called so I don’t know if you have to be a u.s. Individual for that to really a plot actually, sorry They’re from Canada So I imagine it shouldn’t be a problem because most of their merchants to live from us But you can call that I generally most people will just chat so Okay, thank you so I just go with that and as I said Like I was actually the surprised That’s why if we have a look at the actual chat, you can see I was just genuine supplies, but I didn’t expect it So quickly because I just jumped straight into the live chat. It was really quick Okay, but for those who are watching Again, this is I wanted to make this live so people understand 100% How this works So what this is going to do when when I if I and when can get enabled is? What’s gonna do is we’re gonna have like the trust badges under there. We’re going to have some logos here their Apartment field will be hidden by default. The discount field will be hidden by default Okay, okay. Yes I can yes I can One moment So no, so this is I mean you have to be on live chat with them and Refresh the page didn’t make any change Okay, so this is why I like, you know, I’m actually from an IT background So this is why this is pretty natural to me But I wanted to provide this because a lot of people like to say it didn’t work doesn’t work could fake all of that It does work and it is very powerful. And what do we explain why I wanted to make a featured video just on this Because so many people can’t lock it and it is really important to optimize your check out. Okay? So a lot of people there’s a lot of post purchase upsell apps like suite upsell reconvert. I usually convert One-click upsell cart Hawkeye is car hook as well when I’m heavy scaling But in the beginning most people you’ll be either using you’re probably using reconvert because it’s free and it’s good and so optimizing your checkout So that you can get the optimal conversions So that you can get the optimal conversions is irreplaceable okay, you know it might take you 10 15 20 minutes or so to do it, but It’s something that you can completely control it. You can completely do there’s no reason to no, I actually do it Okay, so if we refresh again there we go done as simple as that, so within like 5-10 minutes and not even fully concentrating. Okay. I’ve applied it. It’s as simple as that all you need to do Let me just message display. Sorry I Always like to reward people that are nice to me This lady is a very nice customer service agent if you get a you know, that she’s a lovely lady So anyway, that is all I need thank you very much have a good day So if we now in the chat So that is how you do it, okay, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna actually Have the the cards at the end to link to the actual checkout hacks There’s two there’s the conversion part in this checkout nucular. This is checkout nucular hundred percent free Okay, and i’m also gonna be putting the links down below for where you can get it again I want to be a hundred percent transparent. This is not my creation. This is a person called Alex P&G And he’s got a YouTube channel called Alex PNG Okay, and I’m gonna put a link down below to attribute this to him But I just wanted to teach people how to unlock this for those wondering as well. There is also a An even better version of this so there’s so both check out Conversion pirate. Okay and conversion part check out hack as well as Check out new killer they both have Paid versions of it. Okay, and I know both of them and if I’m curious Do you guys want to see what the the benefits of the the actual paid ones are for those who are really interested to? Really take their check out to that that next degree. So like Because I might make a video on that if there’s enough interest so just comment down below I guess the word Check out hack if you’re interested in that as well in addition to the usual crush it, of course because I really like to know because I See so many stores that don’t optimize their checkout and spend this ten fifteen minutes and you can see how it really wasn’t hard Lovely lovely, you know, most of the people are lovely some aren’t some are but you just have to be persistent At times you do have to be a bit more rude but it’s it’s quite quite easy Okay, and so you can see how this instills more trust. Now, this is how it looks on desktop or mobile looks even better Okay, it looks even more crisp and and that’s what we really want Now mind you as well. The only reason I want to add I should say so I just noticed something Was that I collect phone numbers. So I want to show you what it looks like when we have there the Eligibility for the phone number so I make accounts optional. I require last name and they can add their phone number to receive that hidden That’s optional and this is required always meant that required make those changes Okay, and let’s see how it looks now Okay, we should see some extra fields so yeah that we do so see how we’ve got fun in it now and see how it we’re gonna We’re gonna capture the email get all their details The address is hidden, and we’ve got their phone number and it’s as good as that. Okay guys, it’s it’s really good There’s a different color variants again. I’m going to this has all been linked below. I made this purely just because truthfully there check out videos have been far more popular than I thought and so as a result people have being like oh this doesn’t work and I tell them you so does contact support and so I thought I’ll make a video around this now and that concludes today’s tutorial on how to Unlock your shop fire check out additional scripts JavaScript fields that you can use conversion power to get new killer any hack that you have in any fashion that you like Don’t forget to Like share subscribe And hit that notification bell down below and comment crush it to go on the chance to win one of two 15-minute Coaching calls with my cell riki haze just via zoom. You’re gonna absolutely love it Congratulations to today’s winners your names are shown up on screen contact me on Instagram at ricky hayes IG so we can initiate that call together and comment down below that you want it as well Okay, guys, I really do. Hope you enjoyed it. If you want to see more videos like this as well Please comment down below so comment down below crush it to go in the competition as well as comment what types of videos you want to see them below so I can really try and tell her I’ve been having a look at my analytics To try and see what videos and people really like these where it’s you know, really trying to help with their overall conversion rate So helping to get more sales come through the door, and I really enjoy doing these videos. I’m from an IT background So for me, it’s actually just a bit of a fun activity for me to do Okay, so I hope you did enjoy today’s video. Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Easter I hope you all have a lovely day as well. Take care and good. Bye


  1. When I test a product with 10 adsets, often times, only 3,4 of them get sales but other don't which make the whole campaign unprofitable even though some adsets are profitable. What would you do in this case ? I tend to kill the campaign because it keeps losing money.

  2. it's really hard, nobody is enabling this for me – 7 attempts and counting…. they tell me it physically is not possible to unlock it for methey are fking liars

  3. Congratulations to today's winners, do not forget to contact me via [email protected] or via instagram. Further to this, here is the transcript of the entire conversation with Shopify to help you all https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CQrQ4UE_cdauvcN-E7MIO75_Ker-lx2Pypwg6Y8KekQ/edit?usp=sharing

  4. on my shopify view it shows the scarcity and trust stuff/bars but on the live site it doesn't, only the emojis on the text.

  5. They keep telling me that they cannot unlock it since January 31st because they have new security rules on it, I told them it is only for testing purposes and followed the steps you did in the video but they told me their hands are tied and they cannot do anything about it.
    Help Please

  6. Hello, thank you very mucht. It worked. But after 2 or 3 times it will not goes to the shipping page very easy. Like a kind of a crash.

  7. Just tried with your exact script and for the 9'th time was rejected UGH it is so frustrating! AVOID carrissa. She's a B*tch

  8. Hi there. I've follow all the steps with "shopify guru" and his answer was simple : IS NOT POSSIBLE due to security reason. Bad news for me 🙁

  9. I spoke with the support rep and this is what they said: "Hey Jay, thanks for waiting! For us to be able to enable the field, there's actually a requirement which is the creation date of the store. We aren't able to enable it for stores created after January 30, 2019" 🙁

  10. well thats too bad, code dosnt work… ive contacted shopify twice… they both said its unlocked for me. first time they did it ina sencond. coding didnt work and neither di conversion pirates code. so went back to ask to make sure its unlocked. then the second person i chatted to said it is unlocked. so i guess coding dosnt work at all anymore… 🙁 use to work fine a year ago, but now a new site it wont ugh… gayed…

  11. I have a store that has done $16,000 in revenue this last week, does this affect me getting them to unlock? Because I have talked to 3 people so far and no luck on my end :/

  12. It works, just had to keep asking them. Although the "use a different billing address" option at checkout looks messed up. any ideas?

  13. Damn no chance youre getting it enabled. they told me that its a trend on youtube and everyone is asking it to get enabled for them

  14. The actual hard part is getting it onto your store, editing the code/setup of how it looks is simple with different scripts you can find. I think they factor in if you have a lot of sales or not.

  15. It does not work anymore, I tried it with the texts of your conversation and the support did not want to unblock it.

    Also I blocked access to chat

  16. The editing feature was disabled for my store by default. I talked to a rep via chat, he refused to unlock and I talked to another one he unlocked this feature for me. My store is 10 months old. If you talk with them in right way, I think they'll unlock this feature for new stores too. Thanks, Ricky Hayes. Keep up the good work.

  17. I've contacted the customer service page and had a long discussion with them. But the conclusion is that they don't want me to enable the google analytics java script.

  18. They can only unlock the prompt for Google Analytics scripts, not custom scripts anymore sadly. I spoke to 2 reps

  19. I spent three hours with the most stubborn person Shopify has, they didn't commit to opening the unlocking the GA area for me. So this week I've made a total of three attempts all with no joy. I've played coy, unknowing and even dumb with no luck. One of the guys asked me if I saw this hack on YouTube. I'm beginning to think it's impossible. But I won't stop trying.

  20. Well I've spoken to about 12 different people and most of them who are really trying to help me out say that they can't do it anymore even if they wanted to. The option to unlock it has been removed for newer shopify stores… Is there anyone that has tried it in June 2019?

  21. Second time it worked, thank you so much Ricky. For those who wonder if it still works, yeah I confirm it. Just be nice with the other person, in my experience that what has worked for me. Here you have the conversation I have Had.

    Customer Service: How are you today? M*** M*** here from the Shopify Guru Team!

    +: Wow that was pretty fast haha

    +: I was connected directly

    Customer Service: Sometimes we are very quick 😀

    +: yeah

    +: M*** I need your help

    +: I have a problem

    Customer Service: I will try my best to help!

    +: I have added an additional Google Analytics Script and is not working

    +: I put the code and it is not firing

    Customer Service: ok, now tell me is it google analytics code?

    +: Yes you are right, I have put it here: Online Stopre>Preferences>Google Analytics> Additional Google Analytics JavaScript

    Customer Service: Was that script enabled for you?

    +: Nooo…

    +: I need you to unlock it

    +: That is all I ask

    Customer Service: Let me just check if I can, because store opened this year might not be able to use this as it can compromise the checkout and was disabled.

    +: Yeah, but this code is It is 100% safe it is for my own testing

    +: so don't worry I wont hurt anyone 😀

    Customer Service: oh I know that but it will only work for purely google analytics code that you get from your google merchant account, any other code will fail.

    +: yeah that why I need you to unlock it

    +: So it can run properly

    Customer Service: I think you might have misunderstood me because even if I can enable it for you only proper google analytics code will work. No other code will.

    +: But, Why? I mean, I have had other stores since then and other customer service representatives have unlocked it no problem

    Customer Service: I am just following instructions. I am checking if I can enable it for your store as we speak.

    +: So there is nothing you can do?

    Customer Service: It is enabled but as I said custom code will not work, only google analytics code.

    +: Oh okay then

    (I realized that now is working)

    +: M*** just want to thank you everything you have done for me in this conversation

    +: Really Apreciate it

    Customer Service: P*** no problem

    +: I hope You have a perfect day, I thank you so much

    +: Bye bye, have a nice day <3 <3 <3

    Customer Service: you too


  22. Anybody get it done in late june or july I am having theeee worse time I had a guy waste 2 hours of my life and then a str8 bitch afterwords saying give me the name of the agent that did it before I will report them and I told her to stop snitching

  23. August 23th,
    already tried with 16 reps, no results. Starting to think that is not working anymore :/. Ricky, Have you tried enabling this lately?

  24. 0 for 3 today, I’ll try more tomorrow. Well, lady said she can contact someone and email me in 2-3 days and the third lady said she’s put in a request to developers to enable Javascript because a lot of people have asked her about this. But both those sound doubtful. But the last lady did say that even though she tries to manually enable it, it won’t allow her because “The system can detect the address you’re using as well as the store creation date.” I don’t know if this is true, but I’ll try at least 10 more times tomorrow. Fingers crossed someone gives out

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